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Mother’s special gift for sick daughter

Posted by Administrator on November 16, 2010


In January this year, Yobensia Bochaberi reported to Kenya Teachers Training College to begin her second term in training but before she could settle, she was seized by bouts of violent coughing.

Before long, her whole body started swelling and her skin went a shade darker.

“I was very worried and wondered what was happening to me. I went to my cousin’s house in Buru Buru in Nairobi, since my parents live in Nyamira. Fortunately my mum, who had escorted me to KTTC the day before, was still around,” recalls the 21-year-old.

”]Rachael watches over her daughter Yobensia Bochaberi at Kenyatta National Hospital Renal Unit, where she has been undergoing dialysis since January. Yobensia wishes she could recover and rejoin her colleagues in college . [PHOTOS: JONAH ONYANGO/STANDARD]Upon seeing how swollen Bochaberi was, her mother, Rachael Kerubo Moriasi, and cousin Joan Moraa, rushed her to a nearby private hospital for examination. Her blood pressure was found to be abnormally high, which set off the alarm bells.

Comprehensive check-up

The nurses there suggested that they go to Kenyatta National Hospital immediately for a comprehensive check-up.

“At KNH the following morning, the doctor informed us that Bochaberi had suffered serious kidney failure and recommended immediate admission and dialysis to save her life,” recalls Moraa.

Dialysis is the procedure used to “clean up” toxins from blood the same way kidneys do, without which the body is poisoned and life snuffed out.

The news of kidney failure hit the family hard, but the following month would even be tougher.

“Since January, we have spent more than Sh1 million on dialysis which is conducted twice a week, and medication. The costs are overwhelming,” confessed Bochaberi’s mother, who is a housewife and peasant farmer in Nyamira.


Bochaberi’s father, Samuel Ombuya, is a teacher at Nyakeore Primary School in Nyamira County. He has since taken several loans to pay the hospital bills but the worst is not over yet.

Further, the family has sold a small piece of land in their efforts to keep their daughter alive. According to Prof Joshua Kayima of KNH Renal Unit, the only way out is for Yobensia to get a kidney transplant to end the need for the weekly dialysis sessions that cost an arm and a leg.

“She has made reasonable progress towards stability and possible kidney transplantation. This would offer her the best quality of life and productivity,” he says. In an expression of her undying love, Kerubo has offered to donate one of her kidneys to save her daughter’s life and end her suffering.

“We have done the initial tests and it appears that our blood groups match. It means I may be able to donate a kidney without it being rejected by her body,” she said.

The pending challenge is securing Sh2 million needed for the transplant. “I would be so happy to return to college and pursue my dream career of computer science. I miss my friends and colleagues in school. I feel an overwhelming sense of loss since I can’t join them now,” says Bochaberi.

Friends and family are meeting for a funds-drive in Nairobi tonight (Tuesday) led by West Mugirango MP James Gesami and businessman Patrick Osero, at the Professional Centre, while a special bank account (Co-operative Bank, Account No: 01109306129700) has been opened for donations from well wishers.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000022533&cid=159


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Eco-Friendly Coffins That Simplify Burial

Posted by Administrator on November 16, 2010

 Bereaved families can now bury their dead in coffins made from recycled cardboards or cartons.

Christened Eco-Jeneza, the coffin is made out of bio-degradable materials and has been endorsed by the National Environmental Management Authority as an environmentally-friendly way to bury the dead.

The name of the coffin is derived from the prefix ‘eco’, which stands for the environment while jeneza is the Kiswahili word for a coffin.

The innovation challenges a culture of burying the dead in wooden caskets.

But the manufacturer, East African Packaging Industries, says the Eco-Jeneza is in line with the African culture where burial is simplified and does not hurt the environment.

“We should carry on with cultures that are beneficial to us and the environment,” Mr Meshack Dwallow, an EAPI official, said last week at the launch of the coffin.

Irrespective of your faith, it is clear that nature intended our bodies be reunited with the earth, Mr Dwallow added.

He said the coffins are made from cast-off materials thereby reducing wastage and creating more jobs for those who will collect the recycled paper.

The Eco-Jeneza resembles the normal coffin and comes in three sizes; small, medium and large with a price range of Sh2,500 to Sh10,000 depending on the size.

Nema official Francis Inganga lauded the product, saying it is in line with provisions of the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act , the government medium term plan and Vision 2030 on sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the environment.

“If we increase forest cover by planting and cutting fewer trees, we can greatly arrest the impact of climate change,” Nema chief environmental research officer Mr Inganga said at the launch.

Source: Daily Nation

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Four State Officers banned from US over drugs

Posted by Administrator on November 16, 2010

MOMBASA, Kenya, Nov 16 – The American government on Tuesday slapped an indefinite ban on four senior government officials and a prominent businessman from visiting the US.

US envoy Michael Ranneberger said they had revoked visas for the five over their alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

Mr Ranneberger who spoke in Mombasa said that the US government had credible information against the five, whom he declined to name.

“The US government will continue intensifying its war on drug trafficking in Kenya as the vice has reached at an alarming situation,” said the envoy when he addressed members of Rotary Club of Mombasa.

Mr Ranneberger said the US would not relent in its efforts to combat the scourge of drugs, saying drug trafficking had become a culture in the Kenyan society.

As a result, the envoy announced the establishment of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration Unit in Kenya within the next several months.

He said: “The unit will be assigned to assist local authorities to combat the international trade in narcotics and to bring the traffickers to justice no matter how senior or politically well-connected they are.”

He said the US government was drafting a hard-hitting report on the narcotics situation in Kenya to be included in the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report that the Department of State will release to Congress early next year.

“For the business community, the drug trade threatens to bottom line. Traffickers often hide behind an array of legitimate businesses. These fronts don’t actually need to make money selling computers, clothing, or cell phones, so they disrupt the market by under cutting legitimate businesses,” said the ambassador.

He added that US bilateral cooperation with Kenya on counter narcotics matters is robust saying the US would continue training and equipping maritime security patrol units.

“I want to issue a call to action – a clarion call – to the poeple of Mombasa and Coast province, to their political leaders, to the Kenyan government, and to the nation of Kenya. If you are not battling against drugs, then your are complicit in their spread. It is up to you political and business leaders, civil society, village elders, young people, neighbours and friends-to do something about it. It will take the courage of many to overcome the threats and intimidation of the malignant few who traffic in these poisons,” he said

Read more: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Kenyanews/Four-top-State-officers-banned-from-US-over-drugs-10532.html#ixzz15RzLoj8V

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Kenyan man in St Charles, Missouri killed in a hit and run

Posted by Administrator on November 16, 2010

Musau Mulatia_Mulala who passed away after being killed by a hit and run vehicle in St Charles MO

Musau Mulatia_Mulala who passed away after being killed by a hit and run vehicle in St Charles MO

A Kenyan has died in St. Charles Missouri in a hit and run accident.Mr.Musau Mulatia Mulala was crossing Veterans Memorial Parkway just east of Zumbehl Road in St.Charles County on Friday Nov, 12 2010 when the accident happened.

Musau was rushed St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later died from injuries sustained in the accident. His Body will be picked up by Hutchens Mortuary & cremation. He was the only son of Ms Beatrice Mulatia Mulala of Michigan and a student at Jobcorps St. Charles, 4333 Goodfellow Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63120.

Pastor Paul Macharia of Christ Covenant Church is asking the Kenyan Community of St Louis and all Kenyans wherever they are to stand with the family both in prayers and financially. It is the wish of Musau’s mother and the family to have the body shipped back to Kenya from St. Louis and she needs all support possible.

For more information, call:

Pastor Paul Macharia 314 229 7708,

Geoffrey 314-583-0075

Dr.Michael Dengele 314-629-7910

Email form Christ Covenant Church, St Louis MO

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