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Inspirational Song………Victory by R-Kelly

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

[Verse 1]
Seems like
The more I climb
Hill gets steeper
And the, more I rise
See I get deeper
It’s like, the more I give
See, the more is taken
And the more I’m loved
The more I’m hated
Still the, the more I fall (yeah)
The more I’ll get up (yeah)
And keep on drivin’ (yeah)
Though the road is tough (yeah)
And I won’t stop (yeah)
Until I get what’s mine (yeah)
But until then (yeah)
See I’m

Tearing down the walls
And I’m moving the mountains
Stirring up the sea
And believing in a change
Puttin’ out the fire
Enduring through the pain
Day will come
And I will shout

[Verse 2]
Seems like the more I win
The more I lose
The more my mind’s made up
The more I’m confused
Its like the, more that I search
The more I get lost
And just when I get home
Seems like I fall off
But the more it rains (yeah)
The more I’ll pray (yeah)
‘Cause I know tomorrow (yeah)
Will be a brighter day (yeah)


So I won’t stop (yeah)
Till I get what’s mine (yeah)
Until then (yeah)


[Verse 3]
(I believe) When the morning comes I will rise
(I believe) There’s an angel for me in the sky
(I believe) As long as heaven’s right by my side


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Restoration in One Accord-Mercy Ministries-September 26, 2010

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

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Your days are numbered, police tell men caught on camera

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

GRAPHIC | NATION. Gone in two minutes. Five in shop raid caught on camera

GRAPHIC | NATION. Gone in two minutes. Five in shop raid caught on camera

In summary:

Minute by minute account of robbery at jewel shop on Standard Street

  • 10:19 Two casually dressed men approach the entrance of a jewels shop on Standard Street.

    A guard manning the door gestures at the owner inside, who in turn triggers an electronic system to unlock the door. This is meant to be a security precaution.

    The door opens and the guard ushers in the two men. He walks back and takes position a few metres away.

    Inside, they engage the shop attendants in a conversation posing as customers.

    Before the men came in, a female shop attendant was seen pacing up and down, talking on a cell phone.

  • 10:20 Two other men arrive at the door and the guard walks towards them.

    It later emerged he was telling them they could not enter until the other customers had been cleared. It’s also a safety precaution not to let in many customers at a go.

    They engage the guard in an argument and one even tries to push him inside.

    A third man arrives in time, and helps push the guard inside just as the door opens.

    Their accomplices inside have whipped out pistols, forcing the attendants to raise their arms.

  • 10:21 Inside the shop the attendants and the guard are shoved to a corner with their hands up.

    The men jump over the counter and started ransacking the place, taking away items on display.

    The man in a white jacket looked like the gang leader and was seen giving instructions to his men.

    As the robbery went on, one of the gangsters was left manning the door.

    They stuff the loot in their pockets, and some in the black bag with the gang leader.

    The gang leaves the premises and the hostages are seen lying on their bellies on the floor.

    It emerged the gang leader had earlier ordered them to do so at gunpoint.

    The camera on the streets captures the men walking out one by one and disappearing into the crowd on Standard Street.

A five-man gang is on the prowl and is responsible for daylight robberies that have become commonplace in Nairobi’s central business district. But new police commanders deployed to the city centre last week have vowed to clear the robberies in the shortest time possible.

They have released photographs of five young men captured by CCTV cameras during a robbery at a shop on the city’s Standard Street.

They were armed with pistols when they forced their way into the jewellery shop around 10.20am on Tuesday last week.
They held the guard and attendants hostage as they ransacked the shop.
They also harassed the attendants, pointing guns at their faces, forcing them to raise their hands and lie on the floor on heads down.

In just two minutes, they took away gold rings, watches, necklaces and other personal properties, valued at hundreds of thousands of shillings and fled.

The owner of the shop told the police that the robbers had escaped with revenue generated in three years.

Central division police boss Eric Mugambi said after viewing the footage that the men appearing in the footage fit “exact description” given by several shop owners and attendants who have been raided in recent months.

The CCTV clip, shot by nine cameras, shows how the gang operates.

It takes exactly two minutes and 20 seconds to execute the robbery.

Two men approach the shop’s entrance and a guard who had been standing several metres away walks to them and ushers them in.

Two others arrive

They are casually dressed. One is dressed in a white jacket and is carrying a small black bag. The other has a black cap on.

Two others arrive in less than a minute, but the guard declines to let them in.

He’s under instructions not to let in many customers at a go, and he is seen engaging them in an argument.

One of the gangsters pushes the guard, but a third accomplice arrives in time and they all shove the guard in.

One of the accomplices already in the shop had opened the door.

Mr Mugambi said: “Previously, the station received two reports of this kind of robberies every week.

“We’ve responded by placing undercover officers on the street alongside the uniformed ones.”

He added: “The cases are not common now and we’re pursuing the suspects using this technology.

“We believe the same gang is involved.”

The Nation learnt that Mr Mugambi has a team of over 100 officers patrolling the streets at any given time.

Source: Daily Nation

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Kenyan singer gets back her voice

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

BANGALORE: Hailing from a family of musicians in Kenya, 14-year-old Seraphine Moipel, quite understandably, dreamt of becoming one. She studied music, completed grade six and excelled in piano, flute and violin.

Two-and-a-half years ago, her dreams were shattered as she lost her voice. She could no longer sing. She lost bowel control and her movements was hampered. Later, she was diagnosed with pineal gland tumour.

Then Bangalore’s famed CyberKnife treatment came to her rescue, and she has regained her voice and confidence back.

Recalling the trauma they underwent, her mother Christine Moipei said: “Seraphine is my fourth child. But, in 2006, she started losing her memory. She did not know what was happening to her and lost balance in movements. She lost vision in one of the eyes. After several consultations, a doctor in Kenya found she was suffering from pieneal gland tumour.”

Once a good swimmer and hockey player, Seraphine couldn’t do anything. She put on 18 kg in less than nine months. “She was confused, lost and couldn’t cope with daily life. It was then we were guided to Bangalore,” Christine said.

On studying her reports, a team of seven to eight doctors at HCG, led by chairman Dr B S Ajaikumar, put her through several tests. Based on the reports, the team concluded that Seraphine was suffering from pineal gland tumour.

Radiation oncologist Dr P S Sridhar said till date, only 12 cases of this tumour have been reported worldwide. The gland plays a vital role in ageing process, sexual functions and in secretion of melanin hormone. This tumour affects a person’s recognition capacity and leads to memory loss.

“Such a case has come to us for the first time. The treatment involved four-and-a-half weeks of image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and two days of CyberKnife treatment with a week’s gap in between,” he said.

Seraphine is now back to normal, but has to come for regular check-ups for the next two years.

After going back to Kenya in May, she has participated in two state-level singing competitions __ in August and September.


CyberKnife treatment is based on proven radiation technology. At first, the patient undergoes high-resolution image CT scan to determine the exact location and size of the tumour.

The image of the scan is then transferred to the CyberKnife workstation, where a treatment plan is charted. MRI and PET scan are done and fused with the CT scan. The whole process is to determine dosage of the radiation and restrict exposure to neighbouring healthy tissues. Once the patient is settled, the CyberKnife robot targets the areas affected by cancer.

Each session lasts for 30-90 minutes, depending on the type and location of the tumour.

Source: Singer gets back her voice – The Times of India

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Kenyan in court for the murder of his wife in Namibia

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

Kenneth Orina facing murder charges in Namibia after his wife was found dead in their apartment.

Kenneth Orina facing murder charges in Namibia after his wife was found dead in their apartment.

TWO months before the alleged murder of his wife, Kenyan nurse Kenneth Orina asked the Police at Grootfontein to protect him from his spouse, it was testified in the High Court at Oshakati yesterday.

On the second day of Orina’s trial before Judge Christie Liebenberg, the former Grootfontein Police Station commander, Inspector Amon Ndilula, told the court that Orina visited his office on July 9 2007 to ask if his wife could be detained for a few days while he made arrangements for her return to their home country.

Ndilula testified that Orina complained about his wife being aggressive towards him, fighting with him, attacking him, and having tried to pour hot water over him while he was sleeping. He also said he could no longer live with her in the same place, Ndilula told the court.

A little over two months after that visit to the Grootfontein Police Station, Orina’s wife, Rose Chepkemoi Kiplangat (33), was allegedly murdered in the couple’s flat in the Grootfontein State Hospital Nurses’ Home.

Orina is now on trial on charges of murder, defeating or obstructing the course of justice, or attempting to do so, and an alternative charge of violating a dead human body, in connection with the alleged killing of his wife.

The prosecution is charging that he killed her in their flat during the period of September 14 to 17 2007, and that he then dismembered her remains and dumped the body parts at various spots at Grootfontein. Orina (37) denied guilt on all of the charges at the start of his trial on Tuesday.

According to Ndilula, Orina was still in his office when Kiplangat also arrived there. Because Orina’s complaint was of a domestic nature he referred the couple to the Grootfontein Magistrate’s Office so that their matter could be dealt with according to the Combating of Domestic Violence Act, the court heard.

A colleague of Ndilula, Inspector Magdalena Garises, also told the judge yesterday that she found Kiplangat – barefoot, looking dishevelled and disoriented, and crying at times – at the Grootfontein Police Station on July 9 2007.

Kiplangat was complaining about her husband being abusive, Garises said. On advice from Ndilula, she and Orina were referred to the Magistrate’s Office, Garises testified. She also said Ndilula told her that Orina had reported that his wife was missing and that she was trying to kill herself.

Ndilula disputed this part of Garises’s evidence. Orina only told him that his wife wanted to commit suicide, he said. Brisk progress has been made with the prosecution’s case over the first two days of the trial, with State advocate Neville Wamambo having presented the testimony of 17 witnesses to the court so far.

Six of those witnesses told the court yesterday about how body parts – first a human head and forearms, and then two thighs and a torso – were discovered at Grootfontein on September 17 and 25 2007.

Defence lawyer Inonge Mainga is representing Orina, who has remained in custody since his arrest on October 30 2007.


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Britons, Kenyan, staff nabbed for illegal recruitment

Posted by Administrator on September 23, 2010

Anthony Vargas

MANILA, Philippines – Police arrested two Britons, a Kenyan and three of their Filipino workers for alleged illegal recruitment following an entrapment operation in Makati City on Tuesday.

Timothy Malcom Sargeant, 53, of Santos St., Niugan, Malabon City; and Karen Denise Wood, 38, of Millenium Plaza, Makati Avenue, Makati City, who operate Student Advisors 4 U Incorporated; and, Paul Maundu Nyamai, 33, of Evangelista St., Bangkal, Makati City, who is a “trainor” of the company, allegedly promised 16 Filipino applicants they could work as medical staff and care givers in the United Kingdom even on student visas.

The complainants, led by Teresa Cumillas y Casamayor, told the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group’s Anti-Transnational Crimes Division (CIDG-ATCD) that Sargeant and Wood required them to pay between P300,000 to P370,000 for the processing of their applications, their training and related fees, and promised them wages of 5.8 pounds an hour in return.

After months of waiting, the complainants were denied visas by the British embassy, which informed them that there was no student visa program in their country.

They then went to the police, who set up the entrapment operation and arrested the suspects at 7884 Mavenue Bldg., Makati City.

Senior Superintendent Gilbert Sosa, chief of the CIDG-ATCD said the foreigners would be charged with violating the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.

Source: http://dateline.ph/?p=7800

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