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Pastor gets life in jail for sodomy

Posted by Administrator on August 10, 2011

NYAHURURU, Kenya, Aug 10 – A church leader was on Wednesday jailed for life by a Nyahururu court after he was found guilty of sodomising an under aged boy.

Pastor Philip Njoroge, 38, had been accused of sodomising the five year-old boy causing him serious trauma and pain on April 27 at Matura village in Nyandarua Central district.

Nyahururu Resident Magistrate Caroline Obara termed the offence as serious and issued what she termed as a stern and deterrent sentence.

The court was told how Pastor Njoroge lured the boy into the forest in pretence that he would train him how to hunt wild doves and hares. The cunning sex pest, however, turned on the boy and sodomized him.

The minor told the court that the Last Church clergyman had promised to buy for him snares and a toy car if he accepted to be trained the tricks of hunting.

However, a neighbour who was grazing cows in a nearby open ground heard distress calls from the forest and when he went to check, he found the victim writhing in pain while the man of the cloth was in the act.

“The boy had raised a loud cry and I called another friend of mine and proceeded to the site when we found the man half naked and sexually molesting the boy. He (the boy) was in deep pain,” the witness told the court.

The magistrate regretted that such cases of sexual assault against minors were on the rise in the region adding that a deterrent sentence was necessary to be a lesson to other would-be offenders.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2011/08/10/pastor-gets-life-in-jail-for-sodomy/


2 Responses to “Pastor gets life in jail for sodomy”

  1. kemunto said

    That’s exactly what the monster deserves! It beats me what makes such a person do unbelievable acts towards such a kid! Extremely sad! It’s hard to believe gays survive with such a pain!!

  2. mommafran said

    Very sad indeed!! Aghhhhhhh it makes me sad when so called ‘GODLY’ people do this to young kids. I also do not think its the same thing as being gay. Anyone who hurts kids in this manner is evil and a sodomizer that deserves to burn in hell.

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