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Ranneberger: I came, I saw and I fell in love with my ‘queen’ and the country

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger embrace Ms Ruth Konchellah. Present at the farewell party were Lands Minister James Orengo Heritage Minister William ole Ntimama and Kisumu West MP Olago-Oluoch. Photos: Evans Habil/Standard

US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger embrace Ms Ruth Konchellah. Present at the farewell party were Lands Minister James Orengo Heritage Minister William ole Ntimama and Kisumu West MP Olago-Oluoch. Photos: Evans Habil/Standard

As US ambassador to Kenya, Michael Edward Ranneberger, flies out of Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Washington this Wednesday, he has one message for Kenyans: “I will be back.”

The outgoing envoy tells Saturday Nation that he fell in love with the East African country for three reasons. The most important — he got a soul mate, Ms Ruth Konchellah, in Kenya, a country he now has a soft spot for and can’t cut links with.

“On a personal level, I have been fortunate to become a king to a certain lady, and she became a queen to me. That, to me, is a very fulfilling experience,” he says.

Although he remains largely non-committal as to when Kenyans would expect something concrete between him and Ms Konchellah, he promises that it would be in due course.

“I will keep everybody posted on that. I don’t want to say much about it at this point. It has been interesting. These things happen. Opportunities come by and one can only be grateful when these things happen that way,” he says.

Mr Ranneberger says he is flying back to Washington since he is remaining in the Foreign Service. Before coming to Kenya, he was the Africa Bureau’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and had served as Special Advisor on Sudan from 2002 to 2004.

“At some point in future, as I have always said in the past, I would be coming back. I, obviously, have both professional and personal roots in Kenya,” he says.

Although diplomatic rules allow him to acquire property in the country of tour of duty with special permission, Mr Ranneberger denies that he has done that.

The ambassador says he does not have another family back home. He is divorced but has two children: Mark who is 24 and Elizabeth, 20.

Mark works for a private company and Elizabeth is at university. Mark spent over a year in Kenya while Elizabeth has lived in the country for four years. They both say they would want to come back at some point.

The other reasons he loves Kenya is the fact that in 2009, the US embassy in Kenya won the award for the best reporting US foreign mission and the same year, the ambassador was promoted to the coveted rank of a Career Minister to join the only 35 other officers in the US’s Foreign Service.

He, ironically, attributed his success to Kenyan MPs’ failure to do what they are supposed to do.

“One weekend, when I learnt that I had been promoted to the rank of a Career Minister, I was called by a senior politician to his office, and before he could say anything, I told him thank you very much,” he explains.

When the MP asked what for, Mr Ranneberger told him he owes his recent promotion to him.

“I told him that I had just learnt that I had been promoted and I went on to explain that if you had been behaving yourself and you were doing what you are supposed to do, I would never have been promoted. This is because I was promoted for pushing for change, reforms and fighting against corruption,” Mr Ranneberger tells Saturday Nation.

The MP remained speechless, the envoy says that, but overall, Kenya is an exciting country inhabited by smart people whom he had fun dealing with.

“Anywhere in this country, you can talk to anybody in the market place and they are pretty sharp. I find that level of awareness exciting,” he says.

His reappointment in 2006, by President Barrack Obama, has made him the longest serving US ambassador in Kenya.

He often tries to keep a good balance between personal and professional work even as he travels to many parts of the country meeting and interacting with Kenyans.

He has great pride in having visited all the national parks and seen every animal in Kenya twice and has been exposed to Kenya’s varied culture.

He has been made a tribal elder by many.

“I work hard but I also like to have fun. Whenever I come home from work, I shut off. I read a book, watch a movie or check my e-mail, but I ensure that I relax. I also believe in getting a good night’s sleep,” he says.

He describes watching elections manipulated at the last minute in 2007 as one of his lowest moments given the measures they had put in place to ensure they are free and fair.

“I knew there would be problems but watching this happen at the last minute was a huge disappointment for me,” he says.

However, the passage of the constitution was to constitute his highest moments as is his support for the youth.

He describes his cultural experiences in Kenya as life changing and confesses to have learnt several things he never knew before coming to Kenya.

“They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It is has been a very enriching experience in every sense. Professionally, it has been wonderful. How many times does someone get an opportunity to play a role in helping to solve a major crisis in a country like the 2008 post-election violence or support a new constitution-making process?” he asks.

The envoy, who represented his country in Mali from 1999 to 2002, says he has always enjoyed the warmth of Kenyans.

“I have been on the side of the people. The people want change and reform,” he says.

Although it is hard to compare his experience in the various stations he has been to, since every place has its unique features, he feels that Kenya has been particularly unique and interesting.

He describes Kenya as a wonderful country, especially given his personal interest. He declined to speculate where in Kenya he would settle given an opportunity and says he is spoilt for choice.

“I have travelled to almost every place in this country. I have always been mesmerised by how beautiful these places are. Kenya has a lot to offer and it is difficult to choose where one can live. I don’t want to speculate,” he says.

Stary-eyed future politicians think highly of him. The coordinator of the National Youth Forum, George Nyongesa, describes him as “a face for the youth.”

“Ranneberger reached out to the grassroots and the youth. He has had success in that line,” said Mr Nyongesa.

But one-time Labour minister, the late Newton Kulundu, thought Ranneberger was a hypocrite. Kulundu, during a run-in with the envoy, accused the US and the United Kingdom of being the greatest violators of human rights.

“We demand that all violators of human rights, be they Africans or otherwise, be taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Otherwise we are talking about hypocrisy,” said then visibly furious Labour minister.

Mr Ranneberger later termed as “utter nonsense” the attack by the minister against the US Government.

And MPs he linked to drug trafficking think he is a rumour monger who spreads malicious allegations. Kilome MP Harun Mwau has sued him for linking him to narcotic drug trafficking.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Ranneberger+I+came+I+saw+and+I+fell+in+love/-/1056/1153342/-/51avwoz/-/index.html

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Raila flies out into Mugabe firestorm

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

Prime Minister Raila Odinga. A visit to Zimbabwe by Mr Odinga on Friday has provoked vicious attacks from state media.FILE

Prime Minister Raila Odinga. A visit to Zimbabwe by Mr Odinga on Friday has provoked vicious attacks from state media.FILE


A visit to Zimbabwe by Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Friday has provoked vicious attacks from state media.

The government-owned press launched attacks on Mr Odinga after he accepted an invitation to a congress for a party led by a fierce rival of President Robert Mugabe.

Mr Odinga’s office in Nairobi confirmed that he will officially open Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party congress in the second city of Bulawayo on Friday.

He will first pay a courtesy call on President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe at State House, Harare, before travelling to Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo. Mr Odinga is expected back in Kenya later in the day.

While Mr Odinga has agreed to speak at the MDC meeting, it is not clear whether Mr Mugabe might try to keep Mr Odinga out of the country.

However, State media propaganda against the PM’s party has gone into overdrive in what analysts say is a reflection of widening cracks in Zimbabwe’s coalition government.

The state owned Herald newspaper, which usually reflects the thinking in President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party, described Mr Odinga as a merchant of violence.

“Who then is this Raila Odinga?” asked George Rugare Chingarande in the paper’s opinion pages.

Dictatorial streak

“Raila Odinga is a political schizophrenic. His rhetoric oozes with (sic) refined contemporary democracy dogma but his actions reveal a very violent and dictatorial streak.

“The exorbitant nature of this obsessive preoccupation with violence is rivalled by a few in modern day African. His proclivity for violence can be traced to his student days.”

Mr Mugabe’s sympathisers have never forgiven Mr Odinga for calling for the 87 year-old leader’s exit in a 2008 interview with BBC.

In the interview, the Kenyan Prime Minister called on African leaders to push Mugabe out of power because he was a stumbling block to political reform in Zimbabwe.

Mr Mugabe however reacted angrily, saying Mr Odinga was not welcome in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean power-sharing deal that brought opposition leader Tsvangirai into government was modelled on the Kenyan agreement after the disputed 2007 elections that saw Mr Odinga become prime minister while Mr Mwai Kibaki retained the presidency.

The MDC congress whose theme will be “United Winning Covenant for Real Change” started on Thursday afternoon and ends on Saturday.

All the executive positions will be contested at the congress except the presidency and party leadership which will remain in the hands of Mr Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe’s unity government was also formed after contested elections in 2008. Mr Mugabe declared victory in a one-man presidential runoff after a violent campaign against the MDC and its supporters.

This led to the signing of the Global Political Agreement, similar to Kenya’s National Accord, that created the unity government.

Early this month acerbic comments in the state owned Sunday Mail newspaper precipitated a diplomatic row between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

One of the paper’s columnists and a former Information Minister in Mugabe’s previous government attacked South African President Jacob Zuma saying he was not a suitable mediator in Zimbabwe’s crisis.

Mr Mugabe had to send emissaries to apologise to Zuma following the public fallout.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Raila+flies+out+into+Mugabe+firestorm++/-/1064/1152728/-/s4j3lcz/-/index.html

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Kenya to issue visas electronically

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

The Ministry of Immigration is set to roll out an electronic visa application system.

Deputy Secretary for Immigration Joseph Keter says the system will reduce physical contact between the applicants and the personnel at the ministry while speeding up the process of acquiring visas.

The system is also of help especially for applicants in countries inSouth AmericaandAsiawho have often found it difficult to access their travel document in good time.

Keter noted that the move will also have a multiplier effect with the government reducing expenditure while increasing revenue collection.

Keter who addressed a sensitization workshop for senior staff from the ministry of immigration organized by the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee, said among a raft of measures aimed at streamlining operations at the ministry will also be the introduction of the electronic birth certificate application system.

Keter said this will help to reduce the time spent by parents seeking to have their children’s birth registrations done.

 He said in three years, the Local Area Network will be in place connecting the central office inNairobito all the 47 counties together with the development of the national integrated population system upgrade that will enable the new service to come into effect.

And the Steering Committee Director Dr Hukka Wario appealed to the public to stop viewing immigrants negatively, but as an important component of economic development of the country.

“We have already welcomed investors into the country and those who are investing in large sums of capital ought to be seen as helping in the development of the country and not merely as immigrants,” said Dr Wario.

Vice Chairperson Rose Olende called on the public to change their perception of the ministry of immigration and instead seek the requisite documents in good time to reduce inconveniences that are at times blamed on corruption.

Source: http://www.kbc.co.ke/news.asp?nid=69966

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Sh10 Million Found Buried in Cow Shed

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

Sh10 million believed to have been stolen from Barclays Bank Nanyuki branch have been recovered by police.


Detectives investigating the robbery traced the money at Ndaragwa township in Nyandarua North yesterday where it had been hidden in a hole dug in a cow shed.

According to Nyandarua OCPD Jasper Ombati, the revelation came after a bank worker who had been arrested directed the police to his home in Ndaragwa where he had hid the money.

“The bank worker was seized from his hideout in Mombasa and he is the one who directed the police to the scene. We recovered the amount in bank notes,” he said.

“Our officers had a concrete report indicating that he was behind the syndicate and that is why we followed him there. He was arrested at one of the homes in the area,” he added.

Two of the cashiers at the bank have so far been arrested after they surrendered themselves to the police in Nanyuki and are also helping with investigations.

The two staff members went into hiding two weeks ago after more than Sh30million was stolen.

Laikipia East OCPD Joshua Lutukai said one of the suspects was arrested in Malindi while the other was arrested in Emali town in Kajiado County.

Source: www.nairobistar.com

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Mary Wambui’s guards withdrawn

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

Mary Wambui

Mary Wambui

Bodyguards assigned to political activist Mary Wambui have reportedly been withdrawn.


Wambui has been assigned at least four personal bodyguards since 2002 when she first came into the public limelight.

She has also had guards at her homes in Lavington and Othaya as well driving in convoys with security.

Her security detail was withdrawn last Friday soon after the Star revealed that she had referred to herself as “Her Excellency Mary Wambui” when signing the condolence book at the funeral service of an Othaya councillor last week.

She signed the condolence book on April 16 at the home of the Karima ward councillor Patrick Kahiko Mugo.

“It is God who gives and has taken you away. We loved you so much but God has taken you to his eternal peace. Rest in peace,” Wambui wrote in the guest book.

“Her Excellency” or “His Excellency” is the title used by ambassadors, heads of state and their spouses.

Speaking during the burial of Kahiko who died on April 13, local leaders said it was time Wambui declared her interest in the post of women’s representative in the Nyeri County.

At the weekend, officers from the National Security Intelligence Service reportedly went to Kahiko’s home and retrieved the condolence book where Wambui had signed herself as “Her Excellency”.

They also went to the Kagumo Secondary School and the Nyeri County Council Officies where she had signed the visitors’ book. The condolence book was returned yesterday with the page bearing her signature missing.

After the Star broke the story on Friday, Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua issued a statement saying, “The Government is concerned that impostors have been misleading the public that they work or are affiliated to the Government of Kenya.”

“In particular, the Government is concerned that some people have been using the term Her Excellency and fake names meant to attribute unto them state powers that they are not entitled to.”

Mutua said the Government wished to make it clear that the titles “His Excellency” and “Her Excellency” are reserved only for the President and First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, or for envoys in Kenya.

“The person shown in the Star newspaper referring to herself as Her Excellency has no entitlement of the same and the use of that term should be viewed as dubious and dismissed by all,” Mutua said.

“The Government is going to ensure that impostors and con people who purport to represent different facets of Government are revealed so that wananchi are not misled.”

Security sources said yesterday that Wambui’s guards were withdrawn and re-deployed to regular duties within the Recce Unit, the Administration Police and other units from where they had been assigned.

However they said that Wambui could hire police guards at her own expense if she wished.

Wambui is a prosperous businesswoman and longtime political activist in Nyeri.

This is the second time in three months that security personnel assigned to Wambui have been withdrawn, the sources said.

In January two bodyguards were withdrawn after she was named in connection with the Artur Brothers by the joint parliamentary committees on National Security and Legal Affairs which investigated the controversial sojourn in Kenya of the two Armenian men.

Wambui apparently retained another four bodyguards.

Wambui’s personal bodyguards appear likely to have been withdrawn temporarily until the “Her Excellency” fuss dies down, according to the sources.

Wambui reportedly left for a sudden trip abroad last Friday, probably to the UK, even though she had been expected in Mombasa for the Easter holidays.

A politician from the Coast who had already made arrangements for her stay was told that she had cancelled and travelled abroad.

Senior security officials at the Ministry of Internal Security yesterday confirmed the withdrawal of Wambui’s bodyguards but refused to comment further.

A senior policeman knowledgeable about deployment of security for VIPs said Wambui’s reference to herself as “Her Excellency” had embarrassed senior officials and members of the First Family.

Sources at State House said some officials had even demanded that she be arrested.

“It is true the bodyguards were recalled, but the same guards are not officially assigned to her (Wambui) anyway,” said the officer.

Source: Nairobi Star

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Despite Colonial Past, Kenyans Swept Up in Royal Wedding

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

Kenyans fought hard to get their freedom from the British empire. But when the Royal Wedding played on TV today, an estimated one in four Kenyans were following the wedding, on TV or radio.

Britain's Prince William kneels at the alter with his bride, Kate Middleton, as her father Michael (l.), and William's brother and best man Prince Harry (r.) listen, during the wedding ceremony conducted by Rowan Williams at Westminster Abbey in central London, on Friday, April 29.

Britain's Prince William kneels at the alter with his bride, Kate Middleton, as her father Michael (l.), and William's brother and best man Prince Harry (r.) listen, during the wedding ceremony conducted by Rowan Williams at Westminster Abbey in central London, on Friday, April 29.Dominic Lipinski/Reuters

You might think that a former colony, with a complicated if not downright fractious history with the United Kingdom, would thumb its nose at the royal wedding. After all, isn’t the marriage of the future king and queen of England, full of extravagant pomp and circumstance, a throwback to the good old British Empire days? What Kenya broke free from 47 years ago?

But … you’d be wrong. Kenyans have caught royal wedding fever as much as the rest of the world – if not more. In a country with a population of roughly 40 million people, it’s estimated as many as seven to 10 million may tune in to see Catherine Middleton, the commoner, marry William, her Prince Charming.

“It really is the ultimate fairytale wedding,” says Sharleen Samat, the production manager for Nation Television, one of Kenya’s privately-owned national networks. Nation, or NTV as it’s commonly known, plans to devote much of the day’s programming to the nuptials.

NTV’s morning program “The Breakfast Show” is airing a special “royal edition,” complete with a fashion show where Kenyan wedding dress designers will showcase how they would dress the regal bride. The channel will broadcast the ceremony live from Westminster Abbey. NTV’s afternoon business show will focus on Kenya’s booming wedding industry and examine the population’s “mad fascination with weddings,” says Samat.

In fact, all of the country’s major television channels have royal wedding coverage plans. Viewing parties throughout Nairobi are also being held; from a luncheon at the swanky Fairmont Norfolk hotel to a public screening being staged at a shopping mall.

Some people will be viewing for entertainment, while others will be scouting for ways to turn their own Kenyan wedding into a royal replica. “After the royal wedding everybody will be trying to mimic what Catherine Middleton is doing,” says Dr. Catherine Matsisa Rosza, editor of Samantha’s Bridal magazine. “So we are really looking forward to it. We’re really excited.”

Though Buckingham palace won’t confirm official numbers, the price tag for Kate and Will’s wedding and subsequent soiree is estimated to be in the multi-million dollar range. By contrast in Kenya, a wedding of $20,000 is considered extravagant. So why all the interest in an event taking place, seemingly literally and figuratively, a world away?

“Britain has a historical, cultural, and political connection to Kenya,” says Samat. “This is where the queen, Prince William’s grandmother, found out she was the new Queen of England. Prince William proposed to Kate in Kenya…. it’s where the fairytale started.”

Kenyans aren’t just in love with the royal wedding. They seem to be in love with weddings period. Two of the most popular shows on television are reality shows about weddings; one is even named “The Wedding Show.” The concepts are quite simple … stories of couples in love and their weddings. Even Kenyans who could never afford the mostly upper- and middle-class ceremonies showcased, love to watch. In a culture where marriage and children are highly-valued and where everyday life can be a struggle, weddings represent a chance to celebrate a rite of passage and a day of true joy. Both women and men take great pleasure in the tradition.

Even my cab-driver, a 33-year-old proud African man, laments he’ll miss watching the royal ceremony because of work.

“Would you really watch if you weren’t working?” I ask incredulously.

“Of course,” he says. “Weddings are beautiful.”

Dana Hughes is the Africa news correspondent for ABC news, based in Nairobi.

Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Africa/Africa-Monitor/2011/0429/Despite-Colonial-Past-Kenyans-Swept-Up-in-Royal-Wedding

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Documents raise questions about Obama’s father’s PhD claims

Posted by Administrator on April 29, 2011

In this January 2008 picture, a portrait of Obama's late father hung on the wall at the family house in Kogelo, Kenya.

In this January 2008 picture, a portrait of Obama's late father hung on the wall at the family house in Kogelo, Kenya.

By Sally Jacobs, Globe Staff

Throughout a tumultuous career as an economist in Nairobi in the 1960s, Barack Hussein Obama, President Obama’s father, claimed to have earned a PhD from Harvard University. But according to federal immigration records, Obama was forced to leave the school by school administrators alarmed at the number of women in his life and his financial difficulties before he could complete his doctorate.

In a May 1964 memo contained in Obama’s Immigration and Naturalization Service file, an immigration inspector noted that Obama had passed his exams and was entitled to stay and complete the requirements for a PhD in economics. But Harvard administrators, including the chairman of the economics department, “are going to try and cook something up to ease him out. All three (administrators) will have to agree on this, however. They are planning on telling him that they will not give him any money and that he had better return to Kenya and prepare his thesis at home.”

Less than three weeks later, an immigration inspector recorded in a memo that Harvard had asked the Immigration and Naturalization Service to hold up on Obama’s request for an extension of his stay. School administrators, the memo continued, “were having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.”

Although Harvard had earlier informed the agency that Obama would be remaining for the academic year starting the following fall, the school abruptly reversed itself. David D. Henry, then the director of Harvard’s International Office, advised Obama in a May letter that he had three weeks to make the necessary preparations to return to Nairobi. Despite his vigorous protest, Obama was compelled to leave the country in July.

For Obama, then 30 and widely expected to be a key player back home in newly independent Kenya, Harvard’s decision was disastrous. Lacking the degree for which he so yearned, Obama embarked on an erratic career path that never lived up to his early promise. The INS documents, released to this reporter through a Freedom Of Information Act request in 2009 in the course of research on a biography of the elder Obama, reveal Harvard’s crucial role in the tumultuous course of Obama’s life. The documents were made public Wednesday by the weekly newspaper The Arizona Independent.

Source: http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2011/04/documents_raise.html

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Grieving mum in Kenya requests assistance in taking her son’s body home for burial

Posted by Administrator on April 28, 2011

The Late George Maina Nkonge, 41, who was found dead in San Antonio, TX

Late George Maina Nkonge, 41, who was found dead in San Antonio, TX

By Antony Karanja in Dallas, TX tgkaranja@jambonewspot.com

A grieving Kenyan mum is making a desperate plea for assistance to have her son’s body taken back home for burial.

Mrs Bibiana Nkonge is requesting for any assistance that Kenyans in the Diaspora can extend to enable her to accord her son, George Maina Nkonge a decent burial in Chogoria, Meru.

Goerge was found dead in a San Antonio motel on April 16th, 2011.

George came to the US in 2002, and settled in Maryland where he attended college. Barely two years later in 2004, his father and mother were involved in a tragic road accident, in which his father, Japheth Nkonge, lost his life and his mother was left with permanent debilitating injuries. As the eldest child, George took up the role as the provider of the family.

After leaving Maryland, George moved and lived in several states including North Carolina, Houston and finally settling in San Antonio,Texas in 2006, where he joined and served in the US military.

At the time of his death, he had retired as a US Army officer. He served at the Fort Sam military base in San Antonio.

The cause of death has not yet been determined as investigations are incomplete. George’s health deteriorated in the last several years and is suspected in contributing to his death.

On April 25, 2011, his mother who lives in Kenya received a phone call from an officer with the San Antonio Police Department informing her that her son had passed away.

With only that information at hand, and not knowing how to proceed, she contacted her pastor at her local church who in turn made several calls to pastors in the US requesting assistance.

Later that day, George’s whereabouts were discovered-he was at the Medical Examiners office inSan Antonio, having been moved there after his death.

On April 27, 2011, George’s body was moved toDallas,Texas and is currently lying at Evergreen Memorial and Funeral Home.

George is preceded in death by his father, Japheth Nkonge and is survived by his mother Bibiana Nkonge, his sisters, Sarah Chambers, Edna Muthoni Nkonge, Angel Mahehu, his brother Mureithi Nkonge and his grandmother Mary Njoki Githengere.

With no known family members or relatives in the US, Kenyans of goodwill in the US have been requested to join together in assisting the Nkonge family bury their loved one. His mother and siblings have not seen him since he left Kenya in 2002 and are devastated at the situation at hand.

Please make checks payable to “George Nkonge Funeral Fund’ at any Bank of America branch nationwide.

In Dallas, a fundraiser has been planned for 3pm on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at:

Highland ParkPresbyterian Church (HPPC)

3821 University Boulevard

In Houston, a fundraiser will be held at 5PM at:

13200 Bellaire Blvd (Bellaire and Synott)

Houston, TX 72083

For more information, please contact:

Dallas TX Pst. Cyprian Kimathi

(469) 644-8101

Houston TX Sammy Kiragu

(832) 606-0840

Houston TX Sam Njunuri

(281) 236-9110

San Antonio TX Caroline Mkubwa

(210) 392-4365

Silver Springs MD Mukami Mugo

(301) 758-4336

Raleigh NC Jimmy Mugo

(919) 710-3536

St Louis MO Sebastian Gaitho

(314) 503-6262

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Death and Funeral Announcement-The Late Phyllis Wairimu Githengu

Posted by Administrator on April 28, 2011

Mrs Phyllis Wairimu Githengu whon passed away following kidney complications on Sunday evening.

Mrs Phyllis Wairimu Githengu who passed away following kidney complications on Tuesday Morning.

The family and friends of our sister in the Lord Phyllis Wairimu Githengu ( Mama Kim) of Arlington Tx wishes to announce her promotion to Glory on Tuesday Morning 04/27/11.

She was dear wife to Jidraph G Githengu Kimani of Arlington Tx, Daughter to the Late Mr and Mrs Duncan Kimani. Mother to Grace Wambui (Kijabe), Virginia Wanjiru (Rongai) and David Kimani of Everest College Arlington USA, Tabitha Githengu (Keller, Texas USA),
Margaret W Githengu (Worcester MA, USA). She was also auntie to Faith Muhugu (Mama Sharon) Keller TX

She was a sister to among others David Kuria Kimani (Arlington).

The entire family hails from Kijabe, Kenya.

 Phyllis was diagonized with reno failure and underwent various medical treatments in the USA including dialisis which culminated with a successfull Kidney transplant in India at the beggining of the this year.

Phyllis was among the worshippers at Trinity Anglican Church on Sunday 04/24/11 where she  celebrated Holy Communion.

She was taken ill to Arlington Memorial Hospital, where she was working for the last four years, on Monday midday by her husband.

Family and Friends Joined them that evening and Doctors and nurses worked deligently but the gates of heaven oppened for her in the wee hours of Tuesday.

We continue to hold prayers and programs daily at ther residence 405 Cora st apt 216, Arlington TX 76011 to assist the family wish of sending her remains to Kenya for funeral.

A Grand fundraiser will be held at a Friends house, Mwash and Naomi ( Baba Emanuel) 3144 Spygrass Dr, Grand Prairie TX 75052 on Sunday 05/01/11 starting from 4pm.

An Account in Bank of America has been set acc number 488030174010 routing number 111000025, under JIDRAPH G KIMANI and Alex Karundu.

Memorial Service will be held at Trinity Church 12727 Hillcrest Rd Dallas 75230 on Wednesday 05/04/11 from 5 pm

For additional question contact:

 Pastor Jacob Ngobia of Trinity 972 891 2371,

 Alex N Karundu 469 438 8388,

 Jidraph G Kimani 817 704 9974,

 Githuku Francis 817 986 1535,

  Waweru Raphael 732 609 4664,

  Irene Boro 817 729 1814,

  Simon Peter Mathenge 817 881 6796,

 Lydia Wambugu 682 558 0486,

  Peter Mbugua 469 835 1210

 and Baba Kimani 011-254- 721415187. (KENYA)

 May the Almight God Rest Her Soul In Eternal Peace and be blessed as you plan to participate in any way especially in prayers and donations

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Karua promises to change Kenya

Posted by Administrator on April 28, 2011

Narc-Kenya chairperson Martha Karua (centre) is congratulated by supporters after she launched her bid for the presidency on April 27, 2011. Photo/STEPHEN MUDIARI

Narc-Kenya chairperson Martha Karua (centre) is congratulated by supporters after she launched her bid for the presidency on April 27, 2011. Photo/STEPHEN MUDIARI

Gichugu MP Martha Karua has launched her presidential bid with a firm promise to change Kenya.

The former Justice minister told a charged audience at the National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi Wednesday that the fist step would be to clinch the Narc Kenya’s nomination ticket.

“Every member is entitled to contest. The more the merrier. I am ready for competition,” she said.

Ms Karua said if elected in the 2012 General Election, she will prioritise food security, resettlement of IDPs, corruption, impunity, education and insecurity.

“Kenya is a country with serious problems. Serious problems need serious people to step up to the plate.” said the Gichugu MP.

She promised to put the needs of Kenyans and Kenya first if she ascends to the presidency and urged her supporters to “join me in changing the conversation at the local and national level”.

On food security, she said no country can develop if it is unable to feed itself. Ms Karua said she will institute good policies that will be sustainable, increase production and manage costs.

Ms Karua said that “corruption and impunity is squeezing the life out of our country” and those who steal from the public coffers should be referred to what they are: “thieves and not heroes”.

The fiery legislator has distinguished herself as a human rights campaigner and a vocal anti-graft crusader especially in parliamentary debates.

She carved a niche in the political scene by capturing the Juja and Makadara seats in a by-election against all odds.

Her party, Narc-Kenya, had sponsored the relatively unknown Mike Mbuvi, who floored seasoned politicians Dick Wathika and Reuben Ndolo.

In Juja, Narc-K’s candidate William Kabogo floored the incumbent George Thuo, who was the joint-government chief whip.

Ms Karua has also distanced herself from ethnic political alliances and has refused to play second fiddle to Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta in central Kenya politics. She is on record saying that the era of political dynasty is gone and Kenyans should be allowed to elect leaders based on choice.

With the launch, the Gichugu MP becomes only the third woman to vie for the presidency in Kenyan history. In 1997, Water minister Charity Ngilu and environmentalist Wangari Maathai endured unsuccessful presidential bids.

She will join other candidates believed to harbour presidential ambitions including Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr Kenyatta.

Others in the crowded field are: Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi, Eldoret North MP Wiilliam Ruto, MPs Eugene Wamalwa (Saboti) and Bifwoli Wakoli (Bumula)

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Karua+promises+to+change+Kenya+/-/1064/1151620/-/hpjia7/-/index.html

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