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Man Kills Self After Bid to Take Third Wife Flops

Posted by Administrator on September 29, 2010

Nairobi — A man committed suicide in Migori District after his wives thwarted his bid to take a third wife.

The man’s wives teamed up and chased away the widow, whom their husband wanted to inherit.

They engaged their husband, identified as Mr John Otieno, 44, in a heated argument at their home in Bondo Nyironge and demanded that the “new bride” leaves immediately.

But witnesses said Mr Otieno was adamant, saying nothing would part them.

“The co-wives then went to the local trading centre where their husband had rented a room for the woman and threw out her belongings,” said a neighbour, Mr Joram Onyango.

But on getting news of the new development, Mr Otieno went to a nearby chemist where he bought a pesticide and drank it, on Tuesday.

Foaming at the mouth

Police said his body was found on the roadside, foaming at the mouth. The body was moved to the local hospital mortuary.

Earlier this month, an inheritor, Mr Silvanus Owuor Lwamba, killed his wife and her two children in the same district. However, he was lynched by an angry mob.

Villagers in Magoto caught up with him as he tried to cross the border into Tanzania, stoned him to death and set his body ablaze.

Another wife inheritor in Kisumu’s Nyalenda slums killed his wife and her three children. He has been charged in court.

Source: Daily Nation

One Response to “Man Kills Self After Bid to Take Third Wife Flops”

  1. Pennie said

    p’ple got issues…hii ni upumbavu! eti u kill urself coz u can’t have a third wife…u already have 2. I think that’s just a lame excuse, kuna zingine hazitambuwi.

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