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Posted by Administrator on September 3, 2010

By Diaspora Messenger

The late Mrs.Miriam Okuku

The late Mrs.Miriam Okuku

A daughter’s determination to help her mother get the best medical attention turned tragic when the mother died in flight from Nairobi to U.S. Martha Okuku of Germantown Maryland had travelled to Kenya in July to visit with the mother, Mrs. Miriam Okuku who was not feeling well. She stayed there for several weeks hoping the mother will get better but her health got worse as time went on.



With the hope of better medical treatment in America, the family decided to bring her here and on Friday August 27th, they boarded a flight that was to pass through Armsterdam.It is within few hours of flight that the mother passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest but the plane continued on the journey.

Miriam Okuku was the wife of the late Joshua Okuku and mother to Rhoda Mghenyi, Rose Syeunda, Anne Okuku, David Okuku, Sally Ogesa and Pauline Martha Okuku (Maryland USA).

The body of Mrs. Okuku is currently in the Netherlands awaiting to be moved to the final resting place in Busia Kenya, while funeral arrangements are in progress.

Family, Friends and well wishers are meeting daily at Martha Okuku’s residence at 13104 Rosebay Dr. in Germantown, MD 20874 from 6-9pm. Prayers, meetings and contributions are organized by Pastor Martin Kathurima, Eva Kirigwa and Martha P. Okuku. The Okuku family is appealing for prayers during this very difficult time. Any financial assistance to enable the family meet all the necessary expenditures is highly appreciated.

Contributions can be made through 


AC #329112465 

Routing # 2912 70050 

For more information, feel free to contact the following people:  

Pastor Martin 240-491-1587 (Maryland) 

Eva 240-418-1736 (Maryland) 

Martha P. Okuku 202-538-4139 (Maryland)

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You shall know him by his shoe

Posted by Administrator on September 3, 2010

If you want to know a man’s story — or at least part of it — look at his shoes.
These very important accessories of our everyday dressing say a lot about the owner.

Chances are, if his footwear is scruffy, his personality is a little frayed around the edges as well.
If his shoes are cheap yet he runs a thriving business, then, ladies, steer clear of this one.

He is the mkono gum type and, to him, parting with a single cent is akin to a furious tug of war. If he cannot spend on himself, what makes you think he’ll want to spend his money on you?
If your man wears sandals with socks, please do everything you can to wean him off this scandalous habit.
If he wears sneakers with the dress pants of (heaven forbid) a suit, he might be beyond help, but it never hurts to try.
That said, a man who gives thought to what he steps out in tells a different story altogether. He leaves nothing to chance, is organised, possibly considerate and enjoys the fine things in life.

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Woman pleads guilty in racist attack

Posted by Administrator on September 3, 2010

EDMONTON — A woman who taunted an African immigrant with racial epithets before unloading a can of bear spray in his face while he shopped at an Edmonton convenience store pleaded guilty Thursday to charges stemming from the incident.

Lacey Dawn Snyder, 22, admitted she and a friend repeatedly called Valentin Masepode a “n——” while he talked on his cellphone in a 7-Eleven on Sept. 27, 2009.

The attack culminated when Snyder approached Masepode and said, “I have something for you n——,” before deploying a can of bear spray in his face, the provincial court heard.

Masepode did not know Snyder or her co-accused, Dylan Alfred Trommel. The assault was entirely unprovoked, court heard.

Snyder pleaded guilty to one count of criminal harassment and one count of assault with a weapon.

Trommel was sentenced to 60 days in jail earlier this year for the incident, but Snyder must return to court this fall to be sentenced.

Trommel told Masepode, “This is our country,” as he was taunted, Crown prosecutor Tania Sarkar told court.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Snyder deployed the bear spray in Masepode’s face, burning his eyes and nasal passages. Two teenagers standing nearby were also affected by the spray.

The entire incident was caught on videotape.

In an interview with the Edmonton Journal earlier this year, Masepode said he had never before been the target of the racist language he heard at the store that night.

“I was very shocked because I like to maintain the peace and this just happened out of nowhere,” he said.

Masepode, who moved to Canada from Kenya with his family in 2001 and is a student, said he accepted the apology that Trommel offered in court when he was sentenced in May.

“I accept his apology because he’s still a young kid, growing up,” he said at the time.

Snyder’s defence lawyer Kent Teskey said his client was drunk at the time of the incident.

He asked for a pre-sentence report to be completed and Snyder will be back in court Sept. 16.


Source: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Woman+pleads+guilty+racist+attack/3475556/story.html#ixzz0yRVEOiTa

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W.Va. auditor suing banks over Kenya-based scam

Posted by Administrator on September 3, 2010

Lawrence Messina


West Virginia’s elected auditor hopes a criminal that case wrapped up this week targeting an international fraud scheme will aid his lawsuit seeking to recover the $1.5 million that the fraud conspiracy cost the state.

Auditor Glen Gainer is suing three banks that handled the transactions involved in the Kenya-based conspiracy. The scheme tricked Gainer’s office and officials in several other states last year into rerouting payments meant for legitimate businesses.

Gainer’s Lincoln County Circuit Court lawsuit was filed in March against the state’s banker Wachovia, as well as SunTrust and TCF banks. The conspirators opened accounts at those two banks for corporations they registered under names nearly identical to that of the actual government vendors.

Gainer also faults the state agencies where the conspirators registered their dummy corporations, though they are not named in the lawsuit.

“There were breakdowns there, that without question aided these individuals,” Gainer said Wednesday. “When you’re talking about the electronic movement of funds, it becomes interdependent. Everyone in the chain has to have adequate controls.”

The banks have denied any wrongdoing, and seek to have Gainer’s lawsuit dismissed. It appears to be the only pending court case arising from the scam in the wake of the recent sentencings of six Kenyan nationals on federal charges.

The five men and one woman received terms ranging from time served to six years. Angella Chegge-Kreszeski was the last to be sentenced, on Tuesday, for acting as the Kenya-based masterminds’ lieutenant in the U.S.

Married to a North Carolina resident, the 34-year-old will spend another 20 months behind bars after getting credit for time served. She and the others also face deportation once they complete their sentences.

The conspirators set up some of their accounts at a TCF Bank branch in Minnesota; the five men convicted lived in the Minneapolis area. The sentencing hearings revealed they knew someone at that that branch whom they sought out when trying to wire scammed funds out of the country.

“It was brought forth during the sentencings that there was possible involvement by bank officials in aiding this,” Gainer said. “We have what we believe are solid grounds for pursuing this. I believe we will be successful.”

A lawyer representing TCF in the civil case and a company spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday regarding the sentencing hearing evidence.

The federal charges covered around $772,000 wired to Kenya from West Virginia’s diverted payments, which were meant for Deloitte Consulting. The charges also alleged $2.6 million defrauded from that state as well as Kansas, Massachusetts and Ohio. Those funds were recovered.

But the criminal case did not extend to another $1.07 million rerouted from a second West Virginia vendor, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, during the same time and by identical means. The state recovered around $334,000 of that.

The $1.5 million sought by Gainer’s lawsuit reflects the portions of the money owed Deloitte and Sedgwick that were not recovered, but which the state’s insurer ended up paying to those vendors.

Gainer also said that his office has changed some of its internal controls, aided by a consultant hired in the wake of the scam.

“We continue to review those changes,” Gainer said. “But everyone’s controls have to be adequate, including banks.”

Source: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9HVPQ680.htm

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