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Body parts saga deepens as woman’s body found without genitalia

Posted by Administrator on September 16, 2010

A woman’s mutilated body has been found in Nairobi’s Uthiru area.

The body, which was without its private parts had been dumped by the roadside, in yet another shocking incident involving missing body parts.

It is the third such bizarre incident this week.

On Monday, police arrested two people who had attempted to sell body parts. The mortuary attendants were seized in Hurligham, Nairobi with a green paper bag containing male genitals suspected to have been chopped off a body at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

In another incident, relatives of an accident victim were shocked to find his eyes and left ear missing when they went to identify his body at the City Mortuary.

Eric Kilel’s brothers said the body was intact when it was taken to the mortuary.

But on Monday, they were given conflicting explanations on the missing body parts of the 35-year-old Kenya Power and Lighting employee.

First, mortuary attendants said the body arrived without the parts and then changed their story and said they had been eaten by cats and rats.

Already, two people are in court facing charges of harming a dead body.

 Daily Nation

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Here’s why he’s just not that into you

Posted by Administrator on September 16, 2010


By  LILIAN KITHIA, living@nation.co.ke

Just when you think you are meant to be, he starts to pull away. What is it with men? you ask, while all along you have been the issue.

Women tend to unknowingly do, or say, things that make men think twice before committing to a relationship.

If I may, allow me to help you save yourself from the impending heartbreak.

If you’ve only dated for a few months, then you have no business shopping for wedding dresses, or wallowing in the miasma of weddings.

That’s what girls do when they are trying scare a guy away. Or maybe you’re the kind that wonders (aloud) what your babies will look like. While you not have brought up the marriage topic, you are well on your way to being single, and fast.

Stop referring to him as your ‘hubby’ when talking to your girlfriends. You may soon have to mince your words.  Sentences that begin with “When we get married….” should only be spoken out loud when a shiny ring is glaring back at you.

It would also be nice if you tried to hide all your excitement about the wedding shows when he is around. He may not act like it but he definitely gets the hint! A man will feel more comfortable if you don’t bring up marriage and kids until he does.

If you have daddy issues, sort them out before you get into a relationship. Make an appointment with a counsellor to help you air your daddy issues, if you have to.

Even if your father left you when you were young and your mother single-handedly brought you up, don’t expect everyone to be super nice to you — especially not your man.

He can’t call you at sunrise noon and sunset (even thought the tariffs are incredibly low), just so you can feel loved, so stop throwing tantrums when he doesn’t. Hello! Your man needs a grown woman to be his life partner, not a little girl who is hungry for attention.

You are definitely scaring him away if you’re always telling him what to do. He’s probably reverted to his a commitment-phobic corner because of your pushing and shoving.

You aren’t doing him any favours if you are constantly making him feel as if he is living with his mother, again.

Old habits die hard, you know that right? So be patient with your man.

If you must tell him what to do, drop that dictatorial tone. He is not your little brother, is he now?

Before you remind him of the towel on the floor or the plate he hurriedly left on the table, just remember how many things he lets you get away with.

Oh, and, don’t always try to get even with him. Just because he was late last weekend doesn’t mean that you have to keep him waiting for three hours to prove a point.

If his ex calls to check up on him, don’t make a fuss. Let him handle it. He’ll be more confident in clarifying that he is with you — his new girlfriend.

So grow up sweetheart! Before he pulls away because, when that happens, there isn’t much you can do about it, just move on.




Source: Daily Nation

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