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Kenyan woman in Wichita KS in critical condition after being attacked with a hammer

Posted by Administrator on January 26, 2011

UPDATE: We have now been able to confirm that Elizabeth Kogo and Gideon Maiyo had applied for a marriage licence in April 2010 in Wichita, KS. We have also been able to confirm that Gideon Maiyo was arrested on the night of 01/23/2011 and booked at around 12.49 am on 01/24/2011. He is being charged with ATTEMPTED 1ST DEGREE MURDER.




WICHITA — A 29-year-old Kenyan woman identified as Elizabeth Kogo was in “very critical condition” this morning after being struck repeatedly with a hammer, and a man described as her boyfriend or husband has been arrested after his car crashed on the Kansas Turnpike, police said.

Elizabeth Kogo also is an alleged victim and he is the defendant in a pending misdemeanor battery case stemming from an incident late last year in which he had been arrested, Wichita police Lt. Ken Landwehr said.

The woman was cooperating with police in the previous case but asked that no restraining order be issued against the man, said Landwehr, the homicide unit commander.

The man, 29, is being held in the Sedgwick County Jail on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, Landwehr said. The investigation will be presented to prosecutors this week.

The woman and the man  have been in Wichita since 2008, Landwehr said. The woman has a child who is not living in the United States.

Police were not releasing her name (now released) because her relatives had not been notified of her injuries. Apparently, none of her family lives in the United States.

A little before 7 p.m. Sunday, police responded to a neighbor’s report of a disturbance between two people at an apartment in the 8100 block of East Harry. Officers found the woman with severe head injuries. It appears she had been struck multiple times with a hammer, Landwehr said.

An EMS crew took her to Wesley Medical Center, where she is in “very critical condition” and unresponsive, he said.

The boyfriend or husband left in a vehicle that crashed on the Kansas Turnpike, and the Kansas High Patrol arrested the man after he was reported to be running between vehicles on the highway some distance from the one-car crash.

According an earlier report, the man was arrested just before 8 p.m. Sunday by Kansas Highway Patrol troopers near 127th Street East and the Kansas Turnpike.
Read more: http://www.kansas.com/2011/01/24/1688599/wichita-woman-in-very-critical.html#ixzz1C9cxBbCU




36 Responses to “Kenyan woman in Wichita KS in critical condition after being attacked with a hammer”

  1. leo said

    Pole elizabeth na quick recovery.Dont forget the restraining order this time.It could save your life.This kago guy must be insane for whatever reason and he is dangerous to all.How do you hit someboby with a hummer in the head several times?

  2. jamo. said

    I googled this animal up at Sedgwick County Jail public inmate search and he goes by the name MAIYO , GIDEON K, 29yrs old ,Black,attempted 1st degree murder and his bond was set at$100k.

  3. mwangi said

    Oh dear, another kenyan man who thinks violence will get him anywhere in a civilized society! did you know how many years they will throw at him! shenzi type! if you cannot change then why evenleave kenya! just stay huko in the village! pole liz hope you get outta coma and we hear your side! gal at 29!! sheesshh pole sana!

    • Cherono said

      I don’t think he belongs to the village either, he is a danger to the society. He needs to be released to the wild!

  4. Cherono said

    Pole sana Elizabeth, I know you will pull through my dear. He did not even realize that you loved him so much that you did not press restraining orders on him. He took advantage of that opportunity and wanted to finish you up. May God heal you for the sake of your child and for us not to have another statistic. I am praying for you dear. To Gideon, may God alone deal with you accordingly…my human side says may you rot in hell…shattering this lady’s head with a hammer…you got no human feelings at all.

  5. Ken Houston said


  6. Ken Houston said


  7. Soitotok said

    I wonder if he was hammering a point?

    • Palm Pilot Aluoch said

      Very tasteless of you. Perhaps he should have “hammered” that point into your thick skull instead of battering the poor girl?

  8. pennie said

    this is wot happens when u let them violent fools get away with it. @ least she knew wot he was capable off. wot if it had happened to some other woman who had no idea of his histor? I say it’s time to run when the name-calling begins…don’t even wait for the beating! heish! they applied for a marriage certificate after a previous domestic assault? UNBELIEVABLE!

  9. sam said

    Why didnt she ask for the restraining orders the last time? But really hitting one with a hammer is beastly! How mad was this Maiyo man? But again, its only 2 of them who were involved and we dont know what happened before the attack

  10. Felix Barmasai said

    I know this girl very well. she is from my village of Kipsimo in Nandi District,Kenya. She had been married to a old German guy in Germany but she ran away citing abuse by the man who was 44 years her senior. She obtained a green card to US and coincidentally met this animal called Gideon Maiyo….pole Cheruto

    • Palm Pilot Aluoch said

      Wow, why don’t you air all her dirty laundry while you are on a roll? she is in ICU critically injured & barely alive and the best you can do is reveal her private business?. Have some decency, say you know her well and leave it at that..damn ! Ama you are Gideon Maiyo’s cuz/bro/ho trying to tarnish her image?

      • cheptabkoret said

        Felix Barmasai… you and Gideon are one and the same. He started by hitting her with a hammer and your words are doing the exactly same thing- you continue to batter her with your shameless display, moreso at a time when she needs support the most. So ihope you feel better for posting what you did, and hopefully your lame “pole cheruto” brings her closer to recovery. You and Gideon are a shame to the Kalenjin community… obet kapisa!

        The Kogo family, i may not know you but i cry and pray for strength at this very difficult time. No one should have to go through what your daughter is going through, NO ONE!

      • bea said

        You palm pilot are a person of class…..thank you for pointing it out….Kenyans talk too much

    • Cherono said

      hiyo detaile info’ was uncalled for…not necessary!

    • Chelimo said

      Jesus Christ Felix,do you have a heart??may the beast ROT IN JAIL!!I hope those prisoners deal with you accordingly you never do that to a human being!!

    • Marie said

      Felix, who asked for the background info about Liz?? Are u any wiser than that maiyo guy????my gudness!

    • Mary said

      So what!!! fck… could u just be fair enough and keep someones private life private… ama u r related to that animal in jail.. are cousins.. did cheru tell u to preach her life on the web.. shame on you a thousand times… unaaibisha kipsimo… kialen Saptos biik but u are one who is lost… Hope we never meet Pole liz… think even liz would say u should take you pole back… Crazy Biatch !!!!!!!

  11. maurice said

    o once met cheruto in prague while still residing in Germany, oh my god, wish u quick recovery.Dr.Kirui MD.

  12. Isaac Kip said

    @while the details given by Barmasai above are too much, it is worthy noting that she had a history of abuse by wild animals who call themselves men. Cheruto knows how much i personally feel for her. This Al Capone Carlos the Jackal Wanugu Maiyo should be castrated, taken to a hole in the amazon and tied in there for the anaconda to do the rest. what’s with people these days??? and especially Kenyan men.Is it financial crisis or some previously recessive gene coming out?? Pole Cheruto..pole sana…And as Dr Kirui said, we wish you quick recovery.We wanna see you in Prague soon….

    • MkenyaUjeru said

      Kip, true sana! wats with some men? r we so desperate that we deal with our loved ones in such a way? ITS SO SAD, sad just sad!

  13. Chelimo said

    Quick recovery Cheruto,I know your family from my old days in Chepterit girls..pole sana

  14. Lost for Words said

    Am a Kenyan who lives in Wichita, KS. Unfortunately i dont know Eliza, but was still very saddened by the terrible news. Actually, sad doesn’t even cover what i feel. I had planned to go visit her at the hospital, but they started restricting visitors to only family and close friends but my prayers are still with her. Yesterday, i heard from a friend that she was making progress…that’s good news. I know it’s going to be a tough road to recovery with extensive rehabilitation, but God will see her through it and also with the love and support from family, friends and strangers, she will make it. Eliza, i continue to pray for you, your son, your whole family, and your friends that you all may continue being strong and let God take the lead. Am very sorry for what you are going through Liz….this shouldn’t happen to anyone. Be blessed.

    • LK said

      Thanks for letting us know she is improving. I don’t know her but my prayers are with her, and have been wondering how she is fairing. God keep her in the palm of His hand.

    • Cherono said

      Thanks for that information. May God continue to minister to her in her recovery bed.

  15. chumo said

    cheruto nothing to say but,God be with you.

  16. molly said

    pole sana

  17. carren chepkirui said

    pole cheru, i know our heavenly father will work miracles.am always with u in prayers. Quick recovery.

  18. pole sana liz,wish u quick recovery.

  19. concerned said

    i don’t know but my heart goes out to her.whoever knows how she’s doing let us know,i personal think about her everyday pray for her let me know how she’s responding to treatment.

  20. nya said

    My God wat a twisted turn out of what our brothers who still live in stonage r capable of. Y not pick up someone ur own strength n try on him wat u did to a woman of substance. N u run away like a sissy? Not man enuf to own up? My God u r a symbol of a coward, n sori self made bonehead typical woman hitter who cant stand a woman who has a brain, they shuld let u get taste of ur own medicine nuthead! Am beyond pist bt Pls women run as fast as u can when u notice a guy who is violent i tell u they cant stop once they start, pls dont let us have to write more abt this.

    Get well u r in good hands. B blest.

  21. Mary said

    grow up people.. check on what u write..

  22. mother****** said

    this man Giddy is an idiot, he thought going to US ni mambo yote.
    kwanza alinidharau na kusema mimi ni fala bado naishi kenya sasa from police cell to jail from jail JKIA then Kenyan police will be waiting for him wamrushe cell chafu then rudi hom bila any tuhustle pamoja. lmfao

  23. Cosmas said

    I knew Eliza back from the old primary days where we used to school with her two sisters and brother and her mom was a teacher there. Eliza was one the coolest girls in school, clean as a fiddle and no drama whatsoever. Now this…! Was almost in tears as I read through this. My prayers and heartfelt wishes with you Liz, may God pull you through. Am to the family, may you give you strength.

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