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A 15 year old Kenyan boy commits suicide in Florida

Posted by Administrator on January 18, 2011

The Late David Njoroge Githiiyu aged 15 who committed suicide after a botched school trip.

The Late David Njoroge Githiiyu aged 15 who committed suicide after a botched school trip.


My name is Rosemary Githiiyu. I’m in my senior year of high school, so you can imagine how rough this year is. I was born in Kenya, Africa. My parents brought me and my little brother here 10 years ago.

On this New Year which I thought would be a new year and a wonderful one at that, I lost my little brother at the age of 15. His name is David Njoroge Githiiyu. Due to peoples ignorance he took his own life. This all started the morning of January 13, 2011. He was supposed to be on a field trip to visit U.C.F in Orlando. We were running a little late, and when we got there the bus was taking off. My brother was talking to his classmates to tell the teacher to stop because we were right next to them. My mother tried everything to stop the bus even after numerous honks it still didn’t stop.

After David got frustrated, he hung up the phone and started crying. He was looking forward to the trip and was very disappointed as an aspiring engineer. He decided not to go to school and stay home. That same morning my mother had to go get my 3 year old brothers immunization records for day care. My mom asked David to go with her but he refused. Two hours later my mom found David’s body hanging with a belt around his neck in the kitchen. Her heart dropped and tears flowed uncontrollably. All this happened while I was in school. During 4th block at 1:43 pm I got a text message from my father which was weird. After reading the message “rose please ride the bus there has been an emergency at home” my heart dropped and I didn’t know why. When I got home my dad told me the news and I just couldn’t comprehend it… I still can’t right now.

This all feels like a horrible nightmare. All this could have been prevented if they could have let my brother on that bus. Suicide happens amongst a lot of teens but I would have never expected it to be my brother. I write this letter hoping for peace and justice because of ignorant people. I just think of what he would have become because he was an intelligent young black male. This happened out of nowhere we are lost in confusion and


I cry myself to sleep knowing that my senior year will not be the same. My brother won’t see me getting ready for prom or GRADUATING or even walking down the aisle on my wedding day. I loved him very much and he will always be in my heart I miss him every single day that goes by and wish he was here with us.

7/16/1995- David N. Githiiyu was born in Molo, Kenya.

1996- David was baptized

-David and his parents moved to Naivasha, Kenya.

1998- David joined kindergarten.

2000- On Sept 26 David and his parents moved to Jacksonville, Fl U.S.A.

Oct-David continued kindergarten here in Jax at Beauclerc Elementary School.

2001- David started 1st Grade at Beauclerc Elementary School.

2004- He transferred to Normandy Village, where he was selected to become a safety patrol.

2006- David went to Kirby Smith Middle School where he won numerous medals for Reading, Math and Science also most outstanding ELA student on the pioneer team.

2009- David joined Robert E. Lee High school until he met his death on 1/13/11.

He participated in the Northeast Florida Regional Science & Engineering Fair on February 15-17, 2009 and got a certificate of achievement for a junior engineer.

David was an obedient son and student with good academics, his dream was becoming an Engineer. David was second born in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Githiiyu.He leaves behind a loving sister Rosemary and a young brother Corey. He loved challenging issues especially when selecting which project to do in school. Never accepting defeat he too challenged his older sister Rosemary. When he got a “C” on his report card he would hide it from her because they were always in competition on who is going to get better grades, forgetting they are not in the same grade. He made all of us proud always striving for greatness he will be truly missed.

May God rest his soul in the internal place.


We regret to announce the passing away of David Njoroge Githiiyu, who was fifteen years old. He was a student at Robert Lee High School.

The late David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ayub Njoroge of Jacksonville, FL. Prayers and fundraising activities are taking place it at their home:

2461 Sharon Lake Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32210.

Any support, donation and prayers that you can give to the bereaved family is heartily appreciated.

If you would like to get more information about the prayer meetings, attending the wake and the funeral arrangements, please feel free to contact Martin Kabaki at : 904. 236. 9966

So far, we have not been able to raise the whole amount of $8000.00 that is needed to put the late David to rest. We are gladly accepting any financial contributions. Any checks can be made out to the late David’s dad, Ayub Njoroge.

We are also accepting credit card payments and work with you in any format you may be able to give and of course any amount, as we know that thoughts count but support works.

Please visit our website www.davidgithiiyu.org for more information or to make a donation. All donations will be processed on a secure page and your information will not be shared with anyone whatsoever. If you already have a PayPal account you can make the payment to ayunjoro@yahoo.com

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are writing a check, please make it out to AYUB NJOROGE. We have also opened account where you can deposit your donation which is:

Bank: Bank of America

Account Name: Ayub Njoroge

Location: Account opened in Jacksonville, Florida

Account#: 898043115685

We are also accepting CASH donations. If you have any question, please feel free to contact Martin Kabaki at 904 236 9966.



We would like to thank the Kenyan community for your continued support that you have given Ayub Njoroge’s family after the passing of the beloved son David Githiiyu as a result of bullying at Robert Lee high school where he was a sophomore.

·      We have created a website which is http://www.davidgithiiyu.org where we have posted David’s story. Please spread the word to all your friends on Face book, etc

·      We still have not raised enough money to cover the funeral expenses and we are short by $2, 000. Please email the above website link to all your friends and relatives and ask them to contribute if possible. On the website, they should be able to make an online donation and we are even accepting any Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc

·      We will be meeting today Tuesday, January 18 at Njoroge’s house for our final prayer meeting. The house address is 2461 Sharon Lake Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32210

·      Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 19, is when we will have the Wake or the body viewing at the funeral home’s chapel. We are asking all Kenyans to come and give the family your support at the Wake and we will be meeting at the funeral home at 5pm tomorrow. The address to the funeral home is as follows: C.L. Page Mortuary, 3031 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, FL 32209

·      The burial ceremony is planned for Thursday, January 20 and the program is as follows:

11am – We invite you to join the family at the funeral home at to pick up the body

Noon – Procession departs from the funeral home on Moncrief Road for Church.

12.30pm – Arrival at church which is First Coast Baptist Church, 7587 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 where the ceremony will be conducted by Pastor Richard Edwards.

12.45pm – Everyone to be seated for service to begin.

2pm –End of service.

2.05pm – Procession leaves the church to go to the cemetery which at Jacksonville Memorial Gardens on 111 Blanding Blvd. Orange Park, FL 32073.

2.30pm – Procession arrives at cemetery.

3.30pm – Vote of Thanks marks end of burial ceremony.

For any question or for more information, please call Martin Kabaki at 904 236 9966.


17 Responses to “A 15 year old Kenyan boy commits suicide in Florida”

  1. TONYA said


  2. chiquakia said

    David will be loved and miss dearly

    • Janek said

      This is a very sad story indeed I cannot imagine what the parents must be going through.May God give them the courage to endure.No child is supposed to predecease the parents.God rest his soul in eternal peace.

  3. timeforchange2011 said

    Wow how sad, just to show how things would have been different had he got there in time.. Listen Kenyans’ stop this mentality if African time, this is the first world, we don’t wait for slackers.. Show up on time, and yoou might just get the prize! I assure you, i feel sorry about the situation and may his soul rest in eternal peace, but this would have been avoided had he shown up on time…

  4. RS said

    May God give you peace as only He can give to help you through this storm. May He give divine strength to face this painful season with hope.

    People commit suicide NOT because they want to kill themselves, rather they want to end their pain. PLEASE look for the true source of your brother’s pain — NOT at the school bus.

    I understand your pain b/c I have lost a loved one to suicide too. While you may be young, you are still old enough to understand how important it is to accept the truth and the reality of this situation. Your brother did NOT committ suicide cos he was left by a bus to some trip. Please start by ACCEPTING that simple truth. No matter how devastating it was for your brother to be left by the bus, it was not the root cause of his action. I beg you and your family to be very honest with yourselves and rather than focus on this incident, dig into his life and look for warning signs that you may have missed that indicate he may have had ongoing issues. They may be subtle but the warning signs were there. His response to missing a trip is shocking only if you believe that is the reason he killed himself. Ask yourself – is killing oneself over a missed trip a normal response? Dig deeper and you will find out the truth. This truth will set you all free to heal. Shifting blame to the school is really illogical because you are not even taking responsibility for the fact that you were late — the real reason he didn’t make the trip. And even that is not why he killed himself either. It may be easier to shift blame around because it is too painful to even think that your loved one was in so much pain that they chose to end their pain permanently by killing themselves. While their pain is permanently over, those they leave behind continue to die 1000 deaths every day!

  5. mwangi said

    There is more to this story than being late for a school bus to go visit a university. What is it?

  6. matt said

    god i just found out about this today i cant belive this i went to school with david last year and played xbox with him. he was a good guy and a great friend i will miss u david! R.I.P.

  7. Glenda said

    May God Keep you in his loving arms in this your hour of need. May your son’s soul fine peace.

  8. Palm Pilot Aluoch said

    This is heartbreakingly sad and tragic, i cannot even begin to imagine the pain his family is in. I hope they find peace and serenity. RIP David.

  9. c.corey said

    how dare you say something like that,just pray for them and leave the negative bull too yourself

  10. becky said

    to this A.K.A. timeforchange2011


  11. Gloria said

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family; It’s really sad to see such a bright star’s life cut short. I can’t imagaine what your family is going through. R.I.P David.

  12. Murakaru Anne said

    the story about the 15 year old boy has really touched my heart.i think it is good that the sister wrote the letter because i believe many will learn from it.

  13. Adriana said

    I knew david we used to go to the same middle school he was in eighth grade at kirby smith middle school when I was in the sixth grade he was a great funny nice loyal friend. I am really sad he ended his life i would never expected him out of all the people I know to commit suicide he was a great person I will never forget him.

  14. Adriana said

    God bless his whole family I wish the best for them all.

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