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Man who killed Kenyan woman in MN by slashing her 63 times says it was self defence

Posted by Administrator on September 16, 2011


Prince and Mauryn Moore

Prince and Mauryn Moore

A Brooklyn Park man charged with fatally slashing his wife’s neck and stabbing her dozens of times is claiming that he was defending himself because she had tried to stab him while he slept.

Prince O. Moore Jr., 53, was charged Thursday with second-degree murder in the death of Mauryn E. Moore, 39. He is in custody in lieu of $750,000 bail.

According to the complaint:

Prince Moore called 911 early Tuesday and reported that his wife tried to stab him in his sleep in their apartment on the 8100 block of Zane Avenue N. When police arrived, they found Mauryn Moore face down in the bedroom and Prince Moore lying next to her with his legs over her body.

By her head was a bent knife and a large pool of blood, the complaint said; her neck was cut so deep that knife impressions were left on her spine.

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office found 63 stab wounds to her hands, back, chest and face, according to the complaint.

Prince Moore had minor stab wounds to his neck and chest.

Charles Goah, senior pastor at United Christian Fellowship in Minneapolis, presided at the couple’s wedding about four years ago. He said he was shocked at the news and had no indication of any trouble between the couple. He had talked to Mauryn Moore about two weeks ago, he said.

“This is shaking our community and our church,” said Goah, whose congregation consists mainly of people from Liberia.

Prince Moore had sung in the church’s choir and was on the building committee, but the couple hadn’t been active lately, Goah said.

Wayne Doe said he knew Prince Moore when they both lived in Liberia. Moore immigrated to the United States in the mid 1990s. Doe also was stunned by Mauryn’s death. The couple was often too busy to socialize, working long hours and attending school, he said. They have no children.

Police hadn’t had any domestic-violence related calls to the couple’s home, said Brooklyn Park Inspector Todd Milburn.

Hennepin County records indicate that Prince Moore had misdemeanor convictions in the early 2000s for disorderly conduct, violation of an order for protection and assault; none occurred in Brooklyn Park.

Authorities said this was the third domestic-related homicide in Brooklyn Park this year. There have been five homicides in the city this year, the most since 1993.

Domestic deaths aren’t random crimes and often have a cycle of violence that police try to break, said Milburn.

The city’s police have specific protocol when responding to a domestic call. An officer will immediately take a detailed report from the victim and witnesses. Even if a victim doesn’t want to pursue charges, police will still proceed with an arrest if there was an assault or credible threat of an assault, Milburn said. Officers will also contact a domestic violence advocacy group.

“We continue to engage the community and provide education,” he said. “There isn’t a community nationwide that isn’t somehow impacted by domestic violence.”

Violent crimes such as homicide, rape, assault and robbery have declined 21 percent in Brooklyn Park this year compared with the same time last year. Since 2007, reports of domestic violence have dropped 25 percent, Milburn said.

Source: http://www.startribune.com/local/north/129952743.html

UPDATED INFO: The late Mauryn Moore is also known as Maureen Masire from Mombasa. Her family hails from Western Province. Maureen’s

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21 Responses to “Man who killed Kenyan woman in MN by slashing her 63 times says it was self defence”

  1. Cherono said

    Disgusting! 63 stabbings and “a cut so deep that knife impressions were left on her spine” for self-defense? wooi!! The motive was obvious; you wanted to finish her off. Pole to the family of Maureen Masire. May God give you strength to endure during this trying moment.

  2. kemunto said

    Unbelievable! He’s just but a murderer…wondering how many he’s killed before. Definitely there were red flags but probably she was so in love ! My heart goes to her family and may God’s grace be upon them at this dark moment.

  3. mommafran said

    How very sad!! May she rest in peace

  4. zaynab said

    she must have saw it coming.woes that always end up physical must be taken very seriously becouse death will always be the end result why put up in an busive relationship.

    • dashian said

      you cannot judge a person,the choices they make because you are not in their shoes…am angered with your comment.

      • janete said

        hey dumb ass who said she must have saw it coming just stupid of u…im pretty sure she didnt and i knew both of them….pick better words next time..

    • xoxoxoxo said

      Knowing them or not does not always mean u know what their marriage was going through, maybe she saw the end of their marriage but ofcourse not this brutal death…. not everyone airs their dirty laundry for the entire world to see. I feel for her family and the pain she went through, that man should never be allowed to live among pple coz he is a beast!!! may her soul RIP

  5. lexi said

    GUSSULOWKEY…this is the sadest thing i have read in my life!!!!! why plp do these when they knw @ the end of the day they will be caught. I guess they forget that this is not africa u just cant kill someone and walk away.

  6. naomi said

    This man had issues!!!!! 63 TIMES?? He truly wanted her dead. Wow. My condelences to her family. Poleni sana.

  7. jenny said

    May The Almighty God grant the Masire’s family strength and hope so that the family may never forsake Him (God).

  8. Nah said

    Maureen!!only God knows what you went thru.May God Rest Your Soul on Peace.

  9. roxanne agolla said

    If this guy is not a Psycha thn there must be smthng wrong wid his brain 63 wht?Wz he killin a snake,may maureen soul rest in peace and justice to be done so tht her family may be in peace.

  10. Whatever she did to him!!!no one!!! and again no one!!!! no human being deserves to die like that…..,and to make the matter worse thats the man she everyday called a husband…..and he slaughtered her like a worrior slaughtering a lion to be rewarded!!!… is so hurting even if i dont know her may her Soul Rest in Peace

    • Cherono said

      whether she did anything wrong or not, she did not deserve to die that way. Unfortunately she is not here to defend herself. Does this beast wants us to believe that he was defending himself for real, how strong was this woman that she need 63 stabbings to calm her down! Disgusting…may the lord strengthened her family as he rots in hell.

  11. Grace nyambura wanyoike said

    A wud rathr die single than liv wit sm1 who a don even the plans he hav 4me,a thut guys who go 2 church r bettr bt it sims a waz vry wrng

  12. janete said

    its sad… very sad i knew both of these guys i cant imagine wat went wrong inside that apt..im so sorry this had to happen and u were a very caring nurse…..mauryn may u rest in peace im gonna miss ure smile..u was always so cheerful ..and tust me justice will be serve prince is a very bad person..and i hope he suffers in jail.. for the rest of his life..in hope the keyan comm..(OR WHOM EVER) here in mn gather enough money to send u back home so u can be with ure family…(tears) UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!…R.I.P…

  13. Eric said

    R .I .P. Maureen !!!

  14. Eric said

    R .I .P. Maureen !!! from H-Town

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