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Wichita woman found unresponsive with hammer lodged in her skull

Posted by Administrator on January 26, 2011

UPDATE: We have now been able to confirm that Elizabeth Kogo and Gideon Maiyo had applied for a marriage licence in April 2010 in Wichita, KS. We have also been able to confirm that Gideon Maiyo was arrested on the night of 01/23/2011 and booked at around 12.49 am on 01/24/2011. He is being charged with ATTEMPTED 1ST DEGREE MURDER.


Love should never, ever hurt this bad.

In a disturbing story out of Wichita, a neighbor called the police Sunday to report a loud disturbance at a nearby apartment, according to KSN. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a 29-year-old Kenyan woman with severe head trauma from being struck repeatedly with the claw end of a hammer. The hammer was still lodged in her skull.
Police say the suspect, who is also a Kenyan national and either the woman’s boyfriend or husband, had taken his car and fled by the time police got to the apartment. He crashed into a median on the Kansas Turnpike and was found running in between vehicles before being arrested by the Highway Patrol.

The woman is unresponsive and in “very critical condition,” say police.

This isn’t the first case in which the woman and man have been named as victim and defendant, respectively. A domestic-violence case in September is still pending. Sadly, the police department said the woman specifically requested that the man not be issued a restraining order.
The man faces charges of attempted first-degree murder for bludgeoning his lover with a hammer. Maybe it’s time for that restraining order — and if the accusations are true, a hell of a lot more than that.

 Source: http://blogs.pitch.com/plog/2011/01/wichita_woman_unresponsive_aft_1.php


12 Responses to “Wichita woman found unresponsive with hammer lodged in her skull”

  1. pennie said

    life in prison mara hii pap!

    • Soitotok said

      Pennie you do not even know all there is to know about this case..

      • pennie said

        i know enough not to hit someone in the head with a hammer!

      • mwangi said

        Soitotok are you trying to say that there is story that CAN justify logging an hammer in someones skull? Unless you are from another planet, hammers are for nails and “BOB THE BUILDER” kinda occupation! Tssskkkk!!!

      • Hannah said

        Soitotk, No further facts are needed, a hammer still lodged in ones head days after the incident is self explanatory. Your response is equally disturbing to say the least!

  2. nj_passe said

    soitotok- in response to your response to pennie, what is there to know? there’s a victim and an assailant! it seems pretty straightforward. ama?

    lakini, if you have the inside story, let’s hear it!

  3. Sam said

    Come on guys. pple like soitotok drive me nuts. Ati there’s a story to everything! Ok, so whats the story behind the dude using a hammer to hit Liz??? When u take a hammer, gun or golf club to hit a woman, i really don’t think there is a story!!!! When u try to kill someone who is not a thief(who breaks into your hse), then there is no story. Zero tolerance is the word here. DO not lay your hards on a woman or man just to prove a point. U will end up in jail! And whats up with all this violence affecting Kenyans in the diaspora. We need help here. Its time we get back to our humble upbringing and shun violence. Pole to Liz and hope she recovers soon.

    To Kenyan Men: When your relationships turn sour,proudly walk away. Lets not turn into pple like Loughner!! There are many women out there.
    FYI: This does not necessarily apply to the incident above.

  4. Tag said

    When assailants like this should be send to maximum security detention like Guantanamo Bay. Kenya parents: Train your children to accept challenge. Mwenda kama huyu hajainyimwa anything in life.

  5. Isaac Kip said

    I want to know if US and Kenya have a extradition agreements. This guy could get a very good mob justice in Kenya….This boy is an absolute disgrace. What would you do when you have a cobra in your compound?? KILL IT!…this man is a cobra

  6. Susan k said

    Akatwe makende mbwa ya mtu huyu!!!How can he hit someone with a hammer nyangau hii??? I wish he was in Kenya, trust you me ni tire tuu hakuna story mob. Hata kama he was on dragz or watever. Wacha apige wall. Stupid fellow!!

  7. johnson kemei said

    He is still innocent yet no judgement as been made

    • leo said

      Gideon is Guilty as hell.He almost killed more people with his vehicle while trying to escape from the crime scene.Hey kimei,wake up.

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