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Change of 2012 poll date height of mischief, impunity

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 14 – The Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) on Wednesday rejected a Cabinet plan to alter the date of the next general election, terming it mischievous and an act of impunity.

Speaking in Naivasha where the Commission is holding a two-day retreat, CIC chairman Charles Nyachae warned that the proposed constitutional amendment setting the elections date on the third Monday of December every fifth year of an elections cycle was a ploy by the Cabinet to dilute the Constitution.

He accused the Cabinet of putting political expediency before the interest and rights of the people of Kenya.

“Kenyans must not support constitutional amendments which advance narrow and selfish interests. Any amendments to the Constitution must enhance, not claw back on the letter and the spirit of the Constitution,” he told a news conference in Naivasha.

The Constitution currently sets the elections date on the second Tuesday of August on the fifth year of an elections cycle.

However, the Cabinet argued on Tuesday that the August date was not feasible as it interfered with the government’s budget cycle.

Nyachae however said the August election date has never been contentious and retorted that Kenyans knew of the budget cycle when they voted for the Constitution last year.

“If indeed the budget cycle does not fit into the constitutional framework, what requires alignment with the Constitution is the budget not the Constitution,” he affirmed.

The CIC has now written to Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai asking him to block the intended amendments.

However, the CIC has said it would support an amendment seeking to ensure the full application of the two-thirds gender principle for Parliament.

CIC Commissioner Kamotho Waiganjo said the Cabinet should also wait for the pending Supreme Court interpretation on the date of the next general elections.

“There is a pending application before the Supreme Court on the interpretation of the election date and the move by Cabinet in essence compromises that case,” Waiganjo said.

The five East African countries have a common financial calendar, which begins in July. Tanzania on its part held its last presidential and parliamentary elections on 31 October 2010, while Uganda conducted its polls on February 18 this year.

Burundi and Rwanda held there national polls in July and August 2010.

Speaking separately at Parliament buildings, Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa also voiced his opposition to the move saying that December elections had been used by previous regimes not to attract large voter turnout.

“The change of elections date by the KANU regime in 1988 was done for selfish reasons because the regime preferred low voter turnout because there are rains in that month and lots of people traveling during the (Christmas) festivities. It is totally an unsuitable date to hold elections and I will oppose it on the floor of the House.”

“It even defeats the rules of natural justice as Parliament is just being asked to prolong its life and we are going to be direct beneficiaries of our actions; it would have been proper if the amendment was moved by an organ independent of politics like the Supreme Court,”  Wamalwa added.

Wamalwa also argued that with political will, the budget cycle could be changed without necessarily amending the Constitution as proposed by the Cabinet.

The controversy surrounding the general election date has seen several MPs, lawyers and the CIC differ sharply. While CIC chairman Charles Nyachae maintains that the next general election is to be held on August 14 next year – which is the second Tuesday of August as required by the constitution – a section of MPs insist that they should be held in 2013.

The MPs fronting for the 2013 election date cite the Sixth Schedule which states that the current Parliament shall serve the remainder of its term. The legislators argue that since the current Parliament officially took oath of office on January 15, 2008, its term ends on January 15, 2013.

According to Section 101 of the Constitution, general elections are to take place on the second Tuesday of August every five years.

Kenya’s last elections were held in December 2007 and it is widely expected that the upcoming elections will be held in December of next year.

Part 10 of the Transitional and Consequential Provisions says “The National Assembly existing immediately before the effective date shall continue as the National Assembly for the purposes of this constitution for its unexpired term.”

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2011/09/14/change-of-2012-poll-date-height-of-mischief-impunity/


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Gospel singer Hezeh Ndung’u in lodging scandal

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

Kenyan singer Hezeh Ndungu

Kenyan singer Hezeh Ndungu

Veteran Akorino gospel music singer Hezeh Ndung’u is accused of not paying his bills at Ngara Springs Club in Nairobi. According to a former employee of the hotel, Tabitha Muthoni, the singer was a frequent guest of the hotel and would come with different women each time he visited. However on July 12 and 13, the artiste did not clear his Sh5,200 bill at the hotel leading to her being fired by the management.

“I served him food, his favourite Guinness beer, sold him airtime and being a frequent customer at the hotel I did not imagine that he would disappear with the money,” Tabitha told Word Is. “I tried calling him the following day as he had promised to pay via M-Pesa but he did not pick up his phone. This cost me my job and as if that was not bad enough, my child who was in hospital died because I was jobless and I could not pay his medical expenses for his asthmatic condition,” Muthoni said.

Muthoni says she reported the case, OB number 07/9/07/2011, to Kamukunji police station but the singer was not arrested. “I even attended one of his concerts hoping that he would give me the money but he did not show up. I told my story to fellow artiste Timona Mburu’s wife and after she spoke to him, he send me Sh1,500” she said.

Reached for comment, Ndung’u admitted that he owed Muthoni the money and that he was going to pay her. He was however dodgy when asked whether he ever spent a night with women in the hotel.  “ It’s true I went to Ngara Springs for nyama choma but whether I spent a night there or not does not matter; that is my personal life and I’m entitled to do anything I feel like. I don’t feel obliged to explain this to anyone,” Ndung’u said. True to his word, he sent the money by the time we were going to press.

Ndung’u famed for his song Ngoro Yakwa has been in the music industry for over 20 years and is known to have inspired some artistes like Allan Aaron. He recently organised a concert to mark two decades in music which attracted thousands of fans including politicians among them Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Assistant Minister Ferdinand Waititu and former Defence minister Njenga Karume.

Source: http://www.the-star.co.ke/word-is/word-is/40063-gospel-singer-hezeh-ndungu-in-lodging-scandal

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Kenyan man dies in Topeka, Kansas

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

The Late Lawrence K. Nthiwa

The Late Lawrence K. Nthiwa

I am  saddened to inform you of the sudden  passing  away of my uncle  Lawrence Mbila Kiawa Nthiwa of Topeka ,Kansas. Lawrence  passed away on Sept 6,2011 at his residence, he was 65 years old.

He was born in Katulani, Machakos , Kenya , moved to USA in  1978 to go to school but stayed on after finishing school. Lawrence  has left behind his wife of many years and three sons ( Fredrick Mbila, Benjamin Mbila and Ngunze Mbila) who chose to live in Kenya  but Lawrence  continued to help them and visit them regularly until is passing.

Lawrence family is asking  everybody to support them in prayers and also help them transport Lawrence remains for burial in his hometown of Katulani, Machakos.

An account has been set with Bank of America for those who are not able to travel to Topeka, Kansas (Bank of America, Account#518004457248).

If you wish to be recognized   for your support or give condolences or give your donation in person, let us know by calling these family members:

Phillip and Josephine  Nzwilli ,Topeka,KS .       Tel#785-969-6384.

Fredrick and Jane Kaloki ,Wichita,KS.                 Tel#316-993-3793.

Julius &Grace Kitundu,Grand Prairie,TX.             Tel#817-729-8781.

Ben and Christine Munywoki, Denton, TX.           Tel# 940-395-4880.

Boniface and Jane Kitundu, Grand   Prairie,TX     Tel#214-766-8313.

John and Esther Kimanga,Florence,KY                 Tel#859-371-5696.

Joseph Kiawa ,Nairobi,Kenya .                            Tel#011254714568290.

I want to thank you in advance on behalf of Lawrence Family. May God  bless you.


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Kenyan born man rushes onto field while naked during Rugby World Cup game in New Zealand

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

A streaker from the match between Argentina and England at Otago Stadium on Saturday has been granted diversion. Photo / Getty Images

A streaker from the match between Argentina and England at Otago Stadium on Saturday has been granted diversion. Photo / Getty Images

The man who streaked during the England-Argentina Rugby World Cup game could show a cheeky side-step to special laws set up to prevent such disruptions.

The 23-year-old Kenyan-born man, wearing nothing but face paint, dashed onto the field at Otago Stadium on Saturday and was seen by millions of television viewers.

He was quickly apprehended and charged under the Major Events Management Act, which says a pitch invasion can incur up to three months in prison and a maximum fine of $5000.

The act was introduced especially to prevent such disruptions during the tournament and tournament organisers and police were warning such pitch invaders would feel the full weight of the law.

However, the man has now been offered diversion as a first-time offender and may avoid conviction.

Dunedin police area commander, Inspector Dave Campbell, said the man met the criteria for diversion and police could not make exceptions, even if there was a perception a point would be made.

Police had to be expecting significant disorder – such as for the Undie 500 event – to seek authority to waive the diversion option, and that had not been anticipated for Saturday’s match, Campbell said.

He would not go into why the man ran naked onto the ground, as the case is still before the court and the man has to meet certain criteria for diversion to be completed.

“I know there’s a public perception that diversion is a soft option, but that’s not necessarily the case.”

Reports suggest the man may have to pay $500 to charity, which may have been his eventual penalty, had he been charged, Campbell said.

Source: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/tough-rwc-laws-exposed-streaker-4401802

The dashing Kenyan-born pitch invader who dared to taunt Jonny Wilkinson adorned in only Argentinian face paint may have side-stepped a customary streaking fine.

Despite New Zealand’s World Cup being governed by the stringent Major Events Management Act, the man who’s cheek – and cheeks – were seen around the world, is set to escape a possible prison sentence or $5000 fine because of his previously clean criminal record.

Read more:http://www.gbooza.com/page.html#ixzz456 http://www.gbooza.com/forum/topics/kenyan-born-pitch-invader-gone-wild?xg_source=activity#ixzz1XyIBq5bh

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Matiba family in Sh600m real estate plan

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

Former Cabinet minister Kenneth Matiba’s family is part of the consortium selling houses in Kitisuru. File

Former Cabinet minister Kenneth Matiba’s family is part of the consortium selling houses in Kitisuru. File

A consortium of five wealthy investors that includes former Cabinet minister Kenneth Matiba’s family has launched development plans for a high-end residential estate that will see buyers pay Sh40 million for a single four-bedroom house.

The Sh600 million estate in the Kitisuru area will sit on a seven-acre property that was formerly a coffee farm.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital chief executive Sam Thenya, Mr Matiba’s daughter, Julie, Private Sector Development Trust CEO Sam Mwaura, EMS Postal Corporation general manager Elizabeth Mwaura and architect Chris Ndegwa are listed as directors of Kitisuru Country Villas, the firm behind the project.

The project consists of high-end town houses in a gated community targeting wealthy home-buyers.

Mr Mwaura, the chairman of Kitisuru Country Villas, said during the launch yesterday that demand for homes in shared communities was strong especially among buyers seeking to live in a spacious environment.

“Our target is home owners who have outgrown apartments and are now seeking a little luxury.

The Bank of Africa has signed financing of the houses and issue of mortgage loans to buyers.

Nairobi Metropolitan Development minister Robinson Githae presided over the launch on Wednesday.

The development will comprise of 22 housing units boasting environmentally friendly features like standby boreholes, rainwater harvesting, solar water heaters and solar street lighting.

“We will lobby to see planning extended to the Kikuyu area to facilitate change of the land use from agriculture to real estate. Provision of appropriate infrastructure is primary,” said Mr Mwaura.

The Matiba family is known more for its investment in the education sector and hospitality industry.

Ms Julie Matiba helps with running of the Alliance Group of Hotels, Mr Matiba’s flagship real estate investment. The former presidential aspirant’s fallout with president Daniel Moi in the late 1980s saw his fortunes take a nose dive after he suffered ill health.

Barclays Bank sold the veteran politician’s Hillcrest Schools two months ago to clear a Sh600 million debt, ending a protracted court battle.
Dr Thenya is the founder of Nairobi Women’s Hospital, an institution that combines philanthropy and enterprise by offering free services to victims of domestic and sexual abuse while also selling healthcare at market prices.

Developers of the estate said they will lobby the ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan development to approve their plans for controlled development in the Kitisuru area, zoned exclusively for single dwelling and town houses. This, the investors said, will retain the high value of property in the area.

Opening up farms

The developers also plan to initiate similar development projects in the area by signing agreements with large landowners, who will get allocation of houses as compensation for their contribution towards the estates.

Big land owners in Kiambu are opening up their farms for real estate development, lured by the housing market’s high level returns that have seen the value of land more than double in the past five years.

The family of Kenya’s founding president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, former attorney-general Charles Njonjo and Kenyatta’s cousin, Njoroge Mungai are among those that have opened up their land for development.

Former powerful minister in Kenyatta government Mbiyu Koinange and James Karugu, who succeeded Mr Njonjo at the State Law Office, have also ditched farming for real estate.

Source: http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Matiba+family+in+Sh600m+real+estate+plan/-/539552/1236394/-/vpll21z/-/index.html

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EA first Gay festival held in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

Kenya has made history by hosting the region’s first gay film festival.

The festival, titled the OUT film festival, showcased films, features and documentaries on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issues in Africa.

Organisers said it presented an opportunity to depict the lives, stories of love and challenges that homosexuals face.

The festival took place at the Goethe Institute and was organised by ‘Gay Kenya’ in conjunction with the Swiss Embassy.

Founders of Gay Kenya say it was formed to help advance the visibility of the Gay community in Kenya, challenge the negative perceptions that exist and bring to light the abuses the community endures.

The Gay film festival organizers were not anticipating large numbers of people to attend the event, they said they had initially catered for an audience of 60 persons but ended up having to turn people away after more than 200 showed up.

Most of the audience in the room were young Kenyans, but approximately 10-15 per cent were foreigners. Many were apparently students, interested in the cultural side of the festival and local productions, although curiosity was also a great factor for the attendance of many.

Films featured from India, Kenya, Uganda, Germany and there was a special appearance by Lionel Baier, a renowned Swiss filmmaker, who showcased his film titled La Parade. This documentary-film is about a parade which demonstrated gay pride in a very catholic conservative society region of Switzerland.

He followed the parades organising committee over a period of seven months, the documentary was relevant to this specific festival as it showed that the struggles for LGBT are the same all over the world.

According to the 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Project, 96 per cent of Kenyans said that homosexuality should be “rejected” by society, one of the highest rates of the 44 countries surveyed. In fact, under Kenyan law the penalty for ‘gay sex’ is five to 14 years’ imprisonment.

In an interview with Francesco Cattaneo, one of the festival organisers, they were “prepared to ask people to leave” if there were negative reactions to the event, however, there was “lots of positive feedback with people hoping that [they] would do it again”.

Organisers said in effect, the festival served to bring issues of homosexuality to the forefront of debate through a less confrontational medium – culture.

It also brought to light the fact that there are is a new generation of Kenyans who are coming out and talking about LGBT issues in the conservative country.

As Cattaneo said: “Films are the perfect was to make homosexuality visible in a sensitive way [because] often movements begin that way, with cultural activities”.

Mr Cattaneo said he was particularly impressed by the bravery of the Kenyan filmmakers who tackled prejudices and created productions, illustrating the fears that the community feels – one group did not even show their piece as they were concerned for their and their family’s safety.

Given the success of the OUT film festival the organisers have said that this will now be a yearly event.

Gay Kenya hosts a variety of columnists including ones by Rev Major Kimindu, a reverend who seeks to bring educational awareness on how religion should support human rights and sexual identity, and David Kuria, Kenya’s first openly gay candidate who will be running for the position of Senator for Kiambu County in 2012.

The organisation is also currently in the process of producing a documentary on ‘Being Gay’ in Kenya.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/1235584/-/10fwicqz/-/index.html

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Kenyan activist may sue FBI over year in prison

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan activist says he may sue the FBI over their part in interrogating him while he was held without trial for a year in Uganda on terror charges.

Al-Amin Kimathi of the Kenya-based Muslim Human Rights Forum said Tuesday he saw FBI agents in his cell and that Ugandan intelligence agents told him they had received written questions from the FBI and were sharing information with them.

Kimathi was arrested last year in Uganda and charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorism over twin suicide bombings in Uganda’s capital in July 2010 that killed 76 people.

Somalia’s militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks and said they did it to avenge Somali civilians killed by Ugandan peacekeepers in

A judge dropped charges against Kimathi on Monday.


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Video: Where’s my father?, asks 8 year old Sinai boy

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

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Cleric’s last sermon was on fire

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

In a desolate room on the edge of the Sinai shanties that were swept away by the killer fire on Monday, Consolata Wachira lay writhing in pain.

His memory kept shifting between his escape from the tragedy in which more than 100 neighbours, many known to him, died, and the reality that his father and pastor, Francis Wachira Mucheke, 46, was not as lucky to survive the horror.

From his room, Mr Wachira, 18, could only listen to the songs coming from their living room, sang by five clergymen and members of his father’s congregation at Destiny of Holyness Church, Sinai, that sits right next to the fire scene. It may have been spared by God Himself.

Mr Wachira limped to his room less than 24 hours after he sustained what looked like serious burns – sad but happy at the same time.

“I am alive because of my legs,” said the 18-year old.

“But my dad’s legs let him down.”

He is believed to have died in the fire just a day after he energetically preached about how God would bring fire to his sinners when He returns.

At the service, where church members spoke of his immense preaching ability and gift of the garb, his wife, Pastor Anne Wachira, was absent. She was out trying against all odds to find him.

“We have gone to all hospitals but we couldn’t find him either admitted or even in the mortuary,” said their oldest daughter Mary Wachira.

She said the family had left everything to God, the one he had spent all his life serving.

The daughter explained that the pastor and his son were at  the spot where residents were scooping oil.

But once the fire broke out, the son took off and escaped from the raging inferno, but his dad, Pastor Mucheke, wasn’t so lucky.

Wachiara, however, received facial and body injuries and was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for treament. He said he had been discharged and sent home where he has is now recovering in a room adjacent to the killer scene.

Mr Wachira gets little attention from any medics despite his swollen body and face.

“I will be well,” he said with determination and a tinge of frustration.

Although it was clear his father may have died in the fire, Ms Macharia, 20, said she hoped for a miracle.

“Maybe he is admitted in a private hospital where we have not been to,” she said amid the constant ringing of her mobile phone. Most callers are relatives and friends inquiring about her father’s whereabouts.

And then her own tears fell, uncontrollably. Her cousin, Samson Mureithi occasionally wipes them off.

He had travelled from his rural home in Nyandarua when her heard that her father could not be found.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Clerics+last+sermon+was+on+fire+/-/1056/1235894/-/ultpsb/-/index.html

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Lethal brew claims six lives in Ruiru

Posted by Administrator on September 14, 2011

Naivasha MP John Mututho at Nyahururu district hospital when he visited the victims who were admitted after consuming the deadly brew. He called for a total ban of fortified wine. With him is Misheck Njihia Muturi who was blinded. Six people have died after consuming a lethal brew in Gitambaa village, Ruiru September 14, 2011. JOSEPH KURIA

Naivasha MP John Mututho at Nyahururu district hospital when he visited the victims who were admitted after consuming the deadly brew. He called for a total ban of fortified wine. With him is Misheck Njihia Muturi who was blinded. Six people have died after consuming a lethal brew in Gitambaa village, Ruiru September 14, 2011. JOSEPH KURIA

Six people have died after consuming a lethal brew in Gitambaa village, Ruiru.

The latest deaths come just a day after 17 died in similar circumstances in Nyahururu and Ol Kalou towns Tuesday.

Initial reports indicated that the six lost their lives in the space of the last three days.

However, police accounts put the death toll at four but residents insisted six of their neighbours had died.

Locals said the brew sells at Sh30 and is available at one of the resident’s house.

In Nyandarua county, six more people died Wednesday from the consumption of a killer brew bringing the total of deaths to 17

Three people died in Ol Kalau with the figure rising to seven while a similar number died in Nyahururu raising the number to ten, according to the Nyandarua North OCPD Jaspher Ombati.

The latest victim was a female bar attendant who was found dead in her house at Core Site estate in Nyahururu town.



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