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Kenyan woman seeks help after accident decapacitates both of her legs

Posted by Administrator on February 25, 2011

A Kenyan woman is seeking help to offset her high medical expenses which she has incurred after being admitted at the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa. Beatrice Adhiambo Okoth was run over by a train on January 29th, 2011 and she lost both of her legs.

The train run over her as she was walking on the train tracks at the Kilindini port. People tried to warn her but all in vain as she was wearing headphones listening to her music as she walked along.

She is the sole breadwinner in her family and the family is requesting for help in getting her through this very difficult moment. If you would like to help, you can do so through:

Bank Name: National Bank

Account number: 0124509219900

Account name: Beatrice Adhiambo Okoth

You can also help through MPESA  0701 139 357

To view photos of Beatrice after the accident (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH) click here


One Response to “Kenyan woman seeks help after accident decapacitates both of her legs”

  1. Godfrey said

    What a tragedy. Several questions come to mind:
    – Why didn’t the train driver stop? Contrary to popular belief about trains needing a long distance to stop, modern trains can stop surprisingly quickly. In a port area, you don’t expect a train to move around at high speed anyway.

    – What is someone in civilian clothes doing within a port area WITH HEADPHONES ON and LISTENING TO MUSIC? A port area is an industrial zone and accidents can happen. This is not to blame the victim though, but the port’s management should learn from this.

    Life can be fragile. One minute, you are minding your own business, making all kinds of plans. The next minute, your life changes in a very drastic way.

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