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Kenyan woman found dead in bathtub in Georgia

Posted by Administrator on August 4, 2010

Joanne Muthoni, 20, who was found dead in a bathtub in GA

Joanne Muthoni, 20, who was found dead in a bathtub in GA

By BMJ Muriithi

A Kenyan woman who lived with her auntie in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA was found dead in a bathtub on Thursday evening.
A Sandy Springs Police spokesman confirmed to The Standard that Joanne Muthoni, 20, died of profuse bleeding following a gunshot that shuttered her skull.
But the local Police Department was tight lipped on the circumstances surrounding the death. Detective Bryan Kim, who is investigating the matter, promised to issue a comprehensive statement later.
But Speaking to The Standard, the aunt to the deceased, Jane Wangui Fisher, said that on Thursday evening, she and her husband found the niece lying dead in a pool of blood in the bathroom.
“We had travelled leaving Joanne behind in our house. But we were shocked to find her body in the bathroom”, said a visibly shaken Wangui.
Asked whether she saw the murder weapon, Wangui said she was so scared upon seeing her dead niece that she did not pay attention to details.
“I was screaming as I called the police.” She however confirmed that the police had found the gun suspected to have killed Muthoni.
The deceased was a graduate of Gwinnett High School and, according to her auntie, was planning to attend Atlanta Art Institute.
Reports of Kenyans in the Diaspora dying under mysterious circumstances have been on the rise in the recent past. This year alone, tens of young Kenyans living in the US have committed suicide.
The East African Standard
We regret to announce the sudden death of Joanne “Jojo” Muthoni Njonge, 20, of Sandy Springs, Georgia, US which occurred on the 29th of July 2010.
She was the daughter of Catherine Nduta Njonge of Komorock Estate, grand daughter of Michael Njonge Kariuki, niece to Jane Wangui Njonge, Rodney Fisher all of Georgia, Andrew Njonge and Locky Njoki Kamau both of Seattle, Washington.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at 756 Mimosa Boulevard, Roswell, Georgia, 30075, Apt # B10 for prayers, burial arrangements and financial support.
The funeral committee is kindly appealing for funds to enable the transportation of the body home for final rites.
Bank of America account has been opened in Georgia with the following details:
Name: Joanne Muthoni Funeral Account
Account number: 3340 2842 5171
Burial and Memorial Service dates will be communicated later. Joanne hailed from Limuru, Muringeti location.
For more info Contact:
Jane Wangui Njonge 770 895 1799
Andrew Njonge 253 353 5957
Cosmos Ngige 678 933 6100
Stephen Njunguna 770 369 0928
Lydia Nduta 678 778 0615

5 Responses to “Kenyan woman found dead in bathtub in Georgia”

  1. Concerned said

    I just can’t buy that.They probably killed her.Sounds fake.Only God knows for sure what happened.

  2. kim said

    Joanne Muthoni Njonge (Jojo)(1990-2010)Memorial Website

  3. Mama Watoto said

    That is really sad. Could this be a suicide? I hope she is not related to the family that was killed in Georgia a couple of years ago.

  4. ukweli kenyan said

    kenyans in diaspora need Education and awareness about SUICIDE and how to detect early signs of Depression.The kenyan community is large enough to prevent most of these suicides even if we dont know what caused this beautiful girls death.kenyans are quick to harass you if you dont have money to pay rent,groceries or pay for utilities and can subject you to severe mental anguish if you dont hold a job or for reasons beyond your control you dont have a dollar and this can be very depressing.The other problem is someone undergoing problems has no one willing to listen to them but just dismiss you with isolation.Am not saying this is what happened to this girl.Christians especially need to set an example instead of being judgemental.It takes a whole village to raise a child.Lets unite and help each other when alive not when one is gone.

  5. Shauri yako said

    “The kenyan community”……..I didn’t know we have one, per the definition of that term-: for the last 15 years I Have watched Kenyans disintegrate to pathetic petty differences of any kind- which church you go to, Legal status, car you drive, Type of Job you do, Zip Code, the village you come from; all sorts of nonsense, for the insecure to feel they are a somebody. The Kenyan men are the worst rumor-mongers, the church Owners/Pharisee’s care only about the donations. We have Lost direction and unless we come together and have some sort of Community Leadership not {competitive demons} , Pride and sense of belonging/ togetherness, then I Cry for those Kids that we are raising here!
    We cannot go on and should stop this stupidity of trying to raise “Kenyan” awareness only when Death strikes by “appealing For funds” to send the dead back home, it beats logic and I cannot comprehend why we only care when she died! Is it that all Kenyans Can do and care is by sending our own back home Dead, and if death don’t strike by Snitching to Ice about legal status of others- I hear some pastors are passing over peoples information and that is why we seen a lot of Deportations of late!
    Its Terribly shocking and sad; my Prayers are for the parents of that Kid- God Bless He Soul who ended up dead under a “Fishers’?” bathtub, an aunt?

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