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Care worker helped her husband launder £6m from mortgage scam

Posted by Administrator on March 12, 2010

Ruth Ayinde-Azeez (formerly Ruth Mungai) drove a Bentley, took luxury holidays and had £1.6million in her bank accounts

Ruth Ayinde-Azeez (formerly Ruth Wambui Mungai) drove a Bentley, took luxury holidays and had £1.6million in her bank accounts

A care home assistant who led a life of luxury by helping her crooked husband launder the profits of a £6 million mortgage con was facing jail today.

Ruth Ayinde-Azeez, 26, lived in a six-bedroom house with 12 plasma televisions and drove a Bentley and Land Rover.

She took holidays in Dubai and the south of France, kept £1.6 million in her bank accounts and blew huge sums at expensive bars and restaurants. But her life was funded by crime, Southwark crown court heard.

Her husband Victor led a mortgage fraud gang which plundered nearly £6 million from high street banks in six weeks.

He “bought” 22 houses around the South-East and, with his accomplices, applied for mortgages from high street lenders including Bradford and Bingley and Abbey National. The paperwork was signed off by crooked solicitors.

When Ayinde-Azeez was arrested, she was about to leave the country after her husband texted her a warning that the police were on their way. He is believed to be abroad.

The Kenyan national was told by Judge Martin Beddoe: “It seems to me that I’m going to have to pass on you a significant sentence, without credit for a guilty plea.”

-Source: This is London


6 Responses to “Care worker helped her husband launder £6m from mortgage scam”

  1. Kaufman said

    Kairitu….. Do the crime do the time. May your troubles serve you right.

  2. nelly said

    kenyans,kenyans,kenyans!!,what has gotten into our heads??

  3. SpeakEZ said

    No one wants to work these days. Many want quick money

  4. Jambazi said

    Easy come easy go and let me not repeat that to you in qyuk.

  5. Shiro said

    I personally know the gal and to be honest the whole judicial system needs to be revised. No where have they mentioned that her husband is of Nigerian decent who fled and left her holding a young child and criminal charges which he was responsible for. The guy was a crook even before she met him but like every young love…Blindness & stupidity. the so called ’22 houses’ existed before the union and naivety has led to the poor gal’s downfall. The media have slated her but I do not think the whole story has been published yet or is it to protect ongoing investigations into the wherabouts of the mastermind???/!

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