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84-year-old grandfather to sit Kenyan exams

Posted by Administrator on November 8, 2010

An 84-year-old farmer from Gatei in Gatundu North, Kiambu County will be among candidates sitting this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. 

Mzee Allan Njoroge Muira, a father of 8 says he had been persuaded to go back to school to become educated and maybe become a lawyer in a bid to fight injustices in Kenya.

746,409 pupils were on Monday morning conducted through rehearsals ahead of this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations-KCPE that kicks off Tuesday.

The exams to be done in 23,114 centres countrywide will end on Thursday.

Unlike the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination-KCSE which have been restricted to morning hours only to curb cheating, KCPE papers will be done both in the mornings and afternoons.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has warned that anyone caught cheating in more than two subjects will have their results for the entire exam cancelled.

KNEC secretary Paul Wasanga says results for a whole centre may be cancelled if any irregularities are detected.

Students who spoke to KBC were upbeat and confident that they would excel in the exams.

At St. Patrick Primary School in Thika, Mzee Muira said he was among Kenyans who had been subjected to injustice because of their poor education background.

He said his 2.8 acre land had been grabbed and sub divided without his knowledge.

“I want to get educated so that I can repossess my land,” he said.

Muira who was accompanied by his daughter in-law Lucy Muthoni during the rehearsal exercise said he wanted to join a local university after completing his secondary school education.

He has been undergoing coaching at Mungai Primary School. Earlier, he had spent one year in adult classes.

The farmer said he first joined school in 1944 at Mang’u PCEA Mission School.

IN 1950, his education dream was shattered when he was arrested and detained for 3 years after the declaration of emergency by the colonialists.

He said due to lingering ailments and family commitments he was unable to go back to school until recently.

Meanwhile, 8 inmates, 6 men and two women will sit for this year’s KCPE at GK Prison Thika. Thika OCPD Paul Leting said all security arrangements for the exams had been put in place.

Source: http://www.kbc.co.ke/news.asp?nid=67463


9 Responses to “84-year-old grandfather to sit Kenyan exams”

  1. Pennie said

    kudos to this candidate, thou i think his dream of becoming a lawyer is just that! a dream!.

    • Uglybetty!!! said

      your comments shows how you lack intellectual prowess; all you do is think how your will comment on an article without digesting it.
      This mzee who is your Grandpa never said he will be practicing, but be an attorney to acquire knowledge to repossess his land, he went to mangu (a dream you never realized) before he went to detention fighting for knuckle heads like you who don’t appreciate the sacrifices people like him did.
      He is more than attorney in his mother Tongue, but he needs the English Language.
      To enlighten your feeble mind read about Helen Small, 90, just got her graduate degree in psychological sciences (she got her bachelor’s in 2007) from the University of Texas at Dallas, after leaving school to get married in 1939.

    • Cherono said

      you don’t have to white’s man degree to be a lawyer. He is already one.

    • Pennie said

      kiptoo,this article does not seek my opinion @ all. I just don’t think the man will live that long…thru law school, na bado seco. lakini i gave him my kudoz. not 2 many p’ple sit for their exams that late. Ugly Betty…jipange…@ leo n Mmbobado..i agree…kumbe ugly betty got some sense somewhere? maajabu!

      • kiptoo said

        no wonder ugly is pissed off with you, how can yu make such an insensitive remark; “he wont live that Long”, do we live based on our age? may be this mzee will outlive you…. take some vacation sister you are very irritating

  2. Cherono said

    What an inspiration story! Kudos grandpa, wishing you more healthy years ahead so that you can inspire more people not to back down their dreams no matter the criticisms.

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