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Kenyan man dies while on summer trip in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on August 9, 2011

We are immensely shocked and deeply saddened in announcing the untimely passing on of Mr. Kennedy Motanya Moseti of Houston, TX.

The Late Kennedy Moseti

The Late Kennedy Moseti

The Late Moseti and his family were on a summer trip in Kenya when they were involved in a tragic road accident.

His sunset occurred on Friday August 5, 2011 along the Narok-Nairobi Highway. He was 46.

Mr. Moseti is survived by his dear wife Agnes Motanya, and loving children Judy, Cyrus, and Ezra (all of Houston, Texas). He was in-law to Dr.Tom &Rose Kumenda, Yucabeth & Evans Nyarenchi, Geoffrey Kumenda, Gregory Kumenda (USA).

Family, friends, and relatives are meeting at Dr. Kumenda’s residence, 2529 Sunday House Court, Pearland, Texas 77584 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for prayers, moral support and funeral arrangements.

There will be a Memorial Service on Saturday August 13, 2010 at 7:00 – 8:00 pm at: Houston International SDA Church: 13885 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77083 Followed immediately at 8:00 pm by a Major fundraiser to assist the family in these very difficult moment.

Hall is just across the street at: Brenda’s Hall: 13900 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77083

Donations may be deposited at: Kennedy Moseti or Agnes Motanya Chase Bank Acct #: 392632127265 Routing #: 111000614

Please check the following websites for the venue and other updates: www.frakaz.com, www.philsinfo.com, http://www.kenshohouston.com http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=239662649406597

As always, your generosity and support will be greatly appreciated.

Please remember the family in your prayers, and help spread the word.

For any questions, you may contact:

Philip Ngari 281-415-6906

Laban Opande 713-446-6339

Tom Kumenda 832-768-5926

Rose Kumenda 832 659 2726

Yucabeth Isaboke 832 541 5915

George Omwoyo 713-376-5246

Gilbert Ongori 832-715-5566

John Gachui 713-885-4965

May Mazozera 832-265-6428

Steve Mbola 832-867-1009

Douglas Mboga 832-373-1487

Mike Gathecha 713-826-3698

Cliff Omwega 713-498-4743

A great husband, father, friend, neighbor and colleague passed through our midst and we are thankful to God for the opportunity to know him. May God rest his soul in Eternal Peace.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU! — Philip Ngari


6 Responses to “Kenyan man dies while on summer trip in Kenya”

  1. Mary said

    Poleni sana. God comfort and give the family peace

  2. Kenya stinks! said

    Pole sana! non existent driving rules,GREED, corruption, CRUELTY,poverty,misery,injustice – all in this gigantic smelly and dusty sh*thole called Ghenya !

    • Uhonda said

      My condolences and prayers to his family. May they find strength at this difficult time.

      To kenya Stinks! Seriously, why not work on providing solutions instead of constantly spewing your hate on everypost.

    • poponundu said

      You stink not kenya.kenya is as pretty as ever-actually one of the best countries on the planet.We just need simple adjustments here and there.Mark you the US has done what you are seeing here for the last 200 years.Let us initiate these developments through electing the right leaders and kenya will be super-just law enforcement imetosha-mtu akikojoa ovyo ovyo-jela siku mbili, ukiruka redlight-jela masaa kadhaa-watu watanyooka nawe.Wacha kusema kenya yetu mbaya-limbukeni wa zabibu wewe,hujui mbichi wala mbivu.

  3. mommafran said

    pole sana to the family. To be completely honest, the drivers at home make me nervous esp in nai where most people ignore the street signs. On the OTHER HAND accidents happen everywhere including here in the good old U.S.A where the rules are strictly enforced.

    May he R.I.P

  4. poponundu said

    Pole kwa familia.Naomba Mungu awafariji wakati huu mgumu.

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