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Chase to add 700 mortgage servicing jobs in Lewisville

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

LEWISVILLE (WBAP 24/7 News) – New York-based J.P. Morgan Chase says it will hire 700 employees in mortgage-servicing and operations at its Lewisville location.

The new jobs will be concentrated on servicing delinquent loans for customers nationwide. They will include managerial positions, business analysis and customer support.

Chase, which has 13,500 employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, will hold a job fair for the Lewisville positions at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville on Sept. 1 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Candidates should apply online prior to the event at www.jpmorganchase.com/careers. The company will not discuss the salary ranges for the positions.

The company recently hired 500 modification underwriting employees in Coppell and 125 records management people in Fort Worth.

Source: http://www.wbap.com/Article.asp?id=2274322&spid=

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Youths heckle Karua in her turf

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Gichugu MP Martha Karua was heckled by rowdy youths during a tour her constituency.

The mob disrupted her speech at Kiamutugu trading centre as she led Roads minister Franklin Bett on a tour of the area on Tuesday.

The Narc Kenya leader had just told residents that the Kianyaga-Kiamutugu road had been considered for tarmacking.

But the youths shouted her down, saying they needed water and not roads.

“We need water!” they shouted, to the amazement of the minister.

Hired goons?

An attempt by Mr Bett to calm down the hecklers was unsuccessful as he was also shouted down.

The MP and minister eventually abandoned their speeches and drove off amid victory slogans by the youths.

The former Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister dismissed the youths as hecklers hired by political enemies to humiliate her.

The police formed a human shield around the minister and MP as tension rose and the mob threatened to be violent.

Earlier, Ms Karua had been given a warm welcome at Rukenya village as Mr Bett officially opened the 20km Rukenya-Kimunye road built at a cost of Sh844 million.

The residents said they were pleased that the project was completed on time.

Mr Bett described Ms Karua as courageous leader who stood for what she believed in.

“She demonstrated her bravery when she walked out on retired President Moi,” the minister said.

Two former MPs – Daniel Karaba who has declared his interest in the Kirinyaga County senator’s seat — and James Kibicho — who wants to be governor — expressed shock at the incident.

“I’m shocked by what happened. These are young people who have been paid by political enemies to heckle Ms Karua, who has initiated a lot of development projects in her constituency,” said Mr Karaba, who is also the Narc Kenya county chairman.

He described the youths’ behaviour as retrogressive and told leaders to keep politics out of development projects.

Mr Kibicho praised Ms Karua for her development record, saying she deserved more respect.

Equally shocked was area district commissioner Stephen Makori, who was in the minister’s entourage.

Area police boss Patrick Oduma also said he had been caught unawares.

“I thought all was well but when the youths started shouting at the MP, I sensed danger. My officers surrounded the minister to keep him safe,” he said.

Mr Oduma said they had not made any arrests as the youths were shouting from the centre of the crowd welcoming the MP’s entourage.

“It was difficult to identify the hecklers as they were shouting from the crowd,” he said.

A nominated councillor, Mr Mureithi Kang’ara, said he had advised the minister not to proceed to Gichugu from Ndia because he had reason to fear they would receive a hostile reception.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Youths+heckle+Karua+in+her+turf/-/1064/1228668/-/147y4nqz/-/index.html

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Strength of a nurse after hospital raid

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Central provincial nursing officer Mary Njuguna, left, presents a certificate to nurse Alice Wanjiru Ndiru of Maragua Hospital in recognition of her selfless services to the public. This was during a quarterly Central Province Nurse Managers meeting at Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri on Wednesday. Photo/JOSEPH KANYI

Central provincial nursing officer Mary Njuguna, left, presents a certificate to nurse Alice Wanjiru Ndiru of Maragua Hospital in recognition of her selfless services to the public. This was during a quarterly Central Province Nurse Managers meeting at Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri on Wednesday. Photo/JOSEPH KANYI

It is often in adversity that we find our true internal strength as one nurse from Maragua can attest.

On Wednesday, Ms Alice Wanjiru Ndiru was recognised by her peers for her heroism in helping three women deliver babies safely despite having delivered her own barely two hours earlier.

Ms Ndiru, a nurse at Maragua District Hospital, was recovering in the hospital’s post-natal ward after the delivery of her child.

However, it was the night that robbers struck at the hospital, binding all the nurses and attendants and forcing them to lie on their stomachs in the yard outside.

Mothers crying

“I heard some mothers crying out, and wondered why they would do so, yet the hospital staff were not responding. I left my bed and walked to the labour ward. The corridors were very quiet and deserted,” Ms Ndiru said.

She was unaware that the robbers had struck on that night, April 7. On reaching the labour ward, she found three women in labour, but no one to attend to them.

“I started helping them to give birth. By God’s grace, there were no complications in the deliveries,” she added.

This would have been routine work for Ms Ndiru had she not been in pain and weak from her own delivery only two hours earlier.

After the delivery of two boys and a girl, she moved the three women and their newborns to the post-natal ward and then went to look for the hospital staff.

She found them tied up under a bench in the yard by the robbers who had just fled. She untied them and helped them call for help from other areas of the hospital.

“She was obviously still weak and in great pain from her own delivery. Any mother can tell you that two hours after delivery is too soon even to get out of bed,” said Mrs Mary Njuguna, the Central provincial nursing officer.

Speaking during a ceremony to award a certificate and a token of appreciation to Ms Ndiru, her peers were full of praise, aware that she helped deliver three children safely in her condition.

“Alice went beyond the call of duty. Many would have chosen to remain in bed. Weak and in pain, she chose to walk to the labour ward and deliver the babies. This is something that deserves recognition,” said Mrs Njuguna.

Ms Ndiru has been a nurse for 11 years, and considers it more of a calling than a job.

“Wherever I go I can’t take off the tag of nurse. It is a duty you carry with you at all times,” says the humble nurse.

Deputy provincial nursing officer Beatrice Muriithi said the gangsters held hostage one female nurse, who was raped. She has since been transferred to another hospital.

Ms Muriithi wants Kenyans to recognise the sacrifices made by nurses at work. “There is a lot of good work done quietly by nurses such as Alice which goes unrecognised.

“All we ask is that people appreciate that we do try to do a good job in the circumstances under which we work,” she said.

 Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Strength+of+a+nurse+after+hospital+raid/-/1056/1228624/-/1h3ic5z/-/index.html

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More than 100 lynched in two months

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Shocked residents of Mtopanga Estate in Kisauni, Mombasa, view the body of a security guard lynched by a mob after stealing car side mirrors in the estate on Tuesday. Photo/GIDEON MAUNDU

Shocked residents of Mtopanga Estate in Kisauni, Mombasa, view the body of a security guard lynched by a mob after stealing car side mirrors in the estate on Tuesday. Photo/GIDEON MAUNDU

In Summary

Killings in July and August:

  • Central: 10
  • Nairobi: 27
  • Nyanza: 25
  • Rift Valley: 7
  • Western: 11
  • Coast: 8
  • Eastern: 14
  • North Eastern: Nil
  • TOTAL: 102 people killed by mobs

More than 100 people have been lynched across the country in the last two months, raising concerns mob violence has become commonplace in Kenya.

The victims were cornered by crowds and stoned, set ablaze, bludgeoned with clubs or chopped with machetes.

Many of them were suspected of committing petty crimes like burglary, pickpocketing, mugging as well as snatching handbags and mobile phones on the streets.

In all cases reported, no one was prosecuted in court, because nobody volunteered to give evidence to police or stand as witness in court.

Statistics obtained by the Nation show police recorded 60 incidents in August alone, in which 57 victims died.

Another 47 people were killed in July in similar incidents, usually categorised as “mob injustice” by the police.

Contacted, police spokesman Eric Kiraithe described it as a worrying that Kenyans have embraced the “culture of taking the law into their own hands.”

He added: “The reports we’ve received from field officers are disturbing. Even in cases where officers arrive at a scene in 10 minutes, everybody becomes a spectator, nobody says he or she saw it happen.”

In such scenarios, Mr Kiraithe said, it becomes almost impossible to prosecute.

In the event the matter is taken to court, culprits would be charged with murder, a capital offence which requires a higher threshold of evidence, because the prosecution must prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

The figures show mob violence is most prevalent in Nyanza, Nairobi and Western provinces, while North Eastern is free of the vice.

Around Nairobi, many of the cases were reported in slum areas and the victims were mainly suspected of theft.

But in rural areas, besides suspected thieves, those lynched were victims of land disputes as well as others accused of practising witchcraft, particularly in Makueni and Kisii.

Victims of rural mobs faced panga-wielding killers unlike those in urban centres where many died of stoning or burning.

In one of the cases in Nairobi, Mr Kennedy Otieno was lynched by a mob that had hunted him for hours at Kibera at around 4.45 pm on Sunday.

A woman had complained that her house had been broken into and household goods and electronic items stolen, prompting the hunt.

Officers from Ayany police post arrived at the scene and the mob fled. The officers took the victim to Kenyatta National Hospital where he died.

The previous day, Mr Eliud Mwangi, 27, was stoned to death and the body set ablaze at 4.50 am at Githurai 45 flyover.

A police report showed that minutes earlier a pick-up had stopped there and he and two other men alighted.

“They went to a nearby kiosk and picked two motorcycles. The public suspected them to be stolen and approached them. On sensing danger they abandoned the cycles and two managed to escape in the waiting pickup,” reads part of the police report.

The one who was left, adds the report, in an attempt to get away, stabbed one of those pursuing him.

Mr Mwangi, the deceased was later identified as a miraa dealer at Githurai 45 matatu stage.

SOURCE: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/More+than+100+lynched+in+two+months/-/1056/1228606/-/sxgymtz/-/index.html

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Wambui had dug her grave 20 years ago

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

SM Otieno’s brother Joash Ougo points to space next to his brother’s grave in Nyalgunga where they intend to bury Wambui Otieno. Wambui’s family on Wednesday said they would announce burial details later. Photo/JACOB OWITI

SM Otieno’s brother Joash Ougo points to space next to his brother’s grave in Nyalgunga where they intend to bury Wambui Otieno. Wambui’s family on Wednesday said they would announce burial details later. Photo/JACOB OWITI

The late Wambui Otieno, rebellious in her life, had a dug her own grave in Upper Matasia, Ngong, 21 years ago.

The grave is next to a house she built in memory of her husband in 1986 after losing a long drawn-out court battle to bury him. (Read: Former freedom fighter Wambui dies in Nairobi)

She dug it in 1989, way before she fell sick and weeds growing on it is evidence of the amount of time that has gone by since the grave was dug.

Meanwhile, the family of SM Otieno said its ready to bury his wife Wambui Otieno next to his grave in Siaya County.

“She is our wife; we want her remains to be laid next to her husband’s grave here in Nyalgunga,” said Mr Joshua Ochieng Ougo after hearing about death of Wambui, his late brother’s wife.

Mr Ougo spoke even as it emerged that Wambui had prepared her burial place at her Upper Matasya home in Ngong.

The family of the former freedom fighter met in Nairobi yesterday to begin burial preparations.

Her younger brother, Dr Peter Waiyaki, and her son-in-law George Mburathi who addressed the media after the meeting, said they had resolved to inform their relatives of the sad news before deciding on other details concerning the burial.

“My late mother-in-law had a lot of friends spread all over the world.

Wambui’s husband Peter Mbugua, 33, did not speak to the press.

A sombre mood engulfed SM Otieno’s Umira Kager home yesterday following the death of Wambui at Nairobi Hospital.

Mr Ougo feels obligated to bury his brother according to the Luo customs.

“According to our customs, when a man dies, it is only befitting to bury his wife beside him,” he said.

He added: “Unless my brother’s children decide otherwise, we will welcome Wambui’s body with both hands. We have already spoken to Umira Kager elders and we have come to a consensus that Wambui be buried here,” he said, pointing at an open space next to Otieno’s grave.

He noted that Wambui’s body would not be subjected to Luo burial rituals since they were Christians.

He said they were shocked when Wambui and her nine children refused to attend Otieno’s burial 24 years ago, saying that was the reason why a cross was never placed on the grave.

Reports by Lillian Ochieng, Lauren Onyango and Eric Olo

SOURCE: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Wambui+had+dug+her+grave+20+years+ago/-/1056/1228640/-/kkl95lz/-/index.html

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Six on Forbes’ list of top women set pace for Africa’s technology pursuit

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Clockwise: Google Africa’s Olga Arara, Open Quest president June Arunga, Ory Okolloh (Google Africa) Royal Media’s Julie Gichuru,InMobi Africa’s head Isis Nyong’o and Capital Markets Authority boss Stella Kilonzo have been listed among this year’s Forbes’ top 100 most powerful women. File

Clockwise: Google Africa’s Olga Arara, Open Quest president June Arunga, Ory Okolloh (Google Africa) Royal Media’s Julie Gichuru,InMobi Africa’s head Isis Nyong’o and Capital Markets Authority boss Stella Kilonzo have been listed among this year’s Forbes’ top 100 most powerful women. File

There are six Kenyans who are currently in the world’s limelight, and for once, they are not members of the Ocampo Six.

These six Kenyans (and perhaps tellingly) have been listed as Africa’s most powerful women by the prestigious Forbes magazine, sharing a global pedestal with the likes of Michelle Obama and musician Lady Gaga.

According to Forbes, these six women wield enormous influence in African business, technology, policy and media. “They are change makers, trendsetters, visionaries and thinkers, builders, and young global leaders. They are at the vanguard of Africa’s imminent socio-economic revolution and its contemporary renaissance,” said the publication as it announced a global list of the top 100 most powerful women.

Household names

Kenya snagged six of 20 positions on the list of most powerful women in Africa. With the exception of Ms Kilonzo, all the women are part of the region’s growing technology field. Most of the (shall we call them) Super Six are familiar names in this publication – Olga Arara and Ory Okolloh of Google Africa, Stella Kilonzo of the Capital Markets Authority, Isis Nyong’o who heads InMobi’s Africa division and Julie Gichuru, who heads the digital division at Royal Media – have all become household names in the past 10 years.

One is not so familiar, but her achievements speak volumes about the future of Kenya’s business landscape. June Arunga is the founder and president of Open Quest Media, a film and TV production company based in New York City.

The firm produces content for traditional and Internet broadcast on mainly business trends in Africa.

Development issues

At just 30 years old, she is known for her work on globalisation and development issues.

Having spent much of her youth growing up in Kenya, Ms Arunga was dismayed at the rapid decline in the quality of living. The increasing financial challenges her family faced inspired her to think about how to create wealth, and in particular, how governments in Africa could re-use existing formulas from around the world to create wealth.

In 2007, she narrowed in on the perfect vehicle for wealth opportunities in Kenya – the mobile phone.

Impressed by the massive uptake of the mobile phone, Ms Arunga noted that in the absence of traditional infrastructure, the wide reach of the mobile phone could be leveraged to extend other critical services such as financial products.

Last year, she launched a new venture that brought together all these collective knowledge.  Black Star Lines hopes to offer rural communities financial services using mobile phones. With more than 500 vendors signed up, Black Star allows customers to use phone credit to pay bills. “One of the big things our platform does is teach people how banking works, provides them with identification and record keeping, and gives them access to a global market. This is what I always wanted out of Africa,” she told Fast Company last year when she was listed in the magazine’s Most Creative People in Business.

Why does these women matter?

The gains these women could be seen as a dipstick on the country’s performance on the global technology field. What set the Super Six apart is their ability to forge new ground in multi-national technology companies and make waves on the global playing field while at it.



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Video: Man accused of raping daughter

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Drama unfolded at the Kilimani Police Station today when an angry woman stormed the station accusing police of subverting the course of justice. The woman claims the officers are protecting her husband who was arrested on Sunday for allegedly defiling her 13-year old daughter for the past one year.

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Kenyan’s body found in freezer in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Mrs Mariamu Abdallah, the mother of the late Ms Mwanamize Said.

Mrs Mariamu Abdallah, the mother of the late Ms Mwanamize Said.

A family in Kilifi is in mourning after a relative was killed and her body hidden in a freezer for three months in Saudi Arabia.

Ms Mariam Abdalla said she learnt of the death of her daughter, Ms Mwanahamisi Mwitani, a few days ago after her body was found by co-workers in a locked freezer in the home where she worked.

The workers said Ms Mwitani, who was preparing to travel back home, was clutching her travel documents, including her passport.

The family said she had been reported missing three months ago.

Ms Abdalla told the Daily Nation that she spoke to her daughter only once since she went to Saudi Arabia in May 2009.

“My daughter travelled using genuine documents and the agent who recruited her is well known. I am asking the government to help me get back my daughter’s body,” said Ms Abdalla.

The Nation has established Ms Mwitani was recruited by Al-Shiraa Agency in Kisauni, Mombasa.

A few days ago, the Kenyan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr Mohammed Saleh, said some Kenyan workers complained of being treated inhumanly by their employers.

Mr Saleh said the government returned home more than 450 workers, most of them househelps, after they were recruited by bogus agents.

The Kenyan National Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Omar Hassan, urged the government to act.

“We shall take action to ensure rights of every citizen are not infringed,” said Mr Omar.

Saudi Arabian labour laws have also been blamed of ill-treatment of foreign workers. Formation of workers’ unions and strikes are strictly prohibited and workers’ travel and movements highly restricted.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenyans+body+found+in+freezer+in+Saudi+Arabia+/-/1056/1228084/-/m7ck74z/-/index.html

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Woman wanted in US over assault

Posted by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Paul Waweru | NATION Ms Anastacia Oluoch in a Nairobi court on August 30, 2011.

Paul Waweru | NATION Ms Anastacia Oluoch in a Nairobi court on August 30, 2011.

A Kenyan wanted in the US for assault has been arrested, four years after jumping bail.

Ms Anastacia Oluoch, 58, has been on the run since July 31, 2007, when she was bailed by a Baltimore court for abusing a 90-year-old American.

Trial magistrate Lucy Nyambura heard that Ms Oluoch is wanted for trial in Baltimore for assault, reckless endangerment and abuse of a vulnerable adult.

State counsel Victor Mule  opposed her application for bail, saying she could not be trusted to turn up for the hearing.

The officer said the suspect was only in court  to be informed of the reason for her arrest pending extradition to the US.

But her lawyer Gilbert Mungu said he would oppose the extradition.

Ms Oluoch allegedly committed the crime when she was employed to take care of Mr John Taylor in Baltimore, US. Mr Taylor was living with his daughter.

The alleged abuse was discovered by his daughter, who had installed a secret camera to  establish the quality of care her father was receiving.

She monitored the house for more than three weeks, during which Ms Oluoch was recorded hitting the old man on the stomach and arms several times.

She reported to the police and the suspect was arrested and charged. Ms Oluoch was released on bail on July 31 2007, but failed to turn up for the hearing on August 8, 2007. Immigration records show she left the US the same day she was released from custody.

The US government subsequently lodged a request for her extradition.

Former Attorney General  Amos Wako authorised proceedings against the fugitive and a warrant of arrest was issued by the Nairobi Chief Magistrate’s Court.

Flight risk suspect

But the police could not arrest her because she kept changing residence.

On Tuesday, Mr Mungu sought her release on bail but the prosecution objected.

Mr Mule filed an affidavit  saying Ms Oluoch had been a fugitive since returning home.

He urged the court not to release her on bail because she was likely to abscond.

“She has been evading the police. Her past history of absconding court in Baltimore disqualifies her from being admitted to bail,” said Mr Mule.

But Mr Mungu asked the magistrate to ignore the affidavit because it “was vague.”

He said the detectives did not name the chief of the location Ms Oluoch comes from in Rachuonyo District or the gardener who allegedly informed them that the suspect was being sought.

She was remanded in custody until Thursday when the court will rule on the bail application.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Woman+wanted+in+US+over+assault+/-/1056/1228088/-/view/printVersion/-/r1bmqkz/-/index.html

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