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Kenyan man faces deportation for leaving children at home unattended

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2011

A Kenyan man living in Suffolk is facing deportation after police allegedly found his 1-year-old and 6-year-old nieces home alone when he was supposed to be caring for them.

Patrick Thuo, 27, was pulled over by police on North Main Street on Monday for allegedly speeding, city spokeswoman Debbie George said. When he was asked for identification, he was unable to produce any, and told the officer he is from Kenya and in the United States on a visa.

The officer sent someone to the residence where the vehicle was registered to attempt to obtain some identification for the man. That’s where the officer found the door open, with the two young girls at the door.

“Investigation revealed these were his nieces, and the mother had left them in the care of him,” George said. “However, he decided to go shoe shopping.”

The man did not tell the officers about the children at home until they confronted him, George added.

Thuo is charged with two counts of child neglect. The federal government has issued a detainer for him, George said, which means he is being held and faces deportation.

George did not know the immigration status of anyone else in the family.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: http://www.wtkr.com/videobeta/a00e289a-3baa-4691-ac1a-10f7d60cab5e/News/Suffolk-police-arrest-man-who-left-1-and-6-year-old-alone

Source: http://www.suffolknewsherald.com/2011/03/09/man-faces-deportation/


8 Responses to “Kenyan man faces deportation for leaving children at home unattended”

  1. Pennie said

    shoe shopping? i hope he doesn’t expect any sympathy from me.

  2. mommafran said

    Oh Sweet Jesus…… the poor guy probably did not understand that in America you cannot leave children alone even for a “quick minute.” Even if he was not shoe shopping it still would have been a big deal especially since he did not tell them about the children and therefore was perceived as a “liar.” The laws in these Western countries are too complicated for some people to comprehend. Poor guy!! I hope that the worst that happens to him is that he sent home instead of having to do hard time in a Federal Prison!!

  3. Namulanda said

    The man should revoke cultural differences. Acheni zenu, si we grew up being left alone. We had no proboz running to the neighbor’s.
    These are the things that we Kenyans can teach this westerners, it is not that everything they preach is good for human kind. This individualism has us getting stripped at the airport kila siku..

    We may come from poor bkgrounds, but tuna UTU.

    hese folks need a lesson in UTU. How to live with others. Lets pray the young man wins. Can we help?

    • Jane said

      Damn,Damn,Damn.Kids should never be left alone whether in Kenya or America I don’t care who does it.They do no have the mental capacity incase something like a fire or anything else.I guess you do not have kids of your own.

      • mommafran said


        No one is saying that kids should be left alone. That should never happen period. What we are saying is that the poor guy probably did not understand that leaving the house for a quick “errand” is leaving the kids alone. Especially since some of us were “left alone”(in Kenya) for hours on end with simple instructions like “Do not touch or sister or brother I will be right back.” I think the poor guy deserves a little compassion and tons of education about American laws but he may not get a chance if he gets deported

  4. Namulanda said

    Unless u were a nut kid, but my mama wud leave me everything I needed, basically snack, levae me on the patio with my games. Or join neighbors friends to play away. I was taught, dont touch that fire, stay away from stove, dont go to bath-tub or try taking shower. Just get out and go plaaaaaayyy. Too much kalongolongo to catch up with. Who had time to be causing problems that needed mental capacity?

    Our mental capacity was winning kati, winning blada jumping and winning tapo (hide and seek).
    I still say, Westerners have no clue on how to live with others, neighbors or simply being human beings.
    Some shiet is going o happen even if the adult is home.

    Let the young man be free. This country allows diversity, why are they forcing us to live like kids run our lives.

    • Jane said

      Namulanda, no need to argue with you.Whatever you choose to do with your kids is not my buisness but I sure would not want to my six and one year old to be left alone.I dont know what the mother of this kids feels.Whatever the US gov decides to do with this young man we Kenyans don’t have a say.The mother should be glad nothing happened to the kids.You don’t need the law to choose right from wrong.Obviously people will do whatever they like so long as they are no caught.I strongly believe part of bieng a parent is taking care of your children and knowing where they are all the time especially when they are young.That is the reason people had housegirls in Kenya otherwise they would just have locked their kids and went to work.Accidents can happen whether a parent is there or not.

      • Uhondo said


        Kenyan or not, you have to respect the rule of law. If you decide to visit or live outside of Kenya, respect the law of your new surroundings wherever that maybe. This is why Kenya is in such shambles. People how have no respect for the law and point fingers anytime accountability and responsibility is brought to right in their faces. Leaving a 6 and 1yr child alone to buy shoes is purely irresponsible. Plain and Simple, in Kenya, US or whatever that maybe. The 6 yr old can go play, what will the year old do? Come on people, be responsible all this gibberish of how Kenya is… then go back to Kenya, where you can drive without a license and leave children without a care.

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