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Kenyan Man Arrested for Sexual Battery on Elderly Victim

Posted by Administrator on September 17, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A man faces two sexual battery charges following his arrest in a local nursing home.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it happened just after 3:30 Sunday morning at the Regents Park nursing home on the Southside.

A witness told police she heard something from one of the rooms, and when she went in she saw Anthony Mgugua Njorge engaged in a sexual activity with a woman in the room. The woman is disabled.

The witness told police she reached for her cell phone, but Njorge tried to stop her.

She was able to make a call anyway and someone else came into the room. That witness told police she saw Njorge cleaning up.

The witness says Njorge then left the room and threw something in the disposal room.

Police came and investigated, then arrested Njorge.

Njorge, 35, faces charges of sexual battery (victim mentally impaired) and sexual battery (victim physically helpless.)

“When something like this happens, especially to someone of a certain age, it’s disgusting,” said John Harrell, spokesperson for DCF.

The Department of Children and Families is working alongside JSO on the investigation. Harrell says DCF has investigated eight allegations of abuse at Regents Park in the past year, though none have been verified.

“Of those eight reports, four showed no findings, but four had some findings, including inadequate supervision [of patients]. That happened a couple of times,” Harrell said.

Regents Park Spokesperson Tom Groesbeck confirmed Njorge was employed at the nursing home, and that the care facility is cooperating with law enforcement on the investigation.

A former employee of Regents Park told First Coast News that Njorge has worked at Regents Park as a nursing assistant since at least 2005. First Coast News has learned that Njorge also worked at another Southside nursing home.

A spokesperson for Life Care Center says Njorge was employed at the nursing home up until his arrest Sunday.

The spokesperson went on to say that resident safety is Life Care Center’s highest priority, and that there have been no allegations of this nature at their facility. Authorities say the elderly victim from Regents Park is doing as well as can be expected.

DCF is now looking into whether the attack is an isolated incident.

“Obviously there are a number of vulnerable adults there. They need to be safe. They need to be in a safe environment. I’m sure there are a lot of families feeling a lot of concern right now,” Harrell said.

Police are withholding any further information due to the nature of the crime and the investigation.

Njorge remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. Aside from this arrest, he has no criminal record in Duval County.

SEE VIDEO OF A FLORIDA NEWS STATION REPORT HERE http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/default.aspx?maven_playerId=articleplayer&maven_referralPlaylistId=playlist&maven_referralObject=1254147192&maven_referrer=staf

 ©2009 First Coast News.


These allegations are false. At this point we can only wait for the results of the ongoing investigation. As of
now, Anthony (Dicky) is at the Duval County Jail awaiting a chance to prove his
innocence. We ask you that you put him in your prayers and assist him financially
if you are able to.  The lawyer fees can  quickly add up in these type of cases.
The defense lawyers are requesting atleast $6000 by Monday, Sept 21st, so that they
can start working on the case. With your help we believe that Dicky can beat these
false charges
You can deposit the money at the Bank of America (Florida account number)
898012022945 (Name on the account – Anne Kamau) or get in touch with any of the
family members listed below.

If you would like to use Paypal, the recipient’s email address is

Thank you for all your help

Kenneth – (904) 881-2636
Steve – (904) 707-4960
Tom K (Dallas) – (817) 703 8882


33 Responses to “Kenyan Man Arrested for Sexual Battery on Elderly Victim”

  1. Rachel said

    Oh my God! This is disgusting…aaargh! Yaani hangeenda kutafuta Malaya and that is legal. Maybe he can tell us how that felt. No pity for him.

    • Mjoro said

      Please guys, if you ONLY know how much white people hate us, you won’t make such a nasty comment. Only God can rescue Njoroge out this mess. Please Kenyan’s let’s stay together because tomorrow will be another Kenya victim (it could be you). Most us are called Niggers but no one reports that to the police.

      • Concerned said

        Excuse me? IF this guy did this, then he deserves to ROT in hell! Nobody should be supporting such insanity! I am glad there is no culture of impunity and bribery here like you folks enjoy in Kenya. How about you assign this maddness to the rightful owner – The Devil – and please leave GOD out of it! This is sheer madness.

  2. Disgusted said

    So did the grandma have a walker? Oh…my apologies. I can’t ask Mbugua since he is not coming up with half a million for bail. Can’t see my dime.

  3. Njehu said

    What is this now? Pepo mbaya! Woi woi!!!!

  4. Toni said

    Well we have heard one side of the story, would like to hear the other side and possible evidence against the accused. Until then its pure speculation and we seem to have only one persons word for it. The other day four teenagers were falsely accused of rape on national television by someone who was to later recant the story. But then again if accusations are true, one wonders how many times he got away with it and with how many others. Wakenya jo.

    • Chichi said

      Toni.. by syaing we have heard one side of the story, would like to hear the other side” -R us saying that there’s a possiblity that this disabled grandma asked the kenyan is they couldxxxxx???? I don’t think so. If this poor kenyan man was just standing in the patient’s room doing nothing, even the biggest psycho would not accuse him of sexual immorality!!

  5. Henry Gichaba said

    I suggest a psychological evaluation to determine if Mr. Njoroge is mentally stable. It’s also a case from which those who work with clients must learn.

    If you are mentally sound, do not get sexually involved with helpless/disabled clients/people. Even when they consent, it’s hard for the law to know they did.

    In fact, when you’ve clients, ensure they do not turn into your sexual partners when you are still working with them. Some situations can be tempting but it’s your responsibility to be professional.

    I’ll not be the first to contribute money to Mr. Njoroge. I’ll also not be the first to judge him because he must remain innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. But he’s in a very sticky situation.

    • Pennie said

      I think all 3 p’ple @ the scene should b evaluated mentally to get to the bottom of this, afterall: – Njoroge – To check his mental status If he really commited this act
      – The Elderly Woman – To find out how mentally stable/unstable she is
      – The Witness – To find out if she has any history of paranoia incase
      she saw/thought she saw her own things.

  6. mzalendo said

    What happened to Kenyans?
    Are we chasing money 24/7 hence hardly any time for social activities to even form sex partners rahter than descending on patients in our places of work ( Nursing Homes of all places)? Or this is because we married and left our wifes back home hence unable to get serious with relationships because we fear ” they” will tell our wifes back home ?

    Is Njoroge married ? i will wish to hear if she is the reason.

    • dick said

      Njoroge is not married. Infact back in Kenya we are all very angry with him since we did a harambee for him to go for further studies. Was he getting a PhD in ‘elderly rape psycholofy’? Shame on you.

  7. Sue said

    I am disturbed by Henry Gichaba’s comments above that read “……..If you are mentally sound, do not get sexually involved with helpless/disabled clients/people. Even when they consent, it’s hard for the law to know they did. In fact, when you’ve clients, ensure they do not turn into your sexual partners when you are still working with them. Some situations can be tempting but it’s your responsibility to be professional……….”. Seriously Henry, why would someone contemplate having sex with an elderly client. One must be very sick up there. We are talking of 70, 80 year olds and even worse. What is there to tempt a 30 something year old in an 80 year old woman? You are even talking of consent? Surely jameni. My goodness, how do you even start? This is horrible…really horrible…but hopefully the charges are found to be false but if it’s true, this is totally despicable and there is no explanation for this kind of a devious act.

  8. Wangui said

    I think Kenyans should stop doing these kinds of jobs. Aren’t there other jobs they could do apart from caring for others and working in homes etc. If you can speak basic english, write, and use Ms Word, Excel, there are jobs like Customer service, office administration etc that are better and give you a sense of worth. These types of jobs are dead end and a type of Slavery. Let the wenyeji of the country take care of their own. Even in Kenya we didn’t do such things….

    As for this guy, it’s a disgrace and he came all the way from Kenya to end up in Jail…?????? If this is what it comes to I would advice people to stay home in Kenya.

    • Concerned said

      Your advise for him to stay in Kenya helps who? If he is a sexual predator, then he just moves to new victims in Kenya who have almost no avenue to get justice. Send all Kenyan sexual predators here so they can get the justice they deserve. We know they get away with this brutality in Kenya.

      People, please stop finding excuses (“type of work”, “wife in Kenya”, “too much work”, etc) for these people — they are simply SICK! Yes, very sick. If this is true, he has a trail of victims all the way back in Kenya. No, you don’t get up and suddenly have the urge to rape a mentally disable, probably old, patient. This is a sick mind. End of story.

  9. wanjiku said

    Lets not condemn this guy for now until proved otherwise. I think i will support him with some bucks to prove his innocence.life will be very tough for our country man even after being proved innocent. This is a time for prayers and support but not a time to throw stones. Dont forget where we are and what we are facing every day.

    • dick said

      I would like to hear you talk like that if it was your grandmother who was raped. May be you are also taking care of young boys and doing the same? Shame on you

  10. Jacky said

    Let’s wait and see coz sometimes, there is another side of the story we don’t know. I will withhold my judgement for now people coz I don’t understand how a 30 year old man would get an erection because of a 80 something year old woman. Just my two cents.

  11. Mjoro said

    Kenyans! Kanyans! Can you be mature in handling matters on this nature. Some of us guys are forgetting that we’re in foreign lands, and these things will affect some of us at one time. White people are nasty and they will say anything and ofcourse their law works on their favor. May the Lord help out brother Njoroge. The moment I read the headline, I knew it’s a lie.

  12. waithira said

    well i think this is all hawks, who tells u that elderly lady didnt have dimentia? OMG and fellow kenyans are just supporting the story without getting njoroges side, this njoroge is a young man, ma ma noage mundu ukumuhe angikorwo ni bata ari na guo, this is a lie. pls kenyans lets support njoroge, remember tommorow it could be u

  13. jackie said

    I have come to realise that mental illness is not just bout depression,it is divercified and cortegorized,eg,insomnia,obesity,autism,dimmentia,alzymas, OCD, na kathalika!! in this part of the world,luckily they are fully aware of such cases,as for our brother who cleally needs help,if he did it,pole lakini would have to walk with a “RED” label on his fore head…..(SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE)it would appear on all his records!!?(NGAI)can you imagine that???such pple around here argurbley receive treatments and medications,and sick dilussional pple as njor’ge get help when needed!!!one thing is for sure ,mental issues is rampant in this fast worlds(reasons???)ni mingi babisa…minister wa health nyumbani ni nani???hii yake sii ya juzi, nikitu ame kuwa aki fanya kwa muda mrefu….look at what corruption and ignorance is taking us,the land of embarassment you all!!! this is beyond me

  14. Miriam said

    I know Dicky, and there is no way he would have done this. I stand by him and anyway and every way possible. God who knows protects the innocent will see him through. Remember don’t always be too quick to judge, you never know when something will happen you. This is just one side of the story.

    Like I said I have known him for over 12 years from home to the U.S. and no matter what I will stand by him till the end of this case.

    I am praying for you my dear night and day!

  15. Grace said

    I am praying for Anthony and i know our good Lord knows that he is innocent and God will see him through!

  16. Grace said

    We are all in a foreign country and to hear other Kenyans judging Anthony it is very disgusting. Take time to pray for him because at the end of this case he will be proven not guilty. He is innocent and the people accusing him will be ashamed!!

  17. anna said

    I did not read anywhere that this perverted guy did this to a white person.Please no excuses ,because there was a witness from whom he tried to grab the phone .What ashame!!!

  18. kania said

    this story about dicky is sooo not true,this witness who saw him in the act should tell us for how long she stood there and so many other questions that are left unanswered.I have known dicky since childhood and were best of pals through teenage right into adulthood and he is not that kind of guy.For those kenyans who are pouring scorn and ridicule on this matter,wait till it happens to someone close to you and who will know how it feels.

    • lily said

      I work in nursing field and anything to do with touching anyone anywhere they dont want is sexual harassment in usa so if my brother tried to clean the old dimentia woman and she screamed then the nurse just accused him .in usa they can sue you even to smile if they dont like you so do not judge my bro

  19. Washuka said

    I will not believe this story until the guy is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. And for those who are already judging I pray that such a thing never happens to you. Many Africans/Blacks are in jail and most of them are not guilty of any wrong doing…
    My prayer is he gets a fair trial if he is innocent.

  20. Joseph said

    Hi, some one update on this issue. this guy is only guilty if proven by the court. May justice be seen. known him since hey days and think the alegation is not true.

  21. chiku said

    Most people who do the nursing job is coz they want quick money without studies. It is also one of the courses u can do within weeks and finish.But this does not qualify anyone to be a rapist. He is innocent untill proved guilty.

    • dan said

      chiku u r wrong about courses done within weeks, very wrong,nursing is a 2yr or 4 dependin on where u tk cur coure n nurses r well paid than most professions 40,000$ n above a yr.N lets not judge the guy who know what happened.Ni yeye tu na huyo myanye.Pls kenyans be careful when u r in a foreign country huko si home always watch ur back na kama uwezi control mauchu jisaidie…

  22. carol said

    i dont even believe if that story is true or it is another way those three guys wants to solicit money from the poeple but even if it is true, the man does not deserve any support to such kind of evil deeds. if we support him he will repeat because u will be available to help him so let him face it.

  23. bibi said

    what about the kenyan men abroad who are sexually abusing their daughters abroad when their wives go to work? Incest is common in the kenyan community abroad we are only in Denial.The nursing home scenarios with DNA evidence just shows how far we are behind with sexual crimes about men and understanding not only reality of it But that it also EXISTS right in our Homes and in our communities.

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