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Alabama A&M Student Running for President of Kenya

Posted by Administrator on November 19, 2010

George Muumbo

George Muumbo

Huntsville, AL – During the day, George Muumbo is always on the run.  He begins with a call to family in Kenya followed by a full day of class at Alabama A&M University. 

 Then, he makes time to fix computers.  But, his day is not over just yet.  Muumbo said, “Then I go to my night job, where I work the graveyard shift until the next morning and I start it all over again.”

A man always on the run, but always with a purpose, Muumbo expects his long days and long nights to translate into lots of experience as he makes a run at president of Kenya in 2012. 

In his spare time, Muumbo uses the airwaves to send a message to voters in Kenya.  He says the number one issue for the country is the Economy.  “A good leader will find out the one thing that needs to be transformed so that it could affect positively the variety of things that depend on it.”

Muumbo is also a cadet in the Army ROTC at Alabama A&M.  He hopes being well-rounded will help him become commander-in-chief in 2012.

Source: http://www.waaytv.com/news/local/story/Alabama-A-M-Student-Running-for-President-of-Kenya/1HDuISJ2DkeEjAfw1hcwZw.cspx


22 Responses to “Alabama A&M Student Running for President of Kenya”

  1. PAUL NYAPOLA said


  2. Pennie said

    Goodluck, we need some young blood in parliament. These old folks have been there since b4 i was born and we seem to keep going backwards instead of forward.

  3. becky said

    keep dreaming MUUMBO, even Raila is still dreaming so keep it up

  4. cherono said

    Is he still a student and is he planning to continue with his studies once he becomes the president? All in all pursue your passion; we truly need learned and well-rounded leaders who exactly know how to deal with problems that have tormented us for years and not false promises that evaporates once they take the oath of office. Good luck.

  5. mambobado said

    PREZ of what? Akataas in Alabama? Jambonews is slowly but surely becoming irrelevant if this is the type of stupidity to expect. Quality not quantity is what we expect, not having every disillusioned jerk wishful thinking comments, we look forward to educative, challenging, inspiring, sensible coverage.

    • Pennie said

      then go start ur own paper. kwani what’s stopping you? get to work n quit complaining. no one made u log on to this site.

    • cherono1 said

      Just wondering whether he is mad at the guy running for office or at Jambonews? Whatever the case, no one asked you for an evaluation. p’pple are free to express themselves, whether you agree with them on not.

    • kiptoo said

      I second the vote, this dude is a good example of what we used to say something like “when a FOOL is Full he thinks he is FAT” or something like that, just ask Jimmy Kibaki

  6. Raila Kibaki said

    We have all manner of jokers out there in the diaspora, from Luchiri Wajackoyah to this fella, I mean please spare us. The Presidency is not a joke, jaribu something like MP or Councillor first. Why do these diaspo clowns think that coz they have inhaled aircon that they are presidential? Nkt!

  7. allan said

    Come on Jambonewspot!!!..This is irrelevant and cynical material to publish!!!>I did not log on here to read some comical sh**.Does this guy think Kenya is A F****** Village?..Hata ajaribu chief post hatapata!.Am in US and i hate it when guys,just coz the are in US think that they are influential enough and can run for public office.This guy is making us (Kenya) look bad to the american media or whoever else he might be telling his funny tales of becoming president of Kenya!..lol…WE HAVE A LOT OF EDUCATED,EXPERIENCED PEOPLE IN KENYA.JUST COZ YOU ARE IN UNI IN USA DONT MEAN YOU ARE THE ONE.Many

    • Pennie said

      go start ur own paper fool.

      • Uglybetty@pinni.com said

        Is that all you can say,………..
        I am a Certified Dog trainer and I can ran for Presidency based on the experience gained so far in this field for the last 5years..in this America but to prove how relevant and productive this venture is I am ready to take up the challenge in the name and spirit of Umoja na Undugu to train pennie and may be we will have some limited barking, all for free – no hidden charges!

  8. allan said

    I think all those graveyard shifts he’z been pulling have been shrinking his brain.First things first,running for public office does not cost the same as paying your rent!!.If you are working nite shift it clearly means you dont have shit,no disrepect,i have worked nite shift too.Alafu your few friends on facebook iz not enough vote to win you presidency.so keep on dreaming buoy!.When u wake up from your slumber i hope you can start chasing things within your reach!.Maybe in future but for now,tone done.We all start somewhere.If you are serious about becoming president,its the high time you give your local chief a run for his office.

  9. allan said

    Born in Narok County, Kenya, to Mr. Timothy Muumbo and the late Mrs. Josephine Muumbo, Mr. George Kenyatta Muumbo attended Highridge Primary School, Parklands High School and on to Kitui High School where he completed his O-Level curriculum. Prior to proceeding for further studies in the USA, Mr. Muumbo served as a volunteer EMT with the St. John Ambulance Brigade of which he was a distinguished member throughout his high school endeavors. While at Alliance Francise, Mr. Muumbo took up learning French, became quite fluent in it and earned a diploma. In less than a year, Mr. Muumbo was in the United States where he earned an Associate’s Degree during his early college years in Legal Studies. He served as a paralegal for various reputable law firms in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN before embarking on completing his undergraduate curricula in Political Science, International Business, and Military Science. As an up and coming cadet soldier in the United States Army Reserve Officers Training Corps at Alabama A&M University, Huntsville, AL, Mr. Muumbo has been the recipient of many honors whilst serving in various leadership capacities. Mr. Muumbo is also very active in the community, volunteering through service to the elderly, military veterans, the needy and the hungry. Leadership is not new to Mr. Muumbo. He has led in some capacity throughout his early childhood, from Primary School as a Prefect through high school as the Captain of the famous Kitui High School aka Campbell Academy. Mr. Muumbo served as the Staff Officer, Alabama A&M University Corporate and Education Round Table. For more info visit http://eastafricaradiousa.com/

  10. Kenyatta said

    Roll up ur sleeves. I have done it. Give food for thought. Contribute effectively and efficiently for Kenya. Put this blog on FB by getting a simple link. Come out here. I will tear you apart. But you can talk, but exercise civility, build a consensus. Nothing to say, say nothing otherwise be mindful, coherent and believe in what you say with conviction. Mean it. You are no less than a gunia of manure. I will defend my good name and character to help build the Kenya we have for long envisioned.


  11. Kenyatta said

    I Wonder what the unemployment rate is. Build opportunities for others. Use your dignity to help and chicken out where you must.

  12. leo said

    How corrupt are you?How many millions do you plan to spend since in jamhuri wananchi lazima wachotewe.Moi used to win all the time and for 26 yrs he ruled kenya.Kibaki na Raila karibu ku ignight the whole nation due to the dispute over who was the true winner.We have got Ruto in line,Raila,kalonzo musyoki,martha kalua,etc.Do you really think you will beat this guys?Mark my words,you will be corrupted first by wananchi who are eagaly waitinng for your campain money and then by the………YOU ARE A SMART GUY BUT usicheze na wananchi.Utapelekwa mbio kama wewe si tiari.Go for it si utapata some experince in the process?

  13. I am the Master of my own future. You can support me, criticize me but do not tell me that my pursuit is as useless as your banter. I need food for thought, supporters who understand the real problem and people with a vision. I need no dreamers, backseat drivers etc.

    • George G said

      Name sake just go for it, leave your dream but first of all come and learn the politics at home it is dirty as they say it. B4 you will realise and run to your community for backing all shall have passed away. Good dreams and cheers.

  14. Evans Kalafa said

    My good friend,
    Listen to real reason.
    I suggest you hang on to someone who is going places (or thinks he is). Only to learn from them, then come next elections AND you go for the big office. YOU CANNOT COME FROM THE DIASPORA WITH BIG IDEAS AND EXPECT TO SELL THEM TO ANY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF PEOPLE, WALE wanakushow umeiva wanakucheat. Even Obama started somewhere.

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