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Kenyan Man Charged With Murder In Stabbing Death

Posted by Administrator on June 3, 2010

Jackson Mwangi, 28, is escorted into court in Brentwood, N.H., Wednesday, June 2, 2010. Mwangi was charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Randi Huntley. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Jackson Mwangi, 28, is escorted into court in Brentwood, N.H., Wednesday, June 2, 2010. Mwangi was charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Randi Huntley. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

DANVILLE – One day before allegedly murdering the mother of his small son, Jackson Mwangi posted a message on his Facebook page hinting at trouble in his life.

“Only God can help me,” he wrote.

The next day, authorities say the 28-year-old Manchester man repeatedly stabbed Randi Huntley and may have hit her with a hammer and ran her over with a car as the couple’s 4-year-old son watched.

For the second time in two years, authorities are investigating a brutal killing in town.

In June 2008, Paul McDonald bludgeoned his Danville landlord with a hammer and was convicted of first-degree murder earlier this year.

“You hear about this in cities, not in small towns,” said Amanda Faia, 20, who grew up next door in Sandown and works at Mayo’s Market, the only convenience store in Danville.

Mwangi, of 447 Cartier St., Manchester, was arraigned in Exeter District Court yesterday on a first-degree murder charge and ordered held without bail. He appeared only briefly and said nothing before being led from court and returned to Rockingham County Jail.

Mwangi was arrested by New Hampshire State Police Tuesday, shortly after he allegedly attacked Huntley, 25, at her home at 67B Cobbler’s Ridge Road. He had lived there until a couple of months ago when he moved out.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley said he wasn’t sure of the relationship between Huntley and Mwangi most recently, but they had been together for some time.

Police responded to the Cobbler’s Ridge Road address just before 4 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a hit-and-run accident. Officers arrived and found Huntley, who had apparently been stabbed, authorities said.

She was rushed to Parkland Medical Center in Derry where she died.

An autopsy was scheduled to be performed yesterday; the results were not yet available.

Shortly after the attack, a bulletin was issued urging police to look for a 1999 Infiniti. By about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, dispatchers began receiving reports of a man trying to flag down motorists while parked along Route 101 east near Exit 9 in Exeter. When state and local police arrived they realized that it was Mwangi, authorities said. Police cruisers swarmed the car and Mwangi was arrested. A police dog was also brought in to search for evidence along the highway.

Hinckley said he wouldn’t speculate on why Mwangi was trying to get the attention of passing motorists.

As investigators searched for answers yesterday, Huntley’s family remembered the good times they shared.

“Every time I saw her she was smiling and she was happy. She would make you laugh and she could find the humor in everything,” said Huntley’s aunt, Darlene Zimmermann, who is the sister of Huntley’s father, Christopher.

Huntley was described as a loving mother who held two jobs and worked hard. She worked full-time at East Coast Lumber in Hampstead and had a second job at a Dollar Tree store.

The middle child of three girls, Huntley grew up in Raymond and graduated from Raymond High School in 2003. She earned a bachelor’s degree in child psychology from Hesser College and was looking forward to finding a job in her field.

Photographs posted on her Facebook page show a mother who adored her boy; she often referred to him as “lil man.”

Miles away in Manchester, a neighbor of Mwangi expressed shock when told about his arrest.

“Honestly, he seemed like a hard-working, easy-going, laid-back kind of guy,” said the woman, who asked her name not be used. She lived upstairs from Mwangi. Like him, she was new to the neighborhood. Her daughter quickly befriended Mwangi’s son, who visited on the weekends.

Mwangi was proud of his boy but didn’t speak much about himself, she said. He did lament the breakup with the boy’s mother, the neighbor said.

“He couldn’t believe it turned out like that. He missed her a lot,” she said. On Monday, Mwangi borrowed her telephone to call the boy’s mother. He complained about “baby Mama drama,” she said.

Hinckley said Mwangi appears to be a Kenyan born U.S. citizen.

Details surrounding the investigation into Huntley’s death are contained in an affidavit sealed by the court at the prosecutor’s request. Search and arrest warrants were sealed as well.

Hinckley said the documents were sealed because the investigation is ongoing.

“It’s not a closed investigation after an arrest is made,” he said.

With the area around Huntley’s residence still cordoned off yesterday and a truck from Major Crime Unit and other police vehicles parked out front, neighbors said they were too upset to talk.

“All I can think about is the family,” one woman said as she arrived home.

Union Leader reporter Mark Hayward contributed to this article.

Source: http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=Danville+slaying%3a+Child+may+have+seen+mom+die&articleId=b7f41f29-a50f-461e-a578-8b6f1ea6c3ff


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