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Kenyan woman killed after breaking engagement

Posted by Administrator on April 11, 2011

Ruth Owino

Ruth Owino

Ruth Owino wanted to break off her engagement, but her fiancée wouldn’t let her, Orlando police said.

Instead, 41-year-old Nestor Habarugira used a hand weight to bludgeon the woman to death in the couple’s west Orlando apartment about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, according to a police investigation report.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones said that Habarugira opened the door of his Island Club apartment to officers when they arrived, throwing his hands in the air and leading them to the 34-year-old woman’s body in the bathroom.

“I did it … I think she is dead,” he told officers.

Owino, a native of Kenya, was lying unconscious with head injuries when paramedics arrived, police said. She was later pronounced dead. It was the eighth homicide in Orlando this year, Jones said.

Habarugira, originally from Burundi, was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder with a weapon. He told police that the couple had argued about ending their relationship and that Owino threw a weight at him. He said he used it to hit Owino and that he tried to help her afterward but she was already dead.

Habarugira was being held without bond Sunday at the Orange County jail, records show.

Police said four children lived in the apartment, but it was unclear whether they were home at the time of the killing. Jones said a victim advocate is working with the kids.

Investigators took crime-scene pictures in the bathroom, where friends said Owino operated a home hair salon, styling hair for her friends and other African immigrants.

Neighbors who made up the couple’s circle of friends said they were heartbroken by the news, adding that they never witnessed any problems in the family.

“I didn’t see any conflict,” said Kennedy Bwalya. “We used to go out as a group to Caribbean restaurants because she was very social. They were a very nice family. “I’m shocked.”

Bwalya said Owino had given birth to the couple’s first child a few months ago. Friends said Owino also had two children, a boy and girl, from a previous marriage.

“I can’t believe it,” said Sandra Blount. “They were always together.”

Ex-boyfriend Moses Ochieng arrived at the scene Sunday outraged. He paced frantically while he tried to get in touch with Owino’s African relatives.

Ochieng said he had warned her about Habarugira after they met in a nightclub.

“He is very violent. He took her from me,” he said. “I told her: ‘You don’t know him.'”

Owino moved to the United States about five years ago after divorcing her husband and taking her children, he said. She had been a professional field hockey player in her home country, Ochieng said.

Ochieng, who is close to Owino’s Kenyan family, said he probably will escort her body home.

“I loved her,” said an angry Ochieng. “I wanted to marry her.”

Source: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/police-man-used-hand-weight-to-bludgeon-fiancee-1390984.html


27 Responses to “Kenyan woman killed after breaking engagement”

  1. kingori said

    Sad ending,Pole to the family

  2. Wepukhulu isugha said

    This brutal & primitive trend will continue hence kenya women are very cheap, easygoing and easly befrie´nded & cheated by madmen perhaps with money!It is amazing to see Kenya women prostituiting themselves from Kenya to foreign nations!Why cant Kenya women be content with their wages ?We have seen class-working women harloting cheaply in every Nairobi Night-clubs and in streets .even in Europe&in USA kenya women are seen in Red Light District hunting for men!

    • Mary said

      heeee its the man going to jail and the woman is murdered. Not the reverse so stop being irrelevant. BTW men sleep around more than women and you dont see women killing men for that…atlest 99% of the time.

    • cherono said

      She wasn’t a prostitute! get the information right. She had her own small business hair salon that is known to generate some good income…thus this relationship wasn’t money driven. What did the BEAST did for a living anyway for you to defend him? May he rot in hell. FYI not all Kenyan women fall under those characteristics described stop generalizing! I guess men are perfect!

      • leo said


    • mrembo said

      Wepukhulu Isugha: So you think that your statement justifies murder….wacha ushenzi…sounds like you’re guilty of the same crime,otherwise why have you generalized all kenyan women with such serious beef?

    • Salima said

      Could it be a case of being in a relationship with a man that is unfortunate? It not a kenyan thing but an example for all readers to examine our relationships

  3. mwangi said

    Oh Ruth did you have to die like this! I know this girl from when she was a young hockey player for Ngara girls and then the famous Inter Capitale!! I am so sad to read this! life can be so sad at times! now what about the kids ! what a life what a way to loose your mum! RIP Ruth, I hope you atleast were happier in the states than in Nairobi ……. sad!

  4. judy said

    Ohhh Ruth! Gone too soon yawa, am speechless. We loved u bt God loved u more. Rip

  5. JAMO said

    Kenyan women are now on the “WORLD ENDANGORED SPECIES LIST”.They should be protected from Extinction by “MAROUDING AFRICAN DESCENT MALE POACHERS in USA”.Kenyan women in Diaspora should change their habits and stop “Kuranda Randa with AFRICAN MALES.Kenyan Women, Please stop “Threatening Divorces” on their Face”.If you want to remain single please do so early and stick with it.

    • Mary said

      Why r u making the man the victim? the woman happens to be the victim regardless

    • cherono said

      …all I can say is, divorce them at a “safer distance”. They know how pathetic they gonna be without you!…and thus wanna get rid of you, before they see you prosper with them.

    • mrembo said

      If you at least cared even for a minute for those kids left behind,you’d think twice before post a comment like this.

    • mrembo said

      oops! i meant to say “posting”

  6. Mary said

    Pole to the families of the involved. God comfort you. To the kids, may you find peace in this cruel man made situation. May you prosper in all that u do

  7. cherono said

    PATHETIC! My poles to the family.

  8. mrembo said

    RIP…it should not have ended this way,God be with those children left behind

  9. Wepukhulu isugha said

    Kenya women must civilize IE:they have to change their attitudes and easygoing (tabiasd)and stop this sickness shared by both men& women of kenya namely (get rich quickly) easy sex and money and above all Kenya women must be fully get to know their peals before going into the marriage especially guys from (matchet weilding Rwandese/Burundi primitive tribes! Todays women can live and survive without relying on cheaphandout from their male (sex-pervers) How long time(duration) did this woman knew this monster?Was this Woman fighter fromm Rwanda agressive male dominant?How was their live together as a family?Was he moving with Dogodogos secretly?
    You guys better do a very simple research for both the two!and please give us a break in your uncouth comments without thinking!

    • TinTin said

      May the Lord Rest your Soul in peace Ruth. I pray for your children that they did not get to witness your brutal death. And I pray they continue to be loved as much as you loved them.
      Wepukhulu isugha …. you must have a grudge against a Kenyan woman who either dumped you or just did you wrong. What happened to Ruth happens to women of all nationalists in the world. Domestic abuse does not pick and choose, it happens to people. So please quit using the loss of Ruth to give Kenyan Women a negative label. The man killed an innocent women just because he could not stomach being along. So Wepukhulu isugha … please get counseling for your anger and pray for all the women of the world going through domestic abuse.

      • leo said

        and now we finally know the real wephukulu isugha.He has finally spoken.Good job.keep it real.he sees wommen in one way only. Tabia baya.whATTA GENARAL?

      • leo said


  10. leo said

    WOMEN! YOUR LIFE IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE.DONT DIE OVER STUPIDITY. A hardcore African man cannot be tamed easily.They prefer going down with it.Just be smart Gilrls.Do it wisely.Survive. wish you well now and forever. Stay alive.Poleni family and may the almighty give you strength.

  11. mommafran said

    This is really heart breaking. May she R.I.P

  12. Santa said

    Its sad when Kenyans come to usa for greener pasture only to murder each other!Pole to the family and chidren of the late women.Lets try to go to church and repent our sins.

  13. omosh said

    Ruth Atieno Owino(1976-2011)Memorial Website

  14. mwangi said

    Lala Salama Ruth Till we meet again!


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