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It’s back to the courts in Wanjiru family dispute

Posted by Administrator on May 28, 2011

Terezah Njeri Kamau (centre) at Lee Funeral Home Nairobi on May 27,2011 during the post-mortem of her husband Olympic champion Samuel Wanjiru . PHOTO / William Oeri

Terezah Njeri Kamau (centre) at Lee Funeral Home Nairobi on May 27,2011 during the post-mortem of her husband Olympic champion Samuel Wanjiru . PHOTO / William Oeri

The family and legal disputes surrounding fallen marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru will play out in court from Thursday.

Justice Anyara Emukule, who has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the family’s decision to battle it out in court, will face the three rivalling sides: Mr Wanjiru’s mother, Ms Hannah Wanjiru; his wife, Ms Terezah Njeri; and his supposed other wife, Ms Judy Wambui.

Legal redress

While Mr Wanjiru’s mother moved to court to stop his wife from making burial arrangements or interfering with her son’s remains, Ms Wambui also sought legal redress. She went to court to stop the two from burying her alleged husband.

When Ms Wambui’s application was filed before Justice Emukule, the judge wondered out loud: “Now which one is this again? Is it about the late Wanjiru? How many more such cases will there be?”

The first person to go to court was Hannah Wanjiru on May 19, seeking an interim order barring Ms Njeri from arranging for her son’s burial or removing his body from Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi.

Through lawyer Wilfred Konosi, Hannah Wanjiru said that she went to the home of her late son and found his burial arrangements going on. She said Ms Njeri was planning to bury her son on May 24 without involving her.

Mr Konosi told the court that his client wanted investigations into his death concluded first. He clarified that the matter before the court was not about the late athlete’s estate but his burial.

Justice Emukule granted her a 14-day injunction but told lawyers to seek other ways to resolve the family issues.

However, a few days later, Ms Wambui’s lawyer, Mr Kahiga Waitindi, filed an application seeking to stop Hannah Wanjiru and Ms Njeri from burying Wanjiru.

Ms Wambui, who is six months pregnant, sought orders to have DNA samples extracted from Mr Wanjiru’s body and an analysis be conducted to confirm the paternity of her unborn child.

Justice Emukule granted her request. Her claim that she was Mr Wanjiru’s wife and mother to his child will be considered on June 2, the same day the case filed by Wanjiru’s mother will be heard.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/sports/athletics/Its+back+to+the+courts+in+Wanjiru+family+dispute+/-/1100/1171146/-/vilsefz/-/index.html


4 Responses to “It’s back to the courts in Wanjiru family dispute”

  1. leo said

    bunch of bull.Lay him to rest and claim later.No man should stink in morgue while the hyenas screams.mine,mine mine, mine ,mine,mine,mine mine mine. shudd up!!!!!!!! NOT yours. let him rest………

  2. Caro Marende Bukusu said

    A very sad case here. Let Wanjiru rest in peace. He has no more interest. Respect the dead! mama Wanjiru and the rest of the so called ‘wives’. Everybobody in Kenya knows Tereza Njeri as the deaceased wife! Let Njeri and her two children mourn in peace!
    My condolences to Njeri and the children

  3. Pennie said

    I just hope he had a will – an very much updated will.

  4. jane said

    i just want justice to be done!!njeri to say the trueth.it was not homicide?.toyota land crusser what was it doing in the ther!!!God is there and everything will be known.uchungu wa mwana amunjuaye mzazi!!!hongera mama samwel!!!wapeleke bio kabisa!!!!

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