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Death Announcement-David Kamau Waitiki

Posted by Administrator on May 31, 2011

David Kamau Waitiki (Kamash)

David Kamau Waitiki (Kamash)

The body of a Kenyan man found dead a fortnight ago is still lying at a Santa Rosa mortuary in California as the family has not been able to raise the $11,000 needed for his funeral expenses.

21 year old David Kamau Waitiki (Kamash) was found dead at his apartment on May 17th, 12 hours after he apparently died.

David who had moved from San Jose a few months ago shared a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. The roommate reportedly left for work that fateful morning not aware of Kamau’s fate.

Kamau’s girlfriend is said to have gone to the apartment to look for him and her knocks at the front door were not answered. She then went around to the bedroom window which was open and she was able to gian access. It is at this point that she found Kamau dead. She immediately called the police.

Preliminiary coroners report indicate that he died after having a seizure.

Reports indicate that David came to the U.S in 2004 to seek medical assistance for seizures he had been suffering for a while. He had sought treatment in Kenya to no avail.

He sought treatment at San  Mateo Hospital in California and he was responding well to the treatment.

He was the son of Mary Wanjiru & Mr.Joseph Waitiki Ndegwa of Keremara Farm (Kiganjo Road) Nyeri.

He attended Nyeri Kindergarten next to Outspan hotel before proceeding to  Mount Kenya Academy in Nyeri. He had his high school education at Kenyatta high school in Othaya, Nyeri  before attending college at Mombasa Polytechnic.

The family is seeking assistance from friends, family and well wisher’s to enable them meet the financial goal to enable them meet Kamau’s funeral expenses.

Funds can be paid to:

• Bank ofAmerica

Joseph I. Waitiki

Account #: 0448175346

Routing #: 121000358

Checks can be mailed to:

•Joseph Waitiki

1969 Tate   Street C208

East Palo   Alto,CA94303

For more details,contact:

Veronica Ndegwa- 650 906 1370


6 Responses to “Death Announcement-David Kamau Waitiki”

  1. Ugly Betty said

    Is this a Kenyan newspaper or kikuyu paper?? We lose other Kenyans too but you seem to never report them.Sorry to the family though.RIP davie.

  2. Namulanda said

    Pole to the family. I am a Kenyan seizure sufferer whom Kenyan doctors failed to diagnose the source. At his age, I had seizures too, but have had none since moving to the US, although I am not sure what happened. I took anti-seizure meds for a year in Kenya and stopped because they made me crazy. I was drooling and suffering memory loss. This could easily have been me.

    I pray that God grants his soul mercy, and strength to the family.

    RIP comrade. U have gone to sleep before us, we hope to join you later.

  3. tom said

    Why don’t they bury the young man in the US? It’s cheaper and reasonable

    • CJ said

      It’s easy for you to say that, perhaps you want to tell his family your suggestion? So each time they want to visit his grave they should go to the American Embassy and beg for a visa and you know how “friendly and accomodating” the embassy is.

      Yes it’s cheaper but some things you cant put a price on. I don’t have a solution but i understand why they would want their child brought back home.

      RIP David.

  4. gracie said

    some of you have absolutely nothing important to say, so pls keep your nothing to yourself, weve lost one of us and instead of the ugly betty sympathising with the family , all you see is tribe

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