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2012 Louis Vuitton spring summer collecton inspired by Masaai shukas…

Posted by Administrator on July 4, 2011

Designer Louis vuitton outlet Spring Summer 2012 collection features the iconic red shuka worn by the Kenyan Maasai tribe.The fashion show held in Paris last week showcased the men’s wear designs by Kim Jones. He is the Men’s Style Director, who signed his debut collection for Louis Vuitton under the Artistic Direction of Marc Jacobs.

Kim told US press, “At its simplest level, it is about the idea of travel and what it means at this point in time. After all travel forms the foundation of the Louis Vuitton brand. This is a fundamental part of the lineage and language of Louis Vuitton and is a central component of what it stands for today.”

The Maasai wear was inspired by photographer Peter Beard whose photographs of Africa, African animals, and the journals that often integrate his photographs have been widely shown and published since the 1970s.”He is a hero of mine. This is a nod to him and a fictionalized imaging of that period of travel to Africa in the sixties and seventies by handle Louis vuitton bags,” Kim said of the photographer.

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  1. Hannah said

    Wow, this is so cool!

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