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Kenyan Priest Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery

Posted by Administrator on September 29, 2010

Rev Felix Owino pleaded guilty to molesting 11 year old girl

Rev Felix Owino pleaded guilty to molesting 11 year old girl

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. A priest with ties to the Ohio Valley pleaded guilty Tuesday to sexually battering a young girl in Virginia.

Prosecutors said the Rev. Felix Owino was drinking the night he inappropriately touched an 11-year-old girl.

“I did what they said,” Owino told a Fairfax County, Va., judge in a soft-spoken voice.

If the judge approves the plea agreement, Owino won’t serve more than five years in prison. Officials said Owino also faces deportation back to his home country of Kenya.

Owino most recently served as an associate pastor at St. Paul’s parish in Weirton. Until June, he was also a faculty member in the philosophy department of Wheeling Jesuit University.

He was charged with one count of aggravated sexual battery stemming from a July 7 incident involving a child in Herndon, Va. Police said they were called to a home after a family reported Owino — their house guest and longtime friend — inappropriately touched a girl in their home.

Prosecutors said Owino was watching a movie at the family’s home when he moved to the back of the room next to the victim and rubbed the girl’s hands and feet. He then touched her in inappropriate places and told the girl, “Do not tell.”

The child told her mother, and the mother kicked Owino out of the house and ordered him to stay on the steps until police arrived. Prosecutors said Owino admitted he touched the girl and told police he’d not done anything like that before.

Prosecutors said the victim’s family accepted the plea deal, and victims’ advocates said families usually do that to protect their child from going to court.

Although Owino made a plea deal with prosecutors for a maximum of 5 years, the judge made it clear the decision is ultimately up to him. He could reject the plea bargain out and give Owino the maximum sentence of 20 years.

Owino could also be deported because he’s not an American citizen. Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Owino was ordained in 1992 and is a member of the Religious Missionary Institute of the Apostles of Jesus, headquartered in Philadelphia. He joined the faculty of Wheeling Jesuit in the fall of 2008 and taught for two consecutive terms, most recently instructed an online class. Prior to that, he worked at Magdalen College in New Hampshire and before that at Alvernia College in Reading, Pa.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place in December.

Source: http://www.wtov9.com/news/25206503/detail.html

7 Responses to “Kenyan Priest Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery”

  1. jamo. said

    this freaky priest needs to be locked up and labelled a sex offender and should never be allowed to leave close to any school or intermingle with children no matter what the plea deal will be.Kenyans in diaspora need to realise that this is US of A and every law shall be followed to the latter.That’s what we lack at home,a great justice system.No Hongos or Kenyan style justice system with mkubwa or OCS/local chief/OCPD.

    • Pennie said

      n he has the nerve to blame it on the alcohol. n don’t 4get they will deport him after his jail sentence so that he can go molest kids in kenya.

  2. Pennie said

    Shame on this man n the p’ple that brought him up…may he rot in jail for hiding under that church… 11 yrs old? This is a sexual offender n has probably done so b4 he got caught. May he rot!

  3. biula sawa said

    learn not to trust anyone with your child or even teenage,uncle,friend,pastor—-

  4. Judy Jones said

    Don’t listen to “do not tell”

    On Wednesday September 29th, Fr. Felix Charles Owino pled guilty to molesting an 11 year old Virginia girl. Most recently, Owino worked at St. Pauls Catholic Church in Weirton.

    Sometimes, when one victim of a predator discloses, others sit back and assume he will be kept away from kids forever. But it’s important for everyone with information about clergy sex crimes to speak up and contact law enforcement.

    This admitted child predator priest needs to be kept in jail. If any others have been harmed by Owino, he might be charged and convicted for more crimes and imprisoned longer. Owino is just 44 years old so even if he serves 5 years, he could molest again after being freed.

    I made the trip again to Weirton on Thursday, to reach out to any other possible victims who might be too afraid to speak up. If you have been harmed by this priest, please talk to your parents or someone whom you can trust. I hope with all my heart that no other child has been harmed, but if you have, it is not good to keep it hidden deep inside yourself. It will only do more harm to YOU.

    It takes a lot of courage to tell someone. The brave little girl in Virginia did the right thing by telling her mom, even after Fr Felix said to her “do not tell”.

    Judy Jones, Midwest Associate Director of SNAP, “Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests” 636-433-2511, snapjudy@gmail.com

  5. KINYASH said

    Some time back i read the kenyan govt. stopped issuing licences for opening churches for there was a flood of applicants quick buck in the name of the lord.
    Sasa they are coming to America and it seems to me there is a new kenyan church every sunday, before we know it the churches are going to out number the homecare business, seems like we kenyan we like mugrekanio sana
    Sasa huyu pastor ameleta aibu kubwa, who is next, if your pastor has a second job e.g cna dont trust them’.

  6. Kangemiobserver said

    Several years ago, I used to invite East African priests to my home for Kenyan meals when they were students at a nearby seminary. After getting to know them, not one of them was genuinely living the life of a priest. One attempted to rape a female family friend, another wanted a “secret sexual relationship” with another family friend. The rest wondered where they could meet girls (read strip clubs). I had to plead with the family friend to let go of the attempted rape issue. I don’t trust ONE of them after this experience. Coming to think of it, I don’t trust any pastor either. I have seen enough to know otherwise

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