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Black NFL players crush prospect of playing for a Rush Limbaugh-owned St. Louis Rams

Posted by Administrator on October 9, 2009

BY Ohm Youngmisuk

Updated Friday, October 9th 2009, 8:59 AM

If Rush Limbaugh buys the Rams, the NFL's black players say they won't meet him in St. Louis.


If Rush Limbaugh buys the Rams, the NFL’s black players say they won’t meet him in St. Louis.

Mathias Kiwanuka loves his former defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, but the Giants’ defensive end says he will never play for Spagnuolo’s Rams if Rush Limbaugh purchases the team.

Kiwanuka and the Jets’ Bart Scott made it clear Thursday that they would never play for the Rams or any team owned by the controversial conservative radio host.

“All I know is from the last comment I heard, he said in (President) Obama’s America, white kids are getting beat up on the bus while black kids are chanting ‘right on,'” Kiwanuka told The Daily News. “I mean, I don’t want anything to do with a team that he has any part of. He can do whatever he wants, it is a free country. But if it goes through, I can tell you where I am not going to play.”

“I am not going to draw a conclusion from a person off of one comment, but when it is time after time after time and there’s a consistent pattern of disrespect and just a complete misunderstanding of an entire culture that I am a part of, I can’t respect him as a man.”

Limbaugh said on Tuesday that he is joining former Knicks president and Madison Square Garden CEO Dave Checketts in a group bidding to purchase the Rams. Checketts, who owns the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, is heading the group, reportedly one of many bidders. The potential sale is still in an early stage. If the Rams are sold, St. Louis will choose one bidding group, which will then be subject to a vote by the NFL’s 32 owners, with approval needed by 24 of them.

Limbaugh’s controversial comments are well-known. He resigned from ESPN in 2003 after he said the media were “very desirous that a black quarterback do well” in reference to Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb being overrated. “If he’s rewarded to buy them, congratulations to him,” McNabb said during his weekly press conference. “But I won’t be in St. Louis anytime soon.”

Scott says players remember what Limbaugh said, and adds that the NFL would be wise not to allow the nationally syndicated host into the league. “It’s an oxymoron that he criticized Donovan McNabb,” Scott said. “A lot of us took it as more of a racial-type thing. I can only imagine how his players would feel. I know I wouldn’t want to play for him. He’s a jerk. He’s an —. What he said (about McNabb) was inappropriate and insensitive, totally off-base. He could offer me whatever he wanted, I wouldn’t play for him. … I wouldn’t play for Rush Limbaugh. My principles are greater and I can’t be bought.”

Limbaugh, who grew up in Missouri about 100 miles south of St. Louis, is an avid sports fan who once said that “the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.”

Kiwanuka cringes at the idea of Limbaugh becoming an NFL owner. “They are flat-out racist,” Kiwanuka said of many of Limbaugh’s statements. “He jumps on Obama and he jumps on other people for being racist. But a lot of the comments that he said, I feel like they have no place in journalism. It is just an opinion show that should be only be taken for shock value. I liken it to ‘South Park’ when I am listening to him.”

“I love Spags and would play for him in a heartbeat, but under that situation … obviously trades you have no control over, but if it was a free-agent thing, I wouldn’t care if I only had one offer on the table, I would rather stay a free agent.”

– With Rich Cimini

3 Responses to “Black NFL players crush prospect of playing for a Rush Limbaugh-owned St. Louis Rams”

  1. So let the idiots give up their fat contracts just so they can PROVE to the world that they have no brain of their own excpet between the sidelines. The clowns who say they wouldn’t play for Rush are idiots. They cannot prove Rush is a RACIST, they only go byu what they HEARD some RACIST PUNDIT dribble.

    What Rush said about McNabb in my opinion was TRUE. It is the same tactic they usewith Barack Obama; don’t say anything bad or people will call you a racist.

    The team is so bad now, what would happen if only white players played? Maybe they’d be BETTER.

    Rush has enough money to buy not only the team but each of the players as well, so they won’t hurt HIM by refusing their fat paychecks.

    This is all a bunch of TALK anyway. These guys will suck up that paycheck if George Wallace himself owned the team.

    Maybe they’re just jealous that THEY cannot earn enough money to buy a team.

    Just play ball, sucka, or go back to “You want FRIES with that, Mr Limbaugh?”.

  2. Just information for those mindless robots who whine about Rush’s SCHOOL BUS comments: Rush was saying that was the attitude of LIBERALS, who would blame the fight on WHITE kids because “blacks cannot be racist”. Naturally, these steroid dimmed brainiacs just took what some jerk said and took off with it.

    One thing for sure, if these guys refused to play for Rush, it might have the effect of raising the team IQ. Then the letters in the playbooks won’t have to be printed so large.

    I’ll bet NONE of these professors have ever listened to Rush’s show FIVE MINUTES.

  3. JustComRite said

    Well,i don’t blame those black players,i wouldn’t play for that klux either.Why would he want the black players to play for him anyway?He done belittled them and called all kind of names.Who do he think he is?Those players DON’T need him.He wanna use them to his advantage,it gotta be on his time.You’re racist TANK HEAD and nobody likes you,evidently he must like being around the Crips,he’s trying to buy the team.Rush the Klux just select an all white team,then you’ll have your kind to label.Black players tell that @#@@!#$ what he can do with that team:Stick it up his granny’s arse.hehehe.

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