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Kenyan Man Arrested for Sexual Battery on Elderly Victim

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A man faces two sexual battery charges following his arrest in a local nursing home.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it happened just after 3:30 Sunday morning at the Regents Park nursing home on the Southside.

A witness told police she heard something from one of the rooms, and when she went in she saw Anthony Mgugua Njorge engaged in a sexual activity with a woman in the room. The woman is disabled.

The witness told police she reached for her cell phone, but Njorge tried to stop her.

She was able to make a call anyway and someone else came into the room. That witness told police she saw Njorge cleaning up.

The witness says Njorge then left the room and threw something in the disposal room.

Police came and investigated, then arrested Njorge.

Njorge, 35, faces charges of sexual battery (victim mentally impaired) and sexual battery (victim physically helpless.)

“When something like this happens, especially to someone of a certain age, it’s disgusting,” said John Harrell, spokesperson for DCF.

The Department of Children and Families is working alongside JSO on the investigation. Harrell says DCF has investigated eight allegations of abuse at Regents Park in the past year, though none have been verified.

“Of those eight reports, four showed no findings, but four had some findings, including inadequate supervision [of patients]. That happened a couple of times,” Harrell said.

Regents Park Spokesperson Tom Groesbeck confirmed Njorge was employed at the nursing home, and that the care facility is cooperating with law enforcement on the investigation.

A former employee of Regents Park told First Coast News that Njorge has worked at Regents Park as a nursing assistant since at least 2005. First Coast News has learned that Njorge also worked at another Southside nursing home.

A spokesperson for Life Care Center says Njorge was employed at the nursing home up until his arrest Sunday.

The spokesperson went on to say that resident safety is Life Care Center’s highest priority, and that there have been no allegations of this nature at their facility. Authorities say the elderly victim from Regents Park is doing as well as can be expected.

DCF is now looking into whether the attack is an isolated incident.

“Obviously there are a number of vulnerable adults there. They need to be safe. They need to be in a safe environment. I’m sure there are a lot of families feeling a lot of concern right now,” Harrell said.

Police are withholding any further information due to the nature of the crime and the investigation.

Njorge remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. Aside from this arrest, he has no criminal record in Duval County.

SEE VIDEO OF A FLORIDA NEWS STATION REPORT HERE http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/default.aspx?maven_playerId=articleplayer&maven_referralPlaylistId=playlist&maven_referralObject=1254147192&maven_referrer=staf

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These allegations are false. At this point we can only wait for the results of the ongoing investigation. As of
now, Anthony (Dicky) is at the Duval County Jail awaiting a chance to prove his
innocence. We ask you that you put him in your prayers and assist him financially
if you are able to.  The lawyer fees can  quickly add up in these type of cases.
The defense lawyers are requesting atleast $6000 by Monday, Sept 21st, so that they
can start working on the case. With your help we believe that Dicky can beat these
false charges
You can deposit the money at the Bank of America (Florida account number)
898012022945 (Name on the account – Anne Kamau) or get in touch with any of the
family members listed below.

If you would like to use Paypal, the recipient’s email address is

Thank you for all your help

Kenneth – (904) 881-2636
Steve – (904) 707-4960
Tom K (Dallas) – (817) 703 8882


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Obama Invites Raila To Luncheon

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

US President Barack Obama speaks at the AFL-CIO Convention at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been invited for a luncheon that President Obama is hosting for several African leaders. Photo/REUTERS
By Kevin J Kelley, NATION Correspondent in New YorkPosted Wednesday, September 16 2009 at 22:30

 Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been invited for a luncheon that President Barack Obama is hosting next week for several African leaders.

The September 22 event in New York will offer the first opportunity since Mr Obama’s election for an exchange of courtesies between the United States president and a senior Kenyan leader.

Mr Zachary Muburi-Muita, Kenya’s ambassador to the UN, told the Nation on Tuesday that he did not know whether Mr Odinga would have a private conversation with Mr Obama at the luncheon.

President Obama, son of a Kenyan father, has kept his distance from both President Kibaki and Mr Odinga as a sign of his country’s displeasure with Kenya’s response to official corruption, ethnic violence and police abuses.

The American leader chose Ghana as his first official destination in Africa, and did not invite Mr Odinga when the PM visited the US in June.

The United States is snubbing half a dozen countries: Eritrea, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Sudan and Zimbabwe. Their leaders have been left off the guest list because of disputes over their governance or an antagonistic relationship with Washington.

“We are looking to have a dialogue with responsible leaders about the future of Africa’s economic and social development,” Ms Susan Rice, US ambassador to the United Nations, said on Monday while announcing the luncheon.

The gathering will take place at a time when many world leaders will be in New York for the opening session of the UN General Assembly. Mr Odinga is scheduled to address the General Assembly on September 25.


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Condition of Kenyan Woman Attacked in NZ Takes Turn For The Worse

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

The condition of a Christchurch Kenyan woman assaulted and left for dead next to the body of her friend has worsened.

Lydiah Munene, 34, is in an induced coma in the intensive care unit at Christchurch Hospital.

She was listed as stable until yesterday when a Canterbury District Health Board spokeswoman said Munene’s condition had deteriorated, and she was in “a serious condition”.

“We’re hoping she’s going to be all right. She is very sick,” the spokeswoman said.

Munene, a newly qualified nurse, was found in bed in her Avonhead flat with severe head injuries on Monday night.

She was lying next to the body of Stephen Mwangi Maina, 39, a Kenyan freezing worker who lived in Ashburton.

Police believe Munene may have lain there since early Saturday when the attack was thought to have happened.

Munene’s estranged husband, Samuel Ngumo Njuguna, who flew to Kenya on Sunday after leaving the couple’s two children with a friend, is sought in connection with the murder and assault.

The couple’s two children were being cared for by members of Christchurch’s Kenyan community.

A community member, who declined to be named, said a meeting was being arranged for today to discuss a response to the attacks.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams said the inquiry was working with Maina’s family to assist with arranging the funeral.

His body was being returned to Kenya.

Maina’s former boss in Ashburton, Alan Rei, said a service for the man was being arranged for tomorrow.

Williams said scene examinations were continued yesterday at Munene’s flat and at the house she jointly owned with Njuguna in Mairehau.

Njuguna’s red Peugeot was also examined yesterday.

Williams said police were liaising with the Crown Law Office and Interpol “in terms of exploring avenues within Kenya”. While New Zealand does not have an extradition treaty with Kenya, Kenya does have a law that provides for extradition to Commonwealth countries.

Crown Law Office spokeswoman Jan Fulstow said an extradition from Kenya would be the first in some time.

A search of records could not find a case in the past 20 years, she said.

Speaking from Kenya, a friend of Munene’s, Angie Kagiri, said last night that Njuguna and Munene’s house was like a “cold war”.

“Me and her were talking about how far, like, how much she’s gone through in New Zealand, and this was like a clean break for her,” Kagiri said.

“She was happy, even her sons were happy.”


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Kenyan Medicare worker who used dead babies’ identities to commit fraud in Australia jailed for four years

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009


A MEDICARE worker has been sentenced to four years’ jail for using dead people’s identities to claim more than $300,000 in baby bonus payments.

Bernard Monyenye, 34, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception, attempting to obtain financial advantage by deception and sending proceeds of crime to relatives’  accounts in Kenya, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates.

The court heard Monyenye used Medicare records to claim baby bonus payments and the maternity immunisation allowance, totalling $318,286.70, between June and November last year.

District Court Judge Kevin Sleight described the act as a “grave breach of trust” and sentenced him to a non-parole period of two and a half years.

Judge Sleight said the scheme was “well planned and involved a cunning act … motivated for offences related to greed”.

He said Monyenye was an intelligent man who had studied at Perth’s Murdoch University after arriving in Australia in 1998 on a student visa.

He said Monyenye felt resentment to his Medicare employers because his career had not progressed.

The holder of dual Australian and Kenyan citizenship, he was arrested before he was able to travel to Kenya with his family in December last year.

Commonwealth prosecutor Patricia Aloi said Monyenye used his position at Medicare to access Centrelink records of dead people to obtain tax file numbers and create false claims for the $5,000 baby bonus payments for 64 fictitious children.

He siphoned the money into 14 bank accounts and sent $19,324 of stolen funds to the accounts of relatives in Africa and the Middle East.

The court was told about two-thirds of the stolen money had been recovered.

Monyenye appeared calm as his sentence was handed down.

Defence lawyer Angus Hockton said Monyenye had asked his wife and three-year-old daughter not to attend the sentencing, in order to escape the media glare.

Mr Hockton described his client as a loner who suffered bouts of depression that stemmed from his violent upbringing in Kenya.

Monyenye was charged by Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Perth on Wednesday after a joint AFP and Centrelink investigation.

See Video Here: VIDEO: 17.09.09 Nine News Baby bonus fraud

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The nightmare of chasing the American dream

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

By Joe Kiarie

It is the dream of many Kenyans to acquire US citizenship but for some, the craze is a nightmare.

The desire for the Land of Opportunity has left many heartbroken after losing narrowly the chance of becoming US citizens.

Some have won the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery programme, popularly known as the Green Card, but have been denied visas at the last minute on technicalities. This is even after disposing off all their lifetime’s savings and property to cater for the visa application.

Mr Joseph Kimuhu is still trying to come to terms with an eleventh-hour visa denial.

The 25-year-old applied for a DV form early last year. He was hopeful when he received a letter from the US consular notifying him that he was among those selected and registered for further consideration in the DV-2009 under case number 2009AF00062461.

He says his life significantly changed in between the time he applied for the DV Lottery and the time he got the notification.

He had married under Kikuyu customary law in August, last year and became a father on July 16, meaning that the wife and the son were not included in the application. Not willing to chase after the wind, he wrote to the consular section at the US embassy on August 3, seeking clarification and advice on his new marital status.

“Kindly note that you will need to have the marriage registered. In addition, you will need to bring additional evidence to prove your ongoing relationship,” read a response sent from the embassy three days later.

Normal tests

Thinking he had secured a reprieve, Kimuhu underwent the usual test conducted on US immigrants at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) facility in Hurlingham, Nairobi. The test cost him Sh19,800.

Five days later, he visited the Attorney General’s office with his spouse and their wedding was legalised, and a certificate issued. This cost the couple Sh6,250. He had earlier the same month secured a signed affidavit from a lawyer as evidence for his marital status. Then came the awaited appointment at the US Embassy, when Kimuhu was to land a visa to the US. He paid Sh62,000 visa fee, only to be treated to the shock of his life.

“An official asked me if I am married and I said yes and showed him my wife and son. He issued me with a blue document and told me to wait for a week. I went back on September 9 but was told I would not be issued with a visa on grounds that I had been found ineligible under Section 212 (a) (5) (A) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act,” he narrated to The Standard on Saturday.

The section notes that he had failed to meet Diversity Visa requirements and also failed to submit a complete application.

“I was never told anything else, the man just switched off the microphone, and walked away,” recounts Kimuhu, who had by then spent Sh88,050.

Furious, he sent an e-mail to the consular seeking explanation why he had been denied a visa after following the embassy’s directions to the letter.

The consular replied: “Diversity Lottery Visa cases cannot be reviewed or reconsidered, and consequently, there is no appeal process.”

Another victim of the strict policies at the embassy is Mr Mohamed Ibrahim from Mandera District. The 27-year-old applied for the Green Card on December 23, 2006, hopeful that it would go through and mark a turning point in his life.

Being his family’s provider, he was optimistic that gaining US citizenship would help improve his standards of living and cater adequately for his nine siblings. The US Embassy denied him a visa last year on grounds he did not possess a KCSE certificate.

This happened after he had parted with about Sh91,000, for visa processing. He had obtained the money after selling his textile business at Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Ibrahim received a confirmation he was among those short-listed for the DV-2008 programme on May 4, 2007. His case number was 2008AF00048752.

After attending the medical test, he went for the interview at the US Embassy on September 10 as advised.

KCSE certificate

“I was called by an elderly man after about one and a half hours and told to produce my KCSE certificate. I explained that I only studied up to class eight, but the gentleman just said ‘sorry’ and indicated I leave his office,” notes a bitter Ibrahim.

Desperate to have his way, Ibrahim went to the Kenya Human Rights Commission offices to seek help, and the commission wrote a complaint letter to the US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger, seeking details on Ibrahim’s case. But the visa acquisition deadline expired as he waited for a reply. Ms Veronica Nyambura, a widow and a mother of two from Ndaragwa constituency, also had her visa dreams shattered.

Nyambura received her DV 2009 letter last year. Under the rules, one should include individuals who are below 21 years as beneficiaries. She says she included her children as beneficiaries since they were both below 21 by the time of application.

But her daughter turned 22 in between the application and the medical test last month. Her application was annulled on grounds that her daughter was overage.

“They should give us enough information before they take a single coin from us,” says Nyambura, who spent Sh51,579 on the medical test.

But a spokesperson at the US embassy told The Standard on Saturday that DV-Lottery programme has its official guidelines that are followed to the letter. She noted there have been numerous cases of people claiming they have beneficiaries after winning the lottery, yet they had not indicated when applying.

On Ibrahim’s case, another spokesman had earlier absolved the embassy from blame, saying the applicant did not read the Green Card lottery application information well before applying.

“To be eligible, one must have a high school diploma, which is defined as successful completion of 12 year elementary and secondary education.

“If not so, one should have an equivalent of two years work experience in a position that requires at least two years of training or experience to be filled, during the last five years,” he stated.


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Wangari Maathai Blames Kenyans for Mau Impunity

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 – Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai has now shifted blame to Kenyans over the recent controversial vote in Parliament that obligated the government to compensate all land owners in the Mau Forest.

Prof Maathai says the electorate has failed to demand accountability from their leaders, thereby promoting impunity.

“Kenyans don’t fight back; remember the Kenya government does not have money, it’s your taxes. So if they don’t have taxes they will ask the World Bank to give them money to come and compensate leaders who misused their power (to acquire) land they should never have acquired,” said the former legislator.

Terming the compensation ‘selfish and misplaced’, Ms Maathai held that politicians should stop gambling with the country’s future.

She added: “I hope when they go to the World Bank they won’t get any money. The only reason why we are being held hostage with the Mau is because people who were in power want to be compensated.”

Prof Maathai also observed that Kenya’s tea and coffee which have for long been marketed as the main Kenyan cash crops would be lost if the government failed to conserve and maintain forests.

“Our people need to understand that unless they protect these forests, one day the areas where they grow tea and coffee will be too warm for these crops to grow,” she justified.

She warned of significant economic losses if the forest depletion continued.

“70 percent of our people live in these forested mountains that we talk about; many of them are involved in small scale farming of tea and coffee,” she said.

She also alleged that the government was still cutting down trees on road reserves despite the government’s spokesman and the Ministry of Roads denial of the act.

Prof Maathai was of the opinion that the government should study which tree species are friendly to constructions.

“For example the Nairobi fern usually digs through roads and buildings. It is not friendly to constructions,” said the Nobel Laureate.

The professor suggested that the government should encourage Kenyans to plant trees along stretches of land set aside for expansion of roads as they would stop soil erosion.

“I wish we could adopt the culture of planting trees along the road. It would hold the soil, protect the road and give us an opportunity to maintain the biodiversity in the country.”

She was speaking during a tour to the Aberdares organised by the Green Belt Movement and the World Bank.—-CAPITAL FM

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