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Eric Wainaina Wants DNA Test On Valerie Kimani’s Son

Posted by Administrator on January 22, 2011

Married Boy meets single girl, they star in a hit musical, they have an affair, girl gets pregnant, boy dumps girl and now boy is demanding paternity test.

According to the ‘Weekend Star’, singer Eric Wainaina has moved to court to try and force Valerie Kimani to conduct a DNA test on the baby boy believed to have been fathered after the two had an affair.
Wainaina is also accusing Valerie of trying to obtain mileage for her career by associating with him with the child.
The paper reported that Wainaina filed the suit on Wednesday at the High court in Nairobi. The suit says Valerie has unreasonably turned down multiple requests made by Wainaina for a paternity test to be conducted.
He wants the court to order Valerie to submit the baby for a test at Pathcare Ltd within a set time and if she refuses, he wants her to be ordered to take the child to director of Children’s Services who can then take him to Pathcare.
He wants the paternity test before assuming his parental responsibility obligations as set out in the Children’s Act.
“In the event that the paternity test confirms that I am the biological father of the child, I am ready and willing to assume parental responsibility over the child as provided for under the Children’s Act,” says Wainaina.
A meeting to resolve the problem was convened in August 2010 to discuss the issue of upkeep and parental responsibility and in attendance were Wainaina, his wife Sheba, Valerie, her parents and a pastor from Valerie’s church but they failed to resolve the matter.

Source:  http://www.izvipi.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=246:eric-wainaina-wants-dna-test-on-valerie-kimanis-son&catid=35:c-profiles&Itemid=27


12 Responses to “Eric Wainaina Wants DNA Test On Valerie Kimani’s Son”

  1. pennie said

    Drama tupu!

  2. mwangi said

    sasa bana when shall these dramas cease! surely is there nothing more going on in kenya but bed rooms affairs! tsshkkk

  3. Tom Lovi said

    Eric you went to SAINTS. This is NOT what you were taught. Be a man. Take responsibility. Do right by you SON. And dont air it for the wHOLE world.

  4. wambui said

    Eric hope if the DNA prove you are the father of the young man you are going to assume your responsibilities or else you pay child support. Do they back date child support in kenya?

  5. Soitotok said

    See this is the reason I love Kenyan mamasin Kenya. Instead of Eric’s wive bringing drama she goes with mzee to fight..sio kama wanawake wa USA ..akina pennie…

  6. sam said

    kama Eric ulikula sweety bila karatasi, lipa! Lakini ukisema ilitumia condoms, basi you have a case. Lmao! eti ” in attendance were Wainaina, his wife Sheba”!!! Kama ni mimi ningepigwa na manyundo kichwa kama zile za Maiyo!

  7. shiro maina said

    if u laid dwn own up en quit acting stupid wat u gonna do if its uas???

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