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Women and their secrets

Posted by Administrator on December 27, 2010

She is the epitome of a good wife or mother but behind the façade is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With this woman, what you see is not what you get

She is the epitome of a good wife or mother but behind the façade is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With this woman, what you see is not what you get

A few weeks ago, we carried a feature on men who lead double lives. Many of our male readers complained that we were only hitting at them and yet there are women who also lead double lives.

To balance the equation, this week, we shall look at women, who also live with skeletons in their closets. Many women harbour live with secrets that nobody, not even their partners or spouses know about.

On the surface, they appear to lead normal lives going about their day-to-day routines – working, raising children and being good wives. A large number are devout church goers.

However, what lurks beneath this seemingly perfect façade is probably in the realm of soap operas! With women, it is even more difficult to detect their secret lives, since, unlike me, they have perfected the art of pretence.

But why would a woman want to live her life with a dark cloud over her head because sooner or later, the truth will out. Most psychologists pin this down to human nature.

They maintain that everyone on the planet has a good side and a bad side: it is just the extent that makes the difference. But while nobody is perfect, some women are just plain sinister. Their dark side is often secretive and perplexing.

Some partners react in utter shock when they discover that the woman they have loved and had children with has another life or is keeping a secret that is confounding. A few men we spoke to said the following situations were the most shocking things they discovered about the women in their lives:

Women who abandoned their babies

We read of these stories in the newspapers everyday. Hospitals abound with cases of abandoned newborns; where the mother gives birth and then sneaks away. Once they leave the baby in the hospital, they move on.

They get married and have other children, and nobody ever knows about the baby. A more common occurrence is where the women do not abandon their babies, but they do not inform their husbands that they have a child somewhere.

Upon the woman’s marriage, this child is often left with his or her grandmother or the woman’s relatives. And she or he will be passed off to the husband and his side of the family as a sister or brother to the woman.

Married women who double up as prostitutes

A recent news item on TV caused shockwaves as married women at the coast came out and confessed that they secretly work as commercial sex workers. They cited various reasons for doing so; some said they were bored, while others said they did it for the money.

The married prostitute is not your usual brazen street girl variety. She is subtle and extremely secretive. It has been established that most lodgings, which conduct brisk business during the day often harbour married women going about their business.

They do it in the mornings’ or early afternoons because they have to be home early to prepare dinner for their husbands and families. Others have discreet affairs with their seniors at work in order to earn increments and speed up promotions.

It is not uncommon to hear of women who have multiple relationships with bosses, suppliers and other influential parties for financial gain.

There are cases of married women who travel to certain countries abroad purportedly to buy clothes and other goods for sale. While there, they engage in sex, for serious money with the local men in those countries, who pay premium rates for these trysts.

Women and witchcraft
This is one thing that is becoming increasingly common especially among middle class women. Look at the profile of women who visit witchdoctors and it will not be your regular slum dweller or rural woman but that neighbour with the posh house.

The innocent-looking married women are frequent clients of the numerous witchdoctors who abound in every town. They visit them to obtain love potions to administer on their partners.

These potions, they believe, are supposed to subdue the man and keep him under their control. For this reason, the witchdoctor trade is thriving that is why you will now see those numerous signs in the posh suburbs that proclaim the services of these witchdoctors.

They know this target groups is willing to spend money to ward off any kind of ‘intruder’ in their marriages or relationships. A recent well-publicised case involving a well-to-do woman who was literally living with her so-called witchdoctor in the same house as her ailing husband clearly demonstrates this phenomenon.

*Julia, who lives somewhere in Langata, was once heard boasting to her friends that she can get any man she targets and for sure, she has dated many wealthy men… some of them in very high places.

According to her, “any woman who does not know how to hold onto her marriage is foolish.” Of course the men do not know that she is using witchcraft on them. After all, this is a high-flying university graduate with a good job.

What astounded her friends was the fact that she would regularly bring people in her home who she claimed were relatives from a neighbouring country. It is only when this friend popped into the house one night and found the group performing funny rituals that she realised they were funny people.

When she asked Julia about it, her response was simply “Every women must know how to hold onto her relationship. After all, I’m not killing anybody. Just securing my man.”

Definitely the man in question did not know he was being ‘treated’ by remote control. For sure, he is a tamed man but whether this is from the ‘ treatment from Julia’s friends is debatable.

Women and toy boys

In the classified sections of certain newspapers, there are usually numerous advertisements which read something like this: “23-year-old man looking for a financially stable married sugar mummy aged between 30-40 for romance, fun and pleasure”.

These advertisements have increased in number of late, and it seems that the market for married women and toy boys is alive and kicking. This is the same way that older men seek out younger girls. The interesting thing is that women are very discreet in the way they conduct these affairs.

Nobody would ever guess that the women would pay young men for sex. It seems that some young men base these relationships on finances alone. Some even go to the extent of blackmailing the married women, and this is why they seek them out in the first place – as a conduit for money.

One man was rendered speechless when he received mobile phone videos of his wife busy with a university student. Apparently, this student had threatened to send the pictures to the husband after the relationship turned sour and the woman refused to part with more money. He had obtained her husband’s number by scrolling through her phone when they were on good terms.

Women drug peddlers

Women are widely used by big drug lords as couriers to peddle drugs around the world. This matter has not escaped Kenyan women. In a widely publicised case, one woman who was living a normal ordinary life with her family found herself in the centre of a drug peddling ring, in a set up that nobody could imagine.

She is not the only one. Certain highly successful women who seem to have accrued overnight riches are secretly into drug dealing. They cultivate highly creative ways to get the drugs through the airports. If you were to meet these ladies anywhere, you would never guess what they do for a living as they look prosperous and normal.

The new face of Kenya’s con-women

Many women these days have ventured into the business of conning others for financial gain. It is difficult to suspect them because they are very polite and courteous. Some are high level conwomen who have multi-million shilling deals in cahoots with others, while some work on the streets.

Others are your everyday business acquaintance who decides to short change you in a deal. Some owe others money and keep spinning yarns of how they will pay, but have no intention of ever doing so. The con woman is all around – in your office, in the streets , your close friend or in the government or corporate world.

They lead a double life because everyone thinks they are honest and straightforward. They are well- dressed and any unsuspecting person will not hesitate to speak to them as they stop and ask for directions to someplace. Once she has drawn you into a conversation, an accomplice appears from nowhere and pretends to be a passerby.

These people will then claim to have seen the conwoman on television, on some gospel show. They then talk about a project she is involved in, usually a children’s home, to make herself appear to be a religious person. She then claims to have prophetic powers, and will tell the victim that she is afflicted, or will soon be if urgent divine intervention is not carried out.

The victim (they mostly target women) will be invited for prayers in a nearby vehicle, where other ‘prophets’ are seated. And the rest is history. Other conniving women may not be as daring as the street ones, but just as dangerous, since the victim ends up losing money.

The bisexual wife

This is another phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common. She has many friends but there is one special one that is a permanent fixture in her life. Seeing them together all the time, even the husband will marvel at their close friendship…almost like sisters.

The only thing he, or any other person will not imagine is that there is a sexual relationship between the two women. After all, it is common for women to visit each other in their homes and even take holidays together with the children. It is also not frowned upon when women spend time alone chatting for hours on end…

John only realized there was more than met the eye in the relationship between his wife and her best friend when he stumbled upon a text message on her phone with sexual connotations. Of course she denied it when he confronted her with the issue but looking back, he realized that he had been sharing his wife with her best friend all along.

“This was a woman who was her friend since schooldays. She was even her best maid,” he says. “ I just thought there were very good friends because they are always there for each other. I have not found them in a compromising situation but I know in my bones that there’s definitely more than meets the eye here.”

And for sure, John is not the only one in this situation. Much as women are good at concealing anything they want to keep secret, many married women are ‘ enjoying the best of both worlds,” says a woman who herself has had such a relationship for years. She says that is the one secret she would die if her children and husband found out.

Why do some women lead a double life?

According to studies conducted worldwide, researchers say it is mainly due to an insecure upbringing and low self-esteem. Women who grew up with cruel fathers who did not affirm their self-worth end up becoming two-faced in later life, in an effort to prove themselves.

She will try to hang on to her husband using fair means and foul, and will desire financial success even it means compromising herself in the process.

For others, it is simply due to a love for easy money and the luxuries it can buy, coupled with the need to show off. And for many other, it is because they enjoy their secret lives and are not willing to let go even when they get married.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/Features/saturday/-/1216/1078120/-/wyo5rp/-/index.html


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Car crashes into Quincy home

Posted by Administrator on December 27, 2010

Car driven by a Kenyan man who crashed into a house in Quincy, MA

Car driven by a Kenyan man who crashed into a house in Quincy, MA

QUINCY (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A man got quite the scare when a car crashed into his home on Sunday morning.

The driver lost control of his car on Kendrick Avenue in Quincy and crashed directly into Anjel Anastasi’s home.

The driver was taken to the hospital and family members say he is lucky to be alive.  He is from Kenya, an experienced driver, but not used to driving in the snow.

The family was able to go back into the home later on in the evening.


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Missing Kenyan woman located in triangle

Posted by Administrator on December 27, 2010

20 year old Shelia Embezi Kavayi has been located in the Raleigh area.

20 year old Shelia Embezi Kavayi has been located in the Raleigh area.


, N.C. – The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve located a missing woman.

20 year old Shelia Embezi Kavayi has been located in the Raleigh area.

Kavayi was last seen Wednesday at the Wal-Mart in Wilson, where she works.  Authorities said in a news release the last contact from her was a text message she sent to her mother saying she didn’t know where she was. 

Kavayi just moved to this counry from Kenya, East Africa, in June. 

Authorities believed that she could be in Wilson or Raleigh, which was later confirmed Sunday.

Source: http://www2.wnct.com/news/2010/dec/26/5/pcso-searching-missing-kenyan-woman-ar-646063/

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Pitt County woman from Kenya reported missing

Posted by Administrator on December 26, 2010

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in locating Sheilla Embezi Kavayi, 20, who was last seen Dec. 22.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in locating Sheilla Embezi Kavayi, 20, who was last seen Dec. 22.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating Sheilla Embezi Kavayi, 20, who was last seen Dec. 22.

Kayavi worked at the Walmart in Wilson, NC on the morning of Dec. 22. That afternoon, she sent her mother a text message saying she didn’t know where she was, authorities said.

Kavayi moved to North Carolina from Kenya six months ago. She is not familiar with the area, and has no car or driver’s license.

Police said it was unclear whether Kavayi was in danger.

She is black, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 140 to 150 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office at 252-830-4141

Source: http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/8827130/

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Herb halts spread of HIV in blood

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2010

Dr Michael Odotte exhibits his products at a recent Kenya National Academy of Science regional conference in Nairobi. Photo/NATION CORRESPONDENT

Dr Michael Odotte exhibits his products at a recent Kenya National Academy of Science regional conference in Nairobi. Photo/NATION CORRESPONDENT

A vine which grows wildly in western Kenya and found to have antiretroviral properties is among a handful of neglected inventions in Africa with the potential to change the continent’s health landscape.

Imbasa as it is called locally in Emuhaya, or Tylosema fassoglensis botanically, also grows in parts South Nyanza and Maseno Hills.

It has been the subject of intense study by researchers from Kenyatta University, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Maseno University and North Carolina University in the US.

Using an extract from the climber, researchers led by Dr Michael B. Odotte, have developed a food supplement called Sunguprot now under commercial incubation at the Kenya Industrial Research Institute.

“It is a protein based protease inhibitor, meaning that it stops the replication of HIV in the body, and has been certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards as fit for human consumption,” said Dr Odotte.

Last week Sunguprot was part of a slew of papers published by Canada’s McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health identified as having the potential to offer Africa a home grown health solution.

Sunguprot, says the paper published in the UK-based BioMed Central, is a promising product but it is being held back by lack of advanced scientific equipment to isolate compounds and funding to carry out large clinical trials.

Writing a forward for the papers that included innovations by the Kenya Medical Research Institutes and the Nairobi based International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenyan scholar at Harvard University Dr Calestus Juma says this has come at an opportune time.

“The publication has come at a time when firms in industrialised countries are rethinking their global strategies, especially in relation to the location of new research and production facilities. These papers show that some African countries could be viable partners as they seek to become part of the global knowledge ecology.”

Sunguprot, which was featured in the Nation last year, and comes in the form of flour for porridge, is described as a herbal food supplement with both antiretroviral and nutritive properties, ideal for people suffering from HIV/Aids, the malnourished and the aged.

Talking to the Nation, Dr Odotte said safety and efficacy studies had been carried out in conjunction with the Kemri and it had been found to be safe in primates and significantly lowered the HIV in the blood.

“We were funded by the National Council for Science and Technology to carry out limited clinical trials but we would still need to carry out larger studies,” Dr Odotte said.

He said, they are working with Maseno University on how to domesticate the wild plant for both commercial and conservation. “Already some farmers in Nyatike and Rongo are growing the plant on experimental bases.”

The limited trials carried out under Prof John Mecham of the Department of Biology, Meredith College and Prof Michael Otieno, Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences, Kenyatta University,

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Herb%20halts%20spread%20of%20HIV%20in%20blood%20%20/-/1056/1077820/-/7im3l4z/-/index.html

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Extradition sought for Kenyan accused of murder in New Zealand

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2010

Lydia Munene who survived the attack in 2009

Lydia Munene who survived the attack in 2009

 A formal extradition request has been made to Kenyan authorities for a man wanted for the attempted murder of his estranged wife and the murder of her male friend in Christchurch.

Samuel Njuguna is alleged to have murdered Steven Maina and attempted to murder Lydia Munene in her Avonside home on September 12, 2009.

All three were Kenyan nationals. Njuguna flew to Kenya the day after the attack, before it was discovered by a concerned friend on September 14. It is believed he is still in Kenya.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams, head of the investigation, said he made contact with Njuguna’s brother in Kenya during the first few days of the investigation.

“His family there felt that he should return to New Zealand and be held accountable.

The family purchased a plane ticket for Mr Njuguna and he was due to return but, at the last minute decided not to.”

Williams said authorities have been working on extradition proceedings since a warrant for Njuguna’s arrest was issued in October last year.

Williams said Njuguna is being sought by Kenyan authorities and, once located, would be extradited to New Zealand in accordance with Kenyan law. “As is the case here, extraditions in Kenya involve a judicial process, which can be time-consuming.

There is no need for an extradition treaty between Kenya and New Zealand in order for Mr Njuguna to be extradited.”

Williams said Police were hopeful that once Njuguna was located he would be sent back to New Zealand without delay.

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/4493194/Extradition-request-for-Kenyan-murder-accused


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Kenya-born U.S. Judge Outraged at Vote to Pull Out of ICC

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2010

A U.S.-based Kenyan law expert has described to VOA as ridiculous a decision by members of Kenya’s parliament to withdraw the country from the Rome Statute following a unanimous vote late Wednesday.

Joab Okello, administrative judge for the U.S. State of New York, also called on Kenyans to protest and renounce the decision by the legislators not to cooperate with the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC).

“I was very outraged by that move because Kenya cannot afford to be a pariah state. We are one of the most important countries in Africa and we’ve maintained that for years. And, for the parliament to pass this bill, just because six people have been indicted, is outrageous,” said Judge Okello.

“The six individual must still answer to the ICC. What they are trying to do is protect these people so that they are not arrested. So, that means the ICC can only arrest the individuals if these individuals leave the country. But, if Kenya was a signatory, (to the ICC), then Kenya would have to arrest them if needed.”

Recently, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the ICC, named six high-profile suspects he believed were masterminds of Kenya’s 2007 post-election violence that left more than 1,300 people dead and displaced hundreds of thousands. The suspects, Moreno-Ocampo said, would be charged with crimes against humanity.

The six, high-profile suspects include Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, who also serves as Finance Minister, Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura, former police chief Hussein Ali, suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto, Henry Kosgey, chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), and Joshua Arap Sang, a journalist at a popular local radio station.

But, in voting Wednesday, the legislators suggested that Kenya’s local judicial system should handle the cases involving the post-election violence.

Judge Okello said that it is clear the legislators want to protect the high-profile suspects.

“Most Kenyans that I have talked to are outraged by this move (vote), and I hope that the two principals (president and prime minister) will not sign this bill. There has to be a way to reverse this action because Kenya cannot be a pariah state,” said judge Okello.

“I think Kenyans must express their outrage as soon as possible so that this vote is reversed. I can’t see it standing.”

Meanwhile, a recent poll shows over 85 percent of Kenyans support the ICC prosecution of the suspects.

Source: http://www.voanews.com/english/news/africa/Kenya-born-US-Judge-Outraged-at-Vote-to-Pull-Out-of-ICC-112354854.html

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Kenyans in US fall prey to credit card swindle

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2010

Some Kenyans living abroad planning to travel home for Christmas are the latest victims of a credit card fraudsters.

The scandal, which involves the purchase of air tickets from a ‘travel agent’ in Kenya apparently paid for by credit cards stolen in the US, could reinforce the perception Kenya is a hub of international crimes.

It also comes at a time several Kenyans are serving prison sentences in the US over tax evasions and credit card frauds.

A Mr Eric Omollo, whose mobile phone contact is shown by some of those he has conned, is advertised abroad as offering the cheapest airline tickets.

Even though he has no physical contacts, it is believed that thousands of people have used his services.

“He doesn’t have an office or a web site. You call him on his cell phone and give him the dates you propose to travel. He tells you the amount for a return ticket, which usually ranges between $1,000 (about Sh80,000) and $1,300 (about Sh104,000). Once you agree, he asks you to wire $300 via Western Union. The rest, he tells you, you will pay as soon as you land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. As soon as you wire the money, he will e-mail you the e-tickets, fully paid for,” said Morin Kisia, a Kenyan living in Upper Derby, Pennsylvania.

Checked out

Morin, who returned to the US after travelling to Kenya to attend her son’s graduation, told The Standard that immediately she checked out at JKIA, he was there waiting. Asked whether she had suspected anything, Morin, said she did.

“There were inconsistencies in the ticketing matter. I learnt later the actual price for my ticket was $2,500, but I had only paid $1,000,” she said.

She added: “My card was listed as a Master Card bearing names that are not even Kenyan, with an address in Seattle. I’ve never had a Master Card since I came to the US 15 years ago.”

Morin, like many other victims who live in Delaware and who spoke to The Standard, agreed that even though they suspected something was wrong, they couldn’t ‘pass on’ the deal because it was too good. “Where can you get a ticket to Kenya for between $1,000 and 1,300?” said a victim, who sought anonymity.

Expensive airline

The current reasonable price for an airline ticket to Nairobi ranges from between $2,500 and $5,000 especially on British Airways, which is one of the most expensive airlines.

Until recently when the British Airways officials at the Philadelphia International Airport noticed discrepancies in the names of the travellers’ tickets and that of the credit cards used to pay, the scandal had gone unnoticed for years.

In the recent past, scores of travellers have had to be turned away from boarding flights to Kenya because the information contained on their e-tickets from Kenya, the home contacts and the names and numbers on the credit cards purportedly used to pay for their tickets were at variance.

“Before we issue boarding passes to our passengers, it is standard procedure that we verify information contained on their tickets and travel documents like passports. It is true that of late, we have had serious issues with people travelling to Kenya especially those whose tickets originate from there,” said a British Airways official at Philadelphia Airport, who requested not to be named.

Last week, more than four members of a church in Delaware who had purchased tickets as a group were turned away when they presented their tickets for processing.

Name and address

“They asked me how much I had paid for the ticket and I said $1,000. They told me the actual amount paid was $2,500 from a Discover Card bearing the names and address of somebody who lived in Oregon. I was shocked!” said a victim.

Some victims have made statements at the New Castle County Police and it is believed the officers have sought the assistance of the FBI.

It is believed Omollo, who has since disappeared into ‘thin’ air following this discovery, is part of an elaborate syndicate of international cons stealing cards and identities.

Omollo’s number and e-mail address are still listed even though he is not responding to inquiries.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000025332&cid=4&

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Kenyan journalist receives threats for investigating murder

Posted by Administrator on December 22, 2010

New York, December 22, 2010–A Kenyan journalist whose reporting has helped expose and publicize the unsolved 2009 murder of reporter Francis Nyaruri received two anonymous threatening phone calls on Friday warning he could “share Nyaruri’s fate,” according to local journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on authorities to thoroughly investigate the threats and provide Sam Owida, a reporter for the private daily Nation, with protection.

Owida told CPJ that the caller, who claimed to be part of the local Sungu Sungu militia that operates in western Kenya, asked if he was the journalist who publicized the killing of Nyaruri and said they were “on to him.” In interviews with CPJ, local journalists said they believe two suspects in custody for the murder of Nyaruri may be affiliated with the Sungu Sungu. The threats have forced Owida to take precautions and change locations frequently, he said.  

Local police official Naomi Ichami was quoted in news reports as saying that the district criminal investigation officer had launched an investigation into the matter.

“We are alarmed by the threats against Sam Owida and call on the authorities to thoroughly investigate,” said Tom Rhodes, CPJ’s East Africa consultant. “Authorities must ensure Owida’s safety and revive investigations into Nyaruri’s brutal murder.” 

A close friend of Nyaruri, Owida was the first person to identify the bound and decapitated body of the late reporter. At the private Weekly Citizen, Nyaruri had exposed corruption by the local administration in the western town of Nyamira, the victim’s relatives told CPJ. While many journalists were afraid to cover the story, Owida spoke on vernacular radio stations in western Kenya and published reports in several newspapers highlighting Nyaruri’s murder and subsequent investigations.

Source: http://cpj.org/2010/12/kenyan-journalist-receives-threats-for-investigati.php

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Parliament pulls Kenya from ICC treaty

Posted by Administrator on December 22, 2010

MPs on December 22, 2010 voted unanimously in support of the motion by Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto asking the government to withdraw from the Rome Statute. Photo/FILE

MPs on December 22, 2010 voted unanimously in support of the motion by Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto asking the government to withdraw from the Rome Statute. Photo/FILE

Kenyan MPs on Wednesday night rallied behind a motion seeking to withdraw Kenya from the Rome Statute.

The MPs fully supported the motion by Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto for Kenya to cease being a signatory to the statute which creates the International Criminal Court.

Only Gichugu MP Martha Karua disagreed.

And during the debate on Wednesday night, MPs poured vitriol on the ICC and its chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

They expressed solidarity with the six people named as perpetrators of the post election violence.

They resolved that cases arising from the chaos be handled by local judicial systems.

The motion had been thrown out on Tuesday by Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim for violating the constitution.

However, Mr Ruto amended it to suit constitutional requirements and after giving notice to the House on Wednesday, it was placed for debate.

Supporting the motion, Energy minister Kiraitu Murungi dismissed the ICC as a colonial imperialist court.

“It is only Africans from former colonies who are being tried at the ICC. No American or British will be tried at the ICC and we should not willingly allow ourselves to return to colonialism,’’ he said.

“The fears that we had when we were introducing the international criminal justice system are no longer there.

“There is nothing we cannot handle. As a sovereign country, no other Kenyan who will be tried on foreign land. Let the six go but we have now learnt our lessons.’’

And he defended Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura whose name was among those in the Ocampo list saying: “I cannot imagine somebody like Ambassador Mutthaura raping anyone.’’

Ms Karua was the lone voice against the motion, which she described as unfortunate and misguided and pleaded with MPs to think about the interests of poll violence victims.

The Narc Kenya leader challenged President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to accept responsibility for failing to support the establishment of a local tribunal.

“The ICC did not come to us. We beckoned it. It is here by virtue of invitation by none other than the two principals and by extension Parliament,’’ she said.

“If Kenyans were wondering about impunity, this is the face of impunity,’’ she added, saying victims of the violence would be the greatest beneficiary of the ICC process.

Assistant minister Kabando wa Kabando supported the motion defending Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta who has also been named and said “he is now suffering’’ for helping mobilizing resources for victims of the violence.

Seconding, Mr Jeremiah Kioni (Ndaragwa) asked: “Are we surrendering our sovereignty to foreigners?’’

Trade minister Chirau Mwakwere asked the rest of Africa to follow Kenya’s example and withdraw from the Hague.

He was ashamed, he said, to have been the one to sign the Rome Statute in 2005 on behalf of the Government, as Foreign Minister.

MPs who supported were George Nyamweya (nominated PNU) Prof Margaret Kamar (Eldoret East ODM) Shakilla Abdala (Nominated ODM), Peter Munya (Tigania West PNU), Johua Kutuny (Cherangany, ODM), Mohamed Kuti (Livestock Minister), Walter Nyambati (Kitutu Masaba), Jamleck Kamau( Kigumo PNU), Fred Kapondi (Mt Elgon ODM), Adan Duale (Dujis ODM) and Kabando wa Kabando (Mukurweini).

After the debate, the MPs also voted to adjourn for an indefinite recess.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Parliament%20pulls%20Kenya%20from%20ICC%20treaty/-/1064/1077336/-/v0uyxsz/-/index.html

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