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Earth tremor hits western Kenya

Posted by Administrator on June 13, 2010

Posted Sunday, June 13 2010 at 17:15

An earth tremor that lasted for seconds and which occurred at around 3pm hit western Kenya threw the residents into shock and panic.

In Kisumu town, people fled from buildings to areas that they considered secure.

“The building that I was in started to shake and I had to flee for my safety,” said Mr Apollo Apollo, a Kisumu resident.

“This event is clear evidence that Kenyans are not aware of what to do in such circumstances,” he added.

The people inside the building rushed towards the exit, with those upstairs running towards the staircase.

Soccer fans watching Algeria Vs Slovenia World cup match also had to flee for their dear lives from different joints.

However, no damages were yet to be reported at the time with Kisumu east district commissioner Mabeya Mogaka saying that no damage had been reported.

But one Fred Okwengu claimed that his house had witnessed some cracks due to the earth tremor at Kisiani.

In Busia, the earth tremor was felt and lasted for several seconds.

Ms Valentine Mirao said that she felt her house shaking and had to flee to an open ground.

In Kakamega residents were sent into panic after the tremor occurred.

The tremor lasting seconds was accompanied by a loud rumble at about 3.15 pm

People who called the Nation from different parts of western province reported that they noticed furniture shaking and some said they were jolted in their seats during the incident

In Kakamega town, patrons gathered in bars and other social spots to follow the world cup match between Algeria and Slovania jumped from their sets and ran in different directions unaware of what was happening

The provincial police officer Mr Kingori Mwangi told the Nation he was forced to run out of the house as the shaking intensified. It could not be established immediately whether the tremor had caused damaged to property

Mr Kimani Andole, a resident of Shinyalu in Kakamega district said he was relaxing in his house watching the World Cup match when he heard the loud bang and felt the earth shaking.

“At first, I thought it was the rumble of a thunderstorm but then the furniture began shaking violently and I was forced to run into the open,” said Mr Andole.

Source: Daily Nation


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Three dead in Nairobi blast

Posted by Administrator on June 13, 2010

Victims of the explosion receive treatment at Nairobi's Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday evening. Three people were killed and more than 70 others injured. Photo/NATION Correspondent

Victims of the explosion receive treatment at Nairobi's Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday evening. Three people were killed and more than 70 others injured. Photo/NATION Correspondent

Three people died and more than 70 others were on Sunday hurt after two explosions caused a stampede at a ‘No’ rally in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park.

The explosions took place as a Nairobi preacher was conducting prayers after the main rally, which was otherwise peaceful.

The well-attended rally-cum religious crusade was addressed by religious leaders and politicians who are leading the campaign to have the draft constitution rejected.

Permitted in law

The rally had ended and people had left, but one of the pastors had continued with prayers well beyond the 6pm permitted in law. It was not clear what caused the explosions that occurred 30 minutes apart as pastor James Ng’ang’a was conducting prayers after the end of the rally.

A witness, Ms Stella Wanjiku from Kiambu, said:“One person was brought to the dais. Pastor Ng’ang’a said he should be rushed to hospital but asked us not to fear but continue with the prayers.

The man had head and chest injuries.” “When the second bang happened people started to scamper. That is when many were injured. Others, including me, lost valuables. We thought it was a landmine planted by some people against our meeting ,” she said.

The first explosion occurred metres away from the crowd while the second closer to the main dais. The Daily Nation saw blood and a woman’s shoe at the scene of the second explosion. In the poor light, the Nation saw no burn marks or evidence of fragmentation. At the spot where the first explosion took place, there was a small hole.

A police officer, who did not wish to be named discussing the incident at that stage, said bomb experts thought the explosions were caused by home made devices, possibly assembled from party crackers. Higher Education Minister William Ruto was among the first leaders to go back to the venue of the rally on learning of the incident.

He said scores were injured and rushed to hospital by assistant minister Margaret Wanjiru and several ambulances. “This is a sign some people want to force the constitution on Kenyans,” Mr Ruto who was accompanied by Belgut MP Charles Keter said.

Mr Ruto said the explosions hit two people. “They occurred as final prayers were being conducted,” Mr Ruto said. He regretted that the No rally, which termed as highly successful had ended tragically. He also took issue with little presence of security personnel, adding that half an hour later police were yet to start investigations.

The Co-convener of the ‘Yes’ campaign Secretariat, Prof Peter Anyang Nyong’o said the incident was unfortunate but wondered whether it could be a ploy by the No team to get public sympathy. ‘“It could be a ploy to attract sympathy from the country because why would anyone do that to people who are only expressing their opinion?” said the Medical Services Minister.

“We don’t see why anybody in their right senses could go there and cause a blast,” he said. However, he also wondered why the ‘No’ team dragged on their meeting late into the night without proper security. Earlier, the No team insisted that the proposed constitution should be amended before the referendum.

Mr Ruto said the country could still achieve a new constitution by Christmas if the Yes team agreed to amendments ahead of the August 4 vote.

Can pass it

“Both the Yes and No teams agree that the country needs a new constitution. The only difference is that we want the amendments done before we can pass it,” Mr Ruto said. He said the changes that the Red camp was pushing for could fundamentally alter the meaning of the proposed law, which he said favoured a few individuals.

The minister was speaking in Nyeri Town during a No campaign organised by various church leaders. Leaders who spoke at the meeting drew comparisons between the current constitution and the proposed one, saying that some of the provisions in the new law took the nation a step back.

Mr Ruto claimed that the proposed law offers a leeway for international treaties and general agreements in international law to fundamentally alter the contents of the constitution. The law on lifting of the immunity of an elected president, he said, was a provision of treaties made abroad and which could be enacted without reference to Parliament.

The Eldoret North MP said such provisions would allow foreigners to change Kenyan laws to suit their interests. Mr Ruto, who was taking the No campaign to President Kibaki’s back yard for the first time, said the country should not be held hostage by western powers such as the United States.

In Nairobi, thousands of supporters of the No campaign thronged Uhuru Park in what could be their largest crowd yet. Sunday’s event was headlined by 10 televangelists and a host of preachers. In television advertisements, they had asked two million Christians to show up at the prayer rally.

Although they did not make that number, they were certainly happy with the turn-out. They were also joined by four MPs in the No camp, William Ruto, Kiema Kilonzo, Julius Kilonzo and Victor Munyaka, in addition to Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, who is also the Starehe MP.

Deputy secretary-general of the National Council of Churches of Kenya Oliver Kisaka said the proposed constitution was in contravention of the ten commandments and should, therefore, be rejected at the referendum. The message was echoed by all who rose to speak and to pray, rallied by the roaring crowd, amid blowing of whistles and fervent song.

Source: Daily Nation

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600 teachers sacked over sex with pupils

Posted by Administrator on June 13, 2010

Posted Sunday, June 13 2010 at 00:00

Six hundred teachers have been sacked in the past five years countrywide in connection with sexual relationships with school girls.

The pests were sent packing after it was established that they had sexual relationships with their female pupils and students.

According to the chairman of the Teachers’ Service Commission, Mr Ibrahim Hussein, the teachers committed a serious crime and they had to be relieved of their duties.

“After investigations, the teachers were found to have sexually abused the girls and immediately dismissed from their jobs,” he said Saturday while presiding over a prize-giving ceremony for students at Kianyaga Boys’High school in Kirinyaga East district.

Accompanied by the Gichugu Member of Parliament, Ms Martha Karua, the chairman warned that the TSC would continue taking tough disciplinary action against amorous teachers.

“We shall not spare any teachers found involved in sexual abuse of the young ones,” he said.

He noted that girls were already disadvantaged and the TSC would not spare anyone adding more hardships to their lives.

The chairman said it was sad that the teachers were turning against the young girls they had been entrusted by parents and guardians to take care of, instead of helping them to build their careers and become responsible citizens in the future.

He said the TSC was working together with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) and Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) to instill discipline in teachers whose behaviour was questionable.

Mr Hussein, however, played down the number of those implicated in the immoral acts, saying it was not alarming.

“The number of teachers messing up with the girls is not big at all. The majority of teachers behave well and work hard to improve education standards,” he said.

Mr Hussein said the country was experiencing an acute shortage of teachers. He disclosed that schools were understaffed by 66,000 teachers and the TSC was addressing the crisis.

The chairman said that although the TSC could not employ all the teachers at once, measures were being taken to address the problem.

Source: Daily Nation

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Death Announcement for Ruth Munene

Posted by Administrator on June 13, 2010

The late Ruth Munene who was found murdered at her home in Birmingham, Alabama

The late Ruth Munene who was found murdered at her home in Birmingham, Alabama


 The late Ruth Wawira Munene was found murdered with knife stab wounds in her house yesterday Saturday June 11th, 2010. She was residing  in Euless, TX  before moving to Alabama about two years ago.

After receiving the sad news, a fund raising committee was formed to raise funds and meet the burial expenses. We are meeting on June 13, 16 and 20 at 603 Amy Way, Euless, Texas 76039.

 We are appealing to all members of our community and well wishers to join us raise the funds for transporting the body back to Kenya.

Ruth left a 14 years old daughter. Other information can be found in Alabama news and will be on local news sites. For further information and donations please contact :

Francis Githuku 817-6966633

Jane Makura 817-8993132

Peter Mathenge 817-8816796

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Kenyan woman found murdered in Birmingham, Alabama

Posted by Administrator on June 13, 2010

Ruth Munene who was found with three stab wounds in her apartment

Ruth Munene who was found with three stab wounds in her apartment

Birmingham – “She just was a kind-hearted person.”

This woman, who asked ABC 33/40 not to identify her, is talking about her life-long frined, Ruth Munene, who was found dead in her apartment late Friday night.

Birmingham Police have not yet officially released the name of the deceased.

But according to friends and family, the deceased inside the 240 21st Avenue South apartment, was Munene.

“I was thinking she was in a car wreck,” her friend said. “That was my first reaction.”

She recalls the night as a constant game of phone tag. Friends calling saying Munene was unconscious, but no one knew whether she was alive or dead. Then the friend says she received a heartbreaking phone call around 3 a.m. Saturday.

“I could tell she was crying on the other end of the phone and she said ‘Do you know what has happened?’ I said I was told she was unconscious, do you know anything else? She said believe it or not she has left us,” Munene’s friend said.

According to family, Munene was murdered…stabbed three times.

Outside the apartment, crime scene tape hangs from a handrail and a piece of window glass is broken just beside the front door. But right now, that is all the facts they know.

Munene’s friend says she’s devastated and doesn’t understand why anyone would kill her friend.

“I was really, really shocked to hear she had passed away,” she said.

Source: http://www.abc3340.com/news/stories/0610/745337.html

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