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Kenyan woman from Kansas weds an American bride

Posted by Administrator on April 20, 2011

Terry Wakonyo Ngendo,24, and her bride Courtney Nicole, 25 during their wedding reception in Kansas.

Terry Wakonyo Ngendo,24, and her bride Courtney Nicole, 25 during their wedding reception in Kansas.


A Kenyan woman wedded her American bride over the weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.

Terry Wakonyo Ng’endo, 24, and Courtney Nicole, 25 were joined together in a same-sex marriage ceremony at the Polk County Courthouse on Friday.

The newly weds held a reception on Saturday in Shawnee, Kansas where they were joined by family and friends who included scores of Kenyans.

Speaking to jambonewspot.com, the groom who is from Nairobi proudly said “we are married” when asked whether they were in a civil union.

The couple who are both residents of Kansas had to travel to the neighboring state as Kansas does not recognize same-sex marriages.

Same sex marriages in Iowa became legal on April 3, 2009. More than 80% of same-sex marriages inn the state are from couples coming in from neighboring states.

Ngendo has lived an openly gay life in Kansas. Ngendo’s friends in Kansas described her as a good friend to most Kenyans and someone who was proud of whom she was.

“Ngendo has lived among us and has been a very good friend and I think I speak on behalf of many Kenyans who know her in Kansas,” one lady who did not want to be identified said. “They are very nice people and if this is what they have chosen, we should respect them.”

The bride has since changed her name to Courtney Ngendo. She has two sons age 5 and 4.

“I was married before and hence my two sons but I was not comfortable in the relationship as I knew I was interested in girls.” Courtney said. “I was never able to come out in the open but the moment I met Ngendo, I knew that this was my time to come out.

Terry Ngendo and Courtney Nicole's engagement photo-Courtesy Courtney Nicole-Ngendo

Terry Ngendo and Courtney Nicoles engagement photo-Courtesy Courtney Nicole-Ngendo

The couple has been dating for the last two years and was finally engaged in February.

According to a Kenyan lady who attended the wedding reception, song and dance filled the room. A popular song “Muthuri ta uyu…mwamwonire kuu?” (Where have you seen a husband like this?) underscored the theme of the wedding.

“We are having a blast,” Courtney said.

Courtney also added that some gay Kenyans have been able to confide in Ngendo. “Some gay Kenyans have opened up to Ngendo and confided in her the fact that they are afraid of being openly gay for fear of hostility from fellow Kenyans.” She said.

On Monday, two Kenyans in California and one in Reno, Nevada who said they were gay sent separate messages to jambonewspot.com and pointed to Ngendo and Courtney’s wedding summarily noting that Kansas was a conservative state and yet Kenyans did not “raise hell”.

“I heard of this female couple that got married last weekend in Kansas (it was actually in Iowa) but it seems like you guys (US Kenyan blogs) do not want to touch it. From what I have heard, there was very little hostility towards the Kenyan lady. Maybe Kenyans are finally coming of age considering this is in Kansas which is a Midwestern state,” read one email from a reader calling himself/herself “Proud to be gay from CA” from Palo Alto, California.

However not all Kenyans were celebrating with the couple.

“This is a bit too much,” said Wanjira from Kansas City, Missouri. “However tolerant I want to be, this is a bit too much for my taste buds.”

A survey conducted in 2010, showed that 44% of Iowa residents supported same sex marriages making it the only state that allowed sex marriages to record less that 50% support.

A recent CNN/Opinion research poll showed that 51% of Americans favor legal recognition of same sex marriages mirroring another recent poll by ABC/Washington Post.

In the 2010 midterm elections, the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who were involved in the ruling legalizing same-sex marriages in the state were removed from office after judicial retention elections.

Legislation was introduced in the U.S. Senate late last week seeking to give binational same-sex couples the same rights as married couples for immigration purposes.

The Uniting American Families Act was reintroduced Thursday, April 14, seeking to allow LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) American citizens the ability to sponsor their “permanent partners” or spouses for legal residency in the United States.



182 Responses to “Kenyan woman from Kansas weds an American bride”

  1. kmn said

    Kansas always on the news,mara this mara that,what can i say, where are our values jamani?

  2. this ”Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. (27) In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
    “[H]aving forbidden all unlawful marriage, and all unseemly practice, and the union of women with women and men with men, he [God] adds: ‘Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for in all these things the nations were defiled, which I will drive out before you. And the land was polluted, and I have recompensed [their] iniquity upon it, and the land is grieved with them that dwell upon it’ [Lev. 18:24–25]” (Proof of the Gospel 4:10 [A.D. 319]).

    • Mwaura said

      You rightly paraphrase your arguments against this union from quotes within the Bible. It therefore comes across that you assume them to be christians which is not necessarily the case but were they so anyway, would have to answer their lifestyles themselves hence as fellow humans, it is not in our position to determine the morality standing of personal acts which don’t contravene anyone’s rights.

  3. Kemunto said

    Talk of disatisfaction in life! Why don’t they dress and behave like women instead of dressing and behaving like men? They claim not to stand a man and yet they want to look like one! Total confusion…n then we justify the sin by claiming that “she’s who she is”. Ngendo, it’s unfortunate u were born a woman n y’ll die as a woman! You can’t change that!

    • kmn said

      Kemunto am with you on this the fact is Ngendo`s wife ops has two kids already, i wonder if Ngendo has ny kid.

    • Ciiru said

      Well said Kemunto!!! I couldn’t have put it better. I think it’s so cowardly of a Kenyan to do this in the U.S. and it’s even becoming a fad. So why don’t they grow some balls and do it in Kenya?? Wannabes is what they are. In every sense of the word!! FAKE!!

      • Jack Chimodzi said

        Ciiru, it’s illegal in Kenya just in case you didn’t know, THAT is why they can’t do it there or in New York for that matter. It’s their lives anyway, who cares…..

    • Yvonne said

      If the couple is happy let them be…. they are a very sweet couple and whether Ngendo has kids or not that their buisness…. No hard feeling am jst looking out for my friend and am happy 4 her that shes happy.

      P.S. Don’t judge a book by its cover because i wouldn’t want ny1 to judge me.

      • sawa said

        Yvonne you are so confused and you need help…!! the fact that you have no morals, values to stand for does not mean others will condone every and anything…!! Ng’endo you need a savior

      • Gigi said

        It’s never about being happy, it’s about doing the right thing!

    • cherono said

      My question exactly! Why do they need one to be a husband? They can both be wives. Interesting. I guess this world is full of choices!

    • Grace said

      Kemunto? who said Ngendo is trying to be a man?

      • Kemunto said

        Grace, I don’t need to explain further as we all know lesbians imitate men either in their dressing or trying to speak with deep manly voices. It shows a vaccum in one’s life whereby they try to fill it by acting sinfully and unnaturally!

  4. kingori said

    Wish them all the best.

  5. Mak'Odinga said

    Let the couple be. Good luck in their lives! Very sweet couple!

  6. papa bingi said

    Let’s blame this on the manufactures of dildo. If dildos weren’t made, then………….

  7. John said

    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah coz of this same issue. Can anyone explain all the sudden problems facing the US?

    • Mwaura said

      If you find the US having problems then that is a far cry from reality, check the Islamic states which are intolerant to very many “vices.” Their loins are soaked in misery. Take a look at the African continent with all its’ so called “values and virtues.” We have multitudes dying of hunger, curable diseases etc. Coming to think of it we dwell on non-issues like homosexuality while the real issues kill us. When are we gonna grow up!

      • jo said

        u must be gay too the way u keep defending these two. Its a lifestyle choise just like being a thug/ thief is but this does not make it natural. if it were, they would not require other people or men to get the children!!!!!!

  8. Kangemi said

    I refuse to care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes as long as they don’t break the law…This world needs more love and less hate to which I say “you go girls”!

    • arlington said

      what kind of law you talking about. God or human. which law should come first and should you obey first.

      • Mwaura said

        Well given that God laws are also variable, a good instance being the progression from the old to new testaments within the bible, and coupled with the fact that people believe in thousand Gods with a thousand laws, I find Mans’ law superior and it comes first.

  9. Hoteagle said

    This outright ridiculous. Some people are just over they head. Have ever seen an animal going with another animal of the same sex?…I guess animal are smart than some People. Hey People, if you want to know who you are in case you are confused about it look between your legs!!

    • Kangemi said

      Hot, you have a lot to learn. Of course I saw male goats mounting male goats when I used to be a herdsboy way back in the 70s. Studies have shown that giraffes do it too. I may never know what one would see in a person of the same sex but it gives me no right to tell them how to live and love. I often wonder whether people who are homophobic have insecurities in the sexuality to address. Pastor Ted Haggard and Eddie Long are examples…

      • Hoteagle said

        Hey Kangemi, I have no beef against this people, in actuality this kind of people who act like this has a seriuos issue with they identities. It’s insane for a woman to think she is a man. This is a Flash for Ya, God says it’s abomination and you says it’s a new lifestyle..one of you is lying and I will pick you.

      • Ciiru said

        Kangemi, you know why you remember the goats in your herding days and why you heard about the giraffes?? It’s because it was and it still is …ABNORMAL!! Please don’t condone this behavior because the West does!! Africa is where it is because of following the ways of the West especially the self-destructing ways!!

      • Kangemi said

        Ciiru, can you kindly explain what “ABNORMAL” means? I could care less what people do behind closed doors as long as they are not breaking he law. I don’t care to imagine two fat people having sex or Wambui Otieno having sex with that Karanja dude( I think that is his name). Should we stop them from marrying or having sex just because I think its disgusting? Why do gay relationships cause such an outcry while Kenya is littered with other problems? I don’t see how two people engaged in a loving relationship have anything to do with my life. I shouldn’t care how CONSENTING ADULTS, whichever combination, choose to love or have sex…after all, I chose to marry my wife and no one should care how I choose to express my love to her. Again Ciiru, they are called consenting adults.

    • Muthoni said

      Hoteagle:In between my legs are two sex organs, in short I am a hermaphrodite. So please tell me, WHO AM I?

      Ciiru: Is my condition not ABNORMAL? But does it make me less of a person? Or is this what u call the “ways of the west” too? I believe the answer to that is NO.

      so you all need to quit being so judgemental on how other people choose to live their lives. at the end of the day, there is somthing called CHOICE…which by defination is act of choosing something or somebody: a decision to choose one thing, person, or course of action in preference to others. And even when it come to christianity, God tells us what he likes and prefers and also gives us the option to choose. So if GOD, has given people the right to choose who are you HUMANS, to point fingers judging other people on how they choose to live their lives???

      • jo said

        No one is judging anyone and for you to think that God gives you the choice to pick the same sex, then u must not read the bible assuming you are a christian> Lev 22, Rom 4 are a few of the books in the bible you should read before drawing your conclusions or involving God’s wishes in this

      • serena2817 said

        He who has no sin, may he cast the first stone. We are so quick to judge these two, let us look at ourselves, and ask God to forgive us of our sins. i do not condone same sex marriage, but i have no right to judge. i leave that to God, that being said. i wish them all the best.

      • nyambura said

        then why did God create male & female

  10. Wekawaka said

    Ati Courtney ngendo…LOL!!!….dunia inaisha for real !!!!!!!

  11. phuqabolic said

    i think most of you kenyans are too closed minded…not only that you can’t stand Gays, you can’t even stand people from other tribes….what a waste of space called kenya…i’d rather they give that piece of land to palestinians

    • Muthoni said

      true…they need to open their minds. when people are gay, the end of the world? what kind of crap is that? dont they all know that this began even before the new testament?

  12. wacha siasa said

    Kangemi has lied.Goats,dogs,cats ,wild animals know it is wrong.They are just not made that way.It is also biologically impossible for animals to have sex with those of the same sex as them.This kind of sex(homosexual) requires a complex conscious ,deliberate effort to have sex with those of your sex.No matter how you sugar coat them, there are consequences for trying to experiment with something God did not design.What these people are trying to say is that they are better than God.Nobody is born a homosexual.It is a choice people make.A bad one.Imagine for a second if the whole world was to become homesexual.It would mean that the family as we know it would become extinct.God’s plan of continued blessings would not be continued through the human race/offspring.It is really something to weep over!

    • Hoteagle said

      A big shout out to you Wacha siasa, that was a good one. Thanks for sticking it to him!!

      • Kangemi said

        Wacha Siasa, your argument doesn’t hold water at all. I am assuming all heterosexuals have vaginal sex all the time and please don’t use Slick Willy’s (Bill Clinton) argument for what constitutes sex…including lots of heterosexuals experimenting with anal sex…should we condemn them too? Please let me know at what time in your life you and Hoteagle chose to be heterosexuals. I know I didn’t because liking girls came naturally to me just like attraction to a person of the same sex comes naturally to some people.

        Around 1976, some kids in my village were chased out when it was discovered that they engaged in homosexual sex. If you think homosexuality is a new phenomenon, think again. Why don’t you all focus on your own families and let others be?

  13. mtambaruka said

    they have my blessings!

  14. irene said

    Considering leaving Kansas for good .Cannot bear it any longer kuna uwezekanano hapa ni suburbs za jehanamu .

    • Kangemi said

      Let me know when you find an place in this world without homosexuals…..they are all around you and everywhere. Careful, you might catch “gay”.

    • lenah said


    • wamosaimo said

      @ Irene, am amazed that you have NO real problems to worry about. Ati move coz people are gay! thats the most rediculous thing I’ve heard in a long time. With all the REAL SERIOUS problems going on u choose to mind other people’s bedroom affairs! Get a life lady.

  15. mommafran said

    Intersting very intersting. Lets just hope the “groom” knows to be very careful with her brides kids because she could very easily be in huge trouble should those kiddos or kiddos daddy “blame” her for anything. In this so called land of opportunites if you happen to be the “wrong” color, at the “wrong” place in the “wrong” situation you could find yourself in very hot water before any questions are even asked.

    That aside I wish them all the best!!

  16. leo said

    I’m not going to waste my energy thinking about this two women.They know why they took this path.Did’nt you all hear about a man who married his pillow not long ago? People are marrying anything nowadays living and nonliving.A lot of men and women claim to be married to Jesus christ.I know am married to my wife and I have several children with her as my blessings.What kind of blessings do you expect in your marriage? Marry a cat,dog,horse,cow rubber duck,a tree,1979 jaguar,etc I careless.Be blessed.

    • Fancy said

      @ Leo,I like the way you have put it,lol.Let us not waste our time.There are upcoming abnormalities in this world.

  17. Hoteagle said

    Ramifications that comes out of this union is profound more than its meet the eye. These are two awesome human beings with a distinct purpose from God. The path they just took of confusion will not only mess up they destiny, but also they two kids. Flibside to this, the men that were right for this girls now has to look for another partners who might not jell well like they were suppose to with this two girls….it’s a major tragedy!!

  18. jamo said

    Ng’endo holler and make some babies too.Lol

  19. kadem said

    Get over it. It’s 2011 … anything goes. My personal opinion, since Obama has become president, this country has gone to hell in a hand basket anyways… Let these people live their lives they chose and be happy. What they do has nothing to do with you or how you live your life… Family and Accepting friends is all they need and they both have plenty.

    • kisogo said

      So, Kadem, before Obama became the president, the country had not gone to hell in a handbasket?

  20. FRIDAH said

    I have no energy to waste on people who have chosen evil is their portion.Not that they do not know, but they want to be heroes of hell, so be it.

  21. Pennie said

    y r p’ple complaining? a while ago, a man married a pillow, a lady married an image of herself, n worst of all, a dude in kenya married a snake…this is not ur life..n i’m sure ngendo n wife r not ur family, so get something better to do p’ple… @ least these r two humans. Further more, judging from the character of the Kenyan men in stato…woa! (such negative feedback from some of them)..maybe if u they took better care of their women….. better to marry someone who u “feel” kuliko one that irritates the crap out of u.

  22. ciru said

    people shld mind their own business there is a reason behind every deed!!!Do not judge..no human is perfect..this is what they chose and be it be!!!I wish them all the best!!

  23. frank njuguna said

    This is simply an abomination to our lord jesus,it unbelievable to do things which even the time of Sodom and Gomorrah dint do,surely this are the signs of the end time.
    Allow me to say God is not happy because hes not the author of confusion if he made you a man or a woman he intends it to be soo,let us repent he is a God of mercy

    • sylviah said

      what about pastors,reverends in church who are homos?tell me about that and most of them are pedophiles….was not God confused?what God are you talking about here?yes am a lesbian a out and proud one an activist and no one can make me be what am not..let the world end and u holy we meet to hell

      • Shox said

        Sylviah, you don’t know what are you talking about. How can you define yourself by you sexuality? You are a spirit, you have a soul and you are in physical body. You are not your sexual organs, that is what you have. Cannot let this slide…if you went to hell for five seconds, you won’t run mouth like your are doing.

  24. Mangro Nchi said

    Well,No comment!!

  25. Rozk said

    buhahahaaaa…….sounds funny n stupid too!!!!!!! nway all the best ladies..ops! mr n mrs Ng’endo..lol!

  26. lucynjoroge said

    Wang’endo gutha mundu indo…………..way to go! piga mtu mti vizri niwewe unajua.

  27. KIMEU said


  28. Beth said

    Am so against this so called marriage. Terry is one person i know and interacted with while she was in Kenya, i even know her mother…she has really let Kenyans down and it’s her mother i pity most coz of the shame brought to her by her daughter.

    • Muthoni said

      aint no shame here, and its you and the people who think its a shame for same-sex marriages because you people are so ignorant!!!!

    • lenah said

      naskia alicollapse!God forbid!

    • Sangirl said

      @ Beth…keep your opinions about others to yourself…and dont ever say she let kenyans down…coz im a Kenyan, she doesn’t represent me and she hasn’t let me down…..she made her choice and let her be. God is the ultimate judge in all this…..its sad to see folks like you and the others here bash her and judge her….like y’all don’t have sins of your own….jiangalieni kwanza before throwing a stone to another person…..

  29. The President of Zimbabwe, Dr. Robert Mugabe, hates gay people – he calls them filth – and for good reason (to be discussed in another note) ….

    Gays are undesirable, even to me … But the best strategy to get rid of them is not by making them illegal, but by allowing them complete freedom to operate (like in some parts of the world).

    You see, in evolutionary terms, gayness is a self defeating proposition; a man cannot have offspring with a fellow man (same goes for women). And the children they adapt are not their genes (gay genes). So with time the gays enjoy their illicit pleasure but after a few decades, the vice starts to die out slowly by slowly, as their numbers become ever smaller and the number of “normal” people ever greater.

    Making them illegal makes them have double lives; one with a normal family, and another with a gay partner. That means that they get to enjoy their illicit pleasure while at the same time giving birth to offspring that carry the gay genes. Meaning we end up fighting them essentially forever.

    Let evolution work – It has many internal safe guards.

    • Pennie said

      anyone who listens to Mugabe is a mad man.

      • Kangemi said

        I never knew the day will come when someone will quote Mugabe in a positive way…Tom, why do you care what people do in the privacy of their homes????

  30. Mungai Njenga said

    What is happening to our Kenyan Ladies? A thousand times,this is barbaric and a disgrace to our mother land.

  31. Miwanyu said

    It follows the old adage pilipili usiyo ila inakuwashiani. Lets face it marry a jungu the rest close minded folks say ni makaratasi. So it doesnt matter who it is there will be loose lips jabbering. Ukiwa tajiri unaambiwa unaabudu shetwani ukiwa maskini unaulizwa Mungu wako akowapi? So live and let live I wonder where such vigor is especially when I am riding a matatu and the driver is careless no one speaks but this comes up everyone is up in arms. Yet the former is more likely to endanger your lives than the latter issue.

  32. sylviah said

    Am just happy and happy for them let them be,we are Human being we are entitled to rights,and gay rights are human rights not special rights,its time for acceptance and stop pretending, we are here and not going anywhere.STOP HOMOPHOBIA,STOP TRANS PHOBIA.Congrats Ngendo..:)))))

  33. peter wouston said

    bloody idiotic situation, are there no men in the US to marry? Or in China

  34. Beth Mburu said

    Oooh my God. Its quite a shame to our country, tribe and more to our Ladies. U have let us down. So that is what those people who claim to go abroad really involve in? I just sympathise with the lady. She could be too rotten even to talk about her.

  35. mmmf said

    Very sad ngendo you will go to hell no doubt about this you have abused God and touched his heart with impurity. God knew you are a woman the day he created you you cant change yourself to be a man no mater what you are in self denial from a bad expereince you encountered with a man at past. Think about it and repent we are very dissapointed mothers in kenyan this is a tamboo no wonder america is crabbling they have gone short of God’s glory and they are not yet seen what punshiment God is doing for their country. Judgement is upon america everythins is goind hey why and not yet America is under judgement period

    • Wanjiru said

      Good example of a self proclaimed god. On judgement day, they shall be confronted on their sins. I guess all this started a little early didn’t it? Did you seriously curse someone to hell though? I never knew mortals had such an ability…..But that could explain why we love killing each other then.(Ill copy this and tell my children more about love). HM….. We have the right to judge and choose those who are fit for survival. I’m glad you are extremely enlightened in a series of very intellectual and well thought out statements. Do not overlook my sarcasm either.
      Plus …. America is a country not a single functioning soul. I hope maybe that helps with some futher soul cursing on blogs… Have a good day…Plus ponder on your words a little more. Like a ruminant chews and re-chew, burfs and re-chews before it fully takes it in and poops it all as manure…..take your time. Then answer me later…..we do have forever together anyway. 🙂

      • Shoxes said

        Cannot let this slide, wanjiru no matter how you slice it or trying to be smart at it…it’s Plain wrong and nasty. God says it’s wrong and it is. Mmmf, God told the devil to go to hell, not people…watch your mouth!!

      • Kangemi said

        Shoxe, it is plain wrong and nasty to plunder public resources in Kenya, for criminals to kill everyday, for pastors to continue deceiving poor people in the name of God. Why don’t you start the judgment there? What is it about us Kenyans, you and MMMMF included, that renders us so judgmental on how others live? Not a single gay person has ever stopped me from providing for my family as I wish…Get out of the couple’s bedroom just like the two have NEVER cared what you do in yours…geeeez

  36. samio said

    This is a violation of God’s word. i don’t support this at all.

  37. mmmf said


  38. maina said

    u were married and ur were not satified?do u think now u will?
    i think u should re-think u kikuyu woman.

  39. Daniel K. said

    Now that the lady(Nicole) has had two kids before let Ng’endo father her’s/his (whichever) if he beleives he can take the position of a man and if they ever have a child together then they will have proved me wrong.

    • jane said

      Please Ng’endo never bring such evil into our Country if you’ll ever come back to Kenya. You should repent your sins and ask our fore fathers also to forgive yousince you are already cursed. You are a disgrace to Kikuyu community. Shame on you!

      • Jack Chimodzi said

        Jane what makes you think there are no lesbians in Kenya ? You don’t need Ng’endo to bring it here, it’s already here with us so wake up, could be your daughter next time and let me shock you, ladies are getting married even here, just that they can not shout about it openly but it’s happening take it from me…..

      • Pennie said

        Jane, who made you the representative of the Kikuyu community? Hebu take a chill pill and ..ur fired!

  40. kevin said

    It is a sin and no matter what anybody tries to say to justify such an act it is still a sin.God will deal with them,friends will deceive you that you are adults and you are free to do what you like,but in the eyes of God it is still wrong.

  41. Girl said

    I’m very happy for ngendo myself i’m married and is not working ,so i’m thinking to get a Woman as well.Am next

    • Shoxes said

      You are Crazy!!!

    • jean said

      And what makes you think it will work out with a woman. Look back at the so called same sex unions that were first made official in the states. Most of them are in shambles so try and work out the one you have or leave and be.

  42. Wav said

    Beautiful couple, you look great. congratulations on your big day. I commend your courage and wish you the best life has to offer. Raise some beautiful kids. I hope one day our families will meet.

    Im an out and proud kikuyu (Kenyan) lesbian too who has been with my partner for 14 years, 10 of those after a commitment ceremony.

  43. Raphael said

    Ngendo i really pity you ,you have done something unethical ,unafrican ,unbibilical and more so a big shame to your imediate family and the larger kenyan family .Imagine what kind of a picture you are potraying to your younger siblings,are you really a role model to your family? imagine this, your niece says when i grow up i would want to be like my auntie?where are your moral’s ? have you lost them ? you are an african woman can you be proud of that and stop it now!! Get back to reality my sister,there are so many hansome kenyan men who can give you all that you want.Remember God made Adam and Eve ,not Eve and jane.

  44. Hannah said

    “Muthuri ta uyu…mwamwonire kuu?” (Where have you seen a husband like this?)

    Indeed it’s a rarity! ha-ha

  45. Milan said

    I am just in shock at the stupidity of most of the people comment and acting a fool with hiding behind the word of god and saying such as the world will end. Why don’t u all talk about the brutizations of women that happen every 10mins, rapes,abuse,drugs, child slavery,selling kids on black makert,I wud think u peole wud want to address that EVIL ,rather than talk about something that is actually beautiful in the making of god, god has the last say in everything not u mortals, who allow ur men to rape u because its the norm and u don’t want better for urself. These women have love, have a foundation of kindness,faith and togeteness. So please address the major problems you have, murder,rape,coruption,uneducaed peole, poor living standards, address that and may be just may be u will find half the love in ur country that these women and usa gives them.

    • Carol said

      @ Milan, unfortunately those that are against cannot understand. They are closed minded and believe wat they believe. A person’s faith and love for God can be a beautiful blessing to others or it can be a curse. Apparently for some of these Kenyans toward Terry and Courtney it’s a curse. Which tells us that God’s love is truely not in their hearts cuz no matter wat, our purpose is to love, live and show others that God do love them no matter wat. Btw, i thought salvation was a free gift and not something we earned? It’s nothing we do or not do to earn heaven so all those who say da Ngendos are going to hell? Be careful ur not there first. Congratulations to you Terry and Courtney. Ignore all the ignorant unchristlike talk from ur “people” and focus on wat matters. Not all Kenyans are against so don’t let the closed-minded ones or hateful ones get u down. love u guys!

  46. Wanjiru said

    This is Hilarious,
    1. Dildo’s for the person who mention them were invented long long ago. Check on your facts.
    2. Look into history – Homosexuality or bi-sexuality has been there for as long as dated information has been. So may it be In African, Dravidian and any other culture, this is not a “new-age” phenomenon.
    3. Westernization and high increase of population plus spread of other Religions made this into the so call”fab”.

    My simple thought after reading this is: How come so many people here sound so “un-informed”? Especially when they are sooo sooo quick to judge?

    Secondly: People – Especially the highly proclaimed Religious individuals…..Are you going to tell me that you as standard as the extremely controversial bible is?
    Do not get me wrong: – I am a Born Again Christian and have been for over 10 years. I just have the hardest time believing that we as believers are the best people either way.

    Take for example pracises like Buddhism – They never push themselves into being “idealized” purity coz there is nothing like that which exists…At least in the Human setting.
    So why, why in any thought are any of us sitting and thinking to ourselves, ” Ah? Ati alifanya?, Anaenda Hell….hata labdha alishaa fika.”
    I might be a kid who for some reason believes that somewhere in the middle east a white man was born to a woman who never has sex and was created by the Former of the world. As unrealistic as that seems to me “intellectual and spiritual” persutes….I do consider calling people names and places curses on them more inhumane.
    So do grown some medulla yourself my darling sister and while working on that borrow some love and happiness.

    • Kangemi said


      yours is my favorite comment. God bless you for your tolerance and understanding of what love means….and yes, you are right the Bible is controversial even for some of us believers. For starters, if we were to follow it verbatum, women wouldn’t be allowed in public at certain times of the month and they would also need to be veiled. Further, the Bible talks about a curd chewing rabbit which we all know does not exist. In addition, I have on several occasions been challenged to locate condemnation of homosexuality in a Bible written before 1950 – it does not exist.

      • kiptoo said

        kangemi/wanjiru please, please, dont base your arguments on the bible you are kiks by the sound of your names thus Any arguments you bring foward should be based on your culture, otherwise drop those names mkuwe mkosa mila ambaye ni mtumwa.

        somethings are common sense ata mbwa koko halambi mwingine mashoko

      • lenah said

        hapo sawa kiptoo!ukweli nausemwe.

    • Muthoni said

      well put Wanjiru, people are using God’s word to judge others yet they do not have thier facts right. thankyou for your comment.

  47. Aloe said

    I’m kenyan and a proud lesbian. Love can touch us only once in our entire lives… Let people be 🙂

  48. Leftkiller said

    Courtney is really smart, she just got herself a free baby sitter for her boys!!

  49. Mwaura said

    Funny how people go on and on about abnormal and normal, about God and morality, about this and that. Let every individual choose his life as he sees it fit and let him walk the path he so desires provided it is not injurious to any other individual. If your God say’s this is immoral mine might just say the opposite so don’t put it across like yours is superior or something. May the couple have much joy in their choice

    • shox said

      They is no peace to the wicked. I don’t care you try to sugar coat it!

    • jean said

      those poor kids could get injured because of the confusion. how do you explain to them that their adoptive “father” is a woman

  50. Kendi said

    What if a child of yours came and told you that he/she likes the opposite sex and can’t help it, would you judge her/him the same way you guys are judging these guys? I don’t think so!

  51. shila said

    every one can live there life how they want it if u want to suck to stick or be sucked so all of u badmind hypocrites who are in ur miserable boring marriages can shut the fuck up….Most of yall complaning are the same ones who are miserable in their own “UPRIGHT” ways or marriages come off the girls name…try satisfying your spouses before u bring ur “BIBLE” comments on here..fakers, imposters, backbiters I bet the girl can take your husbands coz all yall shapeless and out of shape after having childrent please “WORKOUT AND KEEP FIT” instead of worrying and judging wats goin on in another person “BEDROOM” I bet if she slept wit any of yall. Yall would be wondering wat ur so called husband does in bed Miserable women keep in shape and look Good for ur man stop worry bout another womans p###y..That mi Say.

  52. Risingstar said

    Hey people, I love people who are bound up in this kind of lifestyle, but I vehemently oppose they behaviour. Whatever other People do in they life is none of my business. When we stand before the judgement of Christ, everybody will accounted about his own life only not even your spouse’s. Now when politician or other people try to infringe this Kind lifestyle to other people then we have a Problem.

  53. Kijo George said

    OMG Kenyans! Some of you are so ignorant. Love has no gender. Ngendo is attracted to women and so be it.
    Why is there a need for one of them to feel more musculine you ask – some women are born with more musculine characters than others. Some men are born more feminine than others. Does that make the musculine women less of women or the feminine men less of men? NO.
    I am proud of Ngendo. She knows who she is and did not feel the pressure to comply with society expectations of who she is supposed to be or who she is supposed to marry.
    Kudos to her following her heart.
    Leave them alone and concentrate on your own love life.
    Some of you have choosen to stay in an abusive marriage, emotionally detached marriage, Loveless marriage, or even tolerate a cheating husband all in the name of “kuiga mucii” (keeping your home together) JUST because that is what society expects of you.
    Ngendo knows she is responsible for her own happiness and not Society. She followed her heart.
    congratulations Terry and Courtney.

    *Proud gay kenyan woman*

    • Burukenge said

      @Kijo George
      You argue as though gay people are not abusive, cheaters or loveless in Marriage.Does Mellisa Ethridge ring a bell? No, gay people do not necessarily make better couples…that’s a load of bull. They cheat, lie, abandon and betray.

      As far as am concerned, I don’t know this gay thing. If it is scientific or genetically linked, then it is a mutation coming along. But Americans mess it up, those who can not handle the vagaries of opposite sex r-ship seem to jump into it, then shout very loudly how they want rights, BS.

      I personally do not care, but if you tell me on interview that you are gay, I will not hire you. Why? Because I needed someone to do a job, not to tell me their gayness. What has it got to do with the job?

      • kiptoo said

        it is ok to eat pussy, men do it too, but I know this gal and when we meet in mtaa she will …..

      • Kijo George said

        Give me a break! You are just afraid of what you do not understand.

      • kiptoo said

        I do not understand, kijo I prey on the so called sexually starved lesbians, why you wanna a dido kijo?, you wanna teach me? I am a very willing student,

  54. lol said

    what happens in the privacy of their bedrooms is their business,kama haikuhusu…..wachana nayo……its their life,put your money where your mouth is and just shut the fad up. mtaongea nakisha mtalala and the funny thing is that they’ll be enjoying and blissing through their life when you diying thinking bout them…… stupid Kenyans!!!! ndio hamtawai endelea

  55. Kijo George said

    I will be getting married on July to my girlfriend of 4 years.
    I would like to invite all the people who have posted comments on this wall to my BIG GAY WEDDING. Please post your email address as a reply to my post.

    • kiptoo said

      kijo It is just like telling us you are buying a BIG Lexus (or whatever your drive choice is) with no axle / my sis kijo (Njoki), yu will be like a cat drinking water and REMEMBA my words when you go back ushago and get some African read ORGANIC milk you will be meowing like there is no tommorrow… hope yu get the point for muri oraga akiragwo!

    • lenah said

      op itakuwa kenya kwanza tugutambure!

    • Sangirl said

      Good for you girl….congrats!

  56. DoubleG said

    I see a line of thought that runs through this Forum. There a big complain that we should leave this two girls alone. If you look at it, this is bull, why do they have to advertised they marriage and bring they dirty laundry to the public? If they wanted to they should have done it in a closed door and nobody would have given a hoot!! They brought this to themselves, so guys quit being hypocrites.

  57. lenah said

    At Terry,no hard feelings kwani hutaki kuwacha lineage yako kaa mwenzako……chunga isiwe true amepata babyseater,ama niwewe umwpata free mboch?????????

  58. Maish said

    Kuni za jehanam.

  59. Rosalind said

    First, homosexual tendencies do happen just like tendencies to do other things..But engaging in this behavior is a different thing altogether.

    Courtney mjanja sana. Amejipatia mchunga watoto! na huwezi kumtoroka!Hawa wanawake wa aina hii huwa wana ushetani mwingi sana. I Pray that the Lord Jesus will hasten to respond when you call…because you sure will wake up one day and realize what all this is about…and you will call out for the redemption which is yours for the asking…I am with you and will support you when the time comes. Peace.

  60. nicole said

    lol huyu dame hajawai dinywa na mwanaume otherwise she does not know what shes missing nway all the best ngendo

  61. Cali gal said

    Ngendo gal! congrats from my partner and I. am a kenyan les and we have being together for 2yrs also. be blessed. Am from California if you need a place for honeymoon my house is open.

  62. wrath of GOD is coming said


    Man Kills Daughter’s Lesbian Lover, Mom
    Updated: Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011, 7:18 PM CDT
    Published : Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011, 7:18 PM CDT

    (NewsCore) – AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas man angry that his daughter was in a lesbian relationship killed her girlfriend and the girl’s mother, The Austin American-Statesman reported Tuesday.

    Jose Alfonso Aviles, 45, has been charged with capital murder over the deaths of Norma Hurtado, 24, and 57-year-old Maria Hurtado, according to police.

    His daughter had been dating Norma Hurtado for a few months and the relationship had caused an ongoing feud between the two families, Lt Gena CurtisCurtis said.

    Aviles and an unidentified man allegedly shot the two women after they opened their front door Monday night.

    Aviles’ daughter, who was not identified by name, was at the home. She found her girlfriend and Maria Hurtado on the floor, where they died.

    It is up to the district attorney’s office to decide if the killings are a hate crime, police said.

    Read more: Austin American-Statesman

    Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpps/news/man-kills-daughter%27s-lesbian-lover-mom-dpgonc-km-20110419_12839832?obref=obinsite#ixzz1KDsXLiLH

    • Kangemi said

      This is absolutely disgusting. No wonder many don’t want to be associated with Christians for exactly this kind of attitude and judgment of others. Leave judgment to the Lord and the golden rule to us…this posts represents neither..disgusting!

  63. Kangemi said

    “If gay marriage threatens yours, seek counseling”


  64. Abraham said

    seriously people who will never see the promised land are many hizi ni ma circus za dunia anyway pilipili nisioila haiwezi kuni washa but i feel ashamed,but all in all it’s their life

  65. Nyambura Wanja said

    It is a blessing from God, to find true love in this life.
    Many of us go through this life searching and settling for imitations of what we think love is.
    Ng’endo and Caroline, you have been blessed to find each other and do NOT allow some of these hateful remarks bring you down.
    Live your lives in love. For God and each other!
    May your union be forever blessed.

    For those filled with hate and judgement, in the name of the word of God, focus on your OWN journey into the kingdom on heaven.

    • allure said

      nyambura…. umenena ukweli… as long as u r happy….love has no gender….God loves u all….

      • Hoteagle said

        This is hogwash! how can they be blessed and be happy while violating God’s law. God for sure love them, but loathe they behaviour. Saying that you will hit up with opposite sex and be happy…that;s like putting water in you gas tank and hope your cars. This is foolishness gone to sea!!

  66. mumaku said

    my question is , courtney was married before at what time did she realize “a woman “is better.this is all nonesence they are just experimenting and she will be cheating on the ‘husband” with other real men with real stuff.SHETANI ASHINDWE PEPO MBAYA.

    • nicole said

      ngendo being a kikuyu u have ashamed the house of gikuyu and mumbi yu are only 24years old girl u can do better than that ashame the devil and look for a man and haave yua own kids wacha kuwa baby sitter wa hawa watoto wa courtney go try uone utamu wenye atamiss life yako yote follow ua culture yu are too young

      • Wav said

        I do not remember a devil in the story of gikuyu and mumbi. didnt the mzungu try to make us forget gikuyu and mumbi and our NGAI to intro the one who has a devil side kick. it is the mzungus world that has a devil. wonder what else we have been told is not part of our heritage. . . .

    • kemunto said

      Good question Mumaku! Me too, am still asking the same old question which no lesbian wish to answer. Why does the “husband” in these relationships behave n acts like a dude? As am writing a lesbo in the office is chatting on phone with pants hanging down like a man. Why do they love to look like what they claim to hate most (i.e. a man) why? Mbakuri igiri iratwarana ku! Ni wana na urimo uraria ciana cia thiku ici!

      • DoubleG said

        Good one Kemunto, why are the so called lesbian to answer that? (na na na na naaaaaa) !!!!! No one with a right mind can think let alone act like that!

  67. KIPTOO said

    looks like Njambo loves this topic!

  68. GRACE OYAMO said

    I have read most of this comments, l do not agree in gay marriages, however, people are very hypocritical, not all that say lord lord shall enter the kingdon of God, the irony here is this, those that are using Gods name to condem these two couples should stop. Many “christians hide in church and use Gods name in vain” Some are bad hearted, arrogant thieves, indirect prostituts, comminting adultry, evil, ruthless, prey for revenge, et but on sunday they are the first ones to be in church, double standard, you know yourselves, dont judge and you shall not be judged. They have chosen that path, so let it be, the kids will soon have capacity and therefore they will make thier own choices in life.

  69. pastor david warui said

    Choice or no choice,what gays,homosexuals and same sex consenting adults have chosen is biblically called “EVIL” AND has consequences either now or in the hereafter.We like to point to those involved that there is no place in heaven for those who make such choices,that is not our judgement it is the bible in Rev.21:8. ROM 1:22-32.Remember fire burns whether u believe it or not,poison kills whether u have a contrary opinion or not. LK 13:3 unless those involved repent u will perish and be lost eternally in hell. PERIOD.

    • Mary said

      well said pastor

      • David said

        Lost of right words. Its an Godly, an Kenyan and especially Kikuyu custom. let the truth be told. Did she consult the family and why should she be the wife and not the other way round ?

  70. PETER said


  71. PETER said

    ngendo is one such vice to kenyans

  72. mtumoja said

    Our Heavenly Father clearly says homosexuality is immoral and it is wrong…it has been stated all over the bible… So this marriage, si kazi ya Mungu, it has nothing to do with God…with that said, God will deal with them, however it may be…but I just pray for them and plead the blood of Jesus upon them to turn away from sin and follow God’s way….can’t do both…

    be blessed..

  73. jean said

    So, if I have a stealing tendency, i should give in to it because I was born that way? and why do i think nobody will be talking on my behalf. So let everyone practice their tendencies? and see how the world will be like after all its your freedom to chose how you are going to live.

  74. jean said

    Romans 1:18-32
    18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    19Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

    20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    31Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    King James Version (KJV)

  75. jean said

    Leviticus 18:21
    You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. 23(U) And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is(V) perversion

  76. jean said

    Romans 1:18-
    18For(A) the wrath of God(B) is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19For what can be(C) known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature,(D) have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they(E) became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22(F) Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23and(G) exchanged the glory of(H) the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.
    24Therefore(I) God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to(J) the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, 25because they exchanged the truth about God for(K) a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator,(L) who is blessed forever! Amen.

    26For this reason(M) God gave them up to(N) dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another,(O) men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    28And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God,(P) God gave them up to(Q) a debased mind to do(R) what ought not to be done. 29They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, 30slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32Though they know(S) God’s decree that those who practice such things(T) deserve to die, they not only do them but(U) give approval to those who practice them.

  77. Wav said

    One needs to believe in God for any argument against my sexuality to work on me. sorry Jean

  78. Njamba ya Ita said

    Are there no real Kenyan men in America? Could you not find even one to tomba the gayness out of this kasichana?? Am really ashamed of you you! Ati wanaume!! Maybe ile mbegu weak that could not compete in Kenya was cast asunder (USA). Leteni yeye Kenya msikie ako na ball (Twins!!)within the first 1 month – wanaume walibaki Kenya!!

  79. shakira wilson said

    i am not GOD to judge this couple u think this is the biggest sin? sin is sin what about those who cheat? those who rope? those who lie mind your own dawn bussiness

  80. mkenya halisi said

    I knew Terry and we plyed with her, went to church every Sunday but dont know what got in to her to do this. May the Lord redeem her from this wicked marriage. I pity her mum and siblings. This is real torture to them

    • mkenya halisi said

      Did she ooooops meant he send wedding invitation to his parents or siblings, if not he knows that what he is doing is unGodly. Terry you are a beautiful girl and i know many men out there would have loved to marry you, plz wake up from this dream

  81. My dear Sister Terry:
    This is a personal letter,when you get it write to me and I will tell you something special about men that you will never find in another woman when it comes to marriage…This is a trap you have gotten yourself into,it is not about Kenyan or American customs,it is about YOU. It is not about your parents,or siblings it is about YOU. YOU can never be bought at any price by anyone or anything and when you get yourself in such a trap,it will be very hard to get out. Before it goes any further,let go and find your freedom. As much as you would pose a beautiful smile,you are hurting from inside I can feel it. And to those who are offering condemnation to Terry,read the word of God that says remove the LOG in your eyes before you attempt to remove the SPECK out of Terry’s eye. She is following her heart and is lost and I thought the pages are supposed to be full of prayers to get her out of this situation. Read Romans 3:23…

    • mkenya halisi said

      I agree with you Sir Mwangi Meshak, i knew Terry since she was young and we did a lot of stuff that kids do, she was also dedicated to serve God through doing some chores at church and bible study we she never missed. I believe she is just confused at the moment and needs our prayers to come out of it. And may the Almighty hear our prayers and redeem her.

  82. Kibiku-Papakilosh said

    Waaah i can’t believe this Terry was a God fearing gul,hav seen her grow up,she ws tha best among her sisters if i may say,but tha devil is a liar that she hs been hooked,we wont condem her bt pray for her to be redeemed once again,it’s a pity to her bt we stil love her.

    • mwangi said

      All of u have flaws,ony that some flaws are so manifest,but flaws are flaws. We condemn other people while our lives thrive with hate,malice and backstabbing we all require redemption,probably this forum should be a starting point? Like remember what you did last night? Ya…and you want others to understand… so we ought to look out for ways to redeem Terry. Its the theme of famous song, ”rescue the perishig…care for the dying…”

  83. mwangi said

    Sorry every one, I mean all of us hae flaws not all of u.

  84. mary mwaura said

    Congratulations to the couple!
    Consider cutting yourselves off from the Ghenyan community and live your lives.

    Homophobes who are more interested in promoting their bigotry than discussing the legions of injustices taking place in Ghenya, should just be ignored.

  85. David said

    Fellow Kenyans, lets humble ourselves to God and maintain true marriage constitution of man and wife . Before you do anything ask yourself whether, its the will of God

    • kiptoo said

      Jambo don’t like my comments, so my freedom of expression has been curtailed, however as a Soldier of the Lord and if Jesus comes Today I will have the authority to humble maself by whipping yeah all p****eaters and girliemen.

      What next ? are we to start a colony of nudists?

  86. Jessica said

    Is the Bible and God the only argument that the unsupporters have? Homosexuality isn’t hurting any one of you, is it? If you are a believer in God, please, let Him do the condemning. Please, use your biblical defense where it is needed most…with the murderers and rapists and thieves. Use your faith and hope where it is needed most…for cures and to help the ladies of the street and adulteres. Those are the people that are hurting others and themselves…not homosexuals. Plus, call homosexuality a sin if you must, God is forgiving. God also LOVES EVERYONE. Focus your biblical defense on the pain in the world and not on the love that one has for another. And if using the term “marriage” for a homosexual couple is unGodly and bothers Christians and you want to own that term…..then call the “marriage” of a homosexual couple something else like a “civil union.” They do not care…as long as they can legally commit their love and receive the legal benefits that they deserve.

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