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Kenyan man kills his wife and two children in Minnesota

Posted by Administrator on October 14, 2010

Justus Ogendi Kebabe

Justus Ogendi Kebabe

A mother and her two children were found killed in a Vadnais Heights apartment late Wednesday, and the woman’s husband — and father of the children — has confessed, the Ramsey County sheriff said today.

The man has been identified as Justus Ogendi Kebabe, 43, Sheriff Bob Fletcher said today at a briefing. The couple’s 3-year-old child was found safe with Kebabe.

The names of the deceased have not been released but that information is expected this afternoon. The children were 9 and 12 years old, Fletcher said.

Public records show a 32-year-old woman, Bilha Omare, lived in the apartment.

Around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, deputies were called to check on the welfare of a person at Willow Ridge Apartments on the 1200 block of County Road D, the sheriff’s office said.

“Unfortunately, when they arrived they discovered a terrible tragedy,” Fletcher said. “A mother and her two children had been murdered and the suspect at the time was not at the scene.”

The bodies of the woman and children were in separate rooms, with the doors closed. The woman was in the bathroom. Fletcher declined to comment on how the victims were killed.

Working with apartment management, deputies determined the woman had a husband, Kebabe, and a child who weren’t there, Fletcher said.

Investigators do not yet know how long the mother and children had been dead. The woman had not been to work this week. The children had been reported sick and were not in school this

week, Fletcher said.

Photo: Kinley and Ivyn Ogendi who were murdered along with their mother Bilha Omare in MN

Photo: Kinley and Ivyn Ogendi who were murdered along with their mother Bilha Omare in MN

It’s possible the kids were killed earlier in the week, but the mother may have been dead before the children, Fletcher said.

Surveillance video showed Kebabe leaving the building at 4:51 p.m. Wednesday, Fletcher said, so “we know that the deaths occurred prior to that.”

“The scene is horrific because we don’t know for sure how long they’ve been dead,” Fletcher said. The children not being in school “lends credence to the fact that they were either murdered earlier

in the week or that they were held in the room for the entire period of time while their mother was in the building, deceased,” the sheriff said.

A Minnesota State Patrol trooper arrested Kebabe about 10:30 p.m. along Interstate 35, just south of the Elko-New Market exit, said State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske. The 3-year-old child was with him.

About 10 p.m., the Patrol took a report of a vehicle blocking a lane of I-35. Kebabe apparently had run out of gas, Roeske said, and before a trooper arrived, a woman helped push Kebabe car’s to the side of the highway.

Kebabe was gone when the trooper arrived. Soon after, the trooper spotted Kebabe and the man ran away. He was caught “pretty much immediately,” Roeske said. Kebabe was arrested and booked into the Rice County Jail on suspicion of impaired driving.

Troopers did not suspect alcohol and field sobriety tests were not given, Roeske said, adding, “His behavior was erratic enough they suspected something.”

While Kebabe was being processed at the jail, an alert went out that Ramsey County authorities were looking for Kebabe, he said.

A Ramsey County social services worker picked the child up about 4 a.m.

The call that summoned deputies came from a relative of the family who had concerns about Kebabe’s “erratic behavior,” Fletcher said. The caller “was worried about whether he was a danger to himself or others,” Fletcher said.

Kebabe had been arrested for misdemeanor domestic assault against his wife in the same apartment in December 2008. The case involved “a physical pushing assault,” Fletcher said. Kebabe pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in the case, Fletcher said.

“Of course, that makes the event even more disturbing, that the system wasn’t able to intervene during that two-year period,” Fletcher said. He said deputies hadn’t been called to the apartment since the 2008 assault.

Vadnais Heights Mayor Sue Banovetz said Fletcher called her about 3 a.m. and told her what had happened.

“I felt physically ill,” she said, crying at this morning’s press conference. “It’s a very sad day in our community for this family and for the loss of a mother and two of her children. It’s easy and trite to say, I suppose, it never happens in my community. I don’t remember ever a time that this has happened. But it points out that domestic violence can happen at any community.”

Banovetz, who later put flowers at the apartment building’s door, noted that this Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“I would plead with anybody who is suffering, even a small bit in a home where there’s domestic violence, to please reach out for help,” she said.

Amanda Sjostrand, the apartment’s assistant manager, lives next door to the family. Her daughter usually goes to the bus stop with the children.

“I assumed they were sick because they weren’t out,” she said. “I heard nothing going on suspicious or anything. I just didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

Sjostrand said she didn’t know the adults well, but her children played with the children who were killed.

They were “just beautiful, beautiful caring children,” Sjostrand said. “… They were always taking care of my little one. They were always saying, ‘Hi how are you doing?’ in the hallways. They were just well raised children. They were beautiful, beautiful hearts and they’re going to be truly missed by a lot of people in the building.”

Kebabe was also friendly, Sjostrand said, adding that she “never really suspected anything.”

Kebabe came from Kenya about 10 years ago, Fletcher said. He and his wife both worked, though Fletcher declined to say where.

Marisa Vette, communications director at White Bear Lake Area Schools, would not confirm the two oldest children were enrolled the district’s schools, including Willow Lane Elementary. She said the apartment complex falls within the boundary of the school.

Because parent-teacher conferences were held today across the district, district staff, including Willow Lane Principal Barbara Kearn, spent most of the day at the apartment to “give support to students who live there and their parents,” Vette said.

Conferences also are scheduled for Friday, so students won’t be back to schools until Monday, Vette said.

“We’ll have extra support for any students that need it,” she said.

Fletcher said that people at the sheriff’s office don’t remember “a tragedy of this magnitude. We can say definitively for the last 33 years that there has not been a triple homicide in the jurisdiction the sheriff patrols, in the seven contract cities.”

And, with young children slain, “It would be tough to imagine a tragedy as bad as this one,” Fletcher said.

Mara H. Gottfried can be reached at mgottfried@pioneerpress.com

Nick Ferraro can be reached at nferraro@pioneerpress.com

VIDEO HERE: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=84686@wcco.dayport.com


Jambonewspot has been able to get more updates from a relative of the suspect. We spoke to Mr Joseph Lister Nyaringo and in addition to the above, we can report that Mr Kebabe had lamented the fact that he had brought his wife from Kenya to the US and she had started “disrespecting him.” He told Mr Onyango that he believed that his wife was involved with someone else.

Police had earlier last year been called to the couple’s home after a domestic disturbance was reported. Ms Omare claimed that Kebabe had been violent and this lead to the suspect being charged with domestic violence.
Kebabe who was a nurse had his license revoked due to the charges and he was out of work for almost a year. He could not work without his license and he blamed the wife for his woes. His wife was a nursing student in Minnesotta.
According to the Ramsey Sherriff’s department who described the scene as horrific, Ms Omare may have been dead much earlier because she had not gone to work for a while.

They also believe that the children may have had to live and stay in the apartment for a while with their dead mother. They may not have known she was dead and they may have been killed later.
Charges are expected to be filed on Monday.

Additional reporting by Jambonewspot.com

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Want a child? Bring Ksh12,000

Posted by Administrator on October 14, 2010

“It’s just a matter of survival: food, shelter and clothing,” those were the words of a teenager arrested in Nakuru as she attempted to sell her one-month-old baby.

Risper Kimuma, 19, said the baby was an extra burden that she decided to dispose of at Sh12,000.

“I am an orphan. I live with my sister, and with my baby, we were a burden. I wanted to end my problems,” she said as police led her to a cell at Nakuru Central Police Station.

”]Beth Kamande (left) of Nakuru Child Protection Police Unit and some policemen led Risper Kimuma from Kaptembwa estate in Nakuru to the local Central Police Station after she was arrested while trying to sell her child of one month for Sh12,000 to Constable Kamande Wednesday. [PHOTO: BONIOFACE THUKU/ STANDARD]Ms Kimuma was arrested yesterday at around 11am at Keptembwa estate, as she received the money as payment for the baby from an officer posing as an interested buyer.

According to Nakuru Deputy Police Commander Mathews Gwiyo, police received a tip off from a resident in the estate and laid a trap for the teenager. “We got wind of a woman who was looking for a customer to buy her baby boy,” he said.

Mr Gwiyo said Constable Beth Kamande accompanied the informer to Kimuma’s house and told the young mother she would buy the infant.

“They made arrangements to pick the baby later after payment. And that is when we arrested her,” he said.

According to Victor Osano, a resident of the estate, Kimuma approached him and told him she wanted to sell her baby. She asked him to find her a customer.

Made a deal

“I informed a friend who came and talked to her. We made a deal to sell him the baby for Sh12,000,” he said.

Osano and his friend informed the police who arrested her as she received the fake Sh12,000 notes from the officer.

The young mother, who showed no remorse for her action, told the Press she had resolved to sell her baby because she could not take care of him due to her poverty.

Gwiyo said she would face charges of child trafficking today.


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Is your friend for rent?

Posted by Administrator on October 14, 2010

By Laura Walubengo
Have you ever thought about renting a friend? I saw an article about this on the BBC news website recently and found it quite amusing.

Why on earth would somebody rent a friend, I wondered? What possible value could you be getting for your money, and would it not be better if you had real friends to hang out with instead? Could this option only be for people with bad social skills? Or is it like a cheap way of getting a shrink? And how does one qualify?

Though there is a website that handles this renting process, I didn’t want to visit it until I played around with the idea a little bit for myself. I mean, it had to be for people with no jobs and they needed to be ‘friends’ to make some cash right? Because according to the site, renting a friend costs Sh800 an hour…not bad!

Tucked in alongside the musing was an important reflection: who are my friends and what ‘circle’ of friends am I a part of? Did they subscribe to my goals and ideals and were we truly friends?

The truth is that maybe we have been renting friends all along!

Life in the concrete jungle is quickly becoming so fast paced and in order to succeed or just be a step ahead, you often find you have to ditch ‘real’ friends once in many whiles to meet with those that put money in your pocket.

These friends dictate your mornings, noons and nights. You make sure that you have enough credit for a lengthy conversation with them, pick up calls way past your bedtime and sometimes compromise your principles to keep a smile on their faces – and the Sh800 in your pocket.

Then when you are in despair or in need an emotional connection; that is when then ‘real’ friends pop up. The problem is that your real friends are also real people and got substitutes while you were away. Some of them might have rented friends of their own!

A few days later, I did take a look at the website and realised that renting a friend might not be such a bad idea if you want to learn new tricks and or meet new people in other ‘circles of friends’. It is inevitable, but it is imperative to retain those who actually give a care about you.

So, do you have friends? If not, there are three Kenyan profiles on the rentafriend website.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Eblog/view/Is+your+friend+for+rent%3F.html#ixzz12L7b2wqn

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Baby born with 28 teeth in Nyahururu

Posted by Administrator on October 14, 2010

NYAHURURU, Kenya, Oct 14 – Residents of Ndunduri village in Nyandarua County are in shock after a woman gave birth to a baby boy with 28 teeth.

The news quickly spread that Martha Muthoni, 30, had safely delivered a bouncing baby boy named James Mwangi. The mother of four was alone at home at the time of delivery.

According to a local clinical officer at the Ndunduri Dispensary, Peter Mumero, the woman was brought to the health facility by neighbours after they learnt of the news that she had delivered without complications but to their astonishment delivered an in infant with teeth.

The officer referred the mother and her son to Nakuru Provincial general Hospital for specialised treatment.

One Brazilian study in 1998 showed natal teeth were more common among girls.

Experts are still baffled as to what causes the anomaly but they say hereditary or family patterns do play a part.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Kenyanews/Baby-born-with-28-teeth-in-Nyahururu-10161.html#ixzz12L6MFwLK

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