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Woman stabs friend to death over a man

Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2011

NAIROBI, Kenya Aug 1 – A fight between two women over a man ended tragically on Sunday night when one of them was stabbed to death.

The friends aged 22 and 19 fought at Githurai Kimbo, a densely populated residential estate in the Northwestern part of the capital, Nairobi.

“We have arrested the woman for killing another. The motive of the quarrel was over a man,” Nairobi Provincial Police chief Antony Kibuchi said, quoting witness accounts.

“She stabbed her several times using a kitchen knife,” Mr Kibuchi added.

The woman was being held at the Kasarani police station where detectives planned to press murder charges against her.

A police officer at the station told Capital News that detectives had questioned a man said to have been at the centre of controversy between the two women.

Witnesses had told the police that the women were both “claiming” the man and one of them accused the other of snatching her man.

Police also recovered the kitchen knife said to have been used in the killing.

Investigators hope to finalise piecing together the case by Tuesday when the woman will appear in court.

Lately, cases of murder have been on the increase in Nairobi where at least three people are killed weekly.

Six people were killed under unclear circumstances in Mlolongo area, in what police are now linking to underhand land business deals.

At least six people have been killed, mostly shot or hacked as they went about their businesses in bars and at their homes in the past month. Others were killed by unknown gunmen in their homes.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2011/08/01/woman-stabs-friend-to-death-over-a-man/

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Top NSIS Officer Arrested for Flouting Mututho Laws

Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2011

A senior official of the National Security Intelligence Service was yesterday arrested for flouting the Mututho Laws. The NSIS man is also accused of assaulting a DO who had gone to order the closure of the pub that was operating beyond stipulated hours.

The NSIS regional coordinator based in Malindi was arrested at Mosoriot after he resisted closure of the pub and attacked the provincial administrator.

DO Mohammed Yusuf ordered the closure of the bar when he was attacked by the NSIS officer who was drinking in the company of others. The bar manager asked them to clear their drinks and leave but the NSIS officer refused and attacked the DO.

Nandi North DC Walter Onsembe ordered that the officer be arrested. “The law does not discriminate and he has to face charges of assault,” said Onsembe.

Source: www.nairobistar.com

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Hundreds of Kenyans rescued from life of misery in UAE

Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2011

Hundreds of Kenyan workers have been rescued from hostile United Arab Emirates and returned home.

Hundreds of Kenyan workers have been rescued from hostile United Arab Emirates and returned home.

Hundreds of Kenyan workers have been rescued from hostile United Arab Emirates and returned home.

Most of the more than 460 workers brought home by the government were house-helps. They complained of mistreatment by their employers.

Kenya’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mohammed Saleh said that in the past few months the government has rescued girls who had been lured by agents with promises of huge salaries, only to find themselves in a hostile environment.

Mr Saleh said that besides those who have been repatriated, another 25 workers were in rescue centres waiting to be brought home.

He said the government was cracking down on bogus recruitment agencies to save Kenyans from a life of misery in foreign lands.

“The government is vetting all employment bureaus to ensure they take full responsibility for any worker they send to the UAE,” Mr Saleh said.

He said most Kenyans seeking jobs in Saudi Arabia did not follow proper procedures.

He said recruitment agents were on the increase in Kisauni and Majengo in Mombasa, Eastleigh in Nairobi and in major towns of Central Province.

“We want the Foreign Affairs and Labour ministries to work together to ensure all fake recruiting bureaus are closed down,” Mr Saleh said.

Ms Josephine Adhiambo, 32, who returned home three days ago, said she could no longer stand the torture from her employer and sought a way of escaping.

Ms Adhiambo was reluctant to talk about her ordeal. “I can only ask the government to follow up the matter so that I get my two months salary, the time I worked in Saudi Arabia.”

As others celebrate the safe return of their relatives, Ms Manisha Juma of Likoni in Mombasa is distressed after her daughter stopped communicating.
Ms Juma said the last time her daughter called, four days ago, she said she feared for her life.

“Since Saturday night, I have not communicated with my daughter and I am very worried. I am praying that Gods keeps her alive,” she said.

Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) executive director Khalid Hussein said laws protecting foreign workers in Saudi Arabia were inadequate.

“The Kenyan Government should ensure the rights of its citizens are protected,” Mr Hussein said.

About 40,000 Kenyans have taken up skilled and semi-skilled jobs in the UAE, with a majority in Dubai.

According to the International Organisation of Migration, the Saudi Arabian labour force comprises about 7.12 million workers who enjoy minimum rights.

Unions are strictly prohibited, strikes are forbidden and there is no collective bargaining.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Hundreds+of+Kenyans+rescued+from+life+of+misery+in+the+UAE++/-/1056/1212550/-/2xo050/-/

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A Kenyan lady passes away in Indiana

Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2011

The Late Caroline Mukuha

The Late Caroline Mukuha

A Kenyan lady has passed away in Indiana.  The late Caroline Mukuha, 37, passed away Thursday  July 28th 2011 at Memorial  Hospital in South   Bend, Indiana.


She was born on April  28th 1974 in Nairobi, Kenya to Salome Wanjiru and Francis Mukuha Kiarie.


She was preceded in death by her twin brother Kiarie. She is survived by her son Elisha Mukuha, parents Salome and Francis Mukuha Kiarie, sisters Sylvia, Catherine (Gerald) and Winnie.


Nieces and nephews Cynthia, Brian, Malick and Hope all of Kenya, Cousins and friends in South Bend, Atlanta and Kenya. She attended School in Kenya and Worked with United Disabled Persons of Kenya (U.D.P.U)-a branch of United Nations- before relocating to the United States.


She attended IvyTech  Community College, South   Bend nursing Program and graduated with her Practical Nursing in 2005 and Registered Nursing in 2009. She worked at Anthony Wayne Services and Several Nursing Homes both in Indiana and Texas.


She recently worked at Maxim Healthcare, Mishawaka. There will be a memorial Service on Sunday  Aug 7th 2011 at 3pm at Palmer Funeral Home, South Bend, Indiana,


She will later be flown to Kenya for her final resting place. For more information contact George Irungu on 574 387 7653 or ndonyero@sbcglobal.net

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Police probe PM Odinga house help death

Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2011

An Ambulance carries the remains of Ms Leonida Amalemba from PM Raila Odinga's Karen residence on August 02, 2011. Photo/WILLIAM OERI

An Ambulance carries the remains of Ms Leonida Amalemba from PM Raila Odinga's Karen residence on August 02, 2011. Photo/WILLIAM OERI

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s house help was on Tuesday found dead in her room.

Ms Leonida Amalemba, 45, was found in her room at the Prime Minister’s Karen house by a colleague who had gone to investigate why she had overslept.

The PM’s wife, Mrs Ida Odinga said Ms Amalemba went to sleep at around 9.30 pm on Monday night. She was expected to be up early in the morning to do her usual chores.

When she was not up by 5.45am, a colleague went to her room and found her body. She was lying facing down and had vomited on the bed.

There was no sign of a struggle and her valuables were intact, colleagues said. The body also did not have physical injuries.

Ms Amalemba, commonly referred to as Selina by the family, had worked for the Odingas since 2007.

“She was fine when she went to sleep,” said Mrs Odinga, who described Ms Amalemba as a dedicated and honest servant who was like a member of the family.


“She was loved by everyone in the family and we feel the loss,” said Mrs Odinga.

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police Francis Okonya led a team of detectives to the PM’s residence where the body was photographed and later taken to Montezuma Funeral Home for a postmortem.

Officers collected some samples, including the vomit, which they took to the Government Chemist for analysis.

No foul play

Police said preliminary investigations showed that there was no foul play but some detectives said she could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning as she had lit a charcoal jiko (charcoal stove) in her room before going to bed.

Mrs Odinga said although she had lit a jiko, it was still too early to speculate on the cause of Ms Amalemba’s death. “I am sure the postmortem will reveal the cause of death,” said Mrs Odinga.

A sombre mood engulfed the PM’s residence as family members and Ms Amalemba’s colleagues mourned her passing.

Ms Amalemba, who came from Malava in Kakamega, is survived by a son who is an officer at Shimo La Tewa Prison in Mombasa.

Source: Daily Nation

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