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Philip Moi Faces Jail in 7 Days

Posted by Administrator on September 24, 2011

Phillip Moi
Phillip Moi

Retired President Moi’s son Philip will go to jail in seven days if he does not pay Sh2.7 million to his estranged wife Rosanna Pluda Moi. Philip went to court yesterday with an urgent application to lift the arrest order by Justice Wanjiru Karanja issued on September 21 committing him to 30 days in civil jail. Justice Karanja yesterday told Philip he must comply with her directive to pay Rossana before she can hear his application.

His lawyer Evans Ondieki said the former military officer was willing to pay Sh60,000 immediately. Armed with bank slips, Ondieki showed payments made to the Judiciary yesterday and another local bank on August 24.  “I ask the court to forgive me because the divorce has caused me a lot of distress, anxiety and trauma and I do not wish to suffer any more on matters arising from these proceedings,” Philip said in an affidavit.

He said he was unable to pay the outstanding Sh2.7 million within the stipulated time because he was sick. But the judge insisted he pay the full amount within seven days or go to jail. It also emerged that Philip had deposited some money in the wrong account and yesterday he was directed to pay it into the account of lawyer Judy Thongori.

The former President’s son also risks having his property attached if he does not pay Rossana by September 29. In his application Philip says the arrest orders contravened the constitution which outlaws inhuman and degrading treatment. He said the court should have listened to his side of the story. “The decision was so drastic without taking into account that I have been paying the amount that I am able to raise during these economic difficulties which are beyond my contemplation” he said.

Earlier this week Justice Karanja ordered that Philip be sent to civil jail for 30 days for failing to pay maintenance to his estranged wife. The judge ordered him to pay on August 22 but the deadline had been extended to September 9. But Philip had still not paid. Philip’s troubles began when his estranged wife Rosanna sued him for maintenance in 2008.

In May 2010 Justice Roselyne Nambuye ordered Philip to pay her an outstanding Sh2.7 million and a monthly upkeep of Sh250,000 for their children. And after he failed to pay, Rosanna went back to court and in August Justice Karanja issued an order that Philip should pay or go to jail. The initial order by justice Nambuye arose out of an application Rosanna filed for maintenance on May 24, 2010.

The court had ordered Philip to pay Sh250,000 monthly to Rosanna as monthly maintenance when she was living with the children and Sh150,000 for her maintenance when she was on her own. An aggrieved Philip sought temporary orders to stop Rosanna from demanding the money. He said it was more than Rosanna used to get when they were married and used to maintain herself. The court rejected Philip’s claim that he was unable to meet his obligations due to “financial tribulations”.

He did not provide details of his wealth and the court said Philip had “withheld valuable information” that would have helped it reach its decision. Six months later Rosanna went to court to compel Philip to show cause why he should not be committed to civil jail and why his property should not be attached for failing to pay.

She said Philip was a man of means and provided the court with a list of properties she believed he owns. Among the properties listed by Rosanna is a large house in Muthaiga; a house with a swimming pool in Nakuru standing on 350 acres, a building in Riverside, Nairobi; and a beach house on eight acres at Watamu.

Rosanna said her husband owned several foreign bank accounts and recently sold an oil factory on 11 acres in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. She said Philip was able to pay fees in expensive schools for their children. Philip denied he was wealthy and claimed he was struggling to survive with the help of friends. He said his only income was a paltry pension as a retired army officer.

He said that his father Moi does not give him any additional support. Yesterday Philip argued he already paid some money towards the upkeep of his children and therefore he should not be sent to jail. He said committing him to civil jail over debt would contravene his constitutional rights.




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Will Moi help Raila in Rift Valley?

Posted by Administrator on September 24, 2011

File | NATION Former President Daniel arap Moi (left) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga (right) at a past function.

File | NATION Former President Daniel arap Moi (left) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga (right) at a past function.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s visit to Eldama Ravine last Sunday and his apparent rapprochement with former President Moi is raising speculation about his new effort to recapture the Rift Valley vote.

The perceived closing of ranks between the two started two weeks ago when Mr Moi and his aide, Mr Joshua Kulei, attended the wedding of the PM’s son, Raila Odinga Jnr.

The speculation intensified when Mr Odinga picked Mr Moi’s son, Gideon, to head a Mau resettlement committee whose members include East African Community minister Musa Sirma, assistant ministers Magerer Lang’at and Beatrice Kones, as well as Sotik’s Joyce Laboso — all the PM’s allies.

The younger Moi’s appointment is intriguing, given that his father is associated with the Kiptagich Tea Factory, earmarked for demolition in the next phase of the forest’s restoration.

Analysts say while it might be a little late in the day to win back the support of a region, it is important to tone down the community’s antipathy towards Mr Odinga after he severed links with the region’s de facto leader Eldoret North MP William Ruto.

Were he and Mr Moi to work together, it would be a dramatic reunion after they differed in 2002 when Mr Odinga led an exodus of top Kanu leaders from the party to protest Mr Moi’s choice of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta as his preferred successor, a move that effectively quashed the latter’s bid for State House.

Kanu-NDP merger

Mr Odinga had, despite having been detained for nine years by the Moi administration, joined the party in its sunset years under the Kanu-NDP merger.

Energy assistant minister Magerer Lang’at told the Sunday Nation on Friday: “It would have been pretentious for us to claim we have the people when key leaders like Mr Moi were not with us. We don’t want to repeat the mistake made by the other group,” he said, referring to the Ruto camp.

“We acknowledge that everybody cannot be in ODM, but we can work together with the other leaders in a structured manner so long as there is no question about who the presidential candidate is.”

He said the PM had adopted a new approach of meeting target groups together with holding rallies.

“We shall be visiting county after county because the needs of every region are unique. We shall also be talking to professionals, business people, church leaders, youth and women’s groups.”

The Kipkelion MP said ODM leaders in the Rift Valley had decided to debunk the myth created by the rebel MPs that Mr Odinga had wronged the community

“Wherever we go we shall be asking what Mr Odinga’s charge sheet is. Because you cannot accuse somebody without a charge sheet containing his alleged transgressions,” he said.

He said the PM had in the past week met the Kalenjin Council of Elders chairman Maj (rtd) John Seei, and more meetings had been lined up for other leaders from all Kalenjin sub-groups

source- http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Will+Moi+help+Raila+in+Rift+Valley/-/1064/1242324/-/a0d2uhz/-/index.html

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Kenyans living in U.S. pay tribute to Kibaki

Posted by Administrator on September 24, 2011

President Mwai Kibaki addressing the Kenyan Diaspora living in the U.S.A at New York city.
President Mwai Kibaki addressing the Kenyan Diaspora living in the U.S.A at New York city.

Kenyans living in the United States of America have paid glowing tribute to President Mwai Kibaki for his visionary leadership which has seen the country achieve tremendous growth in all sectors of the economy.

In a banquet with the President in New York City, the Kenyan community in US reaffirmed their loyalty to the nation and expressed their
gratitude to the President for fulfilling his promise of ushering Kenya into a new constitutional dispensation which enabled Kenyans in diaspora to have dual citizenship.

Acknowledging that the new Constitution guaranteed their democratic right of participating in their country’s electoral process also, the ecstatic Kenyans pledged to increase their remittances back home so as to join hands with other citizens back home in catapulting the nation to the next level of development.

Speakers during the function enumerated various development achievements under the leadership of President Kibaki particularly the ongoing
nationwide infrastructural expansion which they noted would make the country a preferred investment destination.

In his address, President Kibaki urged Kenyans in the United States and other parts of the world to fully support efforts geared towards national renewal and to take up emerging lucrative investment opportunities in the country.

Said the President, “When you are through with what you are doing here please come back home quickly otherwise you will find those good
areas of investment gone.”

Saying Kenyans are hard working people, President Kibaki noted that since the inception of the Free Education programme, Kenyans have realized that it is possible to initiate many projects which will impact their lives positively.

He assured that model schools known as centres of excellence are being built in all constituencies along side model health facilities.

The President, however, cautioned Kenyans against complacency saying they should not dwell on what has been achieved in the past but rather
come up with fresh ideas which will move the country to the next level of development.

He further emphasized that currently the country has several ongoing and complete road projects in all parts of the country including the
most remote areas.

On the Lamu Port-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor Project (LAPSSET), President Kibaki said the new corridor will transform Kenya
tremendously and at the same time serve the landlocked neighbouring nations of Ethiopia and South Sudan.

In this connection President Kibaki urged Kenyans in diaspora to read and seek more information about their motherland which will enable them
to identify areas of investment.

On the new Constitution, the Head of State said the cabinet had already approved 27 bills which underpin smooth implementation of the new set of laws.

On the South Sudan, President Kibaki expressed hope that any outstanding issues would be peaceably addressed to enable the new nation embark on the path of development and prosperity.

Others speakers were ministers Moses Wetangula, Wyclife Oparanya, Chirau Mwakwere, Beth Mugo, Noah Wekesa, assistant minister Richard
Onyonka and Rangwe Member of Parliament Martin Ogindo.

Also present were Kenyan Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Macharia Kamau, Kenyan Ambassador to the United States of America Elkana Odembo and Head of the United Nations office to the African Union Ambassador Zachary Muburi Muita, among other senior Government officials.

Source: http://www.kbc.co.ke/news.asp?nid=72613

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