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Airline Tickets Scam Persists as another Kenyan duped

Posted by Administrator on December 28, 2010

Too good to be true

A Sammamish man called police Dec. 17 to report that he had been duped into buying fake plane tickets by a 46-year-old Issaquah man who was acting as a travel agent.

The victim was trying to fly a family member from Kenya to Seattle and could only find tickets online for upwards of $2100.

Friends suggested he talk to the suspect, who allegedly promised to find a ticket for around $1100.

The victim then transferred money into the man’s bank account, according to the police report. When the victim double checked the status of the flight they discovered that the booking didn’t exist. The case remains under investigation.


One Response to “Airline Tickets Scam Persists as another Kenyan duped”

  1. Mkenya said

    BEWARE!!!!!!!!……. BEWARE!!!!!!……

    We have received reports of a Kenyan travel agent defrauding fellow Kenyans by taking their money, giving them fake itineraries, and not paying the airlines. When the travelers go to check-in at SeaTac, they are informed that the ticket has not been paid for.
    Another con this unscrupulous travel agent employs is to promise the traveler an e-ticket a week before travel date. A few dates before travel, he tells the travelers that he couldn’t confirm their seats and he has to re-book then on a different airline. He promises the travelers that the money will be refunded into their checking account or credit card within a few days. The travelers pay a second time for the ticket, and of course there is no refund.
    This has been reported to the FBI and the local police, but in the meantime the conman continues to defraud travelers, causing untold pain and miseries. He has neither scruples, nor conscience.
    If you have been defrauded by this Kenya travel agent, please reply to this email so you can help others save their hard earned money.
    Don’t fall for this conman’s tricks. Buy your tickets online!!

    Church leaders, please announce this information to your congregation and save them from being victims.

    The conman’s name is Kenny Mulwa


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