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Is a worse scenario looming for Kenya?

Posted by Administrator on January 30, 2010

Following the discovery of the consignment of arms by the Kenya security machinery,
many questions  can be asked regarding the future of Kenya.  According to the
Standard  newspaper of the 9th December 2009,  100,000 bullets, army uniforms , guns
and other sophisticated weapons which can shoot down airplanes, were  discovered at
a place in Narok.
Although all Kenyans and the entire International community should thank the Kenyan
Government, which for the first time in the over 20 years of  uncertainty, has acted
hastily and diligently,  the Nation  may still be  sitting on a time Bomb. No one
knows how many weapons are in the country  illegally today,  and our   prayers
should be, that the Kenya security  machinery do not rest in their hunt for more
illegal weapons that may be  hidden in some places.  There could be millions of such
weapons in the  hands of dangerous people whose agenda is to cause chaos.
A few weeks ago, the Kenya newspapers and the  BBC, released information on the
influx of weapons in Kenya in a manner  that had never been heard of before. The
Eldoret weapons factory has been mentioned often  in relation to weapons let out
illegally. A probe committee should be  formed immediately to investigate the
activities at the Eldoret weapons  factory.  Reports of sinister activities that
took place during the Post  election violence, have been reported by the media in
the past few  months, an indication that it is being misused. A scrutiny of the
employees of the factory is very important at the moment.

With this new catch, the possibility of an uncontrollable situation, may  not be
ruled out if the world does not do something now. Some of those  who were involved
in the post election Violence were also involved in  the 1991 mayhem, and would do
anything to prevent any arrest and/or  prosecution. I wish to advise Kenyans and the
International Community,  to  address the precautions and measures necessary to
prevent chaos    before the ICC commences the prosecutions of the perpetrators of
the  Post election Violence. The time to act is now. Any other time will be  too

For two consecutive years before the infamous killings of 800 Kenyans in  1991,
President Moi kept warning Kenyans of war and chaos, but Kenyans  did not take his
warnings seriously.  On Sunday the 18th. Of October 2009, retired President Moi
warned of chaos. I do  not know how many Kenyans take President Moi serious this

On the 13th. Of August 1994, Kenya would have gone the Rwanda way, had  it not been
for the quick intervention  by the good friends of Kenya.  I  know that those good
friends of Kenya will read this article. Kenya  needs help to avert any loss of
lives of its innocent Citizens.  Kenyans  cannot afford to witness more killings.
Time is ripe for all Kenyans in  the Diaspora to come out in large numbers to
demonstrate against those  bent on causing chaos. It is time for all Kenyans in the
Diaspora to  build more concern about their parents, brothers and sisters back home
who always become victims of chaos and conflicts. The Diaspora can make  a great

Isaac Newton Kinity

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