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Credible or not Credible: World’s strictest parents- Kenya

Posted by Administrator on June 8, 2011

The clips revolves around rowdy british teens who have refused to conform to anything their parents say. They break the rules, are rude, are anything but what a parent would want.

In an effort to rehabilitate them, they are sent to Mombasa Kenya where they will live with Kenyan parents according to their house rules. Watch all six clips to see what transpires. How credible is this? Is this even practical. Judge for yourself.








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Mwau wants US to substantiate claims

Posted by Administrator on June 8, 2011

John Harun Mwau the Kilome MP is seeking explanations from the Kenyan government as to why he was branded a drug kingpin by the American president.

Mwau wants to know if the Kenyan government was informed of the claim and the evidence adduced to it by the American government to warrant his branding a drug baron.

He is now seeking to know if the Kenyan government will hire an attorney to protect his rights in America.

” If the government and the AG are going to appoint an attorney to pursue this wrong in order to restore any human rights and civil liberty.
Whether the dossier presented by Ranneberger to Saitoti formed the basis used by the American government to brand me a drug kingpin.”

In seeking the ministerial statement, the Kilome MP demanded provision of credible evidence to support the claims by the US government.

“Based on the information that the president of the United States has forwarded my name to the House of Representatives and the Senate for
confirmation, to clarify what urgent action the government will take to prevent both houses from acting on the erroneous information.”

He is also seeking to know the reasons and circumstances that led Obama to designate him a foreign narcotic drug trafficker.

He challenged anybody to prove that he is associated with drug trafficking.

“Based on the current predicament and action already taken the government should clarify what I am suppose to do as a Kenya citizen being
punished with a foreign law and what legal remedies are available and what action the government is taking.”

The former trade assistant minister also wants to know if the American government consulted the president and the government of Kenya before
such drastic action was taken.

Mwau wants know if the Kenya government will seek removal of his name from the designation of a major drug trafficker arguing that he is not
and has never been involved in drug trafficking or any other criminal acts.

He  also wants answers on what measures the government would take to restore his dignity both as a citizen and as a member of parliament.

The ministry of foreign affairs is expected to respond to Mwau’s request on Wednesday next week.

Lat week on Thursday, President Obama listed Mwau, businesswoman Naima Mohamed Nyakinyua and five other foreigners as drug
traffickers and slapped harsh economic sanctions against them.

Source: http://www.kbc.co.ke/news.asp?nid=70647

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Suspected burglar lynched

Posted by Administrator on June 8, 2011

A suspected burglar was yesterday lynched by members of the public at Gathoge village in Kirinyaga County. Dennis Muthike was found breaking into a woman’s house by a neighbour, who raised the alarm attracting members of the public. Kirinyaga OCPD Patrick Oduma said Judy Muthoni had left home for a church service and locked the house.

The intruder, together with two accomplices, managed to get into her compound through the shamba gate and started breaking the door. Oduma said the suspects are known to break into houses when the owners are in church and their mission did not succeed this time round.

He said Muthike was cornered and beaten to death. Oduma said the body of the 28 year old victim was later collected by police officers and taken to Kerugoya District hospital mortuary. His two accomplices however escaped on foot to nearby bushes with the public in hot pursuit.

He said that this is the third time that Judy’s house was being broken into citing that she has lost goods worth thousands after her son’s laptop, phone, 2 Television sets,Gas cooker were stolen by the same group of people.

Elsewhere a chicken thief is locked up at Wang’uru police station after he was found with two stolen chicken in Mwea. Muriithi Kihia had stolen the chicken from a chicken vendor in Ngurubani town after the owner Kamau Mwangi left them under his care.

Area OCPD Apollo Onyonyi said that the suspect was rescued by Administration police who were on patrol from angry mob that wanted to lynch him. He said that investigations are going on.


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Mwau seeks Govt help over drugs link

Posted by Administrator on June 8, 2011

Kilome MP Harun Mwau wants to know whether the government will intervene in his bid to reverse the recent designation by the US as a drug trafficker June 8, 2011. FILE

Kilome MP Harun Mwau wants to know whether the government will intervene in his bid to reverse the recent designation by the US as a drug trafficker June 8, 2011. FILE

Kilome MP Harun Mwau wants to know whether the government will intervene in his bid to reverse the recent designation by the US as a drug trafficker.

Mr Mwau was last week listed by US President Barack Obama as a drug lord under the US Kingpin Act.

On Wednesday, the MP sought a ministerial statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking what the Government of Kenya can do to prevent the US Senate and House of Representatives from acting on a what he described as an erroneous information that has been forwarded to them.

Mr Mwau wants the minister for Foreign Affairs to clarify the circumstances that led the US President to designate him as a major drug trafficker and whether the action was fair and in line with the principle of respect for fundamental human rights and justice.

Noting that he was not consulted before the US took the action, Mr Mwau further wants to know whether any evidence was shared with President Kibaki and whether he was consulted and what the Government of Kenya can do to assist him from being punished by a foreign land.

“Can the Minister table evidence held against me by any person or authority or that would link me to any drug trafficking,” the member said.

Mr Mwau and a Kenyan businesswoman Naima Mohammed Nyakinyua joined the US list of top seven drug traffickers around the world with President Obama signing an executive order freezing all assets of the Kilome MP for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

The order was issued under the US Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act or the Kingpin Act and extended to the Kenyan businesswoman, who appeared before a Tanzanian court on drug trafficking charges last week.

In Parliament, Mr Mwau who has sued former US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger for publishing a report he said was injurious to him, sought to know whether the Government of Kenya will uphold his dignity as an MP and whether it will intervene to stop his being punished by a foreign law.

He questioned whether the same information that was shared with Parliament by Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti in February concerning his alleged involvement in trafficking alongside two other MPs was the same used to procure the US action.

“Can the Minister state whether the action was based on evidence by a rogue state officer,” he said.

Seeking the statement, the MP asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to table any evidence from the US showing that he has been involved in any drug trafficking in any part of the world.

“A person being designated as a significant foreign drug trafficker alludes that there already is evidence indicating the same,” he argued.

Noting that the Ministry is seized with the issue of drug trafficking on a continuous basis, the member asked the Minister to also table any correspondence with the US Embassy in Kenya and the US Government on the matters.

Mr Mwau and Ms Nyakinywa are also barred from entering the US. These sanctions also extend to family members or anyone who has benefitted from proceeds of the illegal trade.

His defamation case against Mr Ranneberger will be heard next month.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/-/1064/1177022/-/7sqdry/-/index.html

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