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Kenyans in US to hold demo against ICC plan

Posted by Administrator on March 7, 2011

‘‘We’ll push for a veto of the motion seeking to delay justice for post-election violence victims,” Daphne Ogega, demo organiser

‘‘We’ll push for a veto of the motion seeking to delay justice for post-election violence victims,” Daphne Ogega, demo organiser

Kenyans in America plan to protest outside the UN offices in New York against the campaign to defer the country’s post-election violence cases.

The demonstrations will be staged at a time Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka will be meeting UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday in a bid to convince him to support the deferral of the violence cases for a year.

The protesters will express their backing for the speedy conclusion of the cases at The Hague and deposit a petition against the deferral campaign with members of the UN Security Council.

“We’ll push for a veto of the motion seeking to delay justice for post-election violence victims. Kenyans in the diaspora stand with their brothers and sisters in Kenya,” said New Jersey-based Daphne Ogega, one of the organisers.

According to Ms Ogega, a representative of the New Jersey/New York-based “Kenyans for Change” lobby, arrangements are in place to have as many protesters taking part in the today’s demo. They have printed T-shirts for the protest.

On Monday, the group launched a well-received campaign on social websites such as Facebook, appealing to Kenyans in the US to meet at the UN headquarters at 9am on Tuesday (5pm East Africa time) for the protest.

“Our message will be to the UN secretary-general in regards to Mr Musyoka’s propaganda of ICC deferral. We all agree The Hague is the best option for Kenyans The government should not spend taxpayers’ money to shield post-election violence suspects,” she said.

Mr Gathu Francis, said money spent in the campaign should be used to resettle the violence victims.

“I support this move. We want to see the wheels of justice rolling,” said Ms Anyango Poda who plans to attend the protest march.

“We must speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, stand for the helpless, march for the weak and ultimately listen to the many who were inflicted,” added Mr Walter Ogega.

Mr Musyoka is leading a seven-member team of ministers appointed by President Kibaki last week to lobby the UN Security Council members to back its bid for a deferral of the ICC cases.

The VP, is expected to meet Mr Ban today and US officials on Wednesday and return home on Thursday.

Trade minister Chirau Mwakwere is in Bosnia and Lebanon while Agriculture minister Sally Kosgei and East African Community’s Hellen Sambili are headed to Brazil.

The other special envoys are Internal Security minister George Saitoti, Nairobi Metropolitan minister Njeru Githae and Foreign Affairs assistant minister Charles Onyonka.

The Vice-President’s spokesman, Mr Kaplich Barsito, said deferral of ICC cases for a year is needed to give a local judicial process a chance following reforms arising from the new Constitution.

Mr Barsito said the special envoys would argue the ICC process could affect Kenya’s fragile stability.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenyans+in+US+to+hold+demo+against+ICC+plan+/-/1056/1120766/-/12xc9u8z/-/index.html


31 Responses to “Kenyans in US to hold demo against ICC plan”

  1. mkenyaharisi said

    I hope the protestors understand the meaning of neo-colonialism and the effect this has on the future of our dear country. Shame to the people protesting while the pains of fighting for our freedom are not over yet. For the sons and daughters of mau-mau leaders and other nationalistic movements that fought for idependence, we feel the pain of ukoloni mambo leo. Please grow up and read beyond the oppression of the makaburus coming disguised as ‘justice’. look at Egypt and the arab world, why do they need ‘democracy’ now that oil is running out? why should the U.S. ambassador be feeding the youth in kenya to drive reform when this was non-existent during the nyayo era? Shame! shame! and Shame again to you all pro-colonialists and pro-imperialist hiding under the hood of your own ignorance! when shall you grow up?

  2. kmn said

    Ogega or whatever your name is are you a couzin to Raila ama who`s sending you? and by the way can you put it like SOME KENYANS IN NEW JERSEY but not KENYANS IN US, Bure kabisa.

  3. mtambaruka said

    I will be there very early for this demonstration! This has nothing to do with neocolonialism or whatever enemies of justice are calling it, it’s about making sure that PEV victims get the justice that they deserve. It’s about ensuring the Kenyattas and Ruto’s do not hold the poor hostage anymore. We will demonstrate until those six evil bastards are totally nailed.

  4. Kahura said

    As a comment on ‘Mkenyaharisi’ and any other who share the same sentiments; We cannot any more go on shielding our own failures by screaming ‘Ukoloni!’ Ukoloni mambo leo!’ whenever we get scrutinised for our own glaring irregularities. When your neighbour starts behaving erratically and neglects his family and his children start sleeping out in the cold, hungry and naked, do you, as a reasonable neighbour take a seat on the fence and say ‘it’s none of your business’?
    Would Kalonzo be coming to the ‘colonialists’ seeking vague help if Kenya had cleaned up it’s own act in the first place? Why do we still have IDPs in camps? Why do we still have landless Kenyans after 40 something years of ‘independence’? Do not forget we had Kinyata, Moi and now Kibaki- (because you latently seem to be insinuating that your tribesman is being unfairly targeted) none of these implemented any sensible land policy to cater for all Kenyans poor or rich, and that is basically why sensible Kenyans believe The Hague might be the answer to some of the problems plaguing us, especially that of ‘gross impunity’.

  5. Allan PMBKAJ Reng'etee said

    Am in Kenya and support ICC process! There is no neo-colonialism here but a chance to give justice to PEV victims like myself! When i see the six in the dock my heart will rest on getting my way and that of other victims! Say what you want but ICC is the better option!

  6. Wuodi k mbuya said

    Kenyans in USA will be remembered as the most brave men &women for waging a democratic demo against Kenyas VP Musyoka Kalonzo who has become a number One(1)enemy & traitor in the history of our Republic Kenya.
    Has something gone wrong with Musyokas brain(kwani Ametupa Mbau)?are the kenyan IDPS sheeps and goats?
    what about the victims of 2007 post election Violents?
    Is Six named by Ocampo so important that Kenya may go to the dogs defending them?

    shout so high to Kalonzo & his useless delegation of Rubbish &useless envoys!

  7. Wuodi k mbuya said

  8. Kiloma Mkongo said

    While we continue and rightly so to support the process of ICC, I detest to see foreigners and esp the Brits talk about political issues in our motherland. They should firstt accept, apologise and pay for the genocide they carried out in africa and other countries, readdress the issue of land they stole and continue to hold in their colonies and actually the very root cause of these PEV before they teller us a thing about ICC and deferrals. Shame on us that even our media houses seek their opinions, do you see their media houses seeking our representatives opinion about their politics or internal siaisa…mavi ya kuku

  9. wuodi k mbuya said

    This is an answer to mr KilomaMkongo>First you are a very ignorant Person and perhaps a Revisionist>Why should highly educated kenya Elites Keeping on blaming the NBritish colonialist 50 years of African rulership in Kenya ?Should The Republic of South Africa not carry out Political, economical and Social Reforms instead of Keeping blaming (boars) of south Africa?
    Jomo Kenyatta was given alot of (huge) amounts of Money to allow poor African Kenyans to buy white settlers Land in Kenya! Instead Kenyatta snrgrabbed the whole loot and the rest he gave his (kasukus) well politically conneted blind leaders who worshipped Kenyatta like GOD!
    The only Person to challenge Jomo Kenyatta and questioned his wisdom was Kungu Karumba! What happened to Kungu Karumba? What about Bildad Kaggia? please stop being ignorant of Kenyas History!
    By Going on criticising the British colonialism after they granted Kenya UHURU proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Kenyan people lacks brain(Wisdom) (Common-sense) despite their academically acumen!
    The people of Kenya has never experience let alone enjoyed freedom & democracy >Look what is taking place in our beloved Motherland By Ocampo naming (just) 6 most active Pev perpetrators President Kibaki & PNU is ready to Sink Kenya to the dogs Hence the Six Pev Ringleaders are very (Precious) than the lives of over 33 millions of Kenyans!
    Dont you think if kenya carries such a revolution taking place in EGYPT ,Tunisia etc they will arrest Ruto&coy and execute them publicly like what the Talebans did to Traitor NAJIBULA) who served the Soviet Union to occupy & control the Afghanistan!Uhuru/Ruto &coy should face the rule of Law in Hague where they cannot bribe /threaten the ICC judges and Prosecutors!
    Did you expect Kibaki named three to jail Ruto&Coy? Has Kibaki taken to court any Big thief in court/Jail sice he became Kenyas President?
    Please wake up and smel the Coffee(or tea)!

  10. wuodi k mbuya said

    Breaking News
    ICC JUDGES: There are grounds Ocampo Six criminally responsible for Kenya poll violence, all summoned to Hague on April 7. …
    HomeNews News

    ICC judges summon Ocampo Six

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    A picture released on December 15, 2010 by the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) shows the six Kenyans, named on Wednesday by prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, alleged to have masterminded the 2007-08 post-election violence that claimed 1,500 lives. AFP PHOTO / ICC

    By NATION Reporter
    Posted Tuesday, March 8 2011 at 20:40

    International Criminal Court (ICC) judges have summoned the Ocampo Six after finding that there are grounds they are criminally responsible for the post election violence.

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    The suspects, who have come to be referred to as the Ocampo Six, include Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, head of civil service and secretary to the cabinet Francis Muthaura, suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto, suspended Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgei, former Police Commissioner Hussein Ali and radio presenter Julius Sang.

    ICC prosecutor Loius Moreno Ocampo identified them as the most culpable over the violence that rocked Kenya at the end of 2007 and at the beginning of 2008, leaving over 1,300 dead and more than 600,000 homeless.

    More details soon.

  11. mtambaruka said

    I will be OK with the summons to appear, but I wished that ICC would issue warrants of arrests for these devils so that we can start hunting them down. IDPs have scored one already aganist their tormentors.

  12. wuodi k mbuya said


    ICC should move with speed and try Ocampo Six to stop costly shuttle

    Posted 4 hours ago

    On return of the Cabinet Six, led by VP Kalonzo Musyoka, the ICC should move with speed on the Ocampo Six before Kenya hatches…

  13. Kenya namba one said

    I say, Ocampo bring the arrest warrants so that we can hunt these six. If they are innocent, let them tell you. We Kenyans don’t want to know.

    We have lives to live.

    If this 6 go, we still have kina Martha Karua to vie for presidency.

    Ocampo save us from the shuttle diplomacy madness.

  14. kimani kigo said

    mmmmh what`s in the mind of America, they begged kenya to sing a trity with them but kenya didnt, now they are bussy pushing for the ICC process,????????????? come on America whats yah stand?

  15. mwangi said

    Mwathani save Kenya for my grand kids to enjoy one day! Jesu!! thats all i can say! this is getting madder by the day!

  16. wuodi k mbuya said

    Mr Mwangi>where you are living it the brave people of that country that fought and made that country you are enjoying what it is today!
    Do not expect mythical prayers to liberate Kenya!
    United people of Kenya has the Right to make Kenya A Paradise where all tribes can live in Peace Love and in tranguility.But this will not just come byitself .What is taking place in Kenya is the right direction of dealing with Impunity so that the New Constitution can Pass without being delayed and engineered by Mafia .Hence the new draft will liberate Kenya and that is the reasons Kenyan People Voted .
    Think &think again why is there problems in Imprementing the New Draft?Oppen your eyes and see Btw the Two(2) Priniciples who is not faithful to the Kenyan People and who wants to retain the status Quo in Kenya?Kenyans should expect more political wars btw forces of evil & good forces who would like to see a future free &a democratic Kenya?
    Which side are you supporting>Btw Darkness & Light that shines and every human Animals enjoys that Light!

    • mwangi said

      wuodi mbuya my brother you are so out of line i wish your eyes were open……. there is so much more to it than meets the eye……. shalom ndugu 🙂

  17. Pennie said

    all i have to say is that p’ple who think with their eyes don’t think much. other than Mwangi, everyone else sounds so bitter, so how is that gonna solve the problem?

  18. wuodi k mbuya said

    Thaks to these brave Kenyans who left their Jobs /classes to demonstration against a traitor and a hater of Kenyan people by the Name Kalonzo musyoka who has lost his brain ,patriotism &nationalism> On the Other hand Why do you educated and enlightened USAguys never wrote Placards to deliver your clear messanges>the pictures you are holding are accessible in the Internet>Next time in a demo please write placards using Cartons &white papers something that attracts passabys who may stop and read what kind of messanges you are trying to deliver http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenyans+in+US+protest+over+Kalonzo+shuttle++/-/1056/1121636/-/12pp5f/-/index.html

  19. wuodi k mbuya said

    Pennie >The Mau-Mau were a bitter people for being exploited /Raped /jailed/KLilled/and detained /humiliated /neglected/marginalized their fatile Lands taken free of charge by british colonialists> Without being bitter Kenya could not have gained Uhuru!
    The People of Tunisia became bitter that is why they went to demonstrate in big numbers and succeeded in Overthrowing a dictatorship Regime that had oppressed them for the last 30 years!
    Egyptians/Lybians Etc are doing the same hence bitterness, People who cannot be bitter will and cannot free themselves from a tranny.Excuse me Pennie> What makes you bitter >Suppose a mad man suffering from HIV/aids rapes you Wodnt you be bitter &even curse the day you were born!please oppen up & smell the Kiambuu Coffee or Kericho tea!

    • mwangi said

      Wuodi what kind of a person are you? Is rape the only kind of example you can ask Pennie! dear me! in this world of over 6 billion you use rape? Have you ever been raped? Do you know a rape victim male/female? I doubt it! otherwise you would use a better example. Please my brother, let us use this forum for sound sane discussions not emotional out bursts ! It doesnt matter if what Pennies sex is, rape is something you assume or joke about!

    • Pennie said

      r u crazy Wuodi? i just said everyone sounds bitter n asked how that bitterness is going to solve the problem. u r allowed to have ur feelings, just let me know how they play a positive role in this matter. the 6 p’ple accused will pay for their crime if they r found guilty, but experience has taught me not look @ a glass half empty but otherwise half full so quit been angry @ the world, everyone suffered in the PEV, not just u.

  20. sall said

    I strongly feel,if they did the crime,they should surely do the crime too.

  21. sall said

    I f they did the crime ,they should surely do the time too

  22. OMAR said

    The post election violence was a milestone in Kenya’s struggle against tribalism,corruption… among other vices.Should we or should we not involve the ICC in our national reconciliation and healing process? What’s the better option for the country’s national interests?

    • TSHOMBE said

      Omar… you just asked two questions that all these commentators have yet to address.Most of their comments indicate their problem…’MORAL BANKRUPTCY’…period.

  23. kiloma Mkongo said

    Wuodi, you are entitled to your opinion but not your facts.. facts are universal and so quit treating everyone else like dump if they dont share your opinion, address the issue and leave personalities alone, you are bogging this debate down by being personal, your reference to history is very basic and devoid of research power and so i give it the contempt it deserves.. pls reference my comments on the ICC above and notice my support,,,,the fact that you have written the most doesnt make you a prosecutor or instructor to ICC neither do you become the master or professor of atrocities committed against Kenyans.
    Lets all meet at our opinions and nothing else…Aluta continua!!!!!!!!

  24. Mercy Njoki Bergström(sweden) said

    Let THE ICC start with the Ocampo 6!! Kenyans want to know who gave the police the orders to shoot Innocent Kenyans, and who armed the Mungiki’s to go on the rampage to masacre people in Naivasha and Nakuru, Kenyans would like to know who gave the orders for the people to be burned in the kiambaa church?
    85% of Kenyans support the HAGUE SYSTEM.. let it runs it’s course and if there are other murderers out their to be brought in to face justice then so be it.. we are not in delicate times as a country.. the only people who are giving threats to destroy the security and safety of Kenya is KIBAKI/PNU, UHURU/RUTO according to the letter Kibaki sent to the UN and ICC … which indicates a direct THREAT t the citizens of KENYA.

  25. Kahura said

    How I wish the government of Kenya was more sensitive and positively responsive to public opinon…How I wish our leaders would pay more attention to what the section of citizens not supporting them is screaming about! This would lead our country away from the direction it is now headed- that one taken by the Arab autocracies in the Middle East and northern Afrika.
    When powers that be become so drunk with power and start dismissing opposing/dissenting voices with such epithets as ‘mavi ya kuku’ then it is a sign that they need to be retired. When millions of Kenyans support the ICC process as compared with our home-grown justice system, it is a simple ‘guilty and untrustworthy’ sentencing,by a sizeable jury, of our judiciary. All three arms of government should take heed and act accordingly. When millions of Kenyans are faced with probable starvation and rampant homegrown insecurity, hundreds of thousands unemployed, when all we hear are scandals involving millions of shillings and no one is ever arrested let alone tried for them and rumours make rounds that parliamentarians are involved, When they act as if nothing is going on and every mwananchi is enjoying peace and tranquility, then they need to be replaced with a more accountable lot.

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