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Kenyan woman passes away in Dallas-In memory of Linda Brenda Maloba

Posted by Administrator on January 25, 2011

The Late Linda Maloba Nyakundi who passed away on Saturday January 22nd, 2010 at the Medical City of Dallas after suffering form a heart attack.

The Late Linda Maloba Nyakundi who passed away on Saturday January 22nd, 2010 at the Medical City of Dallas after suffering form a heart attack.

By Antony Karanja- Jambonewspot.com

A Kenyan lady has passed away in Dallas. Linda Brenda Maloba passed away on Saturday January 22nd at the Medical City of Dallas after suffering from health complications.

According to a relative, Lydia Nyakundi who spoke to Jambonewspot.com, 30 year old Linda who was pregnant and due to have her first baby on January 20th was admitted at the Medical City of Dallas on Monday January 17th.

 She delivered a healthy baby girl Brianna Nyambeki Nyakundi on Tuesday January 18th.

Linda stayed in hospital until she was discharged and put on blood pressure medication on Saturday January 22nd.

Linda however started feeling unwell a few hours after her discharge and when she got worse the paramedics were called in where they attended to her before taking her to Medical City of Dallas.

It was at the hospital that she passed away.

Linda leaves behind  her one week old daughter Breanna Nyambeki Nyakundi.

The deceased was the daughter of the late Dr. Charles Dickens Maloba (Died August 2006) & Mary Kegehi Redemptar Maloba of London, UK, a loving sister to:

Elvis Presley Simiyu (Brother) of Kenya.

Evans Bradley Khaemba (Brother) of Dallas, TX,

Sheillah Maloba (Sister) of Dallas, TX.

Family & friends are meeting daily at 9821 Summerwood Circle # 1724, Dallas,TX 75243, while the selected commitee members are meeting at 9637 Forest Lane #1314, Dallas TX 75243 from 7.30 pm.

We kindly seek financial support, moral support and your prayers for the family. A special funds bank account has been set up and those who would like to make contributions towards Linda’s medical and funeral expenses and also to help with the upkeep of little Brianna can do so at:



Account #: 957399736

For more details on the funeral arrangments feel free to contact the folowing:

Alice Makori: 214-854-8170,
Herbert Nyakundi 469-288-8391,
Evans Bradley: 214-604-3185,
Sheillah Maloba: 214-859-3654,
Lydiah Nyakundi: 214-287-1571,
Vincent Tongi: 214-476-8969,
Silas Momanyi: 469-231-5185,
Fred Adogo: 469 -867-2248,
Al Frederick: 469-767-7822,
James Onkangi: 972-836-3600,
Pastor Omwenga: 469-789-6578,
Lameck Siika: 214-929-5833,
Charles Opore: 972-921-3597.

May the Almight God rest Linda’s soul in eternal peace


17 Responses to “Kenyan woman passes away in Dallas-In memory of Linda Brenda Maloba”

  1. Kipkirui Chepkwony said

    Family of Lydia, pole sana. it such a huge tragedy especially after being released from hospital only to meet the sudden change of events later. I have the rest of the family in my prayers and will pray for Baby Brianna that God will nurture and take care of her and God will give strength to the family in this time of need. Poleni sana sana.

  2. dano said

    pole sana familia ya Lydia,May the Almighty Father give you courage and peace that surpasses all human understanding during this tough moment.RIP Lydia.

  3. Wangeci said

    What a tragedy may God rest your soul in peace and may your little one get to grow being taken care of by our creator.

  4. kariuki said

    May God rest her soul in eternal peace, may he give the rest of her family peace and strength thro these trying times.Poleni sana.

  5. Fred Mageto said

    I regret the demise of Linda maloba.May God confort the family

  6. Mak'Odinga said

    R.I.P Linda. May the good Lord give your family and little Brianna the strength to overcome this loss.

  7. wambui said

    Just heard about Linda. May our dear lord comfort the family and give them peace and courage to face the future and to nature the little girl who has been left behind. To the entire family abroad and kenya may you all take heart and be still God is in-charge.

  8. mwangi said

    Ohh dear, RIP. Atleast there is baby Brianna to always remind the family of their lovely daughter. God bless.

  9. Cherono said

    Poleni sana the family of Linda. May the almighty God grant you peace and streght during this very trying moment.

  10. joan kiconco said

    Linda some of us who worked with you,new you as someone who was so sweet but am sure we didnt love you more than God he takes his own he loves, as a christian i know you are in a better place.to the family may God strengthen you during this time of grief and may he give you courage as you raise up Brianna.Linda may your soul rest in eternal peace.

  11. Stanley kapten said

    I am simply writing to send my condolences to the family for the untimely departure of our sister. Though we have not met, we feel for you encounter this difficult task and encounter. We will pray for you, and with you. Pray for strength.

    Stanley Kapten

  12. Kimotho said

    LINDA,thanks for the time we all shared with you. R.I.P still we meet again. GOD GIVES AND ALSO GETS ,LET HIS NAME BE PLEASED FOR LEAVER AND EVER AMEN . To the family may God strengthen you during this time of grief and may he give you courage as you raise up Brianna.

  13. JR NGANGA said

    On behalf of my staff and I, we would like to send a heart-full and sincere condolence to the family of Linda. It is this time of grief that my staff and I find it within our profession to be of comfort and support in anyway possible. Even though Linda has gone to a better place, there is a vacuum that exists and will only be healed by time and the understanding that God does not make mistakes.
    We would like to thank you for entrusting us with your loved one. We pray that we will do our best to lessen the burden that you now bear. Please do not hesitate to call us for any request or need that you may bear. May God rest her soul in eternal peace.
    jr nganga

  14. Edith Muduya said

    Pole sana Linda, but one thing I know god has plans foer everybody. god will cerstaine that little girl Brianna and your family.The Gap you live it is only God that will fill it. We are praying for you especially this time of deep sorrow.

  15. J. Hinga said

    Please accept my condolences. This seems to be a death caused by POST-PARTUM ECLAMPSIA. This should have been treated with 1. Magnesium Sulfate IV, Blood Pressure Medication and Anti-seizure medication STAT. If the post-mortem indicates that this was not done, and all they gave was clonidine or some other B/P medication; I suggest the family contact a Lawyer. Linda was too young to under the circumstances!!!

  16. correction said

    January 22nd, 2010 should be 2011

  17. Ben Koskei said

    Pole sana to family and friends of Linda. May peace that surpasses human understanding be with you.

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