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Kenyan Man being sought for wife’s murder found dead in apparent suicide

Posted by Administrator on October 6, 2010

Hoseah Masabah Kaminja (Courtesy photo)

Hoseah Masabah Kaminja (Courtesy photo)

LAS CRUCES — A man wanted for the ax-murder of his wife in Kansas was found dead of an apparent suicide Tuesday in Las Cruces, according to law enforcement.

Hoseah Masabah Kaminja, a 48-year-old occupational therapist from Hutchinson, Kan., had been wanted on a $500,000 bond since being charged in the murder one week ago of his estranged wife.

Wilfrida N. Masabah, 41, had filed for divorce in August from Kaminja in August, according to the Hutchinson News. The couple had three children together.

A roommate discovered Masabah’s body the afternoon of Sept. 29 after reports of a disturbance, the News reported. She was ruled to have died from “severe” injury to her head, neck and chest, believed to have been inflicted by a hatchet found at the scene, the News reported.

Police initially suspected Kaminja might have been trying to escape the country and return to Kenya, his place of birth, on an international flight, the News reported.

He had not been spotted during his drive to New Mexico, according to police.

Kaminja’s body and his red 2007 Nissan Altima were found Tuesday, according to Captain Troy Hoover, of the Hutchinson Police Department. A manner of death is expected within days, after an autopsy in Albuquerque, Hoover said.

Doña Ana Sheriff’s investigator Lindell Wright confirmed that the body found Tuesday was that of Kaminja, but declined to provide any other information until Kansas detectives arrived on scene.

“The detectives are en route,” Wright said Tuesday night. “They’ll oversee any releases we do because it’s their case.”

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 Source: http://www.lcsun-news.com/las_cruces-news/ci_16263485



13 Responses to “Kenyan Man being sought for wife’s murder found dead in apparent suicide”

  1. Jeronimo said

    Ni stress za ng`ambo…

  2. Pennie said

    i’m not sympathetic @ all. they shld bury him there!

  3. Mary Wangui said

    RIP Hosea and Fridah. Praying that God watches over ur wonderful children. Thats all that matters now.

    • Saiyah said

      Wangui, we truly wish them a peaceful rest. It is really hard for the children that have been instantly been transformed into orphans. But there is a God who knows all and sees all. But it is hard.

  4. Jackie said

    So he was on his way to Mexico to hepa to Kenya, guess he changed his mind and took a faster route out !

  5. jamo. said

    The guy was headed to hell anyway.either he would have been jailed for life in Kansas depending on the KS criminal penal code or put it to rest by taking his own life.

  6. mommafran said

    This is so sad on many levels…. I think sometimes people get caught up in the American ways only to find out that they cannot handle it. Several sources have stated that he was right in the middle of a divorce and perhaps was taken to the “cleaners” and could not handle it. Many prayers for all involved.

  7. Cherono said

    Why would people wanna kill others b4 they kill themselves? just shot urself death if u can’t handle it and leave others to live. Uwivu ya nini? My heart is with the kids. May God have favor upon you.

  8. Sam Lyabaya said

    Quite sad , unfortunate , having known him he never looked like he could do such a thing.He was quite inteligent hard working aggresive and a go getter reflecting back in his days in Ofafa Jericho Secondary school Nairobi.But in conclusion we leave it to God, circumstance that made him do that he only knows but that must not lead to murder or either suicide.

  9. Wangai said

    Pls do not judge. Ur not God. Probably the children are reading ur comments and it hurts them. Remember the kids neva took sides, their parents gave them their best when alife. I pray for their souls, and strength to the children.

  10. leo said

    Kuna mambo jambo happa. lost and found. found deead.everybody happy now right?why not just Think again and again thats a long way to go just to kill self. Mr jambo news,can you please try to do some follow up on this. Could this have been an organised crime? Do you care at all or you just want to report some bad news?

  11. dave said

    kenyans please stop this thing,you are going too far messing your kids lifes. period

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