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Wife Found Dead On Kitchen Floor; Husband Charged

Posted by Administrator on September 27, 2010


Fredrick Gathoga who has been charged with murder of his wife Naomi Mwangi in Georgia

Fredrick Gathoga who has been charged with murder of his wife Naomi Mwangi in Georgia

PALMETTO, Ga. A Fulton County man accused of killing his wife is scheduled to go to court Monday morning.

Palmetto Police Department officials said a Palmetto man was charged with murder after his wife was found dead on Saturday.

The incident happened at a home on Carlton Point Drive around 2:30 a.m.

Officers responding to a 911 call at the home said when they arrived they found Naomi Mwangi lying dead on the kitchen floor.

Moments later, Mwangi’s husband, Fredrick Gathoga, 41, was taken into police custody. He was later charged with murder, John Bankhead with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

Medical Examiner’s Office officials said Mwangi was killed by blunt force trauma to the head.

Police said she was killed during an argument.

Source: WSBTV

The family of the slain woman -Naomi Mwangi is seeking help. Naomi left behind two children Jedidah Mwangi,11 and Daniel Mwangi 8. The family is requesting assistance to help transport Naomi’s body home. More will be posted later. For now, you can contact Francis Kangangi and Sarah Gathogo on cellphone 404-379-1964. Their address is 4050 Morgan Rd #212, Union City, GA 30291


22 Responses to “Wife Found Dead On Kitchen Floor; Husband Charged”

  1. Shazam3535 said


  2. Kaufman said

    Another senseless killing. What have Kenyans turned out to be?

  3. nimmo said

    oh ma God ,jameni ,,

  4. Pennie said

    i hope he pays for his crime.

  5. Jas said

    I hope they jail him for life.

  6. Kaufman said

    DP is more appropriate.

  7. kiki said

    Don’t judge him without knowing what made him do it, Lot of things are going on in our community and they need to be addressed instead of giving a dead ear. Have you noticed how many autistic kids of male born that are being born ????..call me damn but do your research..just the boys not the girls.mmmmmh

    • Pennie said

      where the heck r u coming from…r u saying this killer is autistic? nkt.

    • Janice said

      You should record yourself saying what you have written down to hear how you sound,what was so bad she did to deserve to be killed,you don’t kill people so you had a arguement,and autismn is not an excuse to kill,how many people have it and don’t kill,he deserve what come to him and i hope it’s lifetime in jail and i hope he becames someone bitch while in there he deserve it,he like hitting women i hope he gets it.

  8. jamo. said

    The animal desearves to be prosecuted under death sentence and be put down with lethal injection!!this is US of A. No bribes,no mlango wa nyuma!This animal will face the full force of the United States Law.I hope and pray for the victim’s family that they continue seek solace,prayers. A better day shall come soon to the victims family and this was a heinous ,cowardly act especially at this time of the year when there is economic hardship in America.They will put this animal in a GA prison on a double banker cell under death sentence(UDS) awaiting his last meal.For the Animal you need to be put down with Lethal injection no matter how long your case takes,Amen.

    • Cherono said

      Yaap he will die a peaceful death, yet our sister died a painful death. May he rot in hells of GA and continue to rot in eternal hell. I have never been this mad…but I am now. Those kids and the relatives didn’t deserve this senseless act. He could have send the lady back to her family….she was loved there.

  9. frank said

    imagine tha victim was ma real aunt a youngr siz 2 ma mum hw painfull is it to bear ths a hrtless being 2 comit it pains

    • Jamo said

      Prosecute this Animal Under Death Penalty,here prosecutor or life if lucky without Parole with a good defence team.for sure,the defence team or public defender will try and get a psychiatrist or a forensic psychologist and try to prove Insanity for this animal to avoid the death penalty.To the prosecutor, please argue the case to Put this Animal down with Lethal injection.We need Justice to the victim’s family,Amen.

  10. Bintib said

    Its sad two kids are now orphans, life is hard no doubt, marriage must be even harder but once a parent you have to be more conscious but a guess it is in some that their destiny is death in the hands of their so called loved ones, the father of her children.

  11. biula sawa said

    Ladies,Once beaten twice shy,he hits you first time—RUN dont walk–cos you will get killed.

  12. Cate said

    Lord u know what the problem is with awa Kenyan families.Give each n everyone one of us: wisdom, patience, inner peace n shower us with your love….May she rest in peace.

    • michael said

      you said it right dear that kenyans has a lot that is going on and need to be addressed for if it continues like this they will be estint like the dinoccers

  13. Akwanza said

    May God grant rest to the Soul of the Victims of these crimes.

    Whereas the suspects deserve the most severe punishment possible, we as disporians we need to ask ourselves some few question, or have an open discussion on this.
    Beside the Palmeto murder this very week another Kenyan lady was killed near Wichata KS, in which the husband (recently divorced Aug 2010) is a suspect. Back home we have family network. In the US of A, especially at these tough economic times, we have no meaningfull acces to networks. Can this be part of the problem?
    IMPORTANT: In no way am I defending the murderes. I am just calling for a serious discussion on DIASPORIAN conditions we find ourselves which may have impact on how we raised our kids and how we relate to one another.

  14. […] 1261 Natchez Trace, Apt B Marietta, GA.  30008. There will be prayers and a fundraising on Sunday, October 3rd and Wednesday October 6th at Kenyan American Community Church (771 Elberta Dr. Marietta, GA. 30066). Naomi leaves behind an eight year old son and eleven year old daughter. Your Prayers, Presence and Financial Support will be greatly appreciated. A bank account as been established to help raise funds for funeral arrangements and to support the Kids , send the body home in Kitale, Kenya. More details of her murder at http://habarizanyumbani.jambonewspot.com/2010/09/27/wife-found-dead-on-kitchen-floor-husband-charged… […]

  15. nancy said

    may god rest her soul in peace i cant imagine wairimu my small sister is not with us this moment may god help the children and the husband must rest in prison for live

  16. Mercy Githinji said

    So sad, Where is the world heading to? marriages have become so endangered. in some years to come, there will be no families. god help us

  17. Susan said

    Dear Lord have mercy on him,

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