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Grieving mum in Kenya requests assistance in taking her son’s body home for burial

Posted by Administrator on April 28, 2011

The Late George Maina Nkonge, 41, who was found dead in San Antonio, TX

Late George Maina Nkonge, 41, who was found dead in San Antonio, TX

By Antony Karanja in Dallas, TX tgkaranja@jambonewspot.com

A grieving Kenyan mum is making a desperate plea for assistance to have her son’s body taken back home for burial.

Mrs Bibiana Nkonge is requesting for any assistance that Kenyans in the Diaspora can extend to enable her to accord her son, George Maina Nkonge a decent burial in Chogoria, Meru.

Goerge was found dead in a San Antonio motel on April 16th, 2011.

George came to the US in 2002, and settled in Maryland where he attended college. Barely two years later in 2004, his father and mother were involved in a tragic road accident, in which his father, Japheth Nkonge, lost his life and his mother was left with permanent debilitating injuries. As the eldest child, George took up the role as the provider of the family.

After leaving Maryland, George moved and lived in several states including North Carolina, Houston and finally settling in San Antonio,Texas in 2006, where he joined and served in the US military.

At the time of his death, he had retired as a US Army officer. He served at the Fort Sam military base in San Antonio.

The cause of death has not yet been determined as investigations are incomplete. George’s health deteriorated in the last several years and is suspected in contributing to his death.

On April 25, 2011, his mother who lives in Kenya received a phone call from an officer with the San Antonio Police Department informing her that her son had passed away.

With only that information at hand, and not knowing how to proceed, she contacted her pastor at her local church who in turn made several calls to pastors in the US requesting assistance.

Later that day, George’s whereabouts were discovered-he was at the Medical Examiners office inSan Antonio, having been moved there after his death.

On April 27, 2011, George’s body was moved toDallas,Texas and is currently lying at Evergreen Memorial and Funeral Home.

George is preceded in death by his father, Japheth Nkonge and is survived by his mother Bibiana Nkonge, his sisters, Sarah Chambers, Edna Muthoni Nkonge, Angel Mahehu, his brother Mureithi Nkonge and his grandmother Mary Njoki Githengere.

With no known family members or relatives in the US, Kenyans of goodwill in the US have been requested to join together in assisting the Nkonge family bury their loved one. His mother and siblings have not seen him since he left Kenya in 2002 and are devastated at the situation at hand.

Please make checks payable to “George Nkonge Funeral Fund’ at any Bank of America branch nationwide.

In Dallas, a fundraiser has been planned for 3pm on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at:

Highland ParkPresbyterian Church (HPPC)

3821 University Boulevard

In Houston, a fundraiser will be held at 5PM at:

13200 Bellaire Blvd (Bellaire and Synott)

Houston, TX 72083

For more information, please contact:

Dallas TX Pst. Cyprian Kimathi

(469) 644-8101

Houston TX Sammy Kiragu

(832) 606-0840

Houston TX Sam Njunuri

(281) 236-9110

San Antonio TX Caroline Mkubwa

(210) 392-4365

Silver Springs MD Mukami Mugo

(301) 758-4336

Raleigh NC Jimmy Mugo

(919) 710-3536

St Louis MO Sebastian Gaitho

(314) 503-6262


13 Responses to “Grieving mum in Kenya requests assistance in taking her son’s body home for burial”

  1. mommafran said

    This is so sad. May he Rest In Peace.

  2. leo said

    Military only take in super healthy men & women to serve.Therefore,5yrs ago this military guy was super healthy to be taken in and my question is Ni ugojwa gani alipata akiwa huko kwa military? Na kwanini hawakutumia Mama yake mwili? I understand that he was retired but my inteligence has drawn the conclusion that this guy contructed something while in the military and therefore they should help in sending this soldier to the mama and not just tell her that your son is dead.Devastating.Pole mama and trust us,youll get the help you need.

    • Allan said

      Correction, To retire in the Armed forces of America you must serve 20yrs of honorable service.The enlistment periods are 4 and 8yrs and someone can re-enlist 1yr before their term expires to a maximum of 20yrs.
      So its safe to assume he served 4yrs,got his citizenship and got discharged honorably.
      The military takes care of all funeral arrangements if ONLY your death occurs when you are still enlisted.So pole sana to the family of this young man.I sincerely hope he had some funds in an account somewhere to help his family especially now that they have lost their bread-winner.
      His death is sound suspicious and i hope it will be investigated fully!.

    • kc said

      The Veteran Affairs dpt was contacted. Their response was that the military does not ship bodies abroad for burial. If he was to be buried in the US, military would do that for free with all honors as long as he was honorably discharged from the military. The mother requested to have his body shipped home since she has not seen him since 2002. It would only be fitting if we can honor this mother’s wishes.

  3. Morphus said

    While I think its a good call for the Kenyans in Diaspora to respond to this call, some questions are unanswered. I know for a fact that the veteran Affairs for which he is an aoutomatic member should have taken u the matter. Better still I prsume that questions have not been put to the right people. He was an American Soldier, and we all know that US takes care of it’s own. Someone should help and escalate this to the right place – it doesn’t sound right to be left this way.

  4. mtambaruka said

    What was this guy doing in a San Antinio motel all alone dying? If he was that sick, wouldn’t he be at the hospital, or some home?

  5. Edwin said

    Whether the military needs to help or not is irrelevant at this point. A mother in Kenya got a call from San Antonio police informing her of her son’s death. No mother should ever have to go through this and the Kenyans taking the burden of helping this woman they dont know should be encouraged and appreaciated.
    Instead of engaging in Monday morning Quarterbacking, we should be asking how we can help this poor woman. Remember that this could be anyone’s mother, including your own.

    • global citizen said

      I think that it is completely right to point out the fact that our dear George’s death must be investigated to the full and no shadows left. That’s what democracy is all about in the first place.

      • Edwin said

        I agree with you Global Citizen that this needs to be investigated fully. My point however is that the mother cannot wait for years until this is done. We have to get together, lay George to rest then push for the investigation.

  6. Timo said

    Nkonge was a personal friend. We lost touch in the last two years. Mungu akubariki!

  7. Jasmine said

    Wakenya, please let us get together and help this family. It is a very sad sad situation and rather than giving instructions of what should be done or what should have been, let us focus on sending him home. As someone above mentioned, this could happen to anyone, you, me, your brother, your cousin etc.
    Leo, if you have nothing positive or encouraging to say, which for you is an everyday occurance, please just refrain from commenting. For goodness sake, act your age and not your IQ size!

  8. Hannah. said

    I THANK THE lORD FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE OFFERED TO SUPPORT GEORGE’S FAMILY AT THIS TRYING PERIOD. Knowing George or what killed him is important BUT the most important thing at this crucial moment is to support George’s dear family in the burial expences. The pain the family is going thro is unbearable and holding them close to our hearts in prayer is equally important.Remember the Bible commands we help one onother and by doing so, we will be planting a good seed to our future. Remember utafuna upandacho. Who knows what tommorrow may bring forth? May our good and mercifull saviour give the family peace that surpasses human understanding. Mama George,the Lord is with you at this tring poeriod. HE truely cares.

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