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A Kenyan Lady Kills Her Two Sons In Sweden

Posted by Administrator on September 20, 2011

Grace Nyambura Kamau accused of murdering her two sons

Grace Nyambura Kamau accused of murdering her two sons

A 30-year-old Kenyan woman had been arrested in Stockholm, Sweden after the naked bodies of her two children were found in a river near their home. Grace Nyambura Kamau, was arrested and locked up Kunghomen police station after the bodies of her two sons- eight-year-old Melvin Patrick Kamau and four-year-old Elias Welman- were found after a search by police.

The clothes the boys were wearing were found neatly folded and piled on a bridge over the river. The bodies had marks and other wounds indicating they had been severely beaten or tortured before they drowned. Swedish police mounted a search after authorities raised concerns about the whereabouts of the children who had not been seen in school for more than a month. Efforts by the authorities to contact Nyambura to find out what was going on were fruitless.

The authorities contacted Nyambura’s lover who led the police to Nyambura’s home after she failed to respond to his calls. When they got to her home, Nyambura allegedly gave the police contradictory stories when asked where her children were. “The police found her relaxing at home. She told them the children had gone on a train ride, then changed the story to say they were with friends and then changed that story to say something else. That is when they decided to mount the search, ” a close friend identified as Barbara, who said Nyambura had cut herself off from friends for more than a month, said.

Reports in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said the search was mounted early Sunday when the boys clothes were found. The bodies were however located on Monday afternoon. Marcopoulos,who separated from Nyambura nearly five years ago, is also being interviewed by the police.

The two boys, Elian and Tevin who were killed by their mother in Sweden

The two boys, Elian and Tevin who were killed by their mother in Sweden

In Nairobi, Nyambura’s mother, Josephine Wachuka Kamau,expressed shock at news of the death of her grandchildren which was relayed to her by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She described Nyambura, her first born daughter in a family of three, as a a “quiet, fun loving, gentle and loving mother”, adding that her daughter could not have killed the children.

She said Nyambura moved to Sweden in 2004 when she got a job working at a hotel. Nyambura has been jobless since 2009 and has been living off the benefits she receives from the state following the birth of her son, Elias. She separated from her lover when she was six months pregnant. In April, Nyambura came to Kenya and returned to Sweden with her eldest son, Melvin.

Yesterday, Wachuka expressed hope that the government will assist the family in transporting the bodies of the two children back to Kenya for burial. “It is our wish that they are buried here,” she said. “We are asking the Government and well wishers to help in meeting the expenses because we are not financially stable” said Wachuka.



9 Responses to “A Kenyan Lady Kills Her Two Sons In Sweden”

  1. eileen said

    Did she buy the boys.its a nightmare to give birth and even more painful for a mother to kill children. mothers are known to be human. too sad.

  2. U r heartless…..

  3. Grace nyambura wanyoike said

    Come on guys ths is not the tym 2 blame her bt we hav 2 ask ourslvs wat hppnd frm the word go,coz its not easy 4 a normal mum 2kill hr own kids jst lyk that,most cases we do find a mum killn hr children and herslf 2 wenevr she think,s she cant make it.so thr must b smthng wrng smwhr bt only God knws.s not easy 4 a normal mum 2kill hr own kids jst lyk that,most cases we do find a mum killn hr children and herslf 2 wenevr she think,s she cant make it.so thr must b smthng wrng smwhr bt only God knws.

  4. Moses Mungai said

    i can’t believe this!!!!!!!Only God knows why, but i don’t think a mother can kill his sons

  5. First of all: Marcopoulos is and has not been ms Kamau´s lover. He is the Press representative of the Swedish Police in this case, nothing else.

    The children´s names are misspelled. The elder boy´s name is Tevin Patrick Kamau and the younger Elias Niklas Wiman.

    About burying the children: 4 year old Elias was a Swedish citizen. His body belongs according to Swedish law to his parents who are his closest relatives. His Swedish father will surely claim his body and arrange the burial in Sweden.

    Tevin´s mother alone owns his body and decides over his burial.

    If someone in Sweden cannot afford burial the Social Security takes over the expenses. Therfore collecting money for a burial is not at all necessary. It still often takes place though by heartless people who wants to use somebody´s misfortune to make their own fortune. Unfortunally, uninformed people are only too willing to help them financially. After collecting money only a small piece of what they have gained is given to the mourning family as an alibi, so they can repeat their doings again with new victims. Most of the money they keep for themselves. Somebody´s death is just business and the money is tax free.

  6. When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any approach you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

  7. Paul Rege said

    Can’t believe this…it is so painful. I cry for the innocent souls. If you cant take care of the kids, give them out….there are those who need babies desparately especially sons. May Lord God rest their soul in peace. But, God will purnish the mother for being a coward.

  8. Mark said

    My prayers for those poor innocent souls whose guardian turned the devil. Being jobless in a foreign country since 2009 must have mentally disturbed the mother, whereas this can’t be an excuse, it shows the need for bigger responsibility in ourselves to assist our families and friends during crises.

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