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Kenyan Man Murdered in NZ identified

Posted by Administrator on September 15, 2009

LATEST: Police have named the man who was killed in a house in Avonhead as Stephen Mwangi Maina, a 38 year-old freezing worker from Ashburton.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams said he died as a result of significant injuries.

Maina arrived in New Zealand in October last year. His mother in Kenya and brother in Australia had been told of his death.

Police are appealing for sightings of a red car belonging to Samuel Ngumo Njuguna who fled New Zealand on Sunday.

His estranged wife Lydia Munene was found with severe head injuries and the body of Maina were found in bed together in a house in Burrows Place, Avonhead on Monday. 

Munene may have lain seriously injured in the flat for several days before she and the body of Maina were found by a visitor at 6pm.

Investigators were tracking the movements of a red 1995 Peugot Saloon with licence plate TH4438.

Williams said the investigation is now focused on the events of Friday evening through to the early hours of Saturday morning.

“We believe that the children were removed from Burrows Place sometime early on Saturday morning between 
midnight and 6am, by their father. 

“It appears that this is also the likely time the two people were attacked in the house,” he said.

Njuguna went to the Flight Centre at The Palms in Shirley at 9am on Saturday and obtained tickets to travel to Kenya.

He travelled via Auckland, Sydney, Bangkok before arriving in Kenya on Monday.

Families of the deceased and of Lydiah Munene have been contacted by police and are “devastated” by the news.

Williams said work would continue at Burrow Pl and at 33 Patrick St for the next couple of days.

Munene is in an induced coma and will be so for the next few days.

Williams said the small Kenyan community in Christchurch had “bonded together in support of each other” and police were  working closely with them.

Munene had lived in New Zealand for several years with her husband, Samuel Ngumo Njuguna, and their two sons, aged 13 and nine.

She recently started work as a nurse at Christchurch Hospital. She was in an induced coma today.

“We believe the man and woman were well on Friday,” Williams said. “We don’t know, between Friday and when we found the bodies, when this occurred. There are indications the husband may be involved.”

Njuguna dropped his children off at a friend’s house at 4pm on Saturday before catching an early morning flight to Kenya from Christchurch International Airport on Sunday. He arrived in Kenya at 6am on Monday.

“[On Monday night] we spoke with Interpol and they are making contact with people over there,” Williams said.

“We know he is in Kenya. The issue is what he is going to do. We want to talk to him.”

New Zealand did not have an extradition agreement with Kenya, Williams said. “If we have to take action, that will be done at a diplomatic level.”

Police had attended a domestic dispute between Munene and Njuguna about two weeks ago. There had been no physical assault in that incident, Williams said.

A security guard was at a Mairehau house jointly owned by Munene and Njuguna yesterday.

Friends expressed shock at the man’s murder and the attack on a “lovely, sympathetic” woman who had recently graduated as a nurse from the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

“She seems really, really nice and is making such a fantastic go of things,” landlord Margaret Dawson said.

“I just feel so terribly shocked because she has made so much of an effort to make such a life for herself and her children. Her two boys are very tall, good-looking, charming, lively, intelligent and lovely.”

Munene had spoken “unfavourably” of Njuguna, she said.

“I gathered he was well out of the picture. Why could he not get on with his life and leave her alone? There is no need for domestic violence,” Dawson said.

A friend from the Kenyan community who declined to be named said she last saw the family together at a barbecue last December, and they all seemed happy.

“We are all shocked. I have not seen them for months,” she said.

“I have just come back from Africa myself. She is lovely.

“We last met in December and had a laugh and were having fun happy kids, happy mother and happy father.

“I knew she was studying … She said that she had hardly seen anyone because she was so busy studying.”

They had not met the friend but they understood he had only recently moved to New Zealand.

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz

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“I want to Marry My Mother”

Posted by Administrator on September 15, 2009

A Zimbabwean woman and her son have done the unthinkable – they have fallen in love with one another. And now they want to marry since the mom, Betty Mbereko from Mwenezi in Masvingo, is six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child.

Mbereko (40), who was widowed 12 years ago, has been cohabiting with her first child, Farai Mbereko (23).

She confirms that she is six months pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.

Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.

She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.

“Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong. “Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,” she told the village court.

Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the ilobola balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.

“I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said.

“It is better to publicise what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant. Otherwise they will accuse her of promiscuity.”

But local headman Nathan Muputirwa says: “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, mashura chaiwo aya, (This is a bad omen indeed). In the past they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police.” He warned them to break off their marriage or leave his village.

They chose the latter and have left the village for an unknown destination. –
(Source – The Weekend Tribune.)

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