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Man charged with attempted murder in hammer attack

Posted by Administrator on January 26, 2011

Gideon Kibiwott Maiyo, 29, appeared before a judge charged with attempted murder of Elizabeth Cherito Kogo,29, in Wichita over the weekend.

Gideon Kibiwott Maiyo, 29, appeared before a judge charged with attempted murder of Elizabeth Cheruto Kogo,29, in Wichita over the weekend.

WICHITA — A man who police say nearly killed a woman early this week by repeatedly striking her in the head with a hammer was charged this afternoon with attempted first-degree murder.

Gideon K. Maiyo, 29, is accused of beating Elizabeth Kogo, 29, in an apartment in the 8100 block of East Harry on Sunday night.

She was taken by ambulance to Wesley Medical Center, where she remained in critical condition today.

Police said Maiyo left the apartment after the beating but was arrested after crashing his vehicle on the Kansas Turnpike.

Police said Maiyo and Kogo are Kenyan nationals who have been in Wichita since 2008.

Police said Maiyo is the defendant in a pending misdemeanor battery case stemming from an incident that occurred late last year. Kogo was the alleged victim in the case.

Police said Kogo was cooperating with them in the battery case but asked that no restraining order be issued against Maiyo.

District Judge Warren Wilbert set Maiyo’s bond at $100,000 and scheduled a Feb. 9 preliminary hearing. The Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent him.

Read more: http://www.kansas.com/2011/01/26/1692542/man-charged-with-attempted-murder.html#ixzz1CCZkJaiA


One month ago on his HI5 profile, he wrote “I LOVE YOU LIZ”

Gideon Maiyo posing at the entrance of Wichita State University-Photo from his Graduates.com profile

Gideon Maiyo posing at the entrance of Wichita State University-Photo from his Graduates.com profile

Gideon Maiyo -Photo from his HI5 profile page

Gideon Maiyo -Photo from his HI5 profile page


HIS HI5 PROFILE http://hi5.com/friend/p249907064–Gideon_Maiyo–html


24 Responses to “Man charged with attempted murder in hammer attack”

  1. pennie said

    he looks crazy n un proportional. wot’s with his posture in the 2nd pic?

  2. leo said

    Does this fool got Tubercloses or is too much tequila in his system.something is terribly wrong and the 2nd posture say it all.Stupid hunchback.

  3. irene said

    Stupidity!!!!He should be locked in jail for ever .Hata ninge suggest afinywe kengele zake ili asiweze kuzaa watoto nikihofia watachukua DNA zake na kusumbua watu .

  4. Ukweli said

    Lots of Kenyans are coming from cursed and haunted families. And the curses follow them abroad. A rational person will not hit another with a hammer

  5. mwangi said

    Haya basi, asiye funzwa na mamake ……………

  6. kariuki said

    May he rot in jail,ho kud he?

  7. Barmasai Felix said

    I know the girl…she is from my village Kipsimo in Nandi….this animal must be hanged. he cheated this girl out of a desperate situation in Germany…pole to mama ya msichana..such a lovely family

  8. pennie said

    imma telling u…it doesn’t hurt to be single.

    • steve said

      pennie you can do well without men

      • pennie said

        steve, it goes both ways. no man/woman needs to be in an abusive relationship.

      • Ukweli said

        Every Woman Needs A Man,,,,,,,,,to ‘provide’ for her.

      • leo said

        Ukweli! bona unaongea uwongo?catch up with the rest.

      • Hannah said

        “Provisions” my fn a**!!!! (Excuse my language) We all landed on this planet as unique stand alone individuals. And besides what type of provision is a hammer in the skull fulfilling?

      • pennie said

        @ Ukweli…u liar! a man to provide for me wot? pure sadness? i can do bad by myself…don’t need help from anyone. Leo, wot side r u on? u said p’ple shld walk away from relationships like this earlier on – make up ur mind. @ Ukweli….u’r one lost lamb. If ur female n can’t do without a man then u deserve wot comes ur way. If ur a man thinking women need to rely on u…then ur confused! enough said!

      • leo said

        pennie,leo never flip flap you must be confusing leo with another blogger. I’m on liz side and to hell with maiyo. Get well soon liz.

      • Pennie said

        @ Leo. excitement got over me. pole, mixed ur note with Ukweli’s. Peace.

  9. samantha said

    he should be locked up and never see daylight agine that was wronge and i belive that the key should be thrown away god bless his soul cuz he will one day have to answer to him

  10. mommafran said

    This whole situation has bothered me alot. What makes it even harder is that the girl has been abused before but did not know how to get away. I am by no means making excuses for anyone but this country is very tuff and without proper resources people do alot of damage to each other and to themselves. These two young lives are basically over. And for what? being in America. Lord help us all.

    P.S I agree he looks kind of pathetic and does deserve to be severely punished.

    • Barmasai Felix said

      @Mommafran…It is tragic.This lady is my neighbor in Nandi. She had been abused before by a German man…and she ran away to Maiyo thinking that she will be safe.She was dead wrong because she was running into a hole with a big snake…fuck this animal Maiyo.I hope he dies in prison after being sodomized by The Bloods and Crisps gang…

  11. Hannah said

    Iliwe funzo kwake na wengineo wote! They should add a few strokes of the cane (scartch that, i meant hammer) to the head! Bure Kabisa!

  12. MkenyaUjeru said

    Ok, am so glad 2 be single! Huyu mtu anawazimu? my God, Liz was so ok wen she was here……justice do us mercy! he needs that time out to recover from his deadly thoughts!
    God help Liz n the kid, this so wierd! No man or woman has a right of doing such!

  13. maria said

    You can see that something is wrong with this guy. Was that the best picture he could find. Whoever said love is blind was very right.

  14. Emmy said

    Good thing this fool was in the US where he is held accountable… only problem is that he dreamt he was still in Kenya where he could talk to “somebody” he knows, and actually get away with it! He will meet the hardcores in the American jail system and he will make one of them a very good b***! lol… then he will know and understand perfectly the pain of being somebody’s mat. May he rot in jail and well wishes to the young lady he brutalized and her family. savages!

  15. opinion said

    The previous battery charge he had shows clearly he was an abusive person It very obvious to see this man has underlying issues that were not dealt with maybe a tramatic childhood could be one of them,drugs, achohol or maybe altered mental status. Killer were not born killers something happened am urging the kenyan society to pay attention to abusers pattern and learn to recognize then amongs ourselves and most of all the abused party always send them to councelling ASAP its free of charge to anyone anytime from anywhere in the usa.To both families torn apart by this incident i hope they get help from friends physchologist,councollers,social workers and well wishers and most of all draw there strenght from the most high.Very tragic incident

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