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Archive for December 16th, 2010

Family Wants Woman’s Mystery Death Probed

Posted by Administrator on December 16, 2010

Nairobi — A family in Mombasa is mourning a 21-year-old woman reported to have died mysteriously two days ago in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Ms Fatima Masoud is asking the government to help the family unravel the death of her daughter, Hadija Masoud.

Ms Masoud said they received the shocking news on Tuesday from the girl’s agent. According to Ms Fatima, her daughter had complained of being mistreated by her employer.

“We want the government to find out what happened to our daughter since she died in a different town from where she was supposed to be working,” Ms Masoud.

A few months ago, a Kenyan woman was allegedly killed in the Middle East country. Ms Masoud said they had received conflicting reports about the way her daughter died.

She said: “Preliminary information I received was that my daughter hanged herself, but another person called me later and informed me that she took poison. We want the Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia to give us the right information.”

Speaking at her house in Kisauni, the mother said she wants to bury her daughter. “I want to see the body of my child,” she said amid tears.

The family also wants to know how their daughter ended up working in Dammam instead of Riyadh where she was supposed to be staying.

The woman’s aunt Aisha Ali said: “We suspect foul play. The procedure of taking our daughter to Dammam was not followed to the letter. We want the government to stop human trafficking,” Ms Ali said.



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Kenya’s Raila joins Museveni in campaigns

Posted by Administrator on December 16, 2010

Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga yesterday joined President Museveni during campaigns in Nawaninji Sub-county, Iganga District.

Mr Odinga told residents that he had come to Uganda as a friend, saying he considers the country as a home, having stayed here for a long time in the past.

“I come to Uganda laden with lots of regards from the Kenyan people. I come as a friend but also paying a visit to my own home. When I was chased out of Kenya (in 1991), I got on a bus and took refuge here,” Mr Odinga said.
It was not immediately clear whether Mr Odinga had also come here for other duties.

‘Vote wisely’
Mr Odinga, also leader of a dominant political party in Kenya, was forced into a power sharing deal after a highly-contested elections in 2007, which claimed hundreds of lives and displaced several others as riots ensued.

“Uganda had problems in the recent past. Many people died in the catastrophe (Bududa landslides) and we came to your rescue with some aid. During (former president) Idi Amin’s era, people in this country used to slaughter each other like goats, Kenya stood with Uganda, Tanzania did the same in the spirit of East Africa and Amin was gotten rid of. Uganda came to rescue us during the political turmoil in 2008,” he said.

“Uganda is now a very peaceful country. Be very keen and vote for a very good person that will take this country forward and we shall always stand by you,” Mr Odinga said.

Referring to Uganda and Kenya, as one country, Mr Odinga cited the Samia, Iteso, Luo and Bamasaba, as tribes that reside in both countries.

At the Iganga Municipal grounds, Rachael Sebeth, a Kenyan MP who accompanied Mr Odinga, said: “As young people, we are ready for the unity of East Africa. I want to thank those who have fought for the pacification of Uganda. I want to join Ugandans in thanking Museveni. As you cast your vote, vote wisely.”
While speaking in Iganga, President Museveni said Dr Kizza Besigye and Mr Olara Otuunu should not be trusted.

No games needed
He said the duo left the country when it was in a shambles and came back to demand power. Dr Besigye fled into exile after the 2001 election citing State-inspired harassment, while Mr Otunnu was Uganda’s permanent representative at the UN and later became the under-secretary for children in armed conflicts. Mr Museveni, whose rule has come under increasing criticism due to widespread corruption and general misuse of state affairs, said it is not time to play with power.

“Uganda is on a steady path of economic progress. Our tax collections have increased from Shs5 billion to Shs5,000 billion. We have recently discovered and are about to begin selling our oil. This is no time to play with state power. Power is not a game. If I leave power, can these Besigyes manage Uganda’s problems?” he asked.


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