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A flying career and wedding bells stopped by thugs

Posted by Administrator on January 30, 2010

Mr Martin Njuma, the pilot who died after a gang attack on Uhuru Highway, Nairobi, planned to wed Ms Becky Ngoiri in May. Photos/ Courtesy

Mr Martin Njuma, the pilot who died after a gang attack on Uhuru Highway, Nairobi, planned to wed Ms Becky Ngoiri in May. Photos/ Courtesy


Martin Gitehi Njuma got down on bended knee and proposed to his fiancé Rebecca Ngoiri just before Christmas.

Less than three weeks later, the young pilot lay in a pool of blood after being set upon by thugs in a horrific attack that has highlighted the dangers motorists face while driving around Nairobi at night.

Njuma was killed at the Makaburini area near Bunyala Road roundabout after his car stalled as he was driving to Westlands at around 4 a.m.

He died the same day, January 17, at a Nairobi hospital less than 24 hours after he was rushed there unconscious.

Njuma’s father, Captain James Njuma, said the last conversation he had with his son was about his pending nuptials.

“I spoke to my son on January 16, and he was worried about being on duty around his wedding day which was to be in May. He was trying to get annual leave around the same time to coincide with his wedding,” Captain Njuma said.

Becky Ngoiri is at a loss for words after losing the love of her life.

“I keep thinking that maybe he is in Bangkok or he has gone for training somewhere. I cannot believe I will never have lunch or dinner with him again,” Ms Ngoiri said.

Mr Njuma’s death has triggered a flood of reactions on the Internet with Kenyans demanding that police act against thugs who prey on motorists at well known danger spots in the city.

The Kenya Airways pilot spent the better part of his last day with his childhood friend and colleague Moses Karanja and left Mr Karanja’s house at midnight to attend a friend’s birthday party.

“I asked him to sleep over because it was late, but he said he had promised our friend that he would attend the party,” Mr Karanja said.

Mr Karanja was unable to accompany his friend as he was to fly to Lagos the next day. He awoke at 5 a.m., and 20 minutes later he got a call from the friend whose party Mr Njuma had attended.

“My friend informed me that Njuma was in critical condition after being attacked by thugs,” Mr Karanja said. The attack happened while the group was on its way from a nightclub in Lang’ata and was heading to Westlands to continue with the party.

Mr Njuma had called his friends and informed them that his car had stalled. They were in another car behind his, but when they got to his car, they did not find him.

“A police car came by later, and the officers assisted them to look for him. They found him lying unconscious a few metres from his car,” Mr Karanja said.

The officers who found him did not record the incident. They advised his friends to rush him to hospital.

Mr Njuma succumbed to head injuries inflicted by a blunt object. He had been hit with brutal force behind his left ear and he had a fractured skull.

His attackers took his wallet and mobile phone.

Such attacks have become increasingly commonplace in the area that has been infamous for nighttime attacks on motorists for many years. No known action has been taken against the thugs.

Other danger spots in the city centre and its environs are the Globe Cinema roundabout, Museum Hill Roundabout, the Railways stage, the main bus station and the City Stadium.

Mpaka Road in Westlands has also been added to the list as revellers are robbed of their mobile phones and other valuables almost every weekend and also regularly have their cars broken into.

Captain Njuma said the death of his only son would not be in vain.

Mr Njuma’s family and friends have come together to expose the area where many attacks have occurred, some fatal, and most unreported.

“I have been getting so many emails, and people are telling me how they lost their friends and relatives in the Makaburini area,” Ms Ngoiri said.

Mr Karanja also recounted how his blogs had elicited reactions from a number of people who have been attacked by thugs said to operate from a tunnel under Uhuru Highway.

“People have horror stories to tell about the stretch between the area known as Makaburini and the Nyayo Stadium roundabout,” Captain Njuma said.

A billboard has been put up at the spot where Mr Njuma was attacked, and a demonstration will be held there on Sunday from around midday. The demonstration is meant to sensitise people to the dangers at Makaburini to avoid further attacks and loss of life.

Mr Njuma’s family and friends will lay wreaths at the spot where the body was found. They are also pushing for the establishment of a police post in the area.

“We will exhaust all the avenues to make sure that no other family loses its members through such senseless killings,” Captain Njuma said.

Central police station boss Richard Muguai dismissed claims of a rise in crime in the city centre and its environs and said this was an isolated incident.

“The young man put himself in danger by driving at that time of the night,” he said.

“We are investigating the case, but the main question we are asking is why these people did not report the matter sooner.”

Source: Daily Nation

11 Responses to “A flying career and wedding bells stopped by thugs”

  1. James said

    “The young man put himself in danger by driving at that time of the night,” he (Central Police Boss Richard Muguai) said.

    The central police station boss is an idiot and a moron. If Nairobi is that safe, shouldn’t we be able to drive around town at all times? He makes me sick.

    • kinuthia said

      kenya police need to be disabanded and a totally new force put in place i guess theyare in cahoots with the thugs how come some spots are notoriuos crime spots yet police never arrest anyone,kenyan leders are stupid

  2. gathoni said

    may God Rest Marto’s soul in eternal peace

  3. Gatitu said

    Police Boss Richard Muguai…..YOU ARE AS STUPID AS STUPID IS…..

  4. Wambui said

    What the FUCK police boss you are essentially victimizing Mr Njuma Jnr again by uttering nonsense like you are! If you don’t have enough resources to have coverage 24/7 to ensure innocent wanainchi are safe, idiot say so! But trying to find a scapegoat in this situation doesn’t help. Police boss what you just did to this family by uttering that nonsense of the victim putting himself in harms way is very much like… if your daughter got raped went to the police station and there they raped her again! I don’t wish it upon you but I hope it helps you realize your idiocy! To the Njuma family Poleni and may your loved one rest in eternal peace.

  5. Pauline said

    There is no day since it happened that I don’t think of this family. I have also heard of horror stories of people who have either witnessed or fallen victim to the thugs who waylay motorists and passersby around the makaburini area.
    I applaud the family and friends for their strength and their commitment to seeing that this doesn’t happen to anyone else by aggressively demanding for security to be beefed up around the area and other danger spots; So many of us are more the wiser now thanks to the family speaking out. Indeed Gitehi’s blood will not be shed in vain. I hope though that they get justice and that they get it fast. Those animals should be wiped out from the face of the earth. As for the central police boss…please think through your words before uttering them lest you be left with egg on your face. Those remarks are shameful and insensitive.

  6. Eva Wainaina said

    Fucking police Boss!! !! as kenyas we should be free to walk and drive at any time. silly moron: how dare say the young man put himself in danger by driving at that time of the night. gosh!!!! i think u r mad, sorry to say this” MAY IT HAPPEN TO U OR UR KIDS, THEN U WILL SWALLOW UR WORDS IDIOT”

  7. mr mathew iteere you are a gentleman can you plse make sure those guys are flushed out and put in their rightfull place in prison ,plse put up a police post on all those well known notorius areas makaburini ,railways stage ,stadium stage ,museum etc its time criminals get finished and hard working kenyans can go wherever they want whenever they want without fear of thugs ,where do they get guns, why cant kenyans be allowed to carry guns for their own safty if there is no one to protect them,so if njuma had to take his sister to hospital at that hour he wouldnt have to because the streets belong to thugs at that time of the night. plse do something my heart weeps for ms ngoiri and njumas family.

  8. “The young men put himself in danger” that is a statement from the cental police. I can help to wonder what u know about the street. A crime occured that took life of an inoccent men. My question to u is what have u done to prevent similar incident? what is the protocal in place to prevent such incidents from occuring how many more people have lost they lives or got hurt in that particular area or similar incident in kenya? We will not continue losing innocent lives while we have police who swore to protect and serve wanaichi get it together we are not losing anymore lives to merciless crime but let justice be served to njuma and his family and a lesson taught to whoever attempt this barberic act. RIP njuma we will continue to fight for justice.It not going down that easy something has to give! No retreat no surrender.

  9. Grace said

    re- njuma muder!
    lt is sad to hear this most barbaric act from senseless thugs!
    but what really got me was the central police boss inisting that mr njuma put himself at risk by travelling at that time of the night,well this is absolute nonesense! everyone should be able to move anywhere in the country without fear, if your police do their job by patrolling the city this thugs wont be out either!
    my heart goes out to the entire family and be strong,shame that police boss for sitting on his ass instead of working the police force!

  10. Isabelle said

    The police were the ones that did not report the incident. The people need to speak out against government corruption and against injustice! If the chiefs of police will not help us, then the people are our only hope against these rising dangers. Speak up! One voice may not be heard, but many voices are the grains of sand that make the desert.

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