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Invitation from the wedding committee of Antony “Jambo” Karanja and Pauline Matheri

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011


Tony “Jambo” is used to writing stories with no help. We wake up to a number of stories every morning which he effortlessly gathers from different sources. We read his stories in Jambo as well as the DailyNation.

However, there is one story that he can surely need our help on. This story involves his departure from being a bachelor to married life.
This story requires different kinds of sources. The man cannot finish a chapter to save his life.

With this in mind, the organizing committee overseeing Antony “Jambo” Karanja and Pauline Matheri’s wedding preparations would like to invite
you for their pre-wedding party on Saturday  June 18, 2011 at Nandi’s Banquet Hall located at 9205   Skillman Rd #100, Dallas TX 75243.



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Kenyan man arrested in Washington State after racking up over $1 million in stolen goods

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011

King County prosecutors have charged two men with seven counts of first-degree trafficking in stolen property for allegedly taking more than $1 million worth of items from the Office Depot warehouse in Kent.

Dion Lawrence Alexander, 36, of Tacoma, and Kenneth N. Ngugi, 30, of Federal Way, are accused of running a scheme where Alexander, the warehouse manager, were remove ink cartridges and other items and pass them to Ngugi waiting outside the facility in a car, according to charging papers filed June 10. Ngugi would then sell the items on eBay through PayPal accounts.

Alexander and Ngugi are scheduled to be arraigned on the charges June 23 at the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

An Office Depot loss prevention manager contacted Kent Police in March 2010 to report a loss of more than $1.2 million of toner and ink from the warehouse since September 2008. Office Depot security had not discovered how the items were taken until the company installed video surveillance cameras in early March 2010.

At about 1:30 a.m. on March 12, 2010, Alexander could be seen on camera removing 10 toner cartridges from the storage location and passing them out an overhead door to a person waiting in a car, according to charging papers. On four other dates, Alexander also is observed taking items and passing them to a man in the same vehicle.

Kent Police followed the vehicle after one of the incidents to a Federal Way apartment. That’s when detectives met Ngugi, the driver of the car that would stop at the warehouse.

Ngugi told police that he had worked at Office Depot from 2004 to 2006 and that Alexander was his supervisor. He said sometime in 2006 he started to obtain merchandise from Alexander once or twice a week in the early morning hours.

Ngugi would call Alexander to order specific items and then come pick up the merchandise and pay Alexander in cash. He told police that earlier that day he had given Alexander 10 $100 bills.

Alexander told detectives that he would leave items outside the warehouse for another man to pick up. Alexander had 10 $100 bills in his possession when detectives interviewed him, the same day they had interviewed Ngugi.

Once Ngugi had the items, he would sell them over eBay. He had one to three primary customers with the money transferred through PayPal accounts.

The Federal Way man estimated he had stolen at least $500,000 worth of merchandise from Office Depot.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the eBay and PayPal accounts owned by Ngugi and discovered transactions worth more than $1 million over about a seven-year period.

One company had purchased $613,027 in ink and toner from 2007 to 2010.

Office Depot reported that inventories of the losses of ink and toner from June 2007 to April 2010 totaled $2.1 million.

The men were arrested for investigation of theft in April 2010 and are now facing the charges. Kent Police turned over probable cause documents to prosecutors in December 2010.


Source: http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/south_king/ken/news/123866584.html

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Kenyan jailed for 40 years for murder

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011

Jackson Mwangi, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday in Rockingham County Superior Court for the June 1 killing of his ex-girlfriend, Randi Huntley, 25, of Danville.

Jackson Mwangi, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday in Rockingham County Superior Court for the June 1 killing of his ex-girlfriend, Randi Huntley, 25, of Danville.

BRENTWOOD — A Manchester man was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for the murder of Randi Huntley of Danville on June 1, 2010.

Jackson Mwangi, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday in Rockingham County Superior Court, which allowed him to avoid trial and the possibility of facing life in prison without parole.

Roughly 50 of Huntley’s family members packed the courtroom on Monday afternoon to see Mwangi make his plea.

Mwangi made his way into Huntley’s home on June 1, 2010, by claiming their 4-year-old-son had to use the bathroom, Assistant Attorney General Diana Fenton said.

Mwangi spent his day with the young boy preparing to kill Huntley, 25, and then himself, she said.

“The state has videotape of the defendant with this child purchasing a knife, zip ties, duct tape, BB gun and BB’s at two different Walmarts,” Fenton said.

Mary Huntley, the victim’s mother, said in court that she wanted to see Mwangi spend the rest of his life in prison, but came to accept the terms of the plea bargain.

Mwangi will be eligible for parole when he is 68 years old, but Mary Huntley told him, “I strongly feel you won’t make it that long and that gives me some peace.”

“I may not attend church regularly,” Mary Huntley said. “But God forgive me, I can never forgive you for what you have done to my family and especially Randi’s son. No 4-year-old or any age should have to watch his father brutally murder his mother.”

Jackson Mwangi, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday in Rockingham County Superior Court for the June 1 killing of his ex-girlfriend Randi Huntley, 25, of Danville. Mwangi was sentenced to serve 40 years to life in state prison.

Jackson Mwangi, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday in Rockingham County Superior Court for the June 1 killing of his ex-girlfriend Randi Huntley, 25, of Danville. Mwangi was sentenced to serve 40 years to life in state prison.

Once in the kitchen of Randi Huntley’s home, Mwangi brought out the zip ties and BB gun, and ordered Huntley to tie her hands, Fenton said. Huntley struggled to get control of the BB gun.

“She took BB gun from him; he kneed her in the groin and face,” Fenton said. Mwangi took out the knife and stabbed her five times. Two stab wounds struck Huntley’s heart, Fenton said.

Huntley tried to defend herself with a sledgehammer, but Mwangi took it from her and struck her in the head before she fled the home with her son yelling for help, Fenton said. Neighbors saw her collapse in the driveway and one of them called 911 for help.

Mwangi later admitted to police that he could have simply driven away at that point, but decided to back up and hit Huntley with his car.

“But instead he saw Randi lying in the driveway,” Fenton said. “He told police that he wanted her to and I quote, ‘feel the pain he felt’ and that, I quote again, ‘This is the person who makes me cry every time I go to bed. How can I make sure she cries too and how can I make sure with her new boyfriend that they feel pain.’”

Judge Tina Nadeau told the Huntley family that having no remorse for Mwangi was appropriate given the facts of the case.

“You need to know that forgiveness is not required or even appropriate under these circumstances,” Nadeau said. “You are entitled to that, and you never have to forgive this defendant. I hope that the only thing that comes from this day is the slow and difficult process of healing.”

The victim’s two sisters, Elizabeth and Andrea, expressed outrage over the killing and recounted the excruciating details of what they experienced in the hours following their sister’s murder.

“The hardest part that day was sitting down with her 4-year-old son and telling him his mother was dead and that she was never coming back,” Andrea Huntley said. “No one, especially a child, should ever have to hear those words. I’ve had nightmares many nights after this horrible tragedy, and I hope they will stop now.”

Mwangi did not speak in court beyond answering the judge’s questions while entering his guilty plea.

He was indicted on a single count of first-degree murder and two alternative counts of second-degree murder. His guilty plea acknowledged that he “knowingly” committed the murder.

In an interview after the hearing, defense lawyer Adam Bernstein said, “His sentiment is that he took responsibility for this act.” Mwangi decided to plead guilty so that he could possibly one day be freed from prison, Bernstein said.

Under state law, Mwangi will be able to petition a judge to suspend the remainder of his minimum sentence after serving two-thirds of it, according to Bernstein.

If Mwangi went to trial on the first-degree murder charge, Bernstein said, “we would have filed an insanity defense and fully litigated that.”

“So he evaluated the whole picture,” Bernstein said. “We worked very, very hard and had a legitimate defense. We had two experts we retained.”

After the hearing, Fenton said the state felt the sentence was appropriate “given he has acknowledged responsibility and there was a small child who was a witness in this case, 40 years to life is appropriate for what this defendant did.”

Mary Huntley said her grandson has a strong family to support him in the years to come, but it won’t erase the loss.

“Not a day goes by when he doesn’t ask about his mother,” Mary Huntley said. “Whether he is talking to her like we all do or just saying that he misses her.”

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Kenyan Muslim leaders call for death penalty for gays

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011

Muslim leaders in Kenya have called on the government to introduce the death penalty for homosexuals and to boycott their businesses, media reports said Monday.

“Death is the only punishment prescribed by Islam for such people as done in China and Iran,” the Daily Nation quoted Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa, of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, as saying.

“We are asking Kenyans to shun businesses owned by such people and further show them open discrimination as a way of stopping the beastly act,” he told reporters at an anti-homosexual workshop.

“They grossly abuse rights of others and should not be accepted among the society,” he said.

The workshop was attended by more than 150 madrassa teachers and was called to address the problem of sexual abuse of boys.

Another participant at the work shop, Sheikh Majid Obeid also blamed Kenya’s recent drought on “illicit activities.”

“The rising cost of living and drought are due to the behaviour of these Kenyans who are not ready to change,” he said.

An attempt last year by a Ugandan member of parliament to introduce the death penalty caused international outrage. The government rejected the death penalty but parts of the legislation proposed are still under discussion.

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries. Those who show their gay orientation openly often face violence as well as discrimination.

Source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/africa/2011/06/14/kenyan-muslim-leaders-call-for-death-penalty-for-gays

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Former MD ‘lives on hand-outs’ after losing job

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011

Mr Mulewa in court for a hearing of the corruption case against him. File

Mr Mulewa in court for a hearing of the corruption case against him. File

Not long ago, James Mulewa had a driver, a secretary and a hotline. He was, after all, the managing director of the Kenya Ports Authority.

In August 2008, Mr Mulewa had taken over as the acting MD of the parastatal, rising to the helm of a company with a turnover of Sh18.7 billion.

For him, this was a dream job having joined the corporation in 1981 as a trainee accountant. Today, broke and spending time in the High Court corridors over a corruption case, Mr Mulewa is sneak-preview of what happens, when the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc) descends on you.

For 27 years, Mulewa, who graduated in 1980 from the University of Nairobi, must have eyed the MD’s position: it had good perks, and was one of the most coveted parastatals in the country. It also came with a gross salary of Sh1,050,000 a month.

Like his predecessor, Abdalla Mwaruwa, who was fired from his position, Mulewa left through the same door — and in the same style.

But that was until officials of Kacc came knocking at his door, perused his bank accounts and properties and left with a court case that has reduced Mulewa to a near pauper. The High Court, in a case filed by Kacc,  has not only frozen his accounts with more than Sh25 million but has also blocked him dealing in his three parcels of land.

Mulewa is back at the Mombasa courts.  In a new affidavit, he says that he survives on tokens from his relatives and well wishers since he cannot access his millions of Shillings, which have been frozen by the court.

The anti-graft agency questioned his source of wealth, which it claimed he  acquired irregularly. That is why he was stopped from  dealing in any way with the two accounts held at Fina and Prime banks after the High Court in Mombasa issued orders in favour of Kacc  more than a month ago. The account at Fina Bank has Sh15,783,388, while the one at Prime Bank has Sh10 million.

High Court judge Justice Mohammed Ibrahim had earlier declined to lift an order freezing the accounts, saying that Kacc  would lose the benefit acquired. He also said by lifting the order, he would interfere with the discretion of his colleague Mr Justice Jackton Ojwang’ who issued the initial orders.

Mr Mulewa had argued that the order was completely unlimited in scope and gave no exemption to access the money for ordinary expenses or legal fees. The defendant was also blocked from dealing with three parcels of land after it emerged that he could have been obtained them through corrupt practices too. However, last week, Mr Mulewa filed a suit under certificate of urgency, where he wanted the court to release Sh500,000 which he claims is being illegally held by the agency.

He also wanted the court to direct Kacc to immediately release all his documents and property, which he claims  were illegally seized, following a search warrant issued by the Kibera magistrate’s court in 2010.

Through the Ahmednasir, Abdikadir and Company law firm, Mr Mulewa argued that Kacc  did not accord him a reasonable opportunity to explain the alleged disproportion between the assets concerned and his known legitimate source of income as required by the law. He also says that he had been prejudiced by the actions of Kacc, as his constitutional right to a fair hearing, trial, privacy and protection of private property had been contravened. In addition he said that he is unable to put up a defence in this case due to the continued illegal seizure of documents that are relevant to the matter.

How Mulewa’s world changed after he was appointed to the KPA position is now a matter that will be dealt with by the court. In the main suit, the commission argues that during his tenure at the port, Mr Mulewa engaged in corruption and acquired properties, which include unexplained immovable assets valued at Sh17 million and unexplained amounts of cash inflow of Sh63,683,794, totalling to Sh80,683,794.

The commission says that when he was appointed MD, he earned a gross salary of Sh1,050,000 for the two years he occupied the position but continued to receive large sums of money, which was more than his pay, until May 20, last year when he was sacked.

Mr Justice Ojwang’ had earlier extended the order freezing the accounts and directed that the matter be heard on June 30.


Source: http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Corporate+News/-/539550/1180216/-/rpm1xp/-/index.html

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Moi’s pay more than doubles

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011

The cost to the taxpayer of keeping retired president Daniel arap Moi (pictured) in comfortable retirement more than doubled last year, putting him firmly among the best paid public servants in Kenya.

The cost to the taxpayer of keeping retired president Daniel arap Moi (pictured) in comfortable retirement more than doubled last year, putting him firmly among the best paid public servants in Kenya.

The cost to the taxpayer of keeping retired president Daniel arap Moi in comfortable retirement more than doubled last year, putting him firmly among the best paid public servants in Kenya.

Treasury documents show that Mr Moi, who has largely kept to non-official duties and political campaigns, pocketed Sh58.4 million in allowances, reflecting a major jump in the cost of his retirement package.

Mr Moi had received an average of Sh12 million in personal allowances since 2006, before the sudden and unexplained rise in his retirement pay.

The payment means Mr Moi has cost the taxpayer more than Sh100 million in allowances alone since 2006.

In the fiscal year starting July, nevertheless, Mr Moi will have to live within the modest pay of Sh18 million in personal allowances.

Treasury plans to keep the payout at that level in the next three years at the expiry of which he will be joined in retirement by President Mwai Kibaki  as per the stipulations of the new Constitution.

Treasury officials on Monday declined to comment on the sudden rise in the retired president’s take-home and Mr Moi’s  personal secretary Lee Njiru referred our inquiries to the head of the civil service,   Francis Muthaura.

Mr Moi retired in 2002 after serving as Kenya’s President for 24 years, which has entitled him to regular payments, the first ever for a former head of State in Kenya. The first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, died in office.

The numbers published by Treasury indicate the State at the same time provided a reimbursable medical expenditure cover for inpatient services amounting to Sh8 million to Mr Moi.

This figure, also set to remain constant, was first factored in the 2006/07 estimates. In terms of personal allowances, Mr Moi took home more money than President Kibaki who earns Sh16.1 million in personal allowances annually. The President was also paid Sh8.4 million in basic salary meaning he took home Sh24.5 million in the current year. President Kibaki constitutionally vacates office in 2012/13 and his successor will inherit the same payments, according to projections carried in the recurrent estimates.

Details of Mr Moi and his successors’ pay  are contained in the recurrent expenditure estimates under the Consolidated Funds Services.
This is the account under which constitutional office holders and debt services are paid from.

In terms of payment, the Teachers Service Commission, employer of all government teachers, takes most of the cake with the chairman, deputy and members allocated Sh200.9 million.

It is equalled by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, which is in the process of being set up.

Like TSC, the Civil Service salary determiner will have its budget scaled up to Sh211.7 million by 2013/14.

A number of constitutional commissions are winding up and will not cost the taxpayer any money in the coming financial year.

They include the Interim independent Electoral Commission, the Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review and Interim Independent Constitution Dispute Resolution Commission.

But the pay burden on taxpayers will not ease because the Constitution has created even more commissions and constitutional offices that are set to push up the salaries and allowances bill.

Top in the list of new commissions is the National Land Commission, where office holders will take home a total of Sh125 million in the coming year.

Parliamentary Service Commission members will take home a similar amount of money while the Controller of Budget office, where the aborted selection of Mr William Kirwa sparked controversy, has been allocated Sh11.5 million. National Police Service Commission gets Sh125.4 million while Independent Electoral and  Boundaries Commission get Sh211 million.


Source: http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/-/539546/1180334/-/nfsfee/-/index.html

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2 killed, 6 injured and scores missing as building collapses in Nairobi

Posted by Administrator on June 14, 2011


NAIROBI, Kenya Jun 14 – Seven hours after a house under construction collapsed in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate, rescuers are yet to retrieve bodies of two people who died under the rubble, while 14 others remain trapped under the debris.

The bodies of the two men who were working at the six-storey building were still buried under the rubble late on Tuesday, with rescuers unable to retrieve them.

“We have tried to remove the bodies under the rubble but it is proving to be difficult unless we remove the upper floors. It may take some time,” a Kenya Army officer involved in the rescue operation said.

By 6pm, the rescuers were still struggling to save a woman who had been communicating with her relatives from the third floor of the building.

“She is speaking to her people, we have spoken to her and she has directed us where she is. We are trying to get her out. We want to drill a hole to see if we will reach her,” Nairobi Provincial deputy police chief Moses Nyakwama said and warned that “rescuers will have to be careful not to injure her or others feared trapped under the rubbles.”

Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere who led the rescue efforts earlier in the day told journalists that two people had been confirmed dead, eight injured while 14 others trapped.

“Rescuers have not been able to remove the bodies of the two people who have died due to logistical problems. We did not have proper equipment but the process of removing them has now commenced,” he said and assured that “we will do everything possible to ensure the rescue operation is successful.”

Relatives and friends camped at the scene and raised fears that the rescuers were taking too long to get their relatives out.

“It is tormenting seeing one of our own lying dead under the concrete. Even if they are dead, they should be removed from there,” one relative who only identified himself as Kevin said.

Kevin’s brother was working at the site as a casual labourer when it tumbled, covering more than 14 people.

The fate of most of them remained unknown by late Tuesday, but rescuers were optimistic of pulling some of them alive “because we are communicating with them. We just hope all goes well.”

Those feared trapped under the rubble were men and women who worked as casual labourers and their managers as well as women who had gone to supply them with food.

“We understand some of the women were hired to sweep the building so that plaster can be applied. There are also those who went to sell food to the workers. Those are the people who are trapped in there,” Nairobi deputy police Chief Mr Nyakwama said.

Witnesses who reside in the neighbouring houses said they first heard the workers screaming as others jumped out before the building went down.

“The whole thing happened in a flash, there were screams all over, then there were people jumping and at that time, the building was already down,” he added.

Mr Iteere told journalists a preliminary investigation had shown the building collapsed as a result of poor structural planning.

“As you can see the structural planning is poor, the materials used are poor. These are issues that must be addressed by the city council and other government bodies responsible for approval of buildings and other structures,” Mr Iteere said.

He said an investigation would be launched to establish other probable causes of the collapse, including reports that it collapsed because it was built on riparian land.

Incidents of buildings under construction collapsing have become common in the recent past in Kenya.

Previous cases have been attributed to the use of substandard materials, poor workmanship and complicity by corrupt council officials.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Kenyanews/Deaths-in-another-Nairobi-building-collapse-13193.html#ixzz1PH0RlTvU

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